TMetric & Claspo: Simplified user onboarding with pop-ups

TMetric is a time-tracking app by Devart, offering solutions for effective time and resource management and increasing business profitability.

Improved user journey

An easy-to-use and customizable solution. No cons were found during the work, overall clear and useful functionality.

Jordan S.

Product Marketing Lead


Software Development & Technologies

Our task

Previously, Devart, owner of the TMetric app product, had already used Claspo pop-ups on their website with impressive results. Inspired by this experience, Devart entrusted us with a new task: improve the user journey and customer experience in the TMetric app.


We have created floating box pop-ups for display in TMetric users' accounts. These pop-ups had different messages, but all were aimed at improving the in-app user journey and customer experience.

  1. Informative pop-ups. Claspo pop-ups notified users about each new release and redirected them to relevant app update pages.
  2. Onboarding pop-ups. Our pop-ups grabbed users' attention with catchy and timely notifications and invited them to learn more about each onboarding step.
  3. Calling-for-feedback pop-ups. Claspo pop-ups invited users to leave reviews and redirected them to Capterra or G2 platforms. 




  1. Informative pop-ups. Claspo pop-ups were displayed in the app within a month after each release. They did not overlap the content of the page but stood out noticeably. And it worked great. Each month, the click-through rate varied between 3.4% and 3.5%.
  2. Onboarding pop-ups. Onboarding is a costly and time-consuming process. Still, it is a must for businesses that care about their profits and customer engagement. Claspo proved that pop-ups can be a simple yet effective onboarding solution. With a 0.9% - 2.7% pop-up click-through rate, we both simplified the onboarding process for TMetric users and saved time, effort, and money for Devart.


  3. Calling-for-feedback pop-ups. With clickable buttons on Claspo pop-ups, users could move to Capterra or G2 immediately and without extra effort. As a result, the pop-up click-through rate reached 1.5% - 1.6% in one week of displaying, and TMetric received new reviews.


In the future, Devart plans to discover and test other features of the Claspo pop-up builder to improve the user journey in the TMetric app


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