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Use Сlaspo for Your Marketing Goals

A helpful service for marketing and business that empowers you to obtain more potential clients, alert users about important events, announce a sale, and more!

Convert visitors into leads

Turn viewers into clients by presenting relevant offers

Let your sales

Use different popups and test display settings to improve your performance

Optimize customer journey

Follow the customers’ journey and shopping history to show only the popups with a high conversion rate

Connect with your shoppers

Installing popup contact forms is vital to effective communication and nurturing loyalty

Core principles & features

With Claspo popup builder, generating forms and customizing notification widgets for your website won’t take long

Easy to Use

User-friendly editor

We developed our popup builder to design creative forms and notifications for your site’s visitors. Access a whole set of functions from one interface!

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Customizable elements
  • Multilanguage
  • Mobile view editing
  • Gamification
  • Extensive Template Library
  • Library of Modules & Components
  • CTA boosted
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Display Rules

  • Trigger your widgets depending on the percentage of the page the users have to scroll to make it well-timed.
  • Turn visitors into subscribers when they intend to flee the site. Show popups (e.g., messages with a welcome discount) relevant to a particular traffic source.
  • Display your campaigns within designated time periods to increase the odds of capturing visitors’ attention and converting.
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Statistical Instruments

Analytics & Insights

With Claspo analytical instruments, you can always monitor the exact number of subscribers brought by each of your forms during a specified period, and more.

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How it works

The process is incredibly easy to understand and perform

Constructing a popup for your website won’t take long. Claspo offers ready-to-use solutions for every purpose and swift integration with your platform.




Create widget


Insert code




Create account

You’ll need a bare minimum of your personal details to create an account: name, email, and password. You can also register with Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Create widget

Choose settings

To build a popup, you have to choose the mandatory settings, such as purpose, type, style, and template. Then you can customize it using the editor, if necessary.

Insert code

Install a script

Now you have to insert the generated script into the corresponding website pages. You can use several methods to add a script, such as via GMT or WordPress


Place a popup

After you select preferred settings and install the script, you can publish your popup and collect all the required statistics with Claspo!

Effortless integration with all popular tools

With a wide selection of accessible integrations, you can import data from CRM, CDP, or other available instruments to add a personal touch to your popups and increase their impact

Active Campaign
Campaign Monitor
Clever Reach
Google Sheets


August 2021

Start MVP

August 2021

Stage 1
  • Built-in lead generation forms

    Inline - embedded into any element of the webpage

  • Basic components

    Name, phone number, email, text, button

  • Basic component settings

    Color, padding, font, background, etc.

October 2021

Stage 2
  • Multilingual forms

  • Multi-Device Support

    Splitting settings into desktop and mobile

  • Drag & Drop Builder

    Construction process, add, move or delete components

November 2021

Stage 3
  • Modal window widgets

    Appears on top of other elements and disables the background

  • Display Rules

    Flexible setting of display conditions, triggers and frequency

December 2021

Stage 4
  • Floating box widgets

    Floats on top of other elements in the corner the webpage

January 2022

Stage 5
  • Call buttons for widgets

    Widget with floating box - floats on top of other elements in the corner the webpage

February 2022

Stage 6
  • Registration and login on the website

    Personal account with Claspo. Account and domain settings

March 2022

Reales MVP

  • Available Now

    Start exploring the free version capabilities to build awesome popups and watch them in action

April 2022

Stage 7
  • Splitting statistics into desktop and mobile

    Integrate App Inbox notifications into personal account

  • External libraries of icons and stock images

    Integrate external libraries for quickly inserting icons and images.

  • Informers

    A banner that can notify visitors of relevant information, such as a successful subscription

May 2022

Release 1.0
  • MailChimp integration

    Integrating with one of the most popular MailChimp messaging services has been implemented.

  • Zapier integration

    Claspo has been integrated with the Zapier platform to help automate your business processes.

  • Countdown Timer

    Added a new component, so your customers always know when a special offer expires.

  • Klaviyo integration

    Implemented integration with the popular marketing automation platform Klaviyo.

  • MailerLite integration

    Integrate with one of the most popular MailerLite messaging services has been implemented.

June 2022

Release 1.1
  • SendGrid integration

    Implemented integration with the popular marketing automation platform SendGrid.

  • ActiveCampaign integration

    Implemented integration with a cloud software platform for small-to-mid-sized businesse ActiveCampaign.

  • Sendinblue integration

    Integration with the Sendinblue platform will be added soon. It is the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses.

  • User Roles and Permissions

    Added user roles and their permissions. Register as a Super User or create an Agency Account to control and modify your clients’ campaigns in one place.

  • Age verification

    Added a new widget for age verification. Such pop-ups cover the content of the site until the user confirms the age.

  • Pipedrive integration

    Implemented integration with CRM Pipedrive designed by salespeople, for salespeople.

  • Cleverreach integration

    Implemented integration with a global email marketing provider Cleverreach.

  • Floating bar widget

    Added a new widget a Floating Bar. It sticks to the top or bottom of the page without blocking any content.

  • Sendpulse integration

    Implemented integration with a multi-channel marketing automation platform Sendpulse.

July 2022

Release 1.2
  • HubSpot integration

    Implemented integration with an platform of marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and CRM software.

  • Google Fonts

    Now, when creating Claspo pop-ups, you can use Google Fonts.

  • GetResponse integration

    Implemented integration with a powerful, simplified tool to send emails GetResponse.

  • Billing

    Billing is open. Monthly/annual subscriptions are now available and extra page views can be paid separately.

  • Salesforce integration

    Implemented integration with Salesforce. The platform provides customer relationship management software.

August 2022

Release 1.3
  • Campaign-Scheduled

    This feature is designed for Scheduling Campaigns where you need to clearly specify the beginning and end of their work.

  • Templates library

    There are over 100 pop-up templates for any niche and goal added to Claspo. Available in personal account.

  • Zoho integration

    Implemented integration with a Zoho CRM. It is an online Sales CRM software that manages sales, marketing and support in a single CRM platform

  • Google Sheets integration

    Claspo also integrates with Google Sheets. It is a spreadsheet program included is part of the freeware, web-based Google Docs Editors.

September 2022

Release 1.4
  • Social group invitation widget

    A new widget type for social media invitation was added.

  • Widget "Informer with placement type Сontent Locker"

    This type of widget allows to limit access to any site content.

  • Customizable Input Fields

    Claspo adds the ability to configure Data Input Fields, which will only allow you to get information that is important for a particular widget (email, gender, age, etc.).

October 2022

Release 1.5
  • Widget "Request form"

    Added a new widget type for collecting any type of requests.

  • Widget "Collect Pre-Orders"

    Added a new widget type to collect pre-orders for goods or services.

  • Widget "Request Call Back"

    Added a new widget type for callback requests.

  • Widget "Collect Giveaway Entries"

    Added a new widget type to collect giveaway entries.

  • Widget "Engage with Whitepaper "

    Added a new widget type to collect contacts in exchange for a useful guide.

  • Widget "Set Contact Button"

    Added a new widget type to provide users with all the links they need: e.g. Watsapp, Messanger, Subscribe etc.

  • CleverReach integration

    Integration with CleverReach has been implemented. CleverReach is one of the leading providers of email marketing services and it has over 300,000 clients.

  • Template library on the site

    Now the site presents modern and fully adaptive templates that can be easily customized and used in your personal account.

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We decided to introduce a floating information widget. It is not intrusive, but it had to appear with each new session. Claspo was the easiest way to do this. The platform is easy to understand, you can figure everything out in half an hour.

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