Customized Content: Engaging Your Audience with Content Personalization

Customized Content: Engaging Your Audience with Content Personalization

21 July 2023 05 February ~ 7 min read 3530 views
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Claspo Blog Customized Content: Engaging Your Audience with Content Personalization

Understanding customer's unique interests and desires is the key to business prosperity. However, if appealing to each customer's needs is commonplace in an offline store, this task becomes more complicated for ecommerce platforms with endless visitor flows. And that's where personalized marketing comes to the rescue.


Most progressive companies already use a personalized approach in digital space and emphasize the individual customer rather than the entire target audience. Customized content, in turn, is a priority for 62% of them. Communication has always been a powerful business tool. And now, personalized messaging lets you get the most out of it. In this article, we'll answer the "What is content personalization?" question, explain why it's essential, and show you how to use it effectively.

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What Is Personalized Content and Its Benefits?

Personalized content is all your brand messages tailoring to the preferences, needs, pain points, and interests of specific segments of your audience and each of its representatives. As an integral part of ecommerce personalization, it includes email, social, SMS, advertising, and web content personalization.

Its basis is the collection and careful data analysis that allows you to divide a large audience into small segments and create messages that appeal best to each of them. As a result, you're not just promoting your marketing messages but giving customers and prospects the information they need right now.

The benefits of customized content include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved customer relationships. Today, personalized content is one of the leading customer requirements for a brand. 67% want you to tailor your content to their needs in real-time. At the same time, 66% say that "one size fits all" content is a barrier to purchase, and 42% are outraged when faced with such content. Thus, you can get shoppers' loyalty if your messages on different communication channels consider their current needs.
  • Increased sales. You can turn prospects into first-time buyers and returning customers through content marketing personalization. According to McKinsey & Company research, 76% of customers say that personalized communication from a brand is a crucial factor in their purchasing decision. Moreover, 78% confirmed that providing personalized content motivates them to buy from you again.

Competitive advantage. Despite the above benefits, the adoption of personalization in business strategies has been slow. In particular, only 47% of companies use live consumer data to provide a personalized experience in the online space, and only 60% of shoppers receive personalized content. With that in mind, you can win the fight for customers by tailoring your messages to their interests.

Different Types of Customized Content

Content personalization is not a trending innovation but a necessity in the modern world: The client has changed and has already gotten used to targeted advertising, personal managers, and various formats and sources of content. 

According to an Adobe survey, the main types of customized content are: 

  • Pop-ups. Catchy blocks that appear on top of another content website. Pop-ups can just notify visitors of your cookie policy or promote your marketing messages. With Claspo pop-ups, content personalization becomes simple. They are easily customizable in our drag-and-drop editor, fully personalized with our advanced display and targeting options, and quickly embedded into your website via copy and paste of a code block. 
  • Inline content. This type includes web content and other static blocks. Unlike pop-ups that can be personalized on the go right in the Claspo builder, adapting such content to customers' needs requires preliminary audience segmentation and a deep understanding of website architecture to make changes. However, the more personalized content you offer, the more bang for your buck you get. 

The peculiarity of content personalization is that it allows you to convert still lukewarm customers who have just become interested in the product into “hot” customers who already buy.

How To Personalize Content And Effective Content Personalization Methods

Personalization helps increase conversion. But for each brand, the effectiveness rate of this method will be different. If something is done wrong, marketers and companies will not be able to reap the full benefit. For successful conversion growth via personalization, your attention should be concentrated on the consumer. It's important to see this approach as a tactical tool for delivering a relevant experience, not just another hack to increase purchases. 


Let's look at the most effective personalization techniques to help your brand achieve its goal.

1. Creating a personalized copy for referral sources

The chosen communication channel (the referral source) says much about customers' preferences. For example, if they navigate to your website from Pinterest, they most likely appreciate visual content. Besides, if customers come after a particular ad campaign, they are looking for something specific, and your personalized content helps them find it quickly. Finally, customers want to feel special, so your customized greeting like "20% off only for the Twitter community" might hit the mark.

You can start working on a dynamic copy, personalized according to the referral source with:

  • Relevant banners;
  • Dynamic titles;
  • Unique landing pages;
  • Website pop-ups.

Claspo pop-ups can contain any effective message to grab the attention of website visitors. But most importantly, using UTM targeting, Claspo allows you to segment your audience depending on the referral source. When setting up your pop-ups, you can specify the appropriate UTM parameter and automatically display them to visitors who came to your website from a specific source or campaign. 

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2. Showcasing flexible content based on the visit time

Another effective personalization method is to display dynamic content based on the time of visit. Personalization isn't limited to changing the homepage background just because someone visits it at night. It won't help turn a visitor into a customer.

Dynamic content on the site attracts visitors and makes them stay on the site longer or take a closer look at articles or products. It can be used on websites, mailing lists, or pop-up advertising banners.

3. Personalization that depends on the type of device

Personalizing content techniques based on the type of device is more than just creating an adaptive version of the app or platform for smartphones or tablets. Mobile responsiveness can help improve site navigation but doesn't necessarily improve conversion rates. Many plugins allow you to add social login options to your site. You can display a call button on your contact, social media, or landing pages to generate more leads.

Here are some tips for maximizing this opportunity:

  • Create a CTA button to attract customers.
  • Ensure the button works so visitors from different places on the site can navigate to it quickly and without problems.
  • Make sure this button is only visible during business hours. This ensures that anyone who wants to call you gets an answer.

There are many more ways to personalize your phone and tablet visitor experience, so they can convert.

4. Dynamic personalization in an ad

Many online stores suffer from high bounce rates. Some people abandon their carts because they are apprehensive about additional fees or because they don't want to set up an account. Others refuse to buy due to the lengthy and complicated checkout process. Some people even abandon their shopping carts due to a website error. So it's obvious they could complete a purchase but could not do it due to technical and functional issues.

Whatever the reason, you could motivate them to finalize their order because they might forget it. In these cases, remarketing campaigns with dynamic ads would be extremely relevant because you are showing products to people who have previously shown some interest. This increases your chances of getting them back to your site.

5. Personalization based on the number of visits

Content marketing ideas for displaying dynamic content include notifying visitors of price changes or new deals that match their purchase history. A potent dynamic personalization strategy involves presenting a greeting message to first-time visitors. You can add a video or message to help introduce them to your brand and website. Turn on the first purchase offer to sweeten the deal and improve conversions.

If giving a discount isn't an option, you can offer new visitors the chance to check out some helpful resources. This can be anything from a buyer's to a size chart guide. This will help strengthen your relationship with them and ultimately lead to more conversions.

6. Location-based personalization to enhance the experience

Many inconveniences can arise because you do not meet customers' needs based on location. Your product recommendations, pricing, promotions, payment and delivery section, or event calendar may not match the customers in all cities or countries.

That's why dynamic geo-personalization can be a great solution for increasing conversions. It involves showcasing content and promotional materials relevant to each user's location and enhancing their UX. This increases your chances of turning visitors into actual customers. The more targeted your message is, the more likely people are to complete your target action.

Best Content Personalization Tools

Customized content saves the user time and helps them solve a specific problem. The ease of the user experience builds brand trust and increases customer loyalty. As a result, sales boost, engagement rates increase, and the customer base and number of returning customers grow. 

Let's take a look at the content personalization examples of tools that will help you personalize the content on any platform, whether it's a website or social network.

1. Claspo


Claspo is a pop-up builder with exclusive targeting options that make content personalization possible. For example, geotargeting allows you to display a personalized pop-up depending on the country, region, and city where your customers are located. At the same time, with dynamic language settings, visitors see your personalized message in the language corresponding to their browser. 

With URL and scroll targeting, you can easily add your pop-up message to the specific page or even its particular place that best fits the context. Finally, the mentioned UTM targeting allows you to show a relevant message depending on the referral source of the customers. This way, you provide a personalized experience and optimize the on-site customer journey with Claspo.

2. Constant contact


It's one of the top platforms for attracting potential social media and email users. You can segment the emails you receive or others into separate groups based on what you know about your contacts. Creating personalized emails based on the data you receive will be much easier.

3. EngageBay 


This CRM knows that sales, marketing, and customer support cannot exist in isolation, especially if you're selling a product or service where the after-sales experience is just as important as the first sale. EngageBay's automation capabilities help your help desk get better in several ways. The same automation tools allow you to set up triggers, email sequences, and drip campaigns.

You can streamline your marketing and sales by automating lead segmentation, email personalization, and more. EngageBay's automation tools began to work from the moment a prospect's interest in joining your list.

With all of EngageBay's automation tools capturing the entire journey of every customer, your support team will never lack context or key information.

3. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo's powerful automation and personalization features can help you close the holes that are causing leads to fall out of your sales funnel. This digital suite will set up a workflow that will trigger when a visitor leaves your site with items still in their cart or when they click on or visit a specific part of your site. With the email capabilities of this tool, you can create the perfect message to seize the moment.

Personalize content based on people, who they are, what they're thinking of buying, or where they're clicking, then insert unique offers, add an eye-catching email design, and schedule it to send when it's most effective. You can deliver coupons to people who have left their carts and personalize offers for previous customers.

Build Loyalty through a Personalized Customer Approach

Content personalization is a win-win solution for you and your customers. They understand that you consider their unique preferences and save them time by providing only the content that really matters to them. And you, in turn, get loyal customers ready to choose your brand repeatedly and increase sales figures. Although content personalization is often time-consuming, Claspo can help you achieve your goal faster with highly customizable and easily personalized pop-ups that can be embedded into your website without coding skills.

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