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Claspo: Your Popupsmart Alternative with More Value for Less Money

Over 11,5k users have moved on from Popupsmart*, with many opting for Claspo and experiencing superior results at a more budget-friendly rate. If {you}'re also tired of paying more for less, it might be time to make the switch.

*According to BuiltWith data

Why Users Choose Claspo as a Popupsmart Alternative

Monthly and annual plans are available

2X more pageviews per plan on average

Dynamic widget language changes

3X lower prices on annual plans

A/B testing, even in a free plan

Automatic settings to prevent user annoyance

Break Free from Popupsmart Pains with Claspo's Healing Solutions


Popupsmart Problem
Annual plans can be a challenge for your budget

Popupsmart only offers annual subscription plans, requiring an upfront payment ranging from $390 to $1,590. It can pose a challenge for startups, small businesses, and those operating on a tight budget. Even when you break down these costs into monthly figures, they still end up higher than what you'd find with Claspo.

Claspo solution
Monthly & annual plans to fit your budget

Claspo is a budget-smart Popupsmart alternative. We have monthly and annual plans, so you can pick the one that perfectly aligns with your needs and budget. Monthly plans come in at a pocket-friendly range of $10 to $50, while annual plans offer an even better deal, ranging from $100 to $500. That's an average of 3 times more cost-savings compared to Popupsmart.


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that

Pageviews Provided

Popupsmart Problem
Fewer pageviews in free & paid plans for more money

Popupsmart users voice their concerns about the strict 5,000 pageviews limit on the free plan, often depleting within days. This pushes them into purchasing an annual plan before seeing substantial results from the widgets. In fact, even Popupsmart's paid plans fall short, providing approximately 2 times fewer page views than Claspo. It's a scenario where you get less for more money.

Claspo solution
More pageviews, more value, and more savings

Claspo is a cost-effective Popupsmart alternative. Let's talk numbers: our free plan includes 30,000 pageviews (6 times more than Popupsmart). The Basic comes with 100,000 pageviews (doubling Popupsmart's offering). Now, for the big leagues—both Popupsmart and Claspo offer 500,000 pageviews in the priciest plans, but the former costs you a hefty $1,590 per year, while the latter is just $500 annually (or $50 monthly – the choice is yours). The math is clear: more pageviews, more value, and more savings with Claspo!


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that

Website Performance

Popupsmart Problem
Page speed slowdowns put conversions at risk

User feedback suggests that Popupsmart widgets could potentially slow down your page loading speed. This poses a risk of losing valuable conversions and bumping up your site's bounce rate. It's not the outcome you hope for, given Popupsmart's high price tag, right?

Claspo solution
100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights

Claspo widget scripts have a perfect 100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights! It means embedding them on your website won't put a dent in loading speed or trigger an unwelcome spike in the bounce rate. We're all about prioritizing user experience and maximizing conversions.


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that

Builder Convenience

Popupsmart Problem
Unpredictable bugs and 50/50 support odds complicate widget creation

Although Popupsmart is a relatively simple builder, it might surprise you with bugs that either complicate widget creation or hinder them from working as intended. Meanwhile, your odds of getting timely support stand at 50/50. So, instead of just building an effective widget strategy, it might feel like you're upgrading your skills as a product tester. Was becoming a pro tester on your to-do list?

Claspo solution
An ever-evolving platform where your voice shapes builder excellence

Claspo is a well-designed and ever-evolving Popupsmart alternative. We regularly update our builder to ensure nothing stands in the way of crafting high-conversion widgets. Our vigilant team is always one step ahead, nipping bugs in the bud to safeguard your user experience. Still, Claspo is all about you! Your comments, suggestions, and wishes matter, so we embrace them with open arms and implement them as swiftly as possible.


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


Popupsmart Problem
No A/B testing, no multilingual settings, and other constraints at a high cost

Despite its steep price tag, Popupsmart has major limitations. It lacks a crucial feature for optimizing conversions—no A/B testing here! That's not all; the inability to dynamically change the widget language for a multinational audience can be a deal-breaker. And if you aim for a quick image search, sorry, there's no built-in stock of photos and icons. Even changing the widget layout during the editing process is a no-go. Quite a handful of constraints, isn't it?

Claspo solution
A/B testing, dynamic widget language, and simplified editing process

Claspo is your results-focused Popupsmart alternative, where every opportunity for success is at your fingertips. A/B testing? Absolutely! We believe in putting your hypotheses into practice. Dynamic language change? Piece of cake! Craft one widget in multiple languages, and visitors will seamlessly see the version matching their browser language or the one selected on your website. Finally, our built-in stock of photos and icons and the ability to tweak the widget layout during editing are here to simplify your creative journey.


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that


What Popupsmart’s users say about that

Toolkit for Exceptional UX

Popupsmart Problem
Widget display challenges hurt user experience

Popupsmart claims their templates won't annoy visitors, but the user experience hinges more on widget display rules than design. Popupsmart, in turn, lacks flexible options here. But the bigger issue is that it doesn't offer any safety nets in case of partial or complete duplication of widget triggers. The burden falls on you to meticulously control and remember the display rules for each widget. Otherwise, campaigns may pop up simultaneously or, worse, overlap, causing annoyance and prompting users to leave your site.

Claspo solution
Automatic time interval between widgets & overlapping protection

Claspo prioritizes user experience as the ultimate key to your conversions. Our flexible display rules empower you to integrate widgets seamlessly into the website customer journey. But the real game-changer is our AUTOMATIC settings, which do the heavy lifting for you, sparing you and your site visitors from the chaos of widgets. Use the default 3-minute silent interval between widget displays, or customize your time interval to ensure campaigns never clash. Plus, if you accidentally launch two or more widgets with similar triggers, we've got you covered, protecting them from overlapping.


Claspo vs Popupsmart: Features Comparison for Your Smart Choice

claspo sleeknote
Widget display rules
Automatic protection of widgets with similar display rules from overlapping
Ability to set a silent interval between displaying widgets
Preset display rules for your convenience
When to display
After X seconds on the page
After X minutes on the page
After X hours on the page
After X seconds on the website
After X minutes on the website
After X hours on the website
After X seconds of inactivity
After X minutes of inactivity
After X hours of inactivity
After visiting X pages
Display frequency:
No limit
Only once
Once per session
On every pageview
One time per X minutes
One time per X hours
One time per X days
One time per X weeks
One time per X months
When to stop displaying
After subscription from this widget
After subscription from any widget
After closing once
After closing X times
After X seconds, if there is no interaction with the widget
After X visits
Widget builder
Number of ready-made templates 700+ 250+
Number of use cases 36 12
Slider (unlimited images as a slideshow in one widget)
Relative timer (counts down for each visitor individually after displaying)
Embedded widget
Built-in photo & icons stock
Ability to switch between layouts while editing
Gamified templates Coming soon
Widget targeting
Dynamic language change
Geolocation targeting
Based on the interaction with specific ads
Based on ad campaign keyword
Based on the traffic source
Device targeting
HTML targeting

Migrate to Claspo & Elevate Your Impact

Transitioning from Popupsmart to Claspo is a straightforward process that unfolds in three simple steps:


 Let's Connect!

Initiate a friendly conversation with our success manager. During this call, we will discuss your objectives, current widgets, and website strategy. Together, we will devise a customized migration plan that aligns seamlessly with your requirements.


Grant Us the Opportunity to Elevate Results

Our team of experienced marketers, designers, and CRO analysts will meticulously assess your campaigns and configure your widgets within the Claspo builder. We aim to optimize your campaigns, enhancing conversions and minimizing bounce rates.


Revel in the Outcomes

That's all! Your widgets are now integrated into Claspo and primed to deliver superior performance. The Claspo team will flawlessly incorporate them into your website, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience.

Ready to migrate to the best Popupsmart alternative and get the most out of your widget campaign?

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Claspo vs Popupsmart

Do Claspo and Popupsmart have free plans?
Both platforms have free plans with no time limits. However, Popupsmart restricts to only 1 widget and enforces a rigid pageview limit of 5,000. Conversely, Claspo's free plan lets users run 3 widgets and generously offers up to 30,000 pageviews. This way, you can see the first results without spending a penny.
Do Popupsmart and Claspo offer the same widget layouts?
Popupsmart and Claspo both provide the most popular widget layouts for you to choose from. However, Claspo, as your Popupsmart alternative, goes that extra mile. With Claspo, you can also create a built-in widget and strategically place it in multiple spots on your site. Plus, we have a slider that lets you showcase unlimited images as a captivating animated slideshow.
Does Claspo have ready-made widget templates like Popupsmart?
Absolutely! Claspo is the top Popupsmart alternative when it comes to ready-made solutions. Dive into our extensive library featuring 700+ unique templates across 36 use cases. This abundance ensures you can effortlessly discover the perfect template for your needs and seamlessly customize it using our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
Does Claspo provide a countdown timer like Popupsmart?
Yes, you can select a template with a timer or effortlessly drag it into your layout in our editor. Unlike Popupsmart, Claspo also has a relative timer. It starts counting down individually for each visitor when your widget appears to them. Thus, more shoppers can take advantage of your limited-time offer, positively affecting your sales.
Does Claspo allow showing the widget only to users with a specific browser language?
Claspo, the smart Popupsmart alternative, takes your display options to the next level. Forget about the hassle of showing or hiding your widget based on users' browser language. Instead, create one widget with various language versions. Your visitors automatically see the version that matches their browser language or the language selected on the site. Give your sales a global boost.
What display rules does Claspo offer besides those in Popupsmart?
Claspo lets you display your widget based on time spent on a specific page or after visiting a set number of pages. You can stop showing the widget if a visitor doesn't interact with it for a specified period. Finally, set up the silent interval between widget displays to prevent their simultaneous appearances and ensure a positive user experience.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Serhii Doroshenko

Retention Team Lead MAUDAU

We seamlessly plugged in Claspo to our site without developers involved. Now, our marketing team effortlessly runs A/B tests and kicks off promos at lightning speed. The results? Solid revenue boosts and promotions that hit the mark. Big thanks to Claspo for elevating our business game!

Nikita Gontar

Retention Manager, Devart

Incredible easy-to-use software with a bundle of features that can help you to obtain more leads. Awesome customer support. Highly recommended!


Marketing Specialist, DeepStateMap

Our conversion rate increased by 3.9 times thanks to the SPA supported by Сlaspo. The script works more correctly, is more stable, and loads better. We really enjoy multilanguage widgets and geotargeting!

Jordan S.

Product Marketing Lead

An easy-to-use and customizable solution. No cons were found during the work, overall clear and useful functionality.

Viktoriia Tsalpinska

Email marketing specialist,

We decided to introduce a floating information widget. It is not intrusive, but it had to appear with each new session. Claspo was the easiest way to do this. The platform is easy to understand, you can figure everything out in half an hour.

Kate K.

Partner Relations Manager

The A/B testing feature is a huge plus! Overall: With Claspo's wide range of customizable widgets, you can create all kinds of interactive elements that help your sites stand out and engage visitors. The A/B testing allows you to optimize each element and determine which widget performs better

Tony Fiston


It looks like Claspo makes creating and launching website widgets easy fot any coding skills. I am excited to try the customization options and KPI-driven analytics to optimize my site's conversion.

Product Hunt

Popupsmart Alternatives You Should Know About: Top 7 Services

Popupsmart is a builder that helps users in creating pop-ups for different purposes, such as collecting email addresses, increasing sales, and engaging with website visitors. Let’s compare it with competitors to make the right choice.


  1. Claspo
  2. Poptin
  3. Sumo
  4. Getsitecontrol
  5. Sleeknote
  6. Optimonk
  7. OptinMonster

1. Popupsmart Alternative #1: Claspo


Claspo stands out as a user-friendly widget-building platform designed for marketers and website owners of all skill levels. More than just enhancing conversions, Claspo strongly emphasizes ensuring a positive and effortless user experience for your website visitors.

  • Pricing. Popupsmart exclusively offers annual plans ranging from $390 to $1,590. In contrast, Claspo provides users with the flexibility of annual and monthly plans. The annual plans are priced between $100 and $500, standing out as a budget-friendly option three times cheaper than Popupsmart. For those who prefer a monthly payment, Claspo's plans come in at $10 to $50, making it an economical Popupsmart alternative suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets.
  • Free plan. While both platforms provide lifetime free plans, Popupsmart's plan comes with significant limitations: a mere 5,000 pageviews, which could be exhausted in a matter of days, and only 1 widget. This hinders users from thoroughly testing the platform and witnessing results before committing to an annual plan. As a Popupsmart alternative, Claspo allows you to gauge widget effectiveness and achieve conversions without spending a dime. The free plan includes 3 active widgets, an ample allowance of 30,000 pageviews, and access to all advanced features. Explore the platform's capabilities without breaking the bank!
  • Simplicity. While both Popupsmart and Claspo are user-friendly builders, Popupsmart users frequently voice concerns about bugs hindering widget creation or functionality issues. The added frustration comes from customer support not always responding promptly, potentially slowing down your journey to desired results. On the flip side, Claspo stands out as a meticulously designed builder, ensuring a seamless experience with a thoroughly tested interface and functionality. Plus, if you ever find yourself wanting certain features, the Claspo team is always ready to listen to your feedback and swiftly implement necessary updates.
  • Widget building. Claspo has almost 3 times more ready-made templates than Popupsmart – precisely 700 compared to 250. This abundance ensures that with Claspo, you have a better chance of discovering a ready-made solution to meet your specific needs. It's a time-saving boon compared to creating all widgets from scratch. But most importantly, Claspo has advanced and flexible display rules. Unlike Popupsmart, Claspo offers greater control over the display frequency, allows you to set time intervals between widgets, and provides automatic protection against overlapping. Choosing Claspo as your Popupsmart alternative guarantees a positive user experience on your site, ultimately boosting conversions.

2. Popupsmart Alternative #2: Poptin


Poptin is a user-friendly builder that empowers you to create pop-ups and website forms effortlessly, even without coding skills, ensuring promising conversion rates.

  • Pricing. Poptin sets itself apart from Popupsmart by providing both monthly and annual plans, ranging from $25 to $119 and $240 to $1,140, respectively. However, it's worth noting that Poptin's payment plans are based on site visitors rather than pageviews. Since your widget is displayed only to those who meet specific display rules, you might find yourself overpaying for traffic. This nuance makes Poptin less of a cost-effective Popupsmart alternative.
  • Free plan. While both Poptin and Popupsmart provide free plans, it's important to note that both come with certain limitations. Popupsmart's plan encompasses just 5,000 pageviews and 1 widget. On the other hand, the Poptin plan offers 1,000 visitors and restricted access to platform functionality. Even with the option to create unlimited widgets in Poptin's free plan, achieving the desired results may prove challenging due to these constraints.
  • Simplicity. If you're seeking a user-friendly and straightforward Popupsmart alternative, Poptin might not be the ideal choice. It comes with a learning curve, and it takes some time to become familiar with its editor. Despite this, Poptin shines in customer support, making the onboarding process more manageable with their assistance. On the flip side, Popupsmart doesn't quite boast the same level of support, with users occasionally experiencing prolonged wait times for responses.
  • Widget building. When it comes to ready-made templates, Poptin falls behind other Popupsmart alternatives in both quantity and quality, offering a mere 45 templates, many of which appear outdated and less polished. Regarding functionality, both platforms have their drawbacks. Popupsmart lacks essential A/B testing for conversion optimization, and Poptin provides geotargeting only at the country level and lacks the capability to stop displaying the widget if a visitor closes it, negatively impacting the overall user experience.

3. Popupsmart Alternative #2: Sumo


Sumo is a platform for crafting website forms designed to collect email addresses. It offers seamless integration options with various email service providers, advanced visitor targeting features, and robust analytics.

  • Pricing. Unlike Popupsmart, which boasts a range of plans, Sumo offers a single plan priced at $49 per month or $468 per year. It's worth noting that Sumo is another Popupsmart alternative that bases its pricing on website visitors rather than pageviews, which may not be the most cost-effective solution for you.
  • Free plan. Sumo extends a free plan to users, albeit with certain limitations. Notably, users on the free plan miss out on advanced targeting options and the ability to integrate the platform with most email service providers. If you're eager to dive into A/B testing – a feature absent in Popupsmart – opting for the paid Sumo plan is a must, as this functionality is exclusively available in the paid version.
  • Simplicity. While Sumo users tend to report fewer bugs compared to Popupsmart users, navigating the platform can pose a challenge for newcomers, demanding time and effort to grasp all the settings and details. However, it's worth noting that Sumo has more modest functionality compared to Popupsmart, potentially making it a quicker and more straightforward platform to master.
  • Widget building. If you're searching for a platform that provides a diverse range of design solutions, Sumo may not be the ideal Popupsmart alternative. With only 50 templates primarily focused on collecting email addresses, Sumo might pose a challenge when creating widgets for various purposes and seamlessly integrating them into a comprehensive strategy.

4. Popupsmart Alternative #2: Getsitecontrol


GetSiteControl is an email marketing platform equipped with a versatile pop-up builder crafted to assist e-commerce brands in captivating and retaining repeat customers.

  • Pricing. Similar to many Popupsmart alternatives, GetSiteControl provides monthly plans spanning from $9 to $29 and annual plans priced at $84 to $252 – a more budget-friendly option than Popupsmart. However, each GetSiteControl plan comes with its set of limitations. The cheapest plan lacks A/B testing and the ability to create widgets with a countdown timer. Even with the Pro plan, integration with third-party apps like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Omnisend, and others is unavailable. To unlock the full range of features and get impactful results, you must opt for the most expensive GetSiteControl plan.
  • Free plan. GetSiteControl doesn't provide a free plan or a trial period. If you prefer to explore a platform's effectiveness before committing financially, it might be worthwhile to explore other Popupsmart alternatives.
  • Simplicity. Neither platform boasts a drag-and-drop editor, a feature that simplifies widget creation, particularly for beginners. As a result, anticipate spending more time or seeking support to navigate the intricacies of both platforms. GetSiteControl, in particular, presents limited customization options, potentially adding an extra layer of complexity when aiming to craft a truly unique widget.
  • Widget building. GetSiteControl and Popupsmart have nearly the same number of ready-made templates, with 270 in GetSiteControl and 250 in Popupsmart. Another commonality lies in their display rule limitations. GetSiteControl lacks the capability to display widgets based on the user's page history. Conversely, Popupsmart doesn't provide the option to configure the widget to appear after a user has visited a specific number of pages.

5. Popupsmart Alternative #2: Sleeknote


Sleeknote is a tool that helps online retailers turn website visitors into leads and customers using various widgets.

  • Pricing. Sleeknote provides monthly plans priced between $62 and $462, with annual plans ranging from $588 to $4,428. These rates are higher compared to Popupsmart. Besides, Sleeknote calculates costs based on site visitors rather than pageviews, potentially leading to extra expenses for traffic. This aspect might not align with a cost-effective Popupsmart alternative.
  • Free plan. In contrast to Popupsmart, Sleeknote provides only a 7-day free trial, which might be too limited to fully grasp the platform, create widgets, and see initial results before committing to a significant investment. On the other hand, Popupsmart's free plan comes with a hard limit of 5,000 pageviews and the ability to run only one active widget, which might be insufficient to make an impact on your website.
  • Simplicity. Both platforms may not deliver the ease of widget creation you're anticipating. Popupsmart users often find and report bugs on their own, indicating potential challenges in the platform's user-friendliness. Similarly, Sleeknote, as a Popupsmart alternative, has an editor that users perceive as outdated and clunky.
  • Widget building. Sleeknote falls short with 120 templates, half the number Popupsmart offers (250). It lacks the ability to create full-screen widgets. In contrast, Popupsmart doesn't provide an option for embedded widgets. When it comes to widget settings, both platforms have their limitations. Sleeknote lacks an inactivity trigger and advanced control over widget display frequency. On the other hand, Popupsmart's main drawback is the absence of A/B testing, making the journey to conversions more challenging.

6. Popupsmart Alternative #2: Optimonk


OptiMonk is a widget builder that ensures a user-friendly experience through its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, eliminating the need for coding skills. It allows you to customize widgets and conduct A/B tests to achieve optimal results.

  • Pricing. Optimonk's annual plans come in at $390 to $2,490, a tad pricier compared to Popupsmart's $390 to $1,590 range. However, Optimonk offers monthly plans ranging from $39 to $249. While the cost is still high, you have the flexibility to opt for a monthly plan instead of committing to a full year upfront.
  • Free plan. OptiMonk's free plan comes with 15,000 pageviews, which, while not the most generous among Popupsmart alternatives, is three times more than what Popupsmart provides. You can also create an unlimited number of widgets but remember that the more widgets you create, the quicker you'll reach your pageviews limit.
  • Simplicity. OptiMonk may not be the go-to choice if you seek a straightforward Popupsmart alternative. Navigating this platform demands technical know-how and, ideally, prior widget creation experience. On the flip side, while Popupsmart offers simplicity, users occasionally encounter bugs that may impact user experience and widget functionality.
  • Widget building. OptiMonk has 320 ready-made templates, a slight edge over Popupsmart's 250. With more display rules and targeting options, it offers flexibility. Yet, despite the higher cost, OptiMonk has its functional gaps. It lacks geotargeting by region or city and doesn't allow separate tracking of widget performance on desktop and mobile.

7. Popupsmart Alternative #2: OptinMonster

OptinMonster vs Popupsmart.png

OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that allows users to craft versatile widgets and offers an array of display rules and targeting options

  • Pricing. OptinMonster exclusively provides annual plans, with pricing from $192 to $1,188. While it may initially appear as a cost-effective Popupsmart alternative, crucial features for achieving optimal results are mostly confined to the priciest plans. This might pose a challenge for those operating on a limited budget.
  • Free plan. OptinMonster lacks a free plan, depriving users of the opportunity to test the platform before committing to an annual plan. Notably, their $192 plan only offers 2,500 pageviews, two times less than Popupsmart's free plan.
  • Simplicity. OptinMonster may pose a challenge for beginners and users without technical expertise. Opting for this Popupsmart alternative might mean investing significant time learning the platform and widget creation.
  • Widget building. While OptinMonster boasts 400 ready-made templates compared to Popupsmart's 250, accessing basic display settings on this platform requires a substantial investment. Features like the exit-intent trigger are restricted to the Pro plan at $828 per year, and geotargeting is available only in the Growth plan, costing $1,188 per year. Due to these limitations, OptinMonster is not a cost-effective Popupsmart alternative.

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