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Coming Soon

New Feature
"NPS" Widget    

Very soon you will be able to create a pop-up with a survey on how strongly consumers are ready to recommend your company.

New Feature

A new type of gamification widget will be added soon. You'll be able to offer your visitors an engaging interactive experience so that they can get a discount. 

New Feature
Integration with platforms:

  • Shopify

Past Releases


Release February`24

05 March 2024

1. Added integration with Mautic
Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform for interacting with audiences through social media and email campaigns, creating intuitive workflows for customer experiences, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities.

2. Added a new  "Social" component 
You can now add icons and active links to your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (ex Twitter), and any other social media accounts to your widget. In addition, you can provide a link to your website, which will automatically appear in the posts of users who share your content.


1. Moved the text styles settings panel
You can now make all changes related to the widget text in the right sidebar of the Claspo editor. Click on the text, and all editing tools will appear automatically. For your convenience, text decorators are still duplicated in the top bar, but we plan to remove them from there once you get comfortable with the sidebar.

2. Improved text styling
You can set up and reset superscripts and subscripts in your widget text. To do so, highlight the text on your layout and click on the desired icon in the "Text decoration" section on the right sidebar of the editor.

3. Enabled an automatic component-style copy
When you add a new component to a widget layout, it takes on the look of an existing component of the same type. For example, a new button copies the font and color of an existing one.
-If your widget has many components of the same type, the style of the first one you changed is copied.
-If you remove a component and then add it back, it will take on the style of the previously deleted one.
-If your layout never had a component like the one you're adding, it gets a default style.

Release January`24

03 January 2024

1. Added integration with SalesDrive
SalesDrive is a CRM that automates sales management and integrates with various websites, marketplaces, delivery services, and communication service providers (IP telephony, SMS, email, messengers).

When transferring data to SalesDrive, you can configure basic data fields in a standard way, but custom fields must be entered manually.


1. Upgraded placement process of built-in widgets
Now, you can test the built-in widget before publishing it if its script has already been embedded on your website.

2. Made it possible to add a text background
This new customization option allows you to highlight critical parts of your message and focus users' attention on them.

3. Improved HTML element trigger 
Incorporate not just one but multiple HTML elements and activate the display of your widget with a simple click. 

Release December`23

04 December 2023

Added integration with Dotdigital
Dotdigital is a SaaS marketing platform that enables companies to create, test and send data-driven automated campaigns.

Added integration with Newsletter2go
Newsletter2go is an email marketing software designed for e-commerce businesses, digital marketing agencies, nonprofits, and SMEs.

Added integration with Iterable 
Iterable is a cross channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences, and allows to create, optimize, and measure every customer interaction.

Added integration with Omnisend
Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing platform that helps e-commerce businesses reach their audiences through emails, SMS, push notifications, and retargeting ads. 


Simplified placement of built-in widgets
Now, when you're configuring a built-in widget, you can specify multiple CSS selectors. It means you can strategically place the widget in several spots across your site, capture the attention of a broader audience, and get more opportunities for conversions.

Added the ability to transfer user geolocation
By integrating Claspo with the above or any preferred platforms, you can transfer crucial details like the user's city and country, along with their country code to enhance customer profiles, segment audience, and personalize communication. 

Updated component placement
You can now place checkbox and radio buttons horizontally in your widget layout.

Configured the close button synchronization
All the close button settings you pick—whether it's the icon, color, or size—are automatically sync between the desktop and mobile versions of your widget.

Expanded component customization possibilities
You can choose the background color and adjust the intensity of the stroke of checkboxes and radio buttons to suit your style. And by selecting radio buttons, you can also resize the icons.

Release November`23

03 November 2023

1. Expanded the countdown timer features
Now, you can set up the relative timer. It starts a countdown for each site visitor individually as soon as your widget is shown to them.

2. Improved integration with Pipedrive
You can use the ""Create Deal"" option and associate it with a specific contact from the CRM.

Release October`23

05 October 2023

1. Added a new targeting option 
Now, you can display your widget only to first-time visitors to your website. For this purpose, you just need to select the "New visitors" condition in the "To whom" section when setting up your widget.

2. Made it possible to choose the stroke color
You can select and customize the stroke color of any widget layout element in the Claspo editor sidebar.

3. Configured saving component settings
Any layout component settings specified in the "Style" section of the editor are saved automatically and no longer reset to default values, even if you switch to editing another component.

4. Updated the "Slider" component rotation
When your slider widget appears, customers can rotate the slides directly using the arrow keys on their laptop keyboards.