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Are you looking for ready-made, effective solutions? Claspo has the largest library of pop-up templates and other website widgets covering 36 different use cases. Easily find the perfect template with our search filters, quickly customize it with our intuitive editor, and let the widget work for your business results today!

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Top 6 Reasons to Use Claspo Pop-up Templates

Sure, they look good, as you can see above. But let's dive into more rational reasons.

1. You Save Time

Customizing a pre-designed pop-up template is a turbo boost for your productivity. It is way faster than creating it from scratch. You don't need to manually create a layout, add elements, or think about positioning them for readability and better perception of your message. It's all been meticulously crafted for you! 

For example, all pop-up templates for collecting user data contain input fields by default, and those designed to promote your special offers automatically highlight the benefit (discount size, gift, etc.) the audience can receive. With just a few tweaks, you can create a bespoke widget without breaking a sweat.

2. You Get Pro-Crafted Design 

Our team of seasoned pros developed all our pop-up templates. They know consumer psychology, marketing techniques, best pop-up practices, and, of course, design solutions to convey your message as effectively as possible. Colors, number of input fields, and a large font for a discount are purpose-driven and backed by stats. It's not just pretty; it's strategic.

3. Your Customization Options are Unlimited

Despite the thoughtful default design of the pop-up templates, you may still want to tailor them to your company's goals, branding, strategy, vision, and unique requirements. With Claspo's intuitive drag-and-drop editor, turning any template into your perfect pop-up is a breeze.

Want to tweak the font, play with colors, or round off those buttons? Easy peasy. But why stop there? Dive deeper! Add custom elements, shuffle those elements around in the layout, toss in some branded images, or sprinkle a dash of animation. The sky's the limit with Claspo.

4. You Save Money

Since the Claspo pop-up templates were created by professionals, you can skip past designer expenses. The same goes for developer fees. Claspo widgets editing, customizing, and embedding do not require any code line or programming skills. Finally, our library only contains free pop-up templates. So you can use any of them, even on our free lifetime plan from Claspo.

5. You Get Choices Galore

From accepting donations to promoting limited-time offers, our template library has something for every need and whim. Moreover, we cover solutions for specific marketing strategies.

For example, you can generate leads in different ways:

  • Invite site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and stay updated on news and offers.
  • Offer a discount, gift, or downloadable document in exchange for contact details.
  • Collect pre-orders for a new product or one that sells out quickly.
  • Conduct a giveaway with valuable prizes and collect the contact information of all interested participants.

Whatever your strategy is, we've got a pop-up template for it.

6. Your Website Speed is Safe 

Are you worried about heavy widgets slowing down your website? Fear not! All Claspo widget scripts show the highest performance score on Google PageSpeed Insights. Our templates will not affect your website's performance or pages' loading speed, even with videos, animations, or our signature sliders.

Exclusive Pop-up Templates from Claspo

At Claspo, we're dedicated to covering all the popular pop-up use cases to cater to the diverse needs of website owners and marketers. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We go the extra mile, conducting research to offer fresh and unique solutions that deliver optimal results.

Slider Pop-up Templates

Our slider feature allows you to showcase an array of images in a captivating animated slideshow within a single pop-up. Here's how you can leverage these pop-up templates:

  • Highlight Multiple Offers: Display several active offers simultaneously on the homepage or within specific product categories. Customize the slider to enable visitors to rotate through offers and select the most relevant one effortlessly.


  • Showcase Bestsellers: Feature top-selling products from various categories to enhance brand awareness and engage new visitors. Each slide can include a direct link to the product page for seamless exploration and purchase.


  • Present Product Details: Provide comprehensive views of your products, whether it's a new collection overview or showcasing app updates. The slider offers versatility in presenting different aspects of your offerings.


  • Offer Guidance: Educate your audience with step-by-step instructions on product usage. Sequentially arrange slides to effectively guide users through your product features.


  • Highlight Benefits: Communicate the advantages of your company or products/services efficiently. By consolidating all the ice-breaking information in a slider, you streamline the decision-making process for potential customers.


Relative Timer Pop-up Templates

These templates are located in the “Use a countdown timer” use case and marked “With a personalized timer”. So, what is their exclusivity? The relative timer initiates a unique countdown for each visitor the moment your widget is displayed to them, ensuring personalized urgency. When time runs out for an individual, the pop-up disappears for them, maintaining relevance for others. 


Using this pop-up template opens up new possibilities for you:

  • Flexible Flash Sales: Conduct flash sales without compromising your brand reputation. The relative timer maximizes exposure to limited-time offers, driving increased sales without inundating your audience.
  • Dynamic Resumption: Give hesitant shoppers additional opportunities to take advantage of your limited-time offer. Set up your pop-up template to resume the timer during subsequent sessions or after defined intervals. 
  • Personalized Offers: Capitalize on personalization by framing offers as exclusive, time-bound opportunities tailored to individual visitors, enhancing their engagement and conversion likelihood.


Exit-Intent Survey Pop-up Templates

Yes, exit-intent pop-ups usually offer discounts, gifts, or other bonuses to keep visitors on the site and motivate them to return to purchase. And this is a great move. However, with the help of an exit-intent survey, you can identify what makes potential customers leave and gain valuable insights for analysis and improvement. For example:

  • A survey may show that visitors don’t receive enough information to make a purchasing decision. In this case, you should improve your product descriptions and make it easy for visitors to request a call back from your support team to get answers to all their questions.


  • Alternatively, it may be that visitors just fail to find what they need and don’t want to spend much time searching. This signals that you should improve your website navigation and add several informative pop-ups to quickly direct visitors to strategically important pages, such as to study current promotions, check out the catalog, or contact the support team.


Pick a Pop-up Template From 10 Chart Toppers

Navigating through over 700 free pop-up templates from Claspo may seem daunting, leaving you pondering which one to select. Your choice should primarily align with your goals and strategy. However, to simplify your decision-making process, we'll highlight the templates frequently favored by our users. Drawing inspiration from their selections could help steer you in the right direction.

1. Important Message

This is a favorite among our email collection pop-up templates. Its neutral design makes it an excellent fit for businesses in any industry. Users can quickly customize it to suit their needs by simply changing the image, text, and font style to match their branding. Plus, it comes with a default consent text and a checkbox, making it GDPR-friendly. Add a link to your privacy policy, and you can embed it to your website.


2. Gift Basket

Third-party statistics and our proprietary research highlight shipping costs as a leading cause of abandoned shopping carts. Interestingly, many shoppers are willing to add more items to their carts simply to qualify for free or discounted shipping. Understanding this dynamic, Claspo users eagerly deploy this pop-up template to address buyer hesitations and incentivize them to finalize their purchases. 

You can trigger it when a buyer reaches the checkout page but appears poised to exit without completing the transaction. Alternatively, you can customize the text to inform site visitors of the minimum purchase amount required to qualify for shipping discounts, effectively nudging them towards higher-value transactions.


3. Black & White

This pop-up template's minimalistic and concise design enables users to concentrate on the primary message while still offering the flexibility to tailor it to match your brand's vibe if desired. It is particularly effective for businesses centered around consulting or technical support services. This call-back form is an excellent tool for those requiring personalized assistance. 

Moreover, it becomes indispensable for products or services requiring explanation or consultation before purchase. Ultimately, it effectively communicates to site visitors that your team is readily available to assist and address any inquiries they may have, fostering a sense of trust and reliability.


4. Friday Night

Full-screen pop-up templates aren't universally suitable for all purposes. Utilizing them to promote discounts, showcase social proof, or announce new collections can detract from the user experience. However, there are certainly instances where they are indispensable. 

Many Claspo clients employ them primarily to verify a visitor’s age before accessing restricted content like alcohol or gambling. Moreover, they serve as practical tools for communicating critical information such as site outages, security breaches, natural disaster warnings, or changes to a website's terms of service. This proactive approach ensures that users are well-informed about the situation before proceeding.


5. Excellent News

This pop-up is strategically crafted to retain your site visitors by offering discounts and guiding them toward your catalog to explore products at competitive prices. While the default display rule is exit-intent, you have the flexibility to adjust this setting effortlessly. 

For instance, a compelling strategy is to trigger the pop-up when users have been inactive on the page for an extended period, effectively re-engaging them. Alternatively, it can appear when shoppers have browsed multiple pages on your website but have yet to place an order.


6. Plasticine Rainbow

This is one of the pop-up templates that seamlessly guides website visitors to essential pages, such as a dedicated page showcasing promotional products. Alternatively, you can strategically place this pop-up on a specific product page to announce discounts and swiftly direct interested shoppers to the checkout page. 

Notably, a standout feature of this template is its animated button, which grabs attention and serves as a compelling motivator for users to click.


7. Color Spots

Based on specific statistics, subscription pop-ups featuring two input fields yield the highest conversion rates. While this claim warrants validation through A/B testing on your website, it undeniably stands as a promising pop-up template for lead generation. It incorporates a drop-down list enabling visitors to specify their shopping preferences.

By integrating Claspo with your ESP, all the gathered data seamlessly transfers there to fill out customer profiles, facilitate segmentation based on preferences, and personalize mailings effectively.


8. Hear Ye!

It comes as no surprise that our relative timer pop-up template has secured its place on this list of hot picks. With a growing demand among website owners to elevate their time-limited offers and drive sales, this template offers an ideal solution. Its versatility makes it particularly appealing, requiring minimal adjustments to suit various needs. 

Remember, the default settings ensure the timer resumes, but with just one click in the editor, you can modify it to disappear for those who haven't availed of your offer.


9. Black Kaleidoscope

The widespread popularity of this template underscores that Claspo widgets are not exclusively utilized by e-commerce stores; they are also embraced by tech startups seeking to promote their products on Product Hunt. If you find yourself in this category, consider employing this floating box. It accompanies visitors as they scroll the page, urging them to show support for your company and seamlessly redirecting them to Product Hunt to cast their votes.


10. Black Celebration

Yet another pop-up template, tailored explicitly for Product Hunt, incentivizes users with discounts in exchange for their votes. This tactic can prove highly effective, as it encourages greater user support and has the potential to propel your product to the top ranks on the platform. High-ranking products naturally attract more attention from the audience, motivating them to visit the site, review the product, and potentially subscribe.


Different Widget Types

Use case




And many others.

  • Pop-up: Appears in the center of the screen, dimming the background behind it.
  • Floating box: Positioned at the bottom right or left corner of the screen.
  • Floating bar: Anchored to the bottom or top of the screen, it moves along as visitors scroll until closed.
  • Content blocking widget: Covers the entire screen, preventing access to website content.
  • Built-in widget: Permanently placed in selected spots on the website.
  • General 
  • Education 
  • Electronics 
  • Auto & Moto 
  • Charity 
  • Entertainment 
  • Fashion 
  • Real estate 
  • Sport & Fitness 
  • Kids Goods 
  • Business 
  • Food 
  • Beauty & Personal Care 
  • Christmas 
  • New Year 
  • Winter 
  • Autumn 
  • Thanksgiving Day 
  • Back To School 
  • Black Friday 
  • Independence Day 
  • Easter 
  • Saint Patrick's Day 
  • Tourism Day 
  • Labor Day 
  • Summer 
  • Halloween 

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