Email Pop-Ups: 30 Excellent Examples

09 November 2021 ~ 20 min read
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Claspo Blog Email Pop-Ups: 30 Excellent Examples

What Is an Email Pop-up?

An email popup is a little window displayed on a website visitor's screen, requesting its email address in exchange for a promotional offer.


Here we will cover 30 email pop up examples to see how they work and describe why you might need one.

Table of Contents

  1. Email Pop-up Examples & Best Practices
  2. What Do You Need to Create Email Popup
  3. How to Create an Effective Email Pop-Up Using Claspo?
  4. 7 Things to Take Care of When Creating an Email Popup
  5. Email Pop-up: Not to Annoy, But to Convince
  6. FAQ

Email Pop-Up Examples & Best Practices

Email pop ups are helpful, but if they are large enough to close, they may block access to the page content, degrading the user experience. It is designed to engage the user and get extra attention to specific information or an offer.

It helps you get new leads, newsletter subscribers, and feedback or even boost your email campaigns.

Typically, popup emails include a call to action that encourages visitors to do a specific action: leave an email to create a list of users interested in your product or services.

Are email pop ups effective? Yes, they are, if done right.

A robust email popup helps you to:

  • Help visitors perform the desired action
  • Subscribe to your newsletter, promotions, additional information, etc.
  • Get email leads
  • Boost your campaign.

Most often, online stores use pop-up windows to collect emails. But only some business owners or marketing specialists ask to leave an email for free. The first-time visitor might need more brand awareness and decline your subscription offer. Because of that, many businesses offer additional discounts, free shipping, and other goodies for a simple subscription. It seems to work with many brands that provide both products and services.

Some brands don’t offer rewards but create engaging content that might interest the user. In any case, it should work – it just depends on your marketing strategy.

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Email Capture Pop-up Examples

1. SwissWatchExpo

Email signup popup with a countdown helps push visitors to buy and increase sales. The discount, valid for several minutes, makes people more irrational and leaves no time to think twice or ask for advice.

SwissWatchExpo subscription offer

SwissWatchExpo email signup popup

The SwissWatchExpo watch seller offers a $100 discount and free shipping to those who subscribe and place an order within 15 minutes.

2. 100% Pure

This brand provides users with 100% natural cosmetics and products.

100% Pure mystery offer

100% Pure mystery email capture popup

100% Pure mystery offer reveal

100% Pure mystery email popup example

The brand added a bit of interactivity to its email pop up. They’ve devised a simple lottery design that brings excitement and hopes for a better reward. In the end, there might be one type of discount for all, but the first look makes the user stop and see what’s going on. Besides, the user can personalize the offer and pick the most exciting product types.

We hope this idea played outright and everyone got the sense of a lottery and a chance of winning something bigger.

3. HelloFresh

HelloFresh presents healthy meal plans for various diets that save a coin and keep bodies in the best shape.

Hello Fresh subscription offer

Hello Fresh email pop-up example

Paying attention to photographs of meals so colorful, fresh, and tasty, the users consider their meal plans being way better than their ramen noodles from yesterday. It is a service for primarily hard-working people that don’t have time to cook or don’t like it. That’s why connecting with them through direct offers and vivid images is crucial.

It also offers $80 off for the first three orders, which probably brings most customers. The message is bold and appealing. However, it is better to have less of a subtext that offers too much information, as it could be more critical. Try to move it and see that nothing changes.

4. Reformation

Now think about this: people are so used to discounts that they are constantly waiting for them. But brands can only cut the price sometimes. This will quickly devalue the product and decrease the overall profit. This means you need to push visitors to subscribe in another way.

Reformation email pop-up example

A simple and elegant solution: an excellent, minimalistic design with cool text, just like the Reformation online store. Their email popup is laconic and rather witty in every sense.

5. Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey is a vegan ice cream retailer that wanted to target the audience based on geography to maximize regional sales. They’ve started to collect emails with zip codes so they could send emails about their particular products and offers based on the closest store with their goods to the customer.

Snow Monkey subscription offer

Snow Monkey email popup example

Email capture popups are primarily designed in simple forms like rectangles, etc. It is ok, but if you want to create something more engaging and your branding allows you to do so, try different shapes and sizes. This will make your pop-up more memorable and outstanding.

6. Big Clothing 4u

The retailer's work is more than collecting leads. It is also essential to connect with the user, so he or she can make another purchase in a while. It is always cheaper to retain a customer rather than find a new one. A popup email can inform the user about special offers or provide a personal coupon.

Big Clothing 4u subscription offer

Big Clothing 4u email popup example

Big Clothing 4u online store offers a discount on the next purchase after a visitor places the first order. Great motivation to come back.


The worldwide e-commerce store of cigars & accessories, CIGARS.COM offers a discount on your next order for a subscription to a newsletter. A 15% discount is not bad, right?

скидка за подписку ( email popup example

8. Starter Story

Finding inspiration to start your own business is sometimes difficult, especially when your budget is limited. Starter Story offers a great list of 52 ideas you can start with less than $1,000. 

email popup (starterstory).png

Starter Story email popup example

Email Sign-Up Pop-up Examples

1. H&M

The worldwide-known brand H&M provides plenty of tidbits for a simple newsletter subscription:

  • A 20% discount on the first order.
  • Free shipping for the newsletter subscription.

This discount has no expiration so the visitor can go back to shopping anytime.

H&M email subscription offer

H&M email subscription offer

Besides offering a discount and free shipping, the brand describes what the user will receive if they subscribe to the newsletter. That’s a nice touch, so your future client knows precisely what content will be in the mailbox. But make sure to state everything you want to share. If this is done poorly, you might lose the user and get a negative opinion of your brand.

2. The New Yorker

This is one of the most known newspapers in the world that offers a variety of news and topics to any taste. Anyone can find information to the taste, read some quality material and check the culture.

This is one of the brands that work on their awareness all the time with plenty of great material, promotions, and big names. The marketing team can ensure that people will subscribe to the content. Even though they have extra campaigns, people come here for quality content and topics others might have yet to get.

The email capture popup is clean, minimalistic, and straightforward. The only highlighted element is the subscription button which brings more attention to the desired action. The other button could be more attractive and easier to notice.


The New Yorker subscription offer

The New Yorker email popup example

It is a great case where people come for content rather than real things.

3. Tower Paddle Boards

Instead of giving a discount to each customer, you can create a giveaway and give one big present to a lucky subscriber. Tower Paddle Boards online store gives one subscriber a surfboard every month, thus attracting new customers and retaining those who have already signed up for the newsletter.

Tower Puddle Boards subscription offer

Tower Paddle Boards email popup example

This email popup has an unconventional look and needs to be noticed when entering the website. However, it has plain text that precisely means: subscribe and get the chance to get our top-notch quality board each month. Who would say no?

4. Mala the Brand

This brand offers curated candle monthly subscription boxes. Thus, their tone of voice is mellow, friendly, and inspiring. It is important to keep the brand’s voice in any kind of campaign, and this is precisely what Mala does with their email pop up offer. Kudos to that!

Mala the Brand subscription offer

Mala the Brand email signup popup

You can see that the brand language is a bit more personal, giving a friendly feeling and a sense of trust. They also note that they won’t spam your incoming box since they know how hurtful it can be. And last but not least, the Join the Club button creates a sense of community many brands try to build.

However, it is better to emphasize things like 10% off that can trigger many users.

5. Unif

People sign up for more than just a simple newsletter saying that your business is okay. The email pop up promises customers that they will receive discounts and participate in closed promotions, but not now. Unif clothing brand does the same. The only difference is that visitors see a horizontal banner instead of a pop-up window. It does not overlap the main page and, at the same time, is highlighted in bright purple.

Unif subscription offer

Unif email popup example

Displaying the subscription form on the site is a question that each brand decides on its own. Ideally, it's best to try both options, pop-up and horizontal banner, and choose the one that works best.

6. Canva

Canva subscription offer

Canva email pop-up example

Canva brings excellent content in the form of design school projects every week. Once a visitor finishes reading the article and is about to leave the page, Canva reminds us that a person can stay up to date with their latest news by subscribing to their newsletter. When a user subscribes, they get a free design and branding instruction book for newbies. The green call-to-action button stands out from the rest of the pop-up.

In exchange for an email address, offer your audience something of value for free.

7. Heidi Cohen

This email popup example is taken from the website of a great blogger and speaker Heidi Cohen, who works in media marketing. After reading her article, you will see an offer to receive practical advice regularly. A simple design draws attention to two main things: a header and a call-to-action button.

Heidi Cohen subscription offer

Heidi Cohen email popup example

When offering something for free, make sure that users know what they will get and understand what actions they need to take to subscribe. Use a simple color scheme for pop-ups.

8. P.E. Nation

P.E. Nation offers a wide variety of outdoor clothing and often adds new items. Of course, they want to notify all users about new collections, discounts, sales, etc.

P.E. Nation subscription offer

P.E. Nation email popup example

This is a straightforward email pop-up that is easy to understand, so the user will have zero extra thoughts while reading this. A 10% off brings more attention to the offer and boosts the chances of receiving the user’s email.

The color scheme stands out among others: it is clean and minimalistic, which makes the email signup pop-up understandable from the first look. However, it is a bit plain, maybe adding some color to the subscription button would help.

9. Bathing Culture

As you can guess, Bathing Culture offers many bathing products, everything from a back scrub to a bath salt. And as a product brand, they’ve chosen to give 10% off for signing to the mailing list.

Bathing Culture subscription offer

Bathing Culture email popup example

It is a far-from-ordinary email popup that is hard to ignore. Notice how well the brand picked the design that adds to its bath vision. The message is quite simple, so each person understands clearly what needs to be done.

But this subscription offer needs a more extra push. The email field and the Sign-Up button are the same color, which could be clearer. And the No, Thanks button needs to be more clear. Such small and almost invisible buttons might be considered manipulation.

10. Farfetch

Farfetch shows another good example. More optional email capture popup with the ability to choose the way of getting information: email or phone. Also, to only receive the appropriate news, visitors can choose a gender. A fantastic hack to reduce the number of unsubscribes.

signup (farfetch).png

Farfetch email popup example

What Do You Need to Create Email Subscription Pop-up 

Here are some tips that will help you to make effective email pop ups, which allow you to collect new leads.

1. Work on Visual

An attractive visual will capture more of your visitors’ attention. Making a pop-up cannot be improvised. Think it over because your popup should reflect your business.

The email popup design should be bright and unambiguous.

image20.png email pop-up example

Attention is focused on one introductory offer (10% discount, application for a free audit); a sizeable clickable button gives the target action. Of course, it is better to design the form in the site style: use the same palette, fonts, graphic elements such as bullets, and so on.

2. Make a Clear Offer

To make a pop-up, think about the benefits you offer your visitors. The purpose of the pop-up window is to trigger immediate action, so you should describe your offer clearly and succinctly: everyone has to understand as soon as the pop-up is opened. Find the right words to hook your visitors instantly and make them want to take action.

The simpler and shorter you formulate your proposal, the better. It is ideal for the user to understand in 2 seconds. That’s about how long it is usually required to close the inopportune pop-up window and return to viewing the page.

If your project is informational, it may well be enough to offer to subscribe to the newsletter of fresh articles. If the site pursues some commercial goals (for example, an online store), then it is better to offer a subscription bonus:

  • discount;
  • useful information;
  • a tiny free service (audit, delivery).

However, an offer to share your email in exchange for a selection of exclusive materials on a blog will certainly work better than a simple invitation to the mailing list.

Tell the user why you are asking them to fill in the fields. For example, “Specify a city, and you will see if the product is in stock.”

Nike email capture pop-up example

3. Create a Powerful CTA button

The CTA button must be clearly visible on your pop-up form, and the text entered must be understandable and make people want to click on the button.


4. Perfectly Integrate the Pop-up into Your Page

To obtain the expected results, don't forget to integrate your email pop ups perfectly with your web page: your prospect shouldn’t have the impression of leaving it.

Position on the site is essential. The popup should not take up the entire user's screen and should not be so small as entirely invisible. The optimal size for a popup is medium or in the form of a slider in the corner of the screen.


5. Make the Pop-Up Match Your Brand

An email popup on a site is often knocked out of the general interface. To avoid such a mistake, we recommend that the design of all elements on the site is in tune with each other.


The same goes for the tone of voice (the tonality the brand adheres to in communication with its consumer). A well-thought-out tone, storytelling style, and matching design elements will create a positive experience for site visitors, making them more likely to take the targeted action.

Therefore, before displaying an email popup on a page, ensure that the colors, font, image style, and tone of voice are consistent with the site ecosystem.

6. Use Marketing Tricks

In your email popup, use phrases such as “free,” “especially for you”, and “be the first” in popup windows. They will be good triggers to attract customers.


7. Thank Customers

After the user has entered his email and clicked on the “subscribe” button, they have to receive feedback in the form of a thank you page. Thank them for subscribing. Say you will soon contact them by mail – send the promised bonus, valuable materials, or just the first letter.


How to Create an Effective Email Pop-Up Using Claspo?

Step 1. Create New Widget

First, create a free Claspo account. Then, once logged in, press the New Widget button.img1.png

Step 2. Select a Template

Then, choose the appropriate use case "Collect user data" and tip an email popup template you like.img2.png

Step 3. Make Basic Settings

After choosing the template, make some basic settings like color and launcher. Take a look at different variations of view according to the progress stage. Then press the Select Template button on the top right corner.

Step 4. Customize Your Widget

Make modifications to the appearance and the offer. Ask yourself, "What could I possibly give my subscribers to get them to provide their email addresses?". It might be a discount for the first purchase.

Step 5. Choose a Trigger and Set Up a Launcher

You need to decide when and where your widget should be shown.

For example, it can be only after a user spends 20 seconds on your site and only on the home page.

Step 6. Specify Where to Transfer Data

Select integrations where you want to transfer the data to make an analysis.

Step 7. Save and Enjoy

Save your widget and add the script to your website. After this new email pop-up will be available!img8.png

7 Things to Take Care of When Creating an Email Popup

How should the email pop ups look to benefit your web project? After all, if you use them correctly, you can replenish your contact base for subsequent email marketing activities.

Here are seven tips that will allow you to look at pop-up windows in a new way and also use them on your website effectively.

Make Your Own Email Pop-Up For Free

1. Don’t Show Pop-up Right Away

Showing an email pop up from the first seconds is like meeting someone, instantly asking some personal questions – intrusive and ineffective. Let the visitor get to know you first, at least a minute. Let him or her know that you have a great product or provide top-notch service. And then offer to subscribe to your newsletter.

The optimal time for displaying pop-up windows should be selected individually. Indeed, depending on the scope of your business and the traditional scenarios of the behavior of visitors, the time will be different.

2. Remember Cookies

It gets annoying when the same ad is chasing us everywhere. Therefore, remember the user's action with your email pop-up, and do not show repetitions. For example, if I have already subscribed to your newsletter via a pop-up, why would I suggest doing it again? By remembering cookies, you can avoid unnecessary duplicates. And keep you in good standing among the site visitors.

3. Link Pop-Ups to the Content

The content of the email popup should be a logical continuation of the main content.

Consider what you can offer a website visitor in exchange for the email in addition to the mailing list. Discount? Free demo access? Or a video tutorial course? It is essential to give something valuable because so few people want to leave their contact.

Reebok Online Store Popup Example

4. Highlight the Pop-Up on the Page

The email popup should be visible and not merge with the rest of the information on the page. For example, you can darken the background a little so that the pop-up is conspicuous and does not distract from its content.

Experiment with the placement of the pop-up and its size. There are great examples when the gigantic pop-up appears on the full screen.


And for cautious companies, you can try using the pop-up at the side of the page.

5. Take Care of Usability

Even something as small as a pop-up should be user-friendly. There should be the following elements:

  • Clear text that states what you’ll receive for a subscription
  • The place to enter the contact
  • CTA element
  • The possibility to close the window
  • Information privacy and spam protection
  • Social proof

6. Copywriting is Important

An email popup headline that motivates you to subscribe, a little text describing the benefits of subscribing, and even the name of the CTA button matter. You have a minimal number of characters to convince a person to give you their contact. Therefore, formulate your USP as briefly as possible. If positioning permits, you can use humor, this is conducive to trusting relationships.

There are no intricately detailed illustrations or photographs here - only an inscription and a neon green color:


Below is an example that could have been made more creative and attractive.


7. Keep Testing

All of the above needs to be tested. How long does it take to show the pop-up? Which headline is catchy? Which button is clicked better? Where is the higher conversion rate? What can be removed, and what can be added? Everything needs to be tested since there is no recipe for the success of the pop-up, everything is very individual. Therefore, try, measure, and look for the option that will work for you. For example, experiment with the text on the CTA button. Try to name it not Subscribe, but, for example, Upgrade Yourself.


8. Don’t Hide the Cross

Provide site visitors with a convenient option to close the window if they do not want to become part of your community. Do not hide the cross that is responsible for minimizing the window. If the user does not see the close button in the first second, he will most likely leave the site.


9. Evoke a Desire

If the product evokes pleasant associations, it should be emphasized. This can be done using a colored window background that contrasts with the main interface.


Email Pop-up: Not to Annoy, But to Convince

Despite users' negative attitudes towards popups, they remain an essential tool for converting site visitors into leads. It is crucial to balance between being practical and annoying.

Never forget these simple rules when creating an email popup:

  • Think about your users first, and then think about your brand.
  • Create a specific message which becomes a clear call to action: subscribe to the newsletter, receive useful information by email, etc.
  • Offer something free of charge before asking for an email.
  • Make your pop-up appear at the right time and in the right place. Do not show a popup in the first seconds. Let the user get used to it. A window with a hot offer can scare away with its assertiveness;
  • Remember to include your brand-specific ingredients in the pop-up design.
  • Use different colors for the CTA button and its text to be sure that everything can be seen.
  • Turn off the soundtrack when a pop-up appears. It can be a short signal, definitely not an advertising voice recording or a background melody — they are distracting;
  • Do not use many pop-ups on one resource, even if they perform different functions. Such activity will cause a feeling of importunity;
  • If the user visits your resource, not for the first time, consider his past actions. For example, if he has already subscribed to the newsletter, do not offer it again;
  • Display settings. Allow site guests to express their feelings about the popup. Place a button to disable pop-ups.

Pop-up is a promising and valuable business tool that allows you to build communication with customers quickly. Pop-ups can increase website conversions, build a warm lead base, expand your customer base, and gather helpful information. But you need to use them carefully, so that site visitors do not see annoying ads but a pleasant addition.

We wish you high conversions. Ask for help if you want to create a killer email popup for a subscription but don’t know where to start!


1.  Are there pre-existing email popup templates? 

Yes, Claspo offers templates that suit all businesses. You can find them in the templates library.

2. How to create an email popup?

You can effortlessly use Claspo popup builder with no coding required. Check out the basic principles and start creating your perfect popup.

3. What are the types of email popups?

Claspo Sign Up & Capture popups are designed to help you achieve your marketing goals. You can sign up now for free to try building pop-ups with no time limits.

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