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Coming Soon

New Feature
Slider Component

The Slider component will be available soon. The slider allows you to insert pictures into the popup, for example, with promotions or news that will change on the site.

New Feature
Dynamic Content    

You can add any dynamic variables to widgets. For example, name, country, city, order number, etc.

New Feature
Editor UI Improvements    

The Claspo team is constantly improving the editor to make it even more convenient for you.

New Feature
"NPS" Widget    

Very soon you will be able to create a popup with a survey on how strongly consumers are ready to recommend your company.

New Feature

A new type of gamification widget will be added soon. You'll be able to offer your visitors an engaging interactive experience so that they can get a discount. 

New Feature
Integration with platforms:

  • Shopify

Past Releases


Release 2.2

26 May 2023

1. Implemented the functionality "Annoyance Safeguard"
This is aimed at reducing the annoyance of site visitors when two or more floating widgets are displayed (simultaneously or alternately).
For: Floating box, Floating bar, Popup.
We offer a choice of what to do with such widgets. By default, all clients have the function active with a pause setting between displaying widgets of 3 minutes.
Available options are seconds, minutes, number of viewed pages on the site.
The default value setting section is in the project settings. You can set your own rule settings for each widget.

There are 3 widget display rules to choose from:

  • Show: The widget will be displayed on the site even if another floating widget is displayed.
  • Show sequentially with the Silent interval: If another widget is displayed, the widget will be displayed after this widget with the dwell time set in the Silent interval.
  • Do not show during current session: The widget will be displayed on the site if no other widget is displayed at the same time.

2. Implemented the "Overlapping Protection" functionality

  • It is possible to show several floating widgets on a page at the same time.
  • A floating widget is not displayed if it overlaps the widget already displayed on a page.
  • If the displaying rules of two or more widgets are similar, and they can overlap each other, the displaying priority is higher for that widget, which On Pages displaying conditions are fulfilled.
  • If the displaying rules of two or more widgets are the same and their displaying priority is the same, then the widget to be displayed is selected randomly.
  • By default, the Show in sequence rule applies to the existing floating widgets. And widgets having more precise settings will be shown earlier.

1. Added the possibility of introducing a business email
Added the ability to disable subscriptions from public domains, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, to forms.

2. Added Email Domain Checker

  • For email input, we show a hint if there is an error in the domain.
  • We check with the list of public providers.
  • If "Do not accept public domains" is enabled, the tooltip is not shown.

3. We have added a landing page for the A/B testing section.
Also now it is proposed to create a widget not only from the library. When you start creating a test, you can click cancel and return to the list of tests or the landing page if there are no tests yet.

Release 2.1

03 May 2023

Integration with Mailwizz
It is a simple, effective and full-featured, self-hosted email marketing software with an extensive set of features.


1. Updated "Create from scratch":

  • Added a template with a "Picture background", without components.
  • Added "No picture" template.
  • Placed the template options on top and reduced them.
  • Now the Image component cannot be disabled, it is part of the template.

2. Added the ability to add images via URL

3. Improved work with "Floating Image" and added the ability to move it using the arrows:
↓↑←→ - shifts the image by 1 pixel
Shift + ↓↑←→ - shifts the image by 10 pixels
When duplicating a floating image, we shift it by 20 pixels along both axes.

4. Added the option to stop the test for A/B testing.
Depending on the level of "confidence", there may be different options in the drop-down list when you click the "Stop" button.

Release 2.0

04 April 2023

1. We have added the ability to change the layout type in the editor between Popup -> Floating Box -> Content locker - in any order for the following widget types: Informer, Request Form, Subscription Form.
Details of changing the type of layout:
1. When changing from Popup or Floating box → Content Locker 
- Change of the width and height of the parent container - according to the container.
- Remove widget close icon (cross)
- Parental alignment - centered
- All floating images are moved inside the parent container, no matter where they were before.
- Remove backdrop.
2. Content Locker → Popup or Floating box
– Add a widget closing cross.
- Set the width and height of the parent container according to the content
- Adding backdrop for Popup
Along with this, it became possible to create Request Form and Subscription Form with Content Locker layout. Note that there is now a warning in the editor to add a close widget action for the homepage only.

2. New use case “Schedule Product Demos”
It provides potential customers with a personalized and interactive experience to learn more about the product or service, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

3. New use case “Website Exit Survey”
A website exit survey can provide valuable feedback from customers leaving the website, allowing you to understand why and how to improve the website to retain customers.

4. New use case “Welcome Offer”
A welcome offer on a website can entice new customers to make their first purchase and help build a relationship between the customer and the business.

5. New use case “Offer Free Shipping”
Free shipping attracts more customers and increases sales by reducing the perceived cost of purchasing products. It also improves customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a convenient and transparent shopping experience.

6. New use case "Redirect to Another Pages"
Redirecting customers to another page can serve various purposes such as providing more information, facilitating navigation, completing a transaction or resolving an error. It can also help improve user experience by guiding them towards their desired goal or destination.

7. New use case "Engage with Ebook"
Engaging with Ebook on a website establishes thought leadership, showcases expertise and provides valuable insights to customers or prospects. Ebook can also help drive lead generation by providing in-depth information on a topic and demonstrating the value of a company's products or services.

8. New use case "Subscribe to Newsletter"
Asking customers to subscribe to a newsletter on a website can help you build and maintain a relationship with them. Newsletters can be used to provide updates, promotions, and exclusive content that can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

9. New use case "Invite to Webinar"
Inviting customers to a webinar is an effective way to showcase expertise and build brand awareness. Webinars provide an opportunity to educate customers about a product or service, answer their questions, and address any concerns, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


1. We have improved the integration settings for G Sheets, Zapier webhooks. Those where there are inputs in the mapping settings, instead of ready-made fields.
Now when entering the integration setup:

  • Added checkboxes that need to be exported.
  • Checkboxes are automatically enabled for all fields, except for the Checkbox list component (only options will be enabled for it). And also in addition to the system fields.
  • Disabled checkboxes also disable the field.
  • Field names are automatically substituted.
  • Named fields are not automatically overwritten unless the user renames themselves.

2. Added the ability to choose which page of the file to export data to Google Sheets

3. Improved the display of tall Floating Box widgets on the site, as well as in the editor preview.
Now, if the widget does not fit on the screen, it will scroll.
Previously, it was simply impossible to use such widgets, because some of the components were behind the screen.

4. Editor changes:

  • Added the ability to select the size for the content and checkbox
  • Added names for font weight
  • Supported the ability to add an icon to the button, and now you can also turn off the text on the button
  • Now in the editor, titles not synchronized between all components can be included separately for the necessary ones. This applies to new widgets. (Create from scratch and Templates)
  • Changed the appearance of setting options for components checkbox, dropdown.

Release 1.9

07 March 2023

1. We added the ability to create widgets from scratch.
Now, when clicking on the "New widget" button, the client will see an offer to create from scratch or choose from a library of templates.
By choosing "Create from scratch" - there will be 2 steps:
1 step:

  • Use case selection
  • Layout selection

2 step:

  • Selection of components that should be in the widget
  • Template selection
  • Choice of how components should be positioned

2. We have opened the Floating image component for launchers.

3. We've added a "Video" component to the editor.
Works with YouTube - add a link and a preview is loaded.
Reproduced on the website and in the editor's preview.
The Autoplay feature depends on the environment (desktop or mobile) and the policy of the browser used.


1. Editor changes:

  • We added the ability to transform text in UPPERCASE\lowercase\Title Case. Changes are applied to all components that have this text style selected.
  • We added the ability to change the color for links
  • We improved text editing for inputs with titles. Now, by clicking on the title, you can immediately set the text setting for it, similarly for the input/placeholder text.
  • We improved margin control management. We made a panel for margin control, as it is done in Word docs or in Figma.

2. For subscription forms, we split the "Hide for subscribed contacts" condition into two options:

  • Subscribed from any widget
  • Subscribed from this widget

In the same feature for Claspo, they began to display the status "Already subscribed" if it was already subscribed to this widget.

3. We've added buttons to edit errors that prevent the widget from being published.
When a user publishes a widget that has errors, there will be a button for each error, after clicking on which the user will be redirected to a page where he must correct the error. If the error is in the parameters, then it should automatically scroll to it so that the user can immediately see it.

Release 1.8

09 February 2023

1. We added geotargeting (widget display in selected countries)
Configurable in the section "Widget triggering" -> "In countries""

2. We added an opportunity to see the widget on the site (Test widget) without rules, i.e. immediately.

  • Works for published and unpublished widgets
  • Rules are ignored only for the widget you are testing
  • A/B testing widgets can also be viewed, there are different options

3. Added a "Date" component to the editor:
Day and year - inputs, month - select.

4. Added a new "Checkbox list" component:
1) Styles

  • Size and outer padding apply to the entire checkbox list component
  • Other styles to the checkbox itself

2) Synchronization of styles

  • We created a new group to synchronize style settings. It includes Checkbox list and Radiogrop.
  • The first component from the group will need to be configured, and the following ones will use its styles

3) The options are set through the existing component used for the dropdown
4) You can map both the entire component and individual options

  • The entire component can be mapped to a checkbox list (if such a type is available in the integration) or to text (selected options will be transferred)
  • A separate item can be mapped to text, boolean and int - 0\1 is transferred

5) Export submissions - the selected options are loaded

5. We have added a new "Radiogroup" component:
1) Styles

  • Size and padding apply to the entire Radiogroup component.
  • Other styles to the radio itself.

2) Synchronization of styles

  • We created a new group to synchronize style settings. It includes Checkbox list and Radiogrop.
  • The first component from the group will need to be configured, and the following ones will use its styles.

3) Options are set through the existing component used for dropdown and checkbox list
4) Setting up integrations and export submits is similar to the dropdown.

6. Added a new component "Calendar":
1) Default state

  • Today's date is substituted into the input.
  • Only in future control is enabled.

2) We use the standard browser input date, therefore:

  • The calendar is displayed differently depending on the browser.
  • In FF, the calendar opens only when you click on the calendar icon.

3) Transfer in integration and export to CSV is similar to the date component


1. We added the Submission url column to the submissions report.
The url where the contact subscribed will be indicated there

2. We have supported new languages in the cabinet: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and French.

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