Connect with Visitors To Increase Customer Loyalty

Connect with visitors and address their concerns or questions on time with Claspo website widgets to build trust, create a positive user experience and increase conversions.

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Brands that already successfully use Claspo
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How You Can Connect with Visitors

Display Video

Display videos on a website quickly and tell users about your product, its updates and functionality.

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Request A Call Back

A callback widget on a website can improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing more personalized service.

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Set A Contact Button

A contact button on a website provides a direct way for visitors to get in touch with you. It improves customer service and increases the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

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Promote Socials

Expand your community, increase brand visibility, and improve customer engagement with a social media widget on a website.

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Website Exit Survey

A website exit survey can provide valuable insights into why visitors leave a website, allowing you to identify and address issues and improve the overall user experience.

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Best Practices
Use a survey with up to 5 fields

A survey with up to 5 fields has the highest conversion, an average of 13.4%

Achieve huge conversions with the right targeting

Users typically report response rates between 3% and 5% without targeting. However, when the targeting options are fully utilized, response rates can be as high as 58% (post-purchase surveys tend to get the most responses).

Use the Video Widget

54% of users are more likely to watch their favorite brand’s video content than any other form of content.

Try Out Claspo’s Features to Connect with Visitors!

To use Claspo you don’t need any experience in design or programming. With ready-made templates and tools, you can easily launch conversion eye-catching popups on your own website.


Choose a new widget

Select use case, layout, industry and theme to find the template suitable for your business needs and design concept.


Customize the widget

Change the width and height of the widget, add the text, set the content style, and adapt it to desktop and mobile versions.


Set display rules

Choose when and to whom to show the widget. You can select the type of device to display it on and hide it for those who are already subscribed.


Publish the widget

After setting up and installing the script, you can publish a popup and get all the required statistics right in Claspo.

Effortless Integration with most Marketing Tools

With a wide selection of accessible integrations, you can import data from CRM, CDP, or other available instruments to add a personal touch to your popups and increase their impact.

Limitless Opportunities for Your Business

Promo code

Promo code popups capture 97% of customers and encourage them to buy.

Video component

Video allows customers to convey their experience with the product.

Countdown timer

Use this effective persuasion tool to evoke a sense of urgency!

Unlimited customization

Adapt your widget to any industry or use case and set widget display conditions!

Easy-to-use editor

Сhange the template design and get a product that is easy to learn and interact with.

A/B testing

Learn if your widgets work as expected and which are most efficient for your clients!

What Our Clients Say About Us


Marketing Specialist, DeepStateMap

Our conversion rate increased by 3.9 times thanks to the SPA supported by Сlaspo. The script works more correctly, is more stable, and loads better. We really enjoy multilanguage widgets and geotargeting!

Viktoriia Tsalpinska

Email marketing specialist,

We decided to introduce a floating information widget. It is not intrusive, but it had to appear with each new session. Claspo was the easiest way to do this. The platform is easy to understand, you can figure everything out in half an hour.

Nikita Gontar

Retention Manager, Devart

Incredible easy-to-use software with a bundle of features that can help you to obtain more leads. Awesome customer support. Highly recommended!

Ekaterina K.

Partner manager

Various features that can help you to obtain more leads. No major problems, I have no complaints about this service. The service saved me a lot of time and allowed me to manage traffic on the website and change the user journey.

Yuliia Y.

eCommerce Specialist

Pros: Convenience and ease of use, wide customization, good support, excellent form analytics. We used a floating bar, pop-up informer and regular forms to collect phones. All forms showed excellent results! Cons: I wouldn't call it a minus. For our needs, Claspo has everything and more.11111111111

Yuliia S.

Brand Marketing & Communications Team Lead

I like the flexibility of Claspo. With the help of the drag&drop editor, I could adjust the colour and add the font. It was also quick and easy to customize the location and functionality of the widget. These features really save time and allow you to get the widget you wanted.

Yuliia S.

Marketing Manager

I'm really impressed with the tool! I recently used Claspo to create a custom floating bar for my business's website. The interface is quite intuitive, making it easy for me to design and customize my widget exactly how I wanted it.

Artem O.

Head of FED

Pros: Convenience and ease of use, wide customization, good support, excellent form analytics. We used a floating bar, pop-up informer and regular forms to collect phones. All forms showed excellent results! Cons: I wouldn't call it a minus. For our needs, Claspo has everything and more.

Ekaterina K.

Parthner Manager

The A/B testing feature is a huge plus! With Claspo's wide range of customizable widgets, you can create all kinds of interactive elements that help your sites stand out and engage visitors."

Alina Ivanas🇺🇦

Growth Marketer

The product is easy to use. I have many clients and we've integrated Claspo over 10 times. It is convenient that there are stylish templates and you can always be in time for the holidays to run an interesting promotion, promo code for the first purchase, or a big sale. I advise everyone to try it.

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