DeepStateMap & Claspo: x3.9 Conversion Increase

Testing widgets and adding various features with DeepStateMap, we achieved brilliant results!

conversion increase

Our conversion rate increased by 3.9 times thanks to the SPA supported by Сlaspo. The script works more correctly, is more stable, and loads better. We really enjoy multilanguage widgets and geotargeting!


Marketing Specialist, DeepStateMap




DeepStateMap. Live is an interactive online map of combat operations in Ukraine, which allows you to monitor changes in the front line and the course of military actions of the Russian-Ukrainian war.


Our task

DeepStateMap has huge traffic - about 26 million sessions a month. The team tried to find an alternative on the market to the previous services they worked with, as all solutions were either expensive or lacked functionality: there was no content locker or multilingual option. And most importantly, the majority of services did not support Single-page applications (SPA). It is the type of website where the required code is loaded on a single page. This saves time from re-uploading the same items, and the URL does not change.

At the same time, the price of services that offered everything necessary was too high for a non-commercial project considering the traffic of DeepStateMap.

So DeepStateMap approached Claspo to increase conversion rates and test new features, and they found an all-in-one product with which they could easily and quickly install and configure widgets.



1. News widget: Increase in conversion by 3.9 times

So DeepStateMap created a news widget. It is a pop-up with one button, which adapts to the mobile version and leads to the Telegram channel with the news. Thanks to SPA support, the Claspo script works correctly, and loads more stably and faster, which allowed a conversion increase of 3.9 times: from 0,370% to 1,438%.

The ability of Сlaspo to work with SPA became a decisive factor for DeepStateMap when choosing a service. After all, it made it possible to reduce page views. As a result, the payment for using the service is significantly reduced.


2. "Donations" widget: Localization with multilingual support

DeepStateMap made this multilingual, which was problematic for many other services. The floating bar widget with a call to support the project with donations remains in the user's field of view when scrolling. The changes were not large-scale, so the conversion increased insignificantly - from 0,59% to 0,6%.


3. Widget for military personnel of the Russian Federation: Geotargeting and content blocking for a specific audience

The DeepStateMap team planned to create a full-screen widget with a call to surrender, which was to be targeted only at citizens of the Russian Federation.

"We needed to set up geotargeting, but Claspo didn't have that option in its arsenal. However, the product built and customized this feature specifically for us in less than a month."

Marketing Specialist of DeepStateMap.

DeepStateMap chose a widget that blocks content and added a second button (clicking on which you can close the widget). Without selecting any of the buttons, the user cannot close the widget.

Conversion increased 32 times: from 1,44% to 46.9%. This happened precisely due to the complete blocking of the screen: the targeted audience (Russian soldiers) could only either close the site or press one of the two buttons on the widget.

In the plans of DeepStateMap is A/B testing: we plan to develop the platform further together, testing different types of widgets and button formats and changing the design, display format, and layouts.

As a service from marketers for marketers, we would like to learn more about your ideas and experience. Please write what you think about it! Join the discussion in the comments and share your opinion.

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