How to Use Popup Animation Effects

27 December 2021 ~ 11 min read 2456 views
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Claspo Blog How to Use Popup Animation Effects

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your marketing tools! If you want to bring more attention to your pop up windows that have images, text, videos, surveys, etc. just try to add animations! They will surely get more attention from your target audience. 

Let’s see how to use them properly and to engage the users.

Table of Contents

  1. Definition of Pop Up Animation Effects

  2. When to Use Animation Effects

  3. Pop Up Animation Effects Creation Hack

  4. Conclusion

Definition of Popup Animation Effects

Popup animation effects — sound and/or visual signs you add to your popups to charm your visitor.

Catch your readers’ attention with everything you have. Animations are one of those tools that you can use on any device and see great results. Most of them have patterns that you can insert in any pop ups window, so they have their own design. 

Animations help get people’s attention as websites don’t use them as much as they use other mediums. This means that you have a chance to stand out. And if you pay more attention to the forms and colors that are on the animation, you’ll get even better results. 

Animations can be a little twist of the pop up campaign that everyone uses here and there. And it is your chance to stand out among many. When users have a behavior pattern, it’s easy to show them something off the box to get attention. 

You can also add a simple sound or visual effect to highlight your action and notify the user that something has happened. Don’t forget about other strong pop up essentials like heading, text, and design. Use animation techniques to amplify your coolness and not to substitute the essentials. Make your pop up window bounce, shake, flash, swing, etc. 

When to Use Animation Effects?

Every website owner is afraid that pop up windows will scare away the visitors as soon as they visit the website. And that’s a valid reason, however, if done right, there’s nothing that can scare people away. 

Some people even like them as they show the related, new, or discounted goods and services that are not so obvious. To be the most efficient and useful, you have to consider the situations users usually don’t mind seeing your pop ups.

Trigger Inactive Users

As soon as people stop scrolling, clicking, or interacting with the displayed content in any way, show them your pop up effect. This will help bring the attention back and show the content you want to show. 

There might be a small issue. If the person uses another tab or simply gets away from the desktop of a device to go get some popcorn, your pop up will be missed. You can create a flashing or jumping pop up to bring the lost attention back. Who wouldn’t check their computer if something is all over the screen? 

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Don’t Let People Get Away From Your Website

We’ve covered exit-intent pop ups that users see as soon as they move their cursor towards the big red X button. This is a powerful technique that has been around for quite a long time and has shown superb results. 

You can not just create an exit-intent pop up effect, but also add an animation to get extra attention. Show your visitors what they are missing and what they haven’t seen yet. Surprise them with content, so they stay on the website and search some more. 

Make Sure to Bring More Attention to the Current Promotion

With the help of animated pop up, you can bring the most attention to your special promo or seasonal discount. You can share them among the loyal customer that you need to inform about the event or your latest visitors to bring them back to the website. 

Every person will be glad to get an extra discount no matter what. And for many, it feels just like a special occasion. Guess what? An animated pop up can create a festive feeling that sales bring. 

Animations Are Better at Busy Websites

Imagine a page that has only ads and nothing else. Like a big old paper magazine with lots of campaigns of everything, you can think about. Of course, this is not the best option to share your information that has to be targeted at a specific audience, but sometimes marketing is hard, so you have to use every tool available. 

This is how an animated ad can help you stand out. You can’t predict how every other ad will look there, but you can make your campaign pop among others. 

It is a risky strategy, but with the help of animations, you can bring attention to your brand, and that’s what marketing is supposed to do. 

Share Lead Magnets

E-mail marketing might be one of the most proven marketing strategies, but, of course, it works with the help of other tools. You can build a strong e-mail list with the help of a nice pop up window and a lead magnet. 

But most of the time, those lead magnets have to be promoted. And guess what! Animated pop ups are here to help us! An extraordinary animated pop up window is surely has something interesting and worthy behind it. People love flashy and free items, so feel free to use this combination to achieve your marketing goals. 

And if your freebie is of great quality, then you have nothing to worry about at all. Just wait until enough people leave their e-mails and get ready to share promo codes and news with them. 

Pop Up Animation Effects Creation Hacks

Ok, so now you know why you need to create animated pop ups, but let’s see what you should do so they turn out engaging and interesting to the public. 

Notice that you can either create a new animated pop up from scratch or add pop up animation to the existing campaign. 

Hack 1. Rethink Your Pop Up Form

The most popular and somewhat basic form is a square window in the center of the viewport. There’s nothing wrong with it, but users can experience a bit of irritation if the pop up has zero interesting information. Marketers use it over and over again since it’s the most visible pop up tool among others — it appears directly before visitors’ eyes, and it’s a 99% chance that the user understands all the information properly. 

However, there are plenty of other forms that also can be useful and engaging. For example, you can place a pop up effect in the form of a circle or heart in any place of the visible area. A new form can quickly attract attention. Add animation to it, and voila, you have a perfect combination of tools that are not quite popular but bring the most attention due to their uniqueness.

Besides, you can experiment with its animation and placement on the page. For example, you can make the pop up slide out from the bottom or the left side of the window.

Regular use of pop up windows that appear in front of users’ eyes should have something important since it interrupts the user’s reading flow. So consider that before simply turning it on. But this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your best marketing tool all along. Animations are here to help you. Make your pop up slide from the corner, jump, flash, etc. It will bring even more attention to it, and as the user checks the pop up animation, he or she will read the text unconsciously as well. So make sure to create engaging texts for every pop up you have. 

Popup Animation Effects

Hack 2. Don’t Forget About the Branding

You’ve seen those nice, minimalistic websites that create pop ups with huge red headings to make sure users see that. Don’t do that. This idea is not the one that will build your brand. The more you keep the concept, the more people will notice and trust you. 

If you don’t use arrows, squares, fingers, etc. in your day-to-day design, don’t use it when you place a pop up window. Just don’t! Usually, designers, when creating brand books, have shapes and colors to highlight some important information. If there is none, ask them to add some so you can show the most important information without breaking the design rules. 

Back in the day, pop ups were loud and proud, but the times have changed, and a user-friendly design took its reign, so there’s nothing that should stop you from creating a nice one. 

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Follow the website branding, including colors, shapes, and even tone of voice, as it is a necessary feature of the whole branding concept. This means that even animation should follow the design rules of your brand as it has its own mood and scenario. For example, if you have a minimalistic design, don’t use bouncing and flashy animations. Use fade-in/out animations for your pop ups with dimmed colors. And vice versa: if you have a loud design with bold colors and unusual typography, feel free to use more fun animations. 

The basic rule here is to think about your brand a bit more and walk in the shoes of your client.

Branding Popup Animation Effects

Hack 3. Create Pop Ups for the Mobile Separately

It’s no surprise that a desktop experience differs from the mobile one. So you have to consider this fact. 

Mobile phones are not just smaller, they have a different orientation. Desktops have a landscape, while mobile devices usually are used in portrait orientation. This means the screens are narrower, and you have less space to show your animated ad. 

Make sure that each part of your ad is easy to read and understand. Place as little text as possible and keep in mind places that are hard to reach. Here’s a map of screen places that everyone can easily tap on.

Mobile Screen Behaviour.png
Mobile Screen Behaviour

So, this means you can make your ad floats to a place that is easy to tap on. The bottom part of the screen might be your weapon of choice as it is easy to create an eco campaign with engaging pop-up animation. 


Animated pop ups are one of the interface parts that you should pay lots of attention to. They have lots of different elements and nuances that are needed to be considered each time you want to communicate with the user.

The best advice of them all: try to walk a mile in your user’s shoes. This will give all the desired answers. If you feel like the animated pop up effect will interrupt the user’s flow, well, that’s a bad pop up window. Users will appreciate your brand and your ads if you appreciate them. It’s that simple. 

And that’s when you can add pop up animations as they create that extra feeling to your campaign. They can attract and retain users as they decide to take or not to take a particular action on your website. 

Add new knick-knacks to your pop ups but don’t forget about must-haves like texts and overall design. 

Animated Pop-Ups FAQs

What is a popup animation effect?

A popup animation is an effect that is used in modal windows to attract more users' attention. You can also add a simple sound or visual effect to highlight your action and notify the user that something has happened.

When to use animation effects?

Animation effects can be used to guide users around the website and even make them buy. Using them with popups can multiply chances to keep users on the site.

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