MAUDAU & Claspo: 19% increase in discounted product sales

MAUDAU is an e-commerce platform for everyday and holiday shopping, featuring 10 different product categories, convenient customer service, and special offers for shoppers.

In product views
In product cart additions
Increase in transactions

We seamlessly plugged in Claspo to our site without developers involved. Now, our marketing team effortlessly runs A/B tests and kicks off promos at lightning speed. The results? Solid revenue boosts and promotions that hit the mark. Big thanks to Claspo for elevating our business game!

Serhii Doroshenko

Retention Team Lead MAUDAU




Our task

Every 1-3 days, MAUDAU provides discounts on various products. While discounts were valid, they could be found in a separate "Promotions" section or by scrolling to a specific product in the general category list. Still, many website visitors missed the time-limited deals because they simply did not find or notice them on the website. 

Our task was to attract as many shoppers as possible to the discounted products and increase their sales.


Claspo placed its floating box widgets on different product category pages (mainly in the "Alcohol" category at that time) to inform visitors about available discounted products and redirect them to view details and make a purchase.

They popped up if the shopper spent at least 30 seconds on the website and moved the cursor away from the page intending to exit. Widgets were displayed once a day and stopped appearing after being closed to ensure a non-intrusive user experience.

​​Activity data is transmitted and processed by Yespo Omnichannel CDP to create a single customer profile. 


Every 1-3 days, our widgets promoted a different discounted product. 3 widgets were displayed in the "Alcohol" category on different days while the discount on a specific product was valid.


On average, the total number of views, additions to the cart, and transactions attributed to the widgets were:

average_result (1).png

But most importantly, Claspo widgets managed to improve every metric for these three products after being displayed for just 2 days:


Thus, thanks to Claspo's widgets, more people discovered limited-time deals on the MAUDAU website, immediately affecting discounted product sales. This case proves that even the best deals only work if customers can easily find and take advantage of them.

Currently, MAUDAU uses more than 20 Claspo widgets in different product categories. Because of our exclusive, annoyance-free feature, MAUDAU can only display 1 widget per session in each category, keeping the audience informed while maintaining a positive user experience. MAUDAU plans to try out our slider in the next few months, displaying multiple discounted products in one widget as a slideshow.

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