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August 2021

Start MVP

August 2021

Stage 1
  • Built-in lead generation forms

    Inline - embedded into any element of the webpage

  • Basic components

    Name, phone number, email, text, button

  • Basic component settings

    Color, padding, font, background, etc.

October 2021

Stage 2
  • Multilingual forms

  • Multi-Device Support

    Splitting settings into desktop and mobile

  • Drag & Drop Builder

    Construction process, add, move or delete components

November 2021

Stage 3
  • Modal window widgets

    Appears on top of other elements and disables the background

  • Display Rules

    Flexible setting of display conditions, triggers and frequency

December 2021

Stage 4
  • Floating box widgets

    Floats on top of other elements in the corner the webpage

January 2022

Stage 5
  • Call buttons for widgets

    Widget with floating box - floats on top of other elements in the corner the webpage

February 2022

Stage 6
  • Registration and login on the website

    Personal account with Claspo. Account and domain settings

March 2022

Reales MVP
  • Available Now

    Start exploring the free version capabilities to build awesome popups and watch them in action

April 2022

Stage 7
  • Splitting statistics into desktop and mobile

    Integrate App Inbox notifications into personal account

  • External libraries of icons and stock images

    Integrate external libraries for quickly inserting icons and images.

  • Informers

    A banner that can notify visitors of relevant information, such as a successful subscription

May 2022

Release 1.0
  • MailChimp integration

    Integrating with one of the most popular MailChimp messaging services has been implemented.

  • Zapier integration

    Claspo has been integrated with the Zapier platform to help automate your business processes.

  • Countdown Timer

    Added a new component, so your customers always know when a special offer expires.

  • Klaviyo integration

    Implemented integration with the popular marketing automation platform Klaviyo.

  • MailerLite integration

    Integrate with one of the most popular MailerLite messaging services has been implemented.

June 2022

Release 1.1
  • SendGrid integration

    Implemented integration with the popular marketing automation platform SendGrid.

  • ActiveCampaign integration

    Implemented integration with a cloud software platform for small-to-mid-sized businesse ActiveCampaign.

  • Sendinblue integration

    Integration with the Sendinblue platform will be added soon. It is the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses.

  • User Roles and Permissions

    Added user roles and their permissions. Register as a Super User or create an Agency Account to control and modify your clients’ campaigns in one place.

  • Age verification

    Added a new widget for age verification. Such pop-ups cover the content of the site until the user confirms the age.

  • Pipedrive integration

    Implemented integration with CRM Pipedrive designed by salespeople, for salespeople.

  • Cleverreach integration

    Implemented integration with a global email marketing provider Cleverreach.

  • Floating bar widget

    Added a new widget a Floating Bar. It sticks to the top or bottom of the page without blocking any content.

  • Sendpulse integration

    Implemented integration with a multi-channel marketing automation platform Sendpulse.

July 2022

Release 1.2
  • HubSpot integration

    Implemented integration with an platform of marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and CRM software.

  • Google Fonts

    Now, when creating Claspo pop-ups, you can use Google Fonts.

  • GetResponse integration

    Implemented integration with a powerful, simplified tool to send emails GetResponse.

  • Billing

    Billing is open. Monthly/annual subscriptions are now available and extra page views can be paid separately.

  • Salesforce integration

    Implemented integration with Salesforce. The platform provides customer relationship management software.

August 2022

Release 1.3
  • Campaign-Scheduled

    This feature is designed for Scheduling Campaigns where you need to clearly specify the beginning and end of their work.

  • Templates library

    There are over 100 pop-up templates for any niche and goal added to Claspo. Available in personal account.

  • Zoho integration

    Implemented integration with a Zoho CRM. It is an online Sales CRM software that manages sales, marketing and support in a single CRM platform

  • Google Sheets integration

    Claspo also integrates with Google Sheets. It is a spreadsheet program included is part of the freeware, web-based Google Docs Editors.

September 2022

Release 1.4
  • Social group invitation widget

    A new widget type for social media invitation was added.

  • Widget "Informer with placement type Сontent Locker"

    This type of widget allows to limit access to any site content.

  • Customizable Input Fields

    Claspo adds the ability to configure Data Input Fields, which will only allow you to get information that is important for a particular widget (email, gender, age, etc.).

October 2022

Release 1.5
  • Widget "Request form"

    Added a new widget type for collecting any type of requests.

  • Widget "Collect Pre-Orders"

    Added a new widget type to collect pre-orders for goods or services.

  • Widget "Request Call Back"

    Added a new widget type for callback requests.

  • Widget "Collect Giveaway Entries"

    Added a new widget type to collect giveaway entries.

  • Widget "Engage with Whitepaper "

    Added a new widget type to collect contacts in exchange for a useful guide.

  • Widget "Set Contact Button"

    Added a new widget type to provide users with all the links they need: e.g. Watsapp, Messanger, Subscribe etc.

  • CleverReach integration

    Integration with CleverReach has been implemented. CleverReach is one of the leading providers of email marketing services and it has over 300,000 clients.

  • Template library on the site

    Now the site presents modern and fully adaptive templates that can be easily customized and used in your personal account.

November 2022

Release 1.6
  • A/B Testing

    A/B testing has been added to Claspo. The A/B test helps to see how different variations of the popup will be perceived by the audience in order to identify the most popular ones.

December 2022

Release 1.7
  • Promo code component

    The Promo code Component is already available. Popups with promo codes are great conversion-drivers.

  • Zoho Campaigns integration

    We added integration with Zoho Campaigns email marketing platform for small and medium businesses.

January 2023

Release 1.8
  • Date Component

    The new "Date" component is already available. You can add a date picker directly to the popup.

  • Geo-targeting

    Geo-targeting allows you to show popups only to visitors from specific locations.

  • "Checkbox list" component

    The new "Checkbox list" component is already available. This is a convenient element that allows the user to select any number of options from a list.

  • Radio group component

    The new component "Radiogroup" is already available. This is a visual element that allows the user to select only one option from a list.

  • Calendar Component

    The new component "Calendar" is already available. Now, right in the widget, the user will be able to select the desired date in the calendar.

  • New languages in personal account

    We have added Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and French.

February 2023

Release 1.9
  • Creating widgets from scratch

    Now, when you click the "New widget" button, you can see the offer to create from scratch or choose from a library of templates.

  • "Floating image" component for Launchers

    Now, when using launchers, you can select a Floating image for them.

  • Video Component

    It works with YouTube: you add a link and the preview loads.

March 2023

Release 2.0
  • Widget "Engage with Ebook"

    Using a lead magnet popup, you can attract visitors with a suggestion for a guide or educational material.

  • Widget "Conduct Exit-Intent Survey"

    When a customer tries to leave your site, offer a widget asking for an email address in exchange for a bonus.

  • Widget "Launch Welcome Popup"

    Motivate new users to make their first order with special offers.

  • Widget "Invite to Webinar"

    Offer users a free webinar registration in exchange for a subscription.

  • Widget "Redirect to Another Pages"

    Redirecting visitors to high converting pages can help you increase your sales.

  • Widget "Subscribe to Newsletter"

    Remember that potential newsletter subscribers need to see the promise of added value in your emails.

  • Widget "Offer Free Shipping"

    Free shipping eliminates any unexpected costs, making the product more attractive and valuable.

  • Widget "Offer Product Demo"

    Invite customers to sign up for a demo meeting with your manager, who will help them understand the service.

April 2023

Release 2.1
  • Integration with Mailwizz

    It is a simple, effective and full-featured, self-hosted email marketing software with an extensive set of features.

May 2023

Release 2.2
  • Annoyance Safeguard

    If you want to show a lot of widgets on the site, it can overload the interface and cause irritation to users. Minimize the negative impact of widgets and set Silent interval to improve the customer experience and prevent user irritation.

  • Overlapping Protection

    Overlapping protection allows you to prevent floating box and floating bar widgets from overlapping each other. Prevent multiple widgets from overlapping on a site so that the user can view and interact with each widget individually.

June 2023

Release 2.3
  • Slider Component

    The slider allows you to insert pictures into the popup, for example, with promotions or news, which will change on the site.

July 2023

Release 2.4
  • A/B Testing & Analytics Improvement

November 2023

Release 2.5
  • Relative Timer Component

    Unlike our regular timer, a relative timer starts a countdown for each website visitor individually as soon as your widget is shown to them.

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Types of Messages

Designed Layout

Lightbox Popup

Lightbox Popups are classic. A large message on top of the webpage with a darkened background is unmatchable in getting the visitors’ attention.

Slide-in Scroll Box Forms

Slide-in Scroll Box is a traditional popup. A small but easy to notice message appears on the page without interrupting the shopping process.

Sidebar Forms Soon

With a contact form on the side of the webpage that accompanies users as they scroll, you can stop being meddlesome while staying in the users’ sight.

Floating Bar

A Floating Bar is a constant reminder about your offers and events. It will stick to the top or bottom of the page without blocking any content.

Inline Forms

Inline popups make customers’ journey effortless. The message is built in the page to select parameters, point out an occurred error, etc.

Informer Popup

Add an attention-grabbing popup banner to inform visitors about a successful subscription or notify them about the latest updates swiftly and sweetly.


A full-screen popup has a 100% chance of being seen by shoppers. Stun them while greeting, proposing recent offers, agitating for a subscription, etc.

Content Locking Forms

Block helpful or thrilling content, such as tutorials, media, reports. Curiosity or necessity will induce people to unlock the hidden materials.

Multi-step forms Soon

Divide your forms into multiple pages and conquer customers’ hearts with a well-organized step-by-step procedure and structure that anyone can follow


Popup launcher is a mini version of your popup that you can display to attain more visibility and intrigue people enough to open the whole message.

Gamification Soon

Gamified popups are the new black in the industry. Invite guests to spin the wheel or scratch a lottery ticket to reward their bravery with a present.



Subscription form

You can’t email your subscribers without their contact info. Use a subscription form to obtain the name and email address for sending the newsletter.

Information alerts

Be a responsible store and display information alerts to give people a heads-up about changes in working hours, refund policy, or other announcements.

Chat-bot invitation Soon

Chatbots are programs, but they can indulge in meaningful conversation. Use animated popups to invite people to join a chat with friendly messages.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Soon

Are your carts struggling from abandonment issues? Show popups with a discount or politely ask if people want to save the items before they quit.

Social proof

Win customers over by showing popup messages with reviews, testimonials, happy clients’ faces, or other things that add social proof to your platform.

2-Step Yes / No Options Soon

Add a sticky bar with a Yes/No question. If users confirm that they are ready, display the full form. This 2-step process is easy and unobtrusive.

NPS / CSI Feedback forms Soon

Ask customers to express their satisfaction with your service (CSI) and willingness to recommend your brand (NPS) through an informative popup survey.

Social group invitations

Use popups to offer visitors to learn more about your company by following it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, or other platforms.

Consent gathering (GDPR, Cookie, etc.) Soon

Getting people’s consent to collect their info or use cookies is mandatory. A popup is a simple and non-bureaucratic way to ask shoppers about it.

Quiz Soon

Get more engagement from visitors by transforming long and dull forms into entertaining popup quizzes that have an intriguing question on every page.

Profile enrichment Soon

Obtain data from public sources and enrich users’ profiles by using Claspo Rules to integrate your website with APIs like Clearbit or FullContact.

Age verification

If your website has age-sensitive content, you might need to implement an age verification popup.

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Display Settings

Scroll Trigger

Display a popup as the users scroll to a certain percentage of the page. For instance, add value to the product's features by showing price options.

Exit-Intent Trigger

When customers exhibit the signs of abandoning your site, stay calm and present them with an irresistible personalized offer via a popup message.

UTM Parametrs

Create a targeted message based on the UTM parameters of your visitors. A source, medium, campaign, term, and content, are all available in Claspo.

Timed Delay

Timed delay is an irreplaceable feature if you long to avoid annoyance. Set the time limits to let visitors look around, and you are good to go.

Click Trigger

Use the elements’ attributes (class, ID, link) to add a click trigger to popups. For example, display a form when people click the Contact Us button.

JavaScript Trigger

Your coding skills will come in handy to determine the popup triggers. With manual JavaScript customization, only your imagination is the limit.


Transform your popup messages into friendly, instead of irritating, reminders about your site's offerings by adjusting the show count and iterations.

Newsletter Subscriber

Approach only potential subscribers, and stop confusing people who have already accepted your proposal to sign up for your newsletter.

New Visitor

Show your first-timers the welcome attitude they deserve. A friendly popup message with an individual offer will certainly melt their hearts.

Page-Level Targeting

Messages should fit in their surroundings. Place your popups where they will be helpful, and exclude them from pages on which they do not belong.

HTML Elements

Set the conditions for your popup manually with no coding expertise. Just embed the required HTML elements from the page to customize the triggers.

Flexible setting of display conditions (and/or)

For popups with two triggers, design a set of rules that meets both conditions, or at least one of them (and/or) with Claspo Advanced Rule Engine.

Device Types

Your clients should be able to order the items that stunned them anywhere, anytime. Optimize your popup to make it fit the screen of any device.


Choose the language of your popup to reach out to the international audience without having trouble pronouncing any overly complicated words.


Campaign-Scheduled pop-up is a great pop-up option for significant dates or seasonal discounts and when launching a new product or service.

Design & Personalization

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Widget Elements & Pop-up Components

Construction Process

Phone/Email Input Field

Collect visitors’ names, phone numbers, emails, and import them to CRM, so your team can offer leads & clients a better, personalized service.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Send your customers a friendly message with a call-to-action button that is impossible to miss. Create a stylish invitation no one can decline.

Close Buttons

Allow the users to engage in activities or respond to propositions only when they feel like it by adding customizable close buttons to your popups.

Text Elements

Design your popup without contradicting your website’s theme. Adjust the text preferences - let font, size, and color add style to your content.

Consent checkbox

Users only need to check the box and press the button to agree with or opt-out of Privacy & Cookie Policies.

Background Image

Claspo’s extensive background selection will coincide with your intentions perfectly, whether you need a harmonious popup or a bold attention-getter.


Add pictures to demonstrate the charm of the newest collection or bring some holiday spirit to the sale’s promotion


Plan the layout wisely: highlight the important sections by grouping elements in columns or rows and customizing background colors or images.


Coupon popups are a perfect way to turn your website visitors into customers. Test such an opportunity with Claspo!


Modifications & Alterations


Mistakes happen. Whether you are an expert or a newbie in constructing popups, you will appreciate Claspo’s ability to redo actions or undo changes.

Duplicate Elements

Don’t limit your creativity because adding multiple elements requires time. Duplicate the objects like images, text, or input fields in one click.

Mobile view editing

Don’t segregate the smartphone users. Opt for mobile-friendly formats that match the page layout, like compact popups, sliders, or sticky bars.

Adjustable size & layout

Change the images’ size and place them within the popup. Make them bigger or smaller, turn them into a centerpiece, or put them into the background.

Custom Success Message

Customize your success message, enabling it to coincide with your communication style. Choose the manner that resonates with the target demographic.

CTA boosted

Use CTA boosted components, like animated buttons and inputs, to shake it off and draw customers’ attention after a concerning period of inactivity.

Templates library

So, do you need a template to embody the concept of your popup? Claspo can offer you 100 potential fits. Just choose the one that suits your vision.

Build-in image editor

Claspo installed the means to change the size, add elements and text in the builder to allow you to render the images while creating your popup.

Countdown Timer

The fear of missing out is a powerful incentive. Let your visitors know that good ones never wait by placing a countdown timer in your popup.

Video Content

Video materials help customers associate themselves with the main idea of your promotional campaign and feel like they use or wear your product.

Setting the theme Soon

Harmonize messages with the site’s design and brand’s color pallet by creating a theme to unite all the popup forms with your store’s unique style.

External libraries of icons and stock images

Claspo’s integrated external libraries grant you access to a broad collection of stock images and icons that you can insert in your popup immediately.

Personal Library of Custom Modules & Components

For easy and convenient creation processes or diverse individual popup designs, comprise a personal library of custom modules and components.

Customizable Input Fields

Customizable input fields allow you to receive only the information relevant to the intended use of a particular popup (e.g., email, gender, age).

Statistical Instruments

Analytics & Insights

Impressions and Views

How can you learn if people stop browsing to focus on your messages? Just select the period, and the impression/views count will appear right away.

Subscription Conversions

With Claspo, you can keep your finger on the pulse of how many subscribers each of your popup forms brings to you during a specified period.

Conversion Rate

Use Claspo to automatically calculate your popups’ conversion rates and keep an eye on your crucial metric to notice the alarming signals in advance.

Top Converting Widgets Soon

In Claspo comprehensive conversion reports, you can monitor which widgets are the most rewarding when it comes to achieving your goals.

Control Soon

If you have doubts about the message’s efficiency, create a Control to study the performance of different versions compared to the popup-less website.

Lift test Soon

Do you need proof that your popups affect shoppers' behavior? Use the lift test (A/A test) function to investigate the shift in conversion rate.

Google Analytics (Events)

The joined features of Claspo & Google Analytics comprise the ultimate toolkit to upgrade the events tracking or goals’ assessment processes.

Desktop/Mobile statistic

You can view & sort all statistics by the type of device. This way, you can confirm that both mobile and desktop users are pleased with your services.

Goal Tracking Soon

Set up statistical goals that would help you get insights on customers’ behavior and track them to inspire further development of your action plan.

A/B Testing

Perform A/B (split) test to see how the audience perceives your popup. Conduct multiple comparisons to determine which versions spark more enthusiasm.

Lead Generation & Data Management

Lead Management

Fields Mapping

Excited, you’ve got a new lead? No need to reenter the submitted info. The program will match the form data with the integrated system’s map fields.

Custom-Fields Mapping

Do you need to obtain specific information with your forms? Just map the input fields, and watch the custom data transfer to your integrated software.

Leads Lists Segmentation Soon

Use the segmentation of the lead lists to single out your demographic. Apply any criteria like age or geography to address the audience personally.

Account Settings


Tag, Search & Filter

Keep your dashboard and mind in order. Tag your campaigns and apply search filters (conversion, views, etc.) to organize work in a stress-free way.

Additional Users

With Claspo, you can add or remove any users, including marketing specialists, sales, technical or other staff, whenever the situation calls for it.

User Roles and Permissions

Assign the roles that reflect the users’ access levels. Grant or restrict access according to responsibilities, confidentiality, and security reasons.

Super User or Agency Account

Manage more than one Claspo account? Register as a Super User or create an Agency Account to control and modify your clients’ campaigns in one place.

3rd Party Capabilities



WebHook is a mechanism that enables one system to notify another about new events. Say, when a user completes a form, it transmits the info to CRM.

Email Service Providers / CRM / CDP

Don’t be generic, be personal. Insert data from your CRM, CDP, and other sources to tailor popups following people’s details and preferences.

Conversion Codes Soon

Track conversion rate with different software, such as Google Ads, by adding a third-party conversion tracking tag or a code snippet to your popup.

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