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Coming Soon

New Feature
Date Component    

You can add a date picker directly to the popup.

New Feature
Dynamic Content    

You can add any dynamic variables to widgets. For example, name, country, city, order number, etc.

New Feature

Geo-targeting allows you to show popups only to visitors from specific locations.

New Feature
Display Priority

Very soon it will be possible to configure the interconnections between widgets. For example, it would not show or would start displaying the widget only if another widget performs the target action.

New Feature
Editor UI Improvements    

The Claspo team is constantly improving the editor to make it even more convenient for you.

New Feature
"NPS" Widget    

Very soon you will be able to create a popup with a survey on how strongly consumers are ready to recommend your company.

New Feature
"Social Proof" Widget    

Very soon you will be able to use popups with testimonials and acknowledgements from satisfied customers to prove your reliability and gain the trust of customers.

New Feature
Video component    

Videos stimulate the imagination, which allows you to better convey the experience of using the product or mentally try the product for yourself.

New Feature
Promocode component 

The "Promocode" component will be available soon. Popups with promo codes are a great way to increase conversions.

New Feature

A new type of gamification widget will be added soon. You'll be able to offer your visitors an engaging interactive experience so that they can get a discount. 

New Feature
Integration with platforms:

  • Shopify

Past Releases


Release 1.7

30 December 2022

1. Promo code Component 
The Promo code Component is already available. Popups with promo codes are great conversion-drivers.

2. Integration with Zoho Campaigns
We added integration with Zoho Campaigns email marketing platform for small and medium businesses.
The Contacts (Clients) module was also added to the integration.


1. Editor changes:

  • We made it easier to customize the background image. Now the Background control has two options: Image and Color.
  • We changed the visual part in the settings: Margin, Padding, and Round corner. By clicking on the lock, it is possible to choose a synchronous change of all sides, a change in pairs, or separately for each side.
  • We changed the font task section and moved the fonts from the site to a separate menu. Now by default, there will be a section with suggested fonts.
  • We added solid, dotted, and dashed strokes for blocks.
  • We made it so that when adding a timer and dropdown component, a tab opens with time settings or options. And double clicking on the timer/dropdown now opens the General Settings tab.
  • We added controls for managing paddings and visualization. The work logic has not changed and works the same way as in the settings panel. Also, changing paddings through controls also changes on the settings panel.
  • Now, if you copy or duplicate a text component, the new one will be without the selected text style.

2. We added the ability to adjust the display of the widget by time and day.

3. We supported the new component Promo code. It will be copied to the clipboard when clicked in the widget on the site.

4. We slightly changed the widget display conditions section:

  • Renamed the section in widget details and renamed some buttons.
  • Moved "When to stop displaying" block next to "When to display."
  • Show all options of the "When to display" block, even if "Immediately" is selected.
  • Removed the permanent warning for the API (now it will only appear when the option is enabled).

5. Improved A/B testing:

  • We display all existing widgets when starting A/B testing. Widgets that are not selectable will be labeled. You can also switch to editing the widget with the error.
  • Show traffic distribution in A/B test details.

Release 1.6

30 November 2022

1. A/B Testing
A/B testing has been added to Claspo. The A/B test helps to see how different variations of the popup will be perceived by the audience in order to identify the most popular ones.

2. A new section "Stop displaying widget" has been added to the display conditions.

It includes two conditions:

  • "After closing N times". Moved "Do not show after closing widget" from "Display frequency" section. Added option after how many closures the widget does not display. Already created widgets migrated with value 1
  • "After subscription from any widget". Moved "Hide for those who are already subscribed" from "To whom" section



1. Lots of changes in the editor:

  • Made the Aligner more visible.
  • Now it is possible to manage the properties of the main container even if the user has not selected the item. This allows you to view the general properties of the widget at a glance.
  • Returned and improved sticky panel
  • Added context menu, called by RMC or by clicking on three points in sticky panel
  • Optimized settings panel for small screens
  • Added a label to the parent container (it will be shown when you select a component inside this container).

2. Added controllers to the editor to manage margins.
Now if you need to set the indent for the component will be very easy to find where to do it:

  • If the vertical orientation is selected, the control will be at the bottom.
  • If the horizontal orientation is selected, control will be to the right.

Also now there is a visualization of the indent to match the color of the component.
Slightly pushed the sticky panel. Now it is on top to not interfere with the controller margins.

Release 1.5

24 October 2022
  • New widget types: "Request form", "Collect Pre-Orders", "Request Call Back", "Collect Giveaway Entries", "Engage with Whitepaper".
  • New Use case template "Contact with support"
    When you select such a template in the editor, it will be displayed that you need to fill in the Open Url parameters.
  • New component in the "Dropdown" editor
    Added the ability to add a dropdown list to widgets.
  • New component in the "Floating image" editor
    It has the same properties as the regular image. But it is not embedded in the cascade model, has an absolute position, and overlaps other elements.
  • Integration with CleverReach
    Integration with CleverReach has been implemented. CleverReach is one of the leading providers of email marketing services and it has over 300,000 clients.
  • Template library on the site
    Now the site presents modern and fully adaptive templates that can be easily customized and used in your personal account.

Made small changes on the flow of the creation of the widget:

  • Removed the sidebar.
  • Added the name of steps to header
  • Added a logo that allows you to get to the list of widgets by click
  • Implemented a preview on the "Appearance" tab

Added clearer statuses for scheduling widget publishing:

  • Published - for published widgets with a currently scheduled period or no period (regular)
  • Unpublished - unpublished
  • Scheduled - publication period planned for the future
  • Expired - the publishing period is out

Now it is possible to add cyclic animation for widget.
The list of available animations and the principle of work is similar to the cyclic animation in the Loncher.

Release 1.4

27 September 2022
  • Social group invitation widget
    A new widget type for social media invitation was added.
  • Widget "Informer with placement type Сontent Locker"
    This type of widget allows to limit access to any site content.

We added the ability to open one widget from another, for this:

  • Added a new click action "Launch another widget". It has an option "Close current widget".
  • Allowed to add multiple "click actions" for one button/image/container.
  • Several widgets of the same type can be displayed on the site at the same time (exception - there can be only one floating bar).
  • Removed the condition that at least one option "Rule based" or "Launcher click based" must be selected in the "Widget triggering" section.

We added the ability to download "Submits" for the specified period (previously we downloaded it for the entire time).

Now for the fields email, phone number, first name, last name, as well as for the text field, you can set indents on the right and left, and for the text area - on all sides.

In the editor, we added the ability to hide the image for desktop\mobile.

Updated the background design for preview boxes in the template library.

Added a step before getting the script where you need to enter the domain.
After entering the domain, the user sees the script (if the domain does not exist, the script will still show up). When checking the status of a script, the user sees one of 3 messages depending on the status of the script: Script not installed, Script successfully installed, and Script worked on one domain but not installed on another.

Release 1.3

10 August 2022
  • Campaign-Scheduled
    This feature is designed for Scheduling Campaigns where you need to clearly specify the beginning and end of their work.
  • Templates library
    There are over 100 pop-up templates for any niche and goal added to Claspo. Available in personal account.
  • Zoho integration
    Implemented integration with a Zoho CRM. It is an online Sales CRM software that manages sales, marketing and support in a single CRM platform.
  • Google Sheets integration
    Claspo also integrates with Google Sheets. It is a spreadsheet program included is part of the freeware, web-based Google Docs Editors.

Added the ability to specify the period when the form should be published.
If the widget has a timer, then the publication end date is synchronized with it.

Improved template library:

  • Added an accordion for filters to the template library.
  • Improved template previews and their display in the list.
  • Added templates with the ability to dynamically change the color on the preview.

Added new components to the editor:

  • Component "Text input".
  • Component "Text area". The main difference from the input is the ability to break the line. The rest of the functionality is similar to Text input.

Added tab Submits to widgets.
The user can upload in CSV format everyone who has filled out this form.

Refactored the components panel:

  • Added icons.
  • Regrouped components, left three sections: untitled, Cntact fields, Other.

Added a tooltip to make it clear after which steps it is displayed that the script is installed.