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Claspo: Your Anti-Bounce Rate Poptin Alternative

Lot's of our users switched from Poptin to Claspo for better results. We get it – {you}'ve outgrown Poptin too! It's time for a change.

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Top Reasons Poptin Users Switch to Claspo

Features to prevent user annoyance

Advanced display rules for a smart user journey

Fair pricing & transparent billing (no surprise upgrades)

100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights

15X more ready-made templates

Page view counts instead of visitors

Face Your Pain Points & Get Peace of Mind with Claspo

Are you on the hunt for Poptin alternatives? We analyze Poptin users feedback to prove that Claspo is a better option for you.

Website Performance

Poptin Problem
Negative impact on loading speed

Hefty Poptin widget scripts can bog down your page loading speed, leading to increased bounce rates.

Claspo solution
100 performance score on Google PageSpeed Insights

Claspo ensures that your site's speed and efficiency remain untouched. Boost conversions, not bounce rates!


What Poptin's users say about that

Design Flexibility

Poptin Problem
More manual work, less breeze

Poptin also has a drag-and-drop editor, but it's not as effortless and convenient as Claspo's. Poptin users find themselves doing more manual work, making widget editing more time-consuming and difficult.

Claspo solution
Effortless widget editing for ultimate creativity

With Claspo's drag-and-drop editor, you can switch widget types in one click without losing any changes. The same goes for aligning elements and spacing between them. Need more elements? No problem! Add your own and share them with fellow users. Easy and creative – that's Claspo, the best Poptin alternative!


What Poptin's users say about that


What Claspo's users say about that

Template Library

Poptin Problem
Outdated designs and time-consuming customization

Poptin's 45+ widget templates come off as outdated and even outlandish. This can leave users struggling to find a suitable match or spending considerable time customizing.

Claspo solution
700+ templates & hassle-free branding tailoring

Claspo’s library contains 700+ templates featuring diverse designs, styles, and visual effects. So, every user can discover the perfect match and effortlessly tailor it to their unique branding.


What Claspo's users say about that


Examples from Poptin website


Poptin Problem
Visitor-based billing raises eyebrows

Poptin's pricing plans range from $25 to $119 per month, keeping tabs on your website visitors rather than pageviews. And here's the catch – if your visitor count goes beyond your plan's limit, Poptin takes the liberty of automatically nudging you up to a pricier plan. Surprise upgrades? Not our favorite, especially when Poptin already comes with a hefty price tag, especially for those bustling high-traffic websites.

Claspo solution
Wallet-friendly pricing with no upgrade surprises

Claspo's pricing plans range between $10 and $50 per month. We track pageviews – how many times users visit your pages with our widget on them. Hit your pageview limit, and no worries – you'll receive a friendly email alert and can grab extra page views without a plan upgrade. It's a sweet add-on to this already wallet-friendly Poptin alternative


What Poptin's users say about that


What Poptin's users say about that

Dashboard & Builder Simplicity

Poptin Problem
Users crave more simplicity, less chat hassle

Some users mention Poptin isn't as intuitive as they'd hoped. Sure, the customer support team is always there, making things simpler. But come on, sometimes you're in a hurry or just not feeling the chat vibe.

Claspo solution
Simple widget creation for newbies and pros alike

Claspo makes widget creation a piece of cake, even if you're a total newbie to the widget game with no design or coding chops. Our customer success manager is ready to jump in, but 90% of our users breeze through it like champs on their own.


What Poptin's users say about that


Poptin Problem
Invasive strategy raises user experience concerns

Poptin claims to drive conversions by persistently showing widgets until visitors succumb. However, this approach can feel invasive, especially on their own site, where identical widgets consistently overlap. A positive user experience is crucial for conversions; unfortunately, this tactic misses the mark. Delve into the comparison table below for a closer look at the details.

Claspo solution
Boost conversions, beat bounce rates, and go multilingual

Claspo has smart display rules to boost widget conversion without annoying users. Customize based on analytics and A/B tests, but if you miss a beat, our preset settings have you covered, preventing the bounce rate blues. You can also craft a multilingual widget, and we ensure every visitor sees the correct language. Bring your ideas to life, and we'll ensure they work seamlessly!


What Poptin's users say about that


Examples from Poptin website

Compare Features and Make a Smarter Choice

claspo poptin
Widget display rules
Preset display rules to avoid user annoyance & bounce rate growth
Ability to set a silent interval between displaying widgets
Automatic protection from widgets with the same display rules overlapping each other
When to stop displaying
After closing a widget X times
After a specified time, if there is no interaction with the widget
After subscribing via this widget
After subscribing via any widget
When to display and/or conditions “or” condition only
Display frequency:
No limit
Only once
Once per session
Once per X days
Once per X minutes
Once per X hours
Once per X weeks
Widget builder
Mobile-responsive layouts All Only selected
Ability to switch between layouts while editing
Slider (unlimited images as a slideshow in one widget)
Gamified layouts Coming Soon. Contact us to learn about the new feature first.
Widget library
Number of ready-made templates 700+ 45+
Number of use cases 36 5
Widget targeting
Targeting options availability Available in all plans, including free Require a plan upgrade
New visitors targeting
Returning visitors targeting
Based on the traffic source
Based on the interaction with specific ads
Based on ad campaign keyword
Based on the traffic acquisition channel
Based on the previous page visited (upgrade required)
Shopify targeting Soon
Geotargeting by country
Geotargeting by region
Geotargeting by city
Dynamic language setting
JavaScript targeting (upgrade required)

Migrate to Claspo & Make a Difference

Switching from Poptin to Claspo is as easy as 1-2-3


 Let's chat!

Have a friendly call with our success manager. We'll discuss your goals, current widgets, and website strategy. Together, we'll plan a smooth migration tailored to your needs.


Give us time to boost results

Our team of marketers, designers, and CRO analysts will analyze your campaigns and configure your widgets in the Claspo builder. We'll enhance your campaigns to maximize conversions and minimize bounce rates – a win-win!


Enjoy the results

Done! Your widgets are now on Claspo and ready to perform even better. The Claspo team will seamlessly integrate them into your website for a top-notch user experience.

Ready to make the switch to a Poptin alternative?

One call can make a big difference in your widget campaign's success. Why wait?

Claspo vs Poptin FAQ

Why does Claspo track page views instead of visitors like Poptin?
We believe in transparency! In fact, your widget might only be displayed to some visitors who meet specific display rules (visiting a particular page, spending a designated time on your site, etc). Charging you based on actual page views ensures you're not paying more and hitting your plan limits prematurely. It's all about being fair and efficient!
Which builder offers more in the free plan, Claspo or Poptin?
Unlike Poptin, where certain functionalities are limited, Claspo's free plan has unrestricted access to all features. Claspo provides 3 widgets and a generous 30,000 page views. Poptin's "unlimited widgets" sound appealing, but there's a catch! A free plan is limited to 1,000 visitors, which is not ideal for high-traffic sites, and your widgets may not even be shown to everyone in that pool.
Does Claspo provide analytics like Poptin?
Absolutely! With Claspo's built-in analytics, you can effortlessly keep tabs on views, targeted actions, and conversion rates for each widget. What makes it even cooler is that Claspo seamlessly syncs up with Google Analytics. This means you can swiftly transfer all your data to a central hub and dive deep into detailed analysis.
Which drag-and-drop editor comes packed with more features?
With Claspo's drag-and-drop editor, you can effortlessly switch widget types, align layout elements, and adjust the spacing between them—all in just one click! On the flip side, Poptin's drag-and-drop editor doesn't quite measure up, as it lacks these convenient capabilities, leaving users with more manual work.
Do Claspo and Poptin offer the same widget types?
Yes, both builders offer a range of widget types, from launchers to full screens. But when you opt for Claspo as your Poptin alternative, you also get the slider. This unique layout lets you showcase multiple images in a captivating slideshow within a single widget. It's just one more reason to choose Claspo!
Does Claspo have geo-targeting like Poptin?
Absolutely! But while Poptin offers country-level targeting, Claspo takes it up a notch. With Claspo, you can also narrow the targeting to regions and cities. Plus, you can set up different language versions of your widget, and Claspo will automatically display the version that matches the visitor's browser language or the language selected on your website.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Serhii Doroshenko

Retention Team Lead MAUDAU

We seamlessly plugged in Claspo to our site without developers involved. Now, our marketing team effortlessly runs A/B tests and kicks off promos at lightning speed. The results? Solid revenue boosts and promotions that hit the mark. Big thanks to Claspo for elevating our business game!

Nikita Gontar

Retention Manager, Devart

Incredible easy-to-use software with a bundle of features that can help you to obtain more leads. Awesome customer support. Highly recommended!


Marketing Specialist, DeepStateMap

Our conversion rate increased by 3.9 times thanks to the SPA supported by Сlaspo. The script works more correctly, is more stable, and loads better. We really enjoy multilanguage widgets and geotargeting!

Jordan S.

Product Marketing Lead

An easy-to-use and customizable solution. No cons were found during the work, overall clear and useful functionality.

Viktoriia Tsalpinska

Email marketing specialist,

We decided to introduce a floating information widget. It is not intrusive, but it had to appear with each new session. Claspo was the easiest way to do this. The platform is easy to understand, you can figure everything out in half an hour.

Kate K.

Partner Relations Manager

The A/B testing feature is a huge plus! Overall: With Claspo's wide range of customizable widgets, you can create all kinds of interactive elements that help your sites stand out and engage visitors. The A/B testing allows you to optimize each element and determine which widget performs better

Tony Fiston


It looks like Claspo makes creating and launching website widgets easy fot any coding skills. I am excited to try the customization options and KPI-driven analytics to optimize my site's conversion.

Product Hunt

Poptin Alternatives for Your Business

Poptin is a builder that lets you create eye-catching pop-ups and website forms without any coding skills required and promises good conversion rates. While it sounds appealing, it's always a good idea to explore different Poptin alternatives. Take a stroll through various options, compare the features they offer, and weigh the pros and cons. After all, making the right choice is all about finding the perfect fit for your needs!


1. Claspo vs Poptin

Claspo is an intuitive and user-friendly builder designed for all skill levels, which prioritizes not only boosting conversions but also ensuring a positive user experience on the websites.

  • Pricing. Claspo has 4 different paid plans catering to various business needs, priced between $10 and $50 per month—a sweet deal when you compare it to Poptin's range of $25 to $119. Even with Claspo's most budget-friendly plan, you geta whopping 100,000 page views, trumping Poptin's 10,000 visitors, part of which will not even see your widget. Here's the cherry on top: Claspo is all about flexibility, offering custom plans for enterprises, making collaboration even more convenient and cost-effective. In turn Poptin lacks that personalized touch when it comes to pricing. 
  • Free plan. Poptin's offering unlimited widgets might sound enticing, but here's the catch: the advanced features that can really make a difference aren't accessible with the free plan. With Claspo's free plan, you get access to all features, including the stuff like smart targeting, A/B testing, and crucially, pre-configured display rules to amp up user experience and optimize that bounce rate. Imagine trying out Claspo as your Poptin alternative, exploring all these goodies for free, and seeing those first results without spending a single penny. 
  • Simplicity. While crafting a simple pop-up might take hours for some Poptin users, Claspo gets it done in a few minutes. The magic lies in the simplicity of Claspo's design process. Switching between widget layouts, aligning elements, and adjusting distances happen in one click, a feature Poptin can't quite boast about. Sure, Poptin's support team is quick and helpful, but with Claspo as your Poptin alternative, you might not even need to reach out for assistance. That means you could effortlessly create and embed your widget on your site instead of spending time on support queries. 
  • Widget building. Claspo outshines Poptin with a whopping 700 ready-made templates, 15 times more than Poptin's 45. Covering 36 use cases, different industries, and themes, Claspo stands out as the best Poptin alternative for design variety. Customizing templates in Claspo's intuitive editor is a breeze, and you can even upload your own elements for that personal touch. Poptin allows template customization too, but it takes more time due to their original appearance and editor limitations. What's more, in Claspo, building a widget is a hassle-free experience—no need to fuss over display rules, as Claspo prevents widget overlaps for a seamless user experience. Poptin also offers a variety of display rules but lacks this extra safeguard against mistakes during widget setup. 


2. Optimonk vs Poptin

As a Poptin alternative, Optimonk is also about website widget creation with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor—no coding skills are required. It lets users personalize widgets and run A/B tests effortlessly.

  • Pricing. While Poptin has faced some criticism for its billing system tied to the total number of site visitors and inflexible pricing structure, it still comes in as a more budget-friendly option compared to OptiMonk. Poptin offers plans ranging from $25 to $119 per month, whereas OptiMonk's plans fall in the $39 to $249 range. So, when it comes to cost-effectiveness, OptiMonk might not be the go-to Poptin alternative for budget-conscious users.
  • Free plan. Both Poptin and Optimonk come with free plans, offering 1 domain and unlimited widgets. However, there's a slight difference in the limits. Poptin's free plan is capped at 1,000 visitors, whereas Optimonk's gives you room for up to 15,000 pageviews. Admittedly, it may not be the most generous offer among Poptin alternatives, but it still tops Poptin's limit. The catch with Poptin is that your widgets might not even reach all 1,000 visitors if they don't align with the display rules.
  • Simplicity. OptiMonk does have a learning curve, requiring some coding knowledge. This might not be the ideal Poptin alternative for marketers or website owners who aren't well-versed in coding. Poptin is lauded for its intuitive nature and no-code requirement. However, some users, especially those without design backgrounds, may still find Poptin a tad less intuitive.
  • Widget building. Poptin has a limited selection of ready-made templates. Many of them are outdated and need much customization to align with specific business needs. OptiMonk, as a Poptin alternative, has a broader range and variety of templates. However, some users have pointed out that OptiMonk could offer more diversity, especially in offering templates for non-commercial purposes and various industries.


3. Sumo vs Poptin

Sumo is a Poptin alternative that focuses on crafting website forms to gather prospects' email addresses. Sumo has integration options for various email service providers, visitor targeting, and analytics to keep you in the loop.

  • Pricing. Poptin lays out three different plans, while Sumo keeps one plan priced at $49 per month. But Sumo's $49 plan covers 100k visitors and 3 sites. Meanwhile, Poptin's Pro plan is $59 per month, but it's limited to 50k visitors, even though you get to juggle 4 websites. To be honest, some users find the pricing structures of both Poptin and Sumo, as a Poptin alternative, not as attractive as they'd like.
  • Free plan. Both Sumo and Poptin have free plans up for grabs, but there are a few restrictions. Advanced targeting options? Nope, not available for free plan users on either Sumo or Poptin. Besides, Sumo puts a cap on integrating with email service providers and says no to A/B testing in their free plan. So, if you're itching to give this Poptin alternative a test run before making the big switch, your options might feel on the limited side.
  • Simplicity. Poptin's editing phase can be a bit clunky, and navigating through its user and admin structure feels like a puzzle. On the other side of the coin, Sumo has its own set of challenges during user onboarding. But! Poptin takes the cake when it comes to customer service—they're the real MVPs in explaining and training users. So, it’s still easier for beginners to understand its functionality, albeit with outside help.
  • Widget building. While Sumo offers 50+ templates, Poptin isn't far behind with 45+. The difference isn't huge, but Sumo's templates are primarily geared towards email collection. It may restrict your creativity when it comes to crafting a diverse pop-up strategy for your website. Still, if your main goal is email collection, Sumo can be a good Poptin alternative, as it ensures that email input fields are effortlessly filled out without errors.


4. Getsitecontrol vs Poptin

Just like Poptin, Getsitecontrol lets you craft website widgets tailored for various purposes. But it goes the extra mile for e-commerce retailers by doubling up as an email marketing platform.

  • Pricing. Both platforms come with 3 pricing plans. Poptin's plans dance between $25 and $119 each month. On the flip side, GetSiteControl ranges from $9 to $29. It is a budget-savvy Poptin alternative. But here's the heads-up: the $9 plan is minimal on features. So, while it's tempting due to the lower price tag, you will not have enough options to achieve the results you want.
  • Free plan. Both platforms come with 3 pricing plans. Poptin's plans dance between $25 and $119 each month. On the flip side, GetSiteControl ranges from $9 to $29. It is a budget-savvy Poptin alternative. But here's the heads-up: the $9 plan is minimal on features. So, while it's tempting due to the lower price tag, you will not have enough options to achieve the results you want.
  • Simplicity. GetSiteControl outshines Poptin when it comes to a user-friendly interface. Opting for this Poptin alternative means you can whip up widgets faster. However, it's important to note that GetSiteControl falls short in the flexibility department. Customization options are limited, and some targeting features, like page history-based targeting, are missing. Sure, only Poptin's pricier plans offer advanced targeting, but at least the option is on the table if you're ready to pay more.
  • Widget building. GetSiteControl takes the lead with 270 ready-made templates, leaving Poptin's 45 in the dust. But here's the catch: navigating GetSiteControl's design landscape can be a bit tricky without a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. When it comes to customization, both platforms have their quirks. Poptin offers more options, but brace yourself for some manual labor and time investment as its templates are not exactly a visual feast.


5. Popupsmart vs Poptin

Popupsmart is a simple builder that helps users craft pop-ups for a variety of purposes, including gathering email addresses, boosting sales, and engaging with your website visitors.

  • Pricing. With Popupsmart, you'll find only annual subscription plans. Opting for this Poptin alternative means committing to an annual payment ranging from $468 to $1908. Even when you break it down to a monthly perspective, it might seem on the pricier side.
  • Free plan. Popupsmart's free plan comes with a hard limit of 5,000 page views. If your website sees a lot of traffic, you might hit that limit in less than a week. But Poptin's free plan is not a traffic-boundless paradise either. With a cap set at 1000 visitors,  high-traffic sites might find it a bit tight.
  • Simplicity. Popupsmart's migration process is intricate, and setting up widgets involves the support of a dedicated account specialist. It might seem a tad daunting for those seeking Poptin alternatives. But, here's the silver lining: once you've crossed the onboarding bridge, Popupsmart transforms into a user-friendly and straightforward platform—something Poptin can't quite claim. So, when weighing your options between the two, consider whether you'd prefer facing challenges at the outset or throughout your builder experience.
  • Widget building. Popupsmart brings you 250 ready-made templates that really catch the eye—something you won't find with Poptin. However, setting up the widget can be tricky as the options for where and when to show it are limited. On the flip side, Poptin offers more flexible display rules, although some might throw a wrench into the positive user experience. Now, here's a game-changer: Popupsmart lacks an A/B testing option, a key element for boosting conversions, putting it behind many Poptin alternatives in this crucial aspect.

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