Collecting Phone Numbers: 9 Useful Tips

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Claspo Blog Collecting Phone Numbers: 9 Useful Tips

Are you looking for a possibility to boost your SMS marketing? It requires its own strategy as any other marketing tool. SMS marketing will help you engage with more people, notify them about new items or services, and create a friendly feeling regarding your brand. 

And guess how you can collect customers’ phone numbers easily? Pop-up windows are here to help you! With such an approach, you can:

  • Bring customers to your website via SMS
  • Send limited offers and notify about exclusive sales
  • Get the feedback to grow your store

SMS texts are not just about sending something to users. It’s also about sharing your knowledge, increasing awareness, boosting engagement, generating sales, etc. 

But it would be best to make sure that such messages are not annoying. People should feel that you care about them and their needs rather than just selling your items or services. 

Before sending your customers any message, ask what they want to receive and how often. Even though you’ll end up sending fewer SMS messages, you’ll get more engagement since every message will be necessary to your customer. 

  • Ask your customer for permission to send SMS messages.
  • Offer some kind of value in your texts.
  • Make sure that each message is personalized.

If done right, the SMS marketing tool is not just another tool, it becomes something that connects you and your customers. And only brands that care about their customers will achieve that and get the desired loyalty. 

Among the facts that users get personalized texts while scrolling the internet, you’ll get the following benefits: 

  • Each customer receives the message fast.
  • More chances that they will open the text.
  • Text messages make users answer you.

And these benefits can bring you loyal and engaged clients that every business owner dreams of. 

How to Collect Phone Numbers for SMS Marketing

1. Use a Keyword So Users Can Text You

People remember words better than numbers, so make sure to create a keyword that will anchor your business in their heads. You can use it instead of a number so they can text you whenever they feel like it. 

Some users will subscribe to your list as soon as they see the code, but some will wait another moment. So make the keyword easy and memorable. For example, if you sell clothes, you can anchor your products with something like TRENDYCLO, or if you sell matrasses, you can pick GOODSLEEP. It is memorable, describes your product, and is easy to use.

Use a Keyword So Users Can Text You Example.png
Use a Keyword So Users Can Text You Example

Don’t forget to advertise your keyword to get more new customers and to collect phone numbers. Try to understand what media channels your target audience uses and work with that. If you are feeling uncomfortable with that, ask your marketing team to help you with that. 

2. Promote Your Keyword Everywhere

Consider all the marketing channels your clients might utilize to interact with your brand while putting yourself in their position. For example, they could look through your website, scan your social media pages, stroll through your Instagram feed, read your email newsletter, or take your business card.

These locations should include your keyword prominently alongside a call to action. The more phone numbers you gather, the more people will search for your keyword.

3. Mobile App Keyword Pop-up

Another way to collect customer phone numbers is by offering your customers to sign in to your SMS newsletter when they surf your app. Just keep it straight: “Hi! Here’s our SMS newsletter, and we would like you to join. Get new promo codes and notifications about our sales. Type in the keyword and enjoy your benefits”.

It’s true that people like the truthful business owner. People like people, and make sure your brand feels like one. 

So, while users check your goods and services, you can show them the pop-up window that shows the keyword for SMS subscription.

Mobile App Keyword Pop-up Example.png
Mobile App Keyword Pop-up Example for collecting phone numbers

4. Ask For a Mobile Number During the Registration

Use your website for collecting phone numbers and other information about your users. You can use any marketing tool to get the desired information, i.e., freebies, promo codes, discounts, free shipping, etc. 

Make sure your CTA is short and easy to understand. Don’t make it long or hard to understand. Just write your offer as it is, i.e., “Sign up for our SMS dispatch and get free shipping.”

Ask For a Mobile Number During the Registration Example.png
Ask For a Mobile Number During the Registration Example for collecting phone numbers

5. Use Your Order Confirmation Page to Ask People to Join Your SMS Newsletter List

Don’t miss a chance to use every possible page to get mobile numbers. As soon as the user finishes the purchase, you can place your subscription offer on the confirmation page. 

Just think about that people bought the desired item literally one second ago, and they must be so happy that it is easier for them to subscribe to your newsletter. 

You can ask them to enter the phone number to get shipping information and add an agreement to receive exclusive offers via SMS.   

6. Share Exclusive Offers

It’s obvious that people don’t like sharing their personal information like addresses or personal mobile numbers. And that’s true. That’s why you need to be truthful and useful. Tell your customers how many SMS messages they’ll receive and describe what they’ll receive. Make sure that the information they’ll get is useful, i.e., send them offers, discounts, promo codes, etc. 

To start with, you can send coupons each month, offer free shipping or samples, run giveaways, notify about new products or services, and offer exclusive products.  

Share Exclusive Offers Example.png
Share Exclusive Offers Example for collecting phone numbers

7. Offer Your Email Subscribers an SMS Subscription

We are sure that you already have a list of subscribers. Those are loyal people to your products and services, so you can ask them to update their personal information with their mobile phones. But just make sure to send them news and offers that differ from their e-mail newsletter. If you offer the same things via different channels, it doesn’t have that much of a meaning to it. 

Or just simply ask people via e-mail letter something like: “Hi! Do you want to receive exclusive offers faster so you won’t miss them? Subscribe to our SMS newsletter as well.”

8. Run a Contest

Everyone likes contests! This is a great chance to collect phone numbers and to give a nice prize instead of many small ones that people won’t use. 

If the prize is quite expensive and feels like a good offer for a mobile phone, people will sign up to your SMS subscriber list and will happily receive our letters. 

You can start with sending contest news and alerts via SMS before sending news.  

Run a Contest Example.png
Run a Contest Example for collecting phone numbers

9. Provide a Discount on Preferred Product or Next Order

You can focus entirely on the incentives you provide customers by using dynamic popups and dynamic display components in your emails. Your SMS opt-in rate will increase if you provide a discount on a customer's preferred item.


Discount for the next order for collecting phone numbers


SMS texting is another tool to get loyal customers and boost your sales. If you want to succeed in SMS marketing, the messages must be written correctly and carefully. Unfortunately, many companies that work with SMS marketing make many mistakes that significantly reduce the loyalty to messages making them almost meaningless.

In fact, the material should present all the information in an easy and accessible way, understandable for perception. Don’t create long texts that take lots of time to “digest’. The same is true when collecting phone numbers.

What should be in the SMS message? Many describe the need to prepare a message of no more than 140 characters. It’s true but remember that the less text, the better. No one wants to read long texts to find a bit of information. 

Always explain why the customers need to subscribe to the SMS newsletter. For example, they will be aware of the hottest offers or be able to save money. Ensure data confidentiality. Customers must be sure that you will NEVER share their numbers with third parties and do not inundate them with spam. And make sure to provide an opportunity to unsubscribe from SMS-mailing.