Devart & Claspo: 48% Increase in Product Downloads

It was the first time Devart used third-party services to add informers, but the results of the Claspo pop-ups exceeded their expectations.

increase in product downloads
increase in conversion rate

Incredible easy-to-use software with a bundle of features that can help you to obtain more leads. Awesome customer support. Highly recommended!

Nikita Gontar

Retention Manager, Devart


Software Development & Technologies


Devart is an IT product company that develops database management software and ALM solutions for top database servers.


"Before working with Claspo, we did not use third-party services to add informers. But we did add inline product banners to articles that matched those products." - Nikita Gontar, Retention Manager, Devart.

See below what it looked like.



Our task

Devart has identified the most viewed pages with low conversion rates. Our task was to rectify the situation and convert as much traffic as possible from these pages into SQL server tool downloads.

“We've chosen Claspo because of the variability of pop-ups/informers/subscription forms, the functionality of displaying pop-ups, the adaptability, the integrations with the ESP system, the drag-and-drop editor. The key advantage of this service is the pricing, since the site gets a lot of traffic” - Nikita Gontar, Retention Manager, Devart.



We created floating box pop-ups for different website pages with high traffic but low conversions. Their common goal was to show customers the benefits of Devart's SQL server tools and motivate them to start a trial period.





6 floating box pop-ups from Claspo were displayed on Devart's website for 6 months. Compared to the built-in product banners that Devart previously used, Claspo pop-ups have shown several advantages:

  • Attention-grabbing. The floating box is located on the right side of the page. This way, users definitely notice it, unlike the inline banner between the paragraphs of the article.
  • Easy to create and edit. Thanks to a simple drag-and-drop builder, it is possible to create pop-ups without the help of a designer. Moreover, the client can simply copy and paste the script to embed the pop-up on the website, requiring no advanced programming skills.
  • Custom display rules. Devart can control where, when, and who sees the pop-up with simple Claspo's advanced display and targeting options.
  • Comprehensive analytics. Inline banner analytics cannot be tracked unless configured by a developer. In contrast, Claspo offers built-in analytics and makes transferring data to Google Analytics possible.

As a result, Devart's SQL Server tools downloads increased by 48%, and the conversion rate increased by 26.7% in just 6 months of working with Claspo. All the abovementioned numbers are attributed to pop-up performance.

In the future, Devart plans to scale the use of pop-ups and test its different display options on its website.


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