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If you seek interactive methods to display various offers on your website without irritating customers, we have the solution. Our slider website template is an opportunity to include an unlimited amount of content in a slideshow that both grabs visitors’ attention and doesn’t look intrusive.

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Business owners always have what to offer and turn the attention of their clients to. However, the overwhelming flow of products and services proposed at once can do the contrary — make people leave your website because of information overload. Customizable Claspo website slider templates can help you find that balance between being intrusive and insightful. 

What Is a Website Slider?

A website slider is an interactive element of the website that displays pieces of information in one space. It has the form of a carousel or a slideshow and can include images and videos. The main advantage of our slider website template is that it reduces the space for information.

Instead of posting the content in an expanded form or adding several separate windows, the website slider presents information in a user-friendly way of perception. By using slider templates, you provide customers with a chance to choose the part of the content or the offer they are interested in.

Why Choose Claspo Website Slider Templates?

Using a free slider website template from Claspo is a win-win decision. Here is why it is beneficial. 

It Saves Space

A website slider can include several offers by showing them one by one. They are located in one place and don’t take up too much space even though provide a lot of information. It is more user-friendly than displaying every single offer at different places on the screen. With website slider templates, you don't choose whether to show less info and sacrifice your business needs or provide multiple offerings and interrupt users’ experience. 

It Serves Diverse Purposes

Website sliders are used not only to show your best offers to the client. They can be a part of your brand presentation. For example, with an image slider website template, you can show how to apply your product, place customers’ testimonials, or just showcase your company's history and achievements. Whatever your purpose is, this element can help functionally display information.

It Makes the Site Look Appealing

Website slider templates make it possible to stand out from competitors. These widgets offer the possibility to demonstrate the right information visually compact and interactive. The aesthetic side plays a vital role in retaining the client. According to the statistics, 38% of users will leave the website if it is not attractive. Sliders can spice things up and engage the visitors. 

It Boosts the Use of CTAs

The result of your compelling offer or story should be a click on the call-to-action button. With the slider website template, you can include CTAs in every slide. They will look harmonically and not force users to do the action.

It Gives Full Control to a Customer

When placing the information or the offer directly on the website, customers are obligated to interact with it as they have no choice but to stop where they prefer. By incorporating slider templates, you give your clients full control over the content. If this offer doesn’t interest them, why consider it? Just swipe and find what suits you best.

Types of Slider Templates We Offer

With Claso website slider templates, you will be able to add the following types of interactive widgets.

Pop-Up Sliders

Pop-up website sliders can serve your website as an attention-grabbing element. Appearing at the center of the screen, they don’t overcover the main content and leave room for a customer’s decision: to skip it or give an offer a shot. A carousel-like form of the pop-up slider offers an opportunity to include several messages with text, images, and CTAs.

Do you feel like it will still disrupt user sessions? Then add a launcher. This small pop-up will appear on the left lower corner of the screen triggering your main website slider pop-up. You can always try our free slider website template to see how it benefits you.

Floating Box Sliders

A floating box slider website template “sticks” to the screen as the customer scrolls down or up. It can appear at the top, button, in the right or left part of the website. The floating box doesn’t overlay the main content but definitely makes a connection with a visitor.

These sliders are perfect for building an email list, promoting a sale, offering a lead magnet like a PDF guide for free, welcoming visitors, or placing a timer for “hot offers”.

Industries Where You Can Use Our Slider Website Template

We have created various slider templates, which you can apply to the following industries:

  • General. Whatever your business is, a slider website template on a general topic can suit you. Announce season sales with our “Green Season”, “Scary Pumpkin”, or “Golden Autumn” templates. If you are promoting a hot offer, a “Clock Ticking” one will allow for creating a time-limited presentation of the product.
  • Electronics. Our “Fascinating Gadgets” floating box template can help you display the bestsellers or products for promotional prices.
  • Jewelry. Those selling accessories can engage customers by using “Minimal Style” or “Exquisite Accessories” slider templates.
  • Beauty & personal care. A “Fresh Green” slider website template will help you attract clients interested in cosmetics and self-care products.
  • Business. With the help of the “Customer Support” template, you can announce to the visitors what services you offer. You can showcase not only your customer support department but, for example, free shipping, or the ability to pay in installments.
  • Fashion. Connoisseurs of style and fashionable things may be interested in your offers from slider templates “Vacation Mood”, “Sandy Coast”, “Go Hiking”, and “Minimal Style”.
  • Entertainment. Are you hosting an event? Or offer great sales for products for special occasions? Use the “Beach Party” slider design and customize it according to your needs.
  • Gadgets. A slider website template “Smart World” can be your read-to-implement element demonstrating what novelties in the field of gadgets you prepared for your customers.

Explore a Fully Customizable Slider Website Template from Claspo

Businesses never stand still. They elaborate new strategies, develop new offers, and align with new customers’ needs. That is why we have come up with slider templates that are totally customizable and can be modified as you incorporate the changes. 

Adapt All Elements

A thematic template you get from Claspo can be 100% tailored to your ideas. If you want to change the buttons, correct the size, add a new design solution, or redo the entire model, it is possible without exceptional programming skills. In case you want the slides to be the same design, just duplicate the first one and add it as many times as you wish. 

Set Time for a Slideshow

If you know how much time visitors spend on your website, you can calculate the time for how long to show every offer and proceed to the other. If you intend to give control to customers, just let them shift through the content by clicking buttons or skipping the slider if it bothers them. 

Boost the Visual Side of the Site

Images speak louder than words. Therefore, we understand how important it is to reinforce content with visual elements. Our website slider templates have room for as many images as you want to upload. Wishing to tell more about yourself? Fine, show what you do. Posting testimonials? Great, support them with images. Promoting a new product? Perfect, add a visual explanation of how to apply it. 

Interested to Try Our Free Slider Website Template?

Optimizing a website is a never-ending process. At a time when companies overload customers with information, stand out from the crowd and offer a more compact way to present yourself. A website slider is the right instrument to do so!

Imagine the relief of online shoppers who will no longer have to be torn between offers, but can calmly see them in one place. It is beneficial for all.

Waste no time and try it now!


  1. What solutions does your slider website template offer? 

Website sliders offer multiple benefits. With their help, you don’t have to lose customers because of your many offers. They can see them in one place and skip if they are not interested.

  1. Won’t I lose clients because of showing my offers one by one in a slideshow? 

On the contrary, a website slider is an interactive element of the website. As customers form their opinions in seconds, such a compact way of showing offers will guarantee that at least one of them will be noticed.

  1. What types of website sliders do you offer?

At Claspo, we created slider templates in the form of a pop-up notification and a floating box. These types will not disrupt users' website exploration sessions but still provide valuable information to them.

  1. Can I modify your website slider template?

Surely! You can adapt every element of the template, change its design, color, and size, and set the time for slide rotation.

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