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Coming Soon

New Feature
Relative timer Component    

This component will allow you to show the start of the timer countdown individually for each user. That is, for each user, the timer will start from the moment of the first opening.

New Feature
"NPS" Widget    

Very soon you will be able to create a popup with a survey on how strongly consumers are ready to recommend your company.

New Feature

A new type of gamification widget will be added soon. You'll be able to offer your visitors an engaging interactive experience so that they can get a discount. 

New Feature
Integration with platforms:

  • Shopify
  • Omnisend
  • Dotdigital

Past Releases


Release 2.6

05 October 2023

1. Added a new targeting option 
Now, you can display your widget only to first-time visitors to your website. For this purpose, you just need to select the "New visitors" condition in the "To whom" section when setting up your widget.

2. Made it possible to choose the stroke color
You can select and customize the stroke color of any widget layout element in the Claspo editor sidebar.

3. Configured saving component settings
Any layout component settings specified in the "Style" section of the editor are saved automatically and no longer reset to default values, even if you switch to editing another component.

4. Updated the "Slider" component rotation
When your slider widget appears, customers can rotate the slides directly using the arrow keys on their laptop keyboards.

Release 2.5

05 September 2023

1. Added a promo code copy icon.

2. We have updated the rules for displaying the widget by location.
Now we support the following abilities:

  • Set regions and cities. Previously worked only with countries.
  • Sort cities by population.
  • Sort countries and regions alphabetically.

3. We've improved the widget preview:

  • Save the selected page of the widget, the specified size and substitute it when reopening the preview.
  • We made a background so that you can resize the window.

Release 2.4

28 July 2023

1. We updated the operation of the "Slider" component
Added slideshow modes:

  • Classic Slider (shows slides in the order they were created)
  • Slides in random order (shows slides in random order. This increases the chance of showing each slide)
  • One random slide per view (shows only one random slide each time without option to show others)

2. We now support the ability to run A/B tests between:

  • Two widgets called from one launcher. Just choose the first widget that is already running from the launcher and the second one you want to test. After that, Claspo will automatically pull both widgets to the appropriate launcher and run a test.
  • Widget pairs with launchers. Select two widgets running from two different launchers. Claspo will pull up the corresponding launchers and automatically create a test.

3. We added a Custom Cover image of the "Video" component
Now you can upload a custom skin for your video widget to make it even more attractive.

4. We added the ability to filter analytics in widgets
Now you can track the key performance indicators of your rule-based and launcher-click-based widgets separately. Just select the appropriate widget trigger type from the drop-down list in the "Analytics" section and view the latest statistics.

5. We have added the ability to copy the URL of images from an external link
You can copy the URL of images available via external links in the Claspo editor and paste them into other widgets or sliders.

Release 2.3

15 July 2023

A new component in the Slider editor.
Customization options:

  • Adjust forward/back buttons, indication and appearance of the entire slider component: Stroke, Shadow, Round corners, Spacing around component.
  • Add Slideshow animation.
  • Swap, add, delete, duplicate and rename slides.

1. Added a new display rule: "Stop showing after N seconds if there is no interaction with the widget".
Available for Floating box, Floating bar, Launcher. By default, the rule is disabled. Available to set from 5 to 300 seconds.

2. Added new image upload formats.
Supported two new image formats: WebP and AVIF.

3. Improved interaction with the Video component 
For the video component, the name of the Autoplay control was changed to Autoplay (muted). Now Autoplay starts even before interacting with the site. Users can turn on the sound themselves.

Release 2.2

26 May 2023

1. Implemented the functionality "Annoyance Safeguard"
This is aimed at reducing the annoyance of site visitors when two or more floating widgets are displayed (simultaneously or alternately).
For: Floating box, Floating bar, Popup.
We offer a choice of what to do with such widgets. By default, all clients have the function active with a pause setting between displaying widgets of 3 minutes.
Available options are seconds, minutes, number of viewed pages on the site.
The default value setting section is in the project settings. You can set your own rule settings for each widget.

There are 3 widget display rules to choose from:

  • Show: The widget will be displayed on the site even if another floating widget is displayed.
  • Show sequentially with the Silent interval: If another widget is displayed, the widget will be displayed after this widget with the dwell time set in the Silent interval.
  • Do not show during current session: The widget will be displayed on the site if no other widget is displayed at the same time.

2. Implemented the "Overlapping Protection" functionality

  • It is possible to show several floating widgets on a page at the same time.
  • A floating widget is not displayed if it overlaps the widget already displayed on a page.
  • If the displaying rules of two or more widgets are similar, and they can overlap each other, the displaying priority is higher for that widget, which On Pages displaying conditions are fulfilled.
  • If the displaying rules of two or more widgets are the same and their displaying priority is the same, then the widget to be displayed is selected randomly.
  • By default, the Show in sequence rule applies to the existing floating widgets. And widgets having more precise settings will be shown earlier.

1. Added the possibility of introducing a business email
Added the ability to disable subscriptions from public domains, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, to forms.

2. Added Email Domain Checker

  • For email input, we show a hint if there is an error in the domain.
  • We check with the list of public providers.
  • If "Do not accept public domains" is enabled, the tooltip is not shown.

3. We have added a landing page for the A/B testing section.
Also now it is proposed to create a widget not only from the library. When you start creating a test, you can click cancel and return to the list of tests or the landing page if there are no tests yet.

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