About Claspo

Product idea

Claspo is an intuitive builder that makes creating and managing all-purpose widgets simple for marketers and website owners with any technical skill level.


Provide an extensive toolset for a non-intrusive customer experience and increased conversions on the website.


Become the ultimate tool that any business can effectively use, regardless of their CMS.

Claspo Story

Claspo was created in 2021 by Ardas Inc. and Promodo as a response to typical marketer problems. Nikita Korchevskyi, our founder and CEO, headed the retention department at Promodo for 8 years. During that time, he actively pursued a simple, universal, and budget-friendly tool for collecting data, increasing conversions, and increasing repeat sales. Claspo has become that tool. Claspo fills the gaps found in similar products and incorporates best industry practices.

Claspo Values

Flexible approach

The digital space is rapidly evolving, and our task is to keep up. That's why we always follow the latest trends and promptly adopt bleeding-edge tech into our builder.

Widget-related myth busters

Most people associate pop-ups with low efficiency, annoyance of customers, and poor site loading speed. But our product persistently breaks these stereotypes.

Mistakes are good…

…but only if you learn from them. With this in mind, we always prefer action to inaction and impartial analysis to self-flagellation.

Focus on scaling

Our small team is making big steps to turn pop-ups into an integral part of your digital strategy.

Claspo in Numbers

8+ Million

Widgets views

18 000+

Conversion widget


Websites using widgets


Brilliant Team Members

Meet our Team

Company Leaders

Will help you make your business successful.

Nikita Korchevskyi

Chief Executive Officer

Dmitry Kudrenko


Alexey Chernysh

Product Owner

Dmitry Mukha

Chief Technology Officer

Evgeniy Gromov

Product Designer

Product Team

The development team strives to make the product user-friendly and intuitive, ensure fast and stable functioning, and eliminate bugs.

Yaroslav Lysenko


Sergey Lukovnikov


Vitalii Karpachov


Roman Zharko


Julia Chernobrivets

Quality Assurance

Oleg Artemiev

Quality Assurance

Maxim Nizkiy


Sergey Davidenko


Stanislav Sagaidak


Andrey Panasenko


Oleksandr Fliagin


Serghii Kenarev


Tetiana Obraztsova


Andrii Lakutin


Website Team

Thanks to the website team, you will find the latest information on our website and be the first to know about new features.

Alla Pechenina

Project manager

Roman Buza

UI Designer

Oleksandr Lavrechko


Vladyslav Salanzhii


Oleg Fedosenko


Anna Butenko


Nataliia Zaichenko

Quality Assurance

Marketing Team

The marketing team promotes Claspo so that you can increase your sales and attract users, as well as find answers to FAQs on our blog.

Taras Talimonchuk


Nastasya Shupova

Team Lead Marketing

Valeriia Kozarezova

Head of Content

Valeriya Sorokoletova

Marketing manager

Yevhenii Shutyi

PPC manager

Olha Butyrina

Senior Copywriter

Kateryna Kovalenko

Customer Success manager

Nick Besedin

Commmunications Manager

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