How to Create an Effective Pop-Up Message

18 January 2022 27 February ~ 7 min read 2038 views
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Claspo Blog How to Create an Effective Pop-Up Message

The goal of any Internet business is to convert visitors into leads or customers, and pop up messages can be a very effective tool that helps achieve this goal. Pop-up messages are small pop-ups that appear (pop up) in the middle or any other part of the screen when customers are shopping or surfing the Internet. Some say that pop ups are annoying, but they work!

Visitors hate pop ups containing unnecessary information. If the information in the pop up message helps the visitor solve a problem or answer a question, it will never cause irritation.

Creating an Effective Message

There are plenty of ways you can use a pop up window. And today, it might not cause irritation but provide useful information with discounts, special offers, and countdowns.

It is a creative tool that you can use to achieve any desired marketing goal, like retaining or engaging the customers.

However, if you mess up with this, the visitors won’t like your pop up which can scare them away.

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Set the Goal

You shouldn’t use a pop up for no good reason. It is important to have a goal that will help you pick the right tool and the right strategy. Depending on your goal, you should pick your marketing tool.

Among the most popular goals that are followed by a pop up window use, include cart abandonment, email sign-ups, user retention and engagement, and awareness about sales or special events.

Remember that you shouldn’t mix several goals in one pop up window. It is possible to create a countdown window with an e-mail sign-up, but it is rather an exception than a regular option.

Also, create a short and easy-to-read message with a clear CTA and captivating visual. Users won’t dive into reading much, but they need to understand what you are offering in one second.

Set the Goal Example.png

Work on Your Layout and Design

Make sure to think about every little detail you have to include in your pop up window. It is important that every button, every field, and every element fits the general picture and communicates with the user. A brand book will be very useful if you have one.

Besides that, you have to think about the layout: the pop up window should be visible and user-friendly. Make sure to place the Close button so your client can easily see it and use it if necessary.

When creating a pop up window check if everything you want to fit actually fits. Things like visuals and text should look flawless and depict your offer.

You can use one of the templates to place all the things you want to mention in your pop up window.

Work on Your Layout and Design Example.png

Show the Personalized Content

Personalized content is the new black in the world of digital marketing. You have everything you need to talk to each and every one of your customers. Deliver a message like none of your competitors with a simple personalization.

This helps bring the most attention to your message as people see that you talk directly to them. Try this with your CTA and see how this will change everything. This includes the information that might be interesting to the person, their name, etc.

You can also invite a person to read your blog, so your business becomes more familiar and friendly. Ask the clients to leave their email to sign-up for the newsletter, or to download your app if you have one.

Show the Personalized Content Example.png

Focus on Placement

The window should be in clear view of the visitor, but not too large. It can be either sticky, or not. In the first case, the user will see the pop up window all the time during their stay on the website. In the latter case, the user won’t see the pop up as soon as they scroll up or down the page. 

You are guaranteed to lose a client if the popup:

  • appears immediately after the website is loaded (wait a bit, so the user learns about your products, services, and content);
  • covers the whole viewport;
  • interrupts the reading process or stands in the way of picking your product;
  • is difficult to close.

Focus on Placement Example.png

Pick the Right Time

Think about the timing. If you show the pop up window right after users arrive, they won’t have a chance to learn about your products and services, so they can simply leave the website. Even if many of your competitors do this, don’t follow their path as it might result in losing your customers.

Once you’ve set your goal, think about when your campaign will perform best. Is it after the user has spent two minutes on your website? You surely have the statistics from which you can find out how much time people spend on your site. Use this information to offer your user the best you have.

See How Quick And Easy It Is To Make Your Own Popups!

Try these time-based options that include:

  • the number of minutes the user spent checking the page;
  • the number of minutes the user spent on your website;
  • the number of checked pages;
  • the action-driven pop up;
  • the number of scrolls.

Study your user behavior to create the best campaign that will work with the majority of your visitors.

Popup Benefits for your Business

Pop-ups are designed to grab the attention of potential clients and encourage them to take the desired action. It is believed that this method is one of the most effective, and therefore it is used quite often.

Pop-up windows can be configured so that they appear immediately as soon as the visitor lands on the site page when visiting a specific section or after some time after visiting. There are many types of pop-ups, among which floating or non-blocking pop-ups are the most popular ones. They are considered to be the most effective and provide the best results. In addition, they are always in the user's viewport and cannot be blocked.

In addition to high performance, pop-ups have other benefits like:

  • wide coverage of the target audience, so you can work with all website pop up message viewers;
  • attracting the user's attention to the promoted product or service;
  • the use of pop-ups increases the number of subscriptions and responses to the offer;
  • the resource becomes recognizable;
  • you can set the time and conditions when the pop-up window should appear.

It should be said right away that pop ups are annoying for some users, so there are many ways to block them.

Therefore, you should be very careful with the contents of pop up windows so users won’t feel the desire to block your campaigns. Show the benefits of your offer and be clear, so users understand what’s going on right away. You can also add a small chat if you feel that users might need your help.

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