Exit-Intent Pop-up: 15 Powerful Examples

Exit-Intent Pop-up: 15 Powerful Examples

15 December 2021 3 days ago ~ 15 min read 23943 views
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Claspo Blog Exit-Intent Pop-up: 15 Powerful Examples

Have you ever heard about exit-intent pop-ups? Many marketers name it as one of the most effective ways to retain your customers, lead them back to your goods or services in their carts, and get them to purchase your products. Sounds great? 

This is a secret weapon of many high-profile marketing specialists that beat their own high scores each time with this technique. 

This tool works with every niche and every website if done right. Let’s break down this topic and see how you can apply it to your business.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Exit-Intent Pop-Up?
  2. How does Exit-Intent Pop-Up Work?
  3. 15 Exit Pop-up Examples to Boost Your Sales
  4. Do Exit-Intent Pop-Ups Work on Mobile Devices?
  5. 5 Effective Hacks for Exit-Intent Pop-ups  
  6. Work on Your Exit Pop-up to Make it Perfect

What is Exit-Intent Pop-Up?

An exit intent pop-up is a window that pops up after a visitor has entered the site and is about to leave without performing a conversion action. Exit pop-up is sometimes called a pop-up of last hope. How does the system understand that the visitor intends to leave the site? It's very simple: a special script is created that runs at a certain position of the cursor on the page. As soon as the script is triggered, a window pops up with a proposal to take the necessary action: subscribe to the newsletter, see promotional offers, etc. Despite the fact that pop-ups annoy some visitors, experts say that such a strategy gives effective results: conversion increases, bounce rate decreases. Moreover, you can add an exit-intent pop-up at any time after website development.

Exit-Intent (2).gif

The visitor leaves the site for many reasons: they are not interested in the content, perhaps they have found something more interesting, or maybe they simply do not have time for looking at your products. A high bounce rate is one of the reasons for installing an exit pop-up on your website.

Try to use pop-ups as much as you can. Even if sometimes they don’t work, it doesn’t mean that this marketing strategy is ineffective. Perhaps you just needed to customize your message based on the needs of your target demographic or specific products.

How does Exit-Intent Pop-Up Work?

This type of pop-up provides high conversion rates and retains the part of your website visitors. Alongside this important scenario, you can also:

  • grow your subscription list;
  • share content, freebies, discounts, coupons, etc. with your customers;
  • cut down the abandonment percentage;
  • upgrade SEO.

The work of your exit-intent pop-up depends on how effective your strategy is, so make sure to work it out as well. 

Exit-intent pop-ups provide you with a great opportunity to show your products or offer to your target audience. And the more precise you pick the audience for a particular campaign, the more profit and engagement you’ll get. 

Such pop-up work great on any type of website like landing pages, e-commerce stores, commercial sites, blogs, etc.

Want to create your own exit-intent pop-up?

The minute you show your client the irresistible offer once they decide to exit the page, the magic begins. It even works best when there are items in the cart that were left behind. Let’s face it, if you have a few good quality items in your cart but they seem way too expensive to you, you will try to get them the next time or forget about them. But the exit-intent pop-up offers you a discount for those goods, so you just can’t help but get them. Isn’t it great? You get a nice price and superb quality for a limited period of time! Surely you’ll get the item!

However, if you showed your pop-up window once, and the customer closed it never taking the intended action, just move on. Don’t annoy people with this exact pop-up over and over again. Try new ones and experiment until you find the perfect pop-up.

15 Exit Pop-up Examples to Boost Your Sales

Surely you can boost your sales with lots of different tools and marketing strategies, but you’ll never know which one is the best until you try them all. In any case, the exit-intent pop-up have shown great results in engaging and retaining people, most of which ended up with a purchase on their hands.

Conversion will vary from niche to niche, but overall it should bring you the desired results if done right.

Let’s check 17 exit-intent pop-up examples that will inspire you to create your exit-intent pop-up and see which one works best. 

1. A Discount for Subscription

Many people leave their carts or websites just because the price is a bit too much. You can offer them a discount as they try to leave your store. 

Even if they don’t want a discount there is a good chance they’ll leave their email to get the code and use it later. 

This is rather a classical pop-up approach but it is so effective that it is always there. Who wouldn’t want a nice discount and a rare letter on other sales, stocks, and discounts? But be careful as you need to use the discounts wisely — use them only once or rarely.

Discount for Subscription Exit-Intent Example

Discount for Subscription Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

2. A Particular Discount for the Purchase

Set your intentions straight: write down the exact price you are willing to discount. There’s nothing better than just showing how much exactly the customer saves with your promo code. The percentage might be a bit tricky and involves some math unless it’s either 50% or 100% off. 

Your customer will count the profit in a second when you name a $100 discount, right? And for this offer, you can ask for an email and further subscription. Such a discount is totally worth leaving an email.

Also, note that it doesn't necessarily have to say Subscription. You can simply ask for an email to send the coupon code. It’s not just CTA, it is a direct profit. 

A Particular Discount for the Purchase Exit-Intent Example

A Particular Discount for the Purchase Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

3. Offer a Freebie

Do you want to slide into customers emails like a pro right about when they leave your site? Well, you need to satisfy them with something you have. Like, maybe, offering a freebie? Who doesn’t want free content that other people usually charge money for? 

You can collect your blog posts or ones that cover a particular topic and present them in the form of a free book. Or create some checklists that are relatable to your topic and can help people improve their work.

When they give their consent to enter the email and get a freebie, they’ll have branded content that will remind them of your product. Besides, you can send short emails notifying them about your news, discounts, sales, new content, etc. 

Offer a Freebie Exit-Intent Example

Offer a Freebie Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

Another example of a free premium for subscription shows britannica.com.

exit-intent (britannica.com).png

Offer a Freebie Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

4. Suggest Related Content

You can always suggest some more content or products regarding your niche with an exit-intent pop-up. It will engage users more as you create interesting topics, titles, and images. 

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused as we get distracted by many things around us: phones, emails, people, talking, music, etc. Basically, anything can draw away your reader’s attention. So, this means that it doesn’t matter that much if your content is boring. Of course, you shouldn’t create unnecessary articles just for the sake of it, but that’s not the point — we are not going to tell you how important your content is. 

Do you remember those times when you get to Wikipedia or Aliexpress and just can’t get out because each time there is an article after article and product after product? That’s how your content should be. Show your clients related content that they won’t skip under any circumstances. 

Draw attention to the topic with a headline and an edgy image. As you know, the more time people spend on your website, the better. 

Suggest Related Content Exit-Intent Example

Suggest Related Content Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

5. Provide a Learning Video for Your Service

Are you providing people with some kind of software or just some services that require some extra actions on their part? This might be hard for some people and because of that, they might leave the platform.

Your responsibility is to make them feel comfortable and smart about their choices. Make sure to provide those who are in need with learning material, such as an article, or even better, a video instruction. 

This will not just bring more respect to you as a business owner, but will also help develop a reliable brand that cares about customers.

Provide a Learning Video for Your Service Exit-Intent Example

Provide a Learning Video for Your Service Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

6. Provide With Choices

Not sure what your audience wants to see before they leave? It’s like they’re giving you one last chance to stop them and you don’t want to mess it up.

For those who have plenty of different people using their store here’s some advice for you. Try to ask your visitors what they want. And yes, you can do it via the exit-intent pop-up window. Give your customers an exit pop-up with choices. 

So, if a user has two options: check out, say, dancing dogs and laughing cats, they have the option to pick the most interesting category. We all like different things and that’s what's cool about this approach. You are not just providing premade material but invited to participate in picking the desired content. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to only two options, but you can create several if there is a need for this decision.

Provide With Choices Exit-Intent Example

Provide With Choices Exit-Intent Example

7. Social Proof

We are all social and we need to know what other people do to validate our personal choices. And social proof helps with that a lot. 

Do you remember the times when you buy something just because a celebrity you like and follow their lifestyle has promoted the product? That’s not just because of the face, but also due to the fact that you trust people, and that’s fine. 

Convert Your Website Visitors To Customers Right Now with Exit Pop-ups!

If you see that your customer can’t decide whether to buy an item or not, deciding to leave the page once and for all, show the testimonials you’ve received from other users. The best-case scenario is to show those reviews with pictures that show the item when people use it.

As soon as your customer sees the approved product, they will trust your store and this product more which will eventually lead to a purchase.

Social Proof Exit-Intent Example

Social Proof Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

8. Offer the Discount for the Next Order

What wouldn’t you do for your community, right? Your squad has to have only the best items for the best price. Moreover, to be on your customers team is quite simple: to write down an email and subscribe to your newsletter. On top of that, make sure to inform people that you have a discount for their next purchase. Done and dusted. You have a client.

The promo codes for the next order don’t rush people in and they feel more comfort and trust. They will use your generous offer next time while purchasing necessary items. Besides, all your subscribers will receive news, sales alerts, seasonal discounts, etc. It is great to be in the club of the favorite store!

Also, think about how many times you’ll show the promo to users. In other cases, they will wait for it over and over again.

Offer the Discount for the Next Order Exit-Intent Example

Offer the Discount for the Next Order Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

9. Provide the Client With Reminder

Sometimes we are just not ready to buy the item right away. We place it in a cart or save it to the favorites list. And as mentioned before, it is easy to get distracted and forget things with the huge amount of tasks we face every day. For sure your customers see lots of products, including ones similar to yours, so you have to remember that at all times.

A small and gentle reminder won’t hurt anyone. Notify your customers about their abandoned items in the cart. A pop-up window with eye-catching text will urge your customers to get back to the cart, check what is there once again, and make an order.

This is an option for exit-intent pop-up, but you can also send an email to those who still got away but left an email address. Not everyone is ready to buy all the things in the cart. But they might do it later.

Provide the Client With Reminder Exit-Intent Example

Provide the Client With Reminder Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

10. Give a Discount

Discounts are always a good idea. That’s why it’s not the first time we are mentioning them. They are great for many things but the most notorious ones are: 

  1. The user can go back to the cart to count how much it is possible to save.
  2. Even if the user doesn’t buy products in the cart right away, there is a high chance he or she will come back to use the discount. 

Besides, discounts are just the beginning. They are so easy to combine with other mechanics, for example, signing the person up on a mailing list to get a promotion code. 

We know that many people will buy things only if there is a discount, so why don’t we use it to our advantage? Offer the products the person is interested in with a nice discount for purchase motivation.

Give a Discount Exit-Intent Example

Give a Discount Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

11. Offer a Free Shipping

Free shipping is one of those things people expect from businesses. So why don’t you take advantage of it? You can present it as a gift and give people an additional reason to purchase from you. 

This also helps when people abandon the cart and need an extra push and reason to come back. There are two options of this tactic: 

  1. You can write down the code right in your exit pop-up window. The person can simply copy it, go back to the cart, and paste it into the Coupon field. 
  2. Or you can also add a button that says “Go back to the cart with free shipping”. When the customer clicks it, there is an applied coupon.

The second option requires less user interaction and might work better than the other.

This is the method that doesn’t cover the email collection so you won't get a listing for your client list. Think about the number of times you’ll show the promo to users. In other cases, they will wait for it over and over again.

Offer a Free Shipping Exit-Intent Example

Offer a Free Shipping Exit-Intent Example

12. Ask to Follow You on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Well, there are plenty of reasons why your customers are not ready to buy from you right now. However, you can invite them to follow you on social media to check even more content.

For the last few years, it seems that clothing stores do that a lot and they have plenty of content to show via Instagram. But there are lots of ways you can represent other niches on the Internet, just use some help from creatives. 

Note that the more followers you have, the more valuable your product gets due to the social proof we’ve discussed earlier. And when you can’t see how many people use your website, you surely can see how many people follow a particular brand on social media. Also, it is a great tool to build a community with people who adore your products and have a distinctive perception of the world.

Talk Specifically to Those Who Leave Exit-Intent Example

Ask to Follow You on Twitter Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

13. Offer a Free Ebook Guide

Do not be scared to share some valuable information with your readers. It can be a good deal — you give them an ebook, and they give you an email. As a result, you do not lose visitors and additionally have an email opt-in.

Free Ebook Guide Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

14. Suggest Useful Information to Inbox

Very similar to the previous example, but here you should interest your visitors with a wide selection of information.

exit-intent (1).png
Useful Information to Inbox Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

15. Provide a Limited Time Discount for Subscription

A limited-time offer gives you an additional opportunity to catch your visitors before they leave the website. Everybody can offer a discount, but not everybody limits a discount lifetime.

Limited Time Discount for Subscription Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

Do Exit-Intent Pop-Ups Work on Mobile Devices?

You can create a pop-up window that will work on mobile devices. However, it is not exactly the classical scenario where a person presses the red cross in the corner of the screen, but rather a universal habit that shows the user’s intent to exit. For example, it can be a scrolling up movement, Back button pressing, percentage-based scroll, time-based scroll, tab switching, idle timeout, and JS element. 

These pop ups should capture the user’s attention right away. Also, notice that they should upload immediately, so the user simply sees them. 

The biggest challenge here is tracking the client's phone behavior. It’s surely harder than doing it in the web version on the PC. There are too many exit-intent scenarios so you have to predict all of them. 

Mobile Device Exit-Intent Example.png
Mobile Device Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

5 Effective Hacks for Exit-Intent Pop-ups

1. Talk to Your Client By the Name

Personalization is a must-have these days. If you don’t know your customer, don’t expect them to know you back. This is both an exit pop-up example and a hack on how to retain your audience and bring attention to your message. 

Address your customer by name. You should know at least the names of your loyal customers as they fill in the registration form to purchase things from you. You don’t go around your house starting a small talk with “Hey you!”, you approach people by name. This shows your attentiveness. 

See How Quick And Easy It Is To Make Your Own Exit Pop-up!

Of course, it is possible to promote your campaigns without naming people but it is always better to call people by their names. It helps to grab attention for at least several seconds — that’s how you get a chance to get heard. Just like in real life. 

2. Stay Minimalistic

No extra words here. The name says it all.

Make your ad as clear as possible. Just make sure the users will get the idea via visual and text.

As we read lots of short things without even noticing it, there is a chance a person sees the letters and just combines them into words in the head, receiving your message.

Stay Minimalistic Exit-Intent Example

Stay Minimalistic Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

3. Focus On Both CTAs

Don’t forget that you have two CTAs on one pop-up, the one that the user clicks to agree with your offer and the second one to disagree. 

It’s easy to be clear with messages that come on the first button, but what about the second one? Well, you can invert a message a bit by transferring it into something that is hard to click, for example: “no, I don’t want to save a coin”, “no, I don’t want to make my life better”, “no, I don’t want $100 off”, etc.

This is a hard one to click on. The person basically has to recognize that they have loads of money and need no discount. 

Focus On Both CTAs Exit-Intent Example

Focus On Both CTAs Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

4. Represent Your Niche With a Superb Design

A good design is always a great choice to implement into your pop-up. The first thing people see is, of course, the design. So make sure to invest time and resources into this part of the pop-up creation.

Your design has to create the feeling that you know both your business and your audience. Show the illustrations of things that your audience wants the most. If you sell clothes, show independent stylish people that wear only superb high-quality items. If you sell houses, show a happy family, dogs, a nice dinner, and happiness. Sell people the things they are actually buying via your product. 

Represent Your Niche With a Superb Design Exit-Intent Example

Represent Your Niche With a Superb Design Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

5. Talk Specifically to Those Who Leave

Let them know that you’ve spotted them! This will bring more attention to your message as people will see themselves right away.

This is rather a lifehack that is nice to try out. The main goal of such a message is to get attention and retain the customer. However, it’s up to you what will follow next. You can combine this technique with any other that feels comfortable to you.

The best way to find the working tool for your business is to look for one. We all know that there’s no one-cure-for-all thing so don’t expect to publish one pop-up and get all the customers in the world.

Talk Specifically to Those Who Leave Exit-Intent Example (2)

Talk Specifically to Those Who Leave Exit-Intent Pop-Up Example

Work on Your Exit Pop-up to Make it Perfect

Exit-Intent technology is one of the most successful Internet marketing technologies. Business owners use this technology to increase their followers, product sales, social media followers, and more. 

Make sure you have your USP to present to customers right when they decide to leave your store. Also, don’t forget that your design and message should be short and clear so people understand what you want from them right away. 

Pick fonts and colors with your head and not your heart. It is a well-known fact that colors can trigger emotions so work with that. Also, as your CTA elements are crucial to the success of your pop-up window, make sure to work on texts, colors, and forms of those. 

Don’t forget to demonstrate your benefits. As many people and business owners create something similar to yours, you have to find your USP and demonstrate it wherever you can. 

In any case, as perfect as your exit pop-up window is, don't stop working on it. Run tests, research your audience, change color combinations and fonts. Sky's the limit!

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