Elevate Your Platform with the Claspo Widget Builder

Gain an instant competitive edge by integrating the Claspo plugin into your CMS, CRM, CDP, or ESP. Have the best-in-class drag-and-drop widget builder ready in your toolkit and focus on refining your core features.

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AI Messaging Platform
Omnichannel CDP
Omnichannel CDP

What Is the Claspo Plugin?

The Claspo plugin is an SDK embedded in your platform or application as a component that takes and returns JSON. Within the Claspo drag-and-drop widget builder, you can use existing components, modules, and notification types or create your own unique ones.

What You Get with the Claspo Plugin

100% Customization

Using a template language makes it easy to change the code and modify the style, components, and functionality of the Claspo plugin to suit your platform’s branding, needs, and user workflow.

Full Access to the Most Powerful Editor

Enhance your platform’s capabilities with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface alongside the most extensive library featuring over 700 widget templates for 36 use cases and a wide array of on-demand layouts.

Extended SDK Modifications

Use the Claspo plugin beyond widget creation. You’ll have the power to fully modify our drag-and-drop editor and create your unique...

Components: email fields, wheels of fortunes, etc.

Modules: product cards, product recommendations, video players, etc.

Notification types: in-app messages, mobile push notifications, etc.

How Does It Work?

  1. Start Integration

    Integrate Claspo K8s clusters to your infrastructure, set up third-party services
  2. Customize the Editor

    Personalize the Claspo’s editor appearance, implement auth integration
  3. Controlling UI

    Develop a convenient interface for adding, editing, and removing widgets
  4. Data Gathering

    Connect your data management system for storage and organization

Claspo Plugin FAQ

Who can use the Claspo plugin?

Any startup, small business, or enterprise whose product can benefit from integrating a comprehensive and flexible drag-and-drop widget builder. Here are some examples:

  • Limited resources, high demand: If you lack the resources to develop and scale your own widget builder, yet website widgets are indispensable and frequently utilized marketing tools for your users.
  • Enhancing user experience: If widget creation isn’t the primary function of your product, but this feature would offer a cohesive experience for users. For instance, collecting contact data for future mailings through your ESP or gathering website reviews for transfer to your CRM.
  • Improving users’ outcomes: If your business revolves around boosting website conversions, increasing sales, and improving the overall customer journey.
Where should I start?
Book a demo call with our customer success manager. During the call, you will discuss your requirements for the Claspo plugin, its integration features with your platform, and the terms of future cooperation.

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