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Claspo Blog Best Button Color For Conversion

A call-to-action button is an essential part of any website. It tells the customer what you want from them. Even if it might seem a bit into someone's face, it is still a necessary part of any website strategy. If you skip on a good CTA, the user won't understand what to do and simply leave the website. 

Usually, you run into CTAs like "Join Now," "Get Started," "Learn More," etc. These are the classic examples. Depending on your tone of voice, you can change such texts to something different and unusual, but it's up to you and your brand marketing team. 

The first thing you should do before creating the perfect CTA is to understand what exactly you want to get from your customers. Do you want them to buy a product, sign up, leave an email, or subscribe? Depending on this decision, you'll form your CTA, pick button colors, and the place is in the specific spot. 


1. Why are Call-To-Action Button Colors Important?

2. What Color to Choose For CTA Buttons?

3. How to Create a Perfect CTA Button

4. Conclusion

Why are Call-To-Action Button Colors Important?

It's not a secret that colors affect people. Based on the use of specific colors on specific things, we create a general meaning for them. For example, red and green colors have been used for traffic lights for a long time, and everyone associated these colors with these meanings: red is to stop, and green is to go. Such association allows us to use colors not just a thing to enjoy life but also to code specific things and understand them in the same way all over the world. 

This is only one example of the use of red and yellow colors. You might hear that fast-food chain restaurants use red heavily as it psychologically makes people hungry. The yellow color makes people feel joy and happiness. So this is how most fast-food branding works. The more you know!

Similar to this, we have an understanding of black and white colors as they are being used during weddings and funerals. 

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The idea behind this is that most people around the globe are used to the specific meanings of colors. Indeed, there are some exceptions to that, but they are rather specific cases than a well-known trend. 

Depending on your target audience, you should pick the best colors for buttons. It may vary in what country you're creating a website, on the age group, gender, niche, etc. But still, there are stable colors that are a must-have rather than a desire to use your favorite color. You know that all buttons to deny are of red color and buttons to agree are of green color. 

But let's dive deeper.

What Color to Choose For CTA Buttons?

Besides the usual options for best colors for call-to-action buttons, there are several other options to consider. 

Brand Color

Build a color scheme for your website. Ask the designers to create you a brand book after creating a logo. This book will give you information on suitable colors for your website color scheme that you may use as your CTA colors. 

The call-to-action colors should be contrasting to your main colors but still, work together well. This will help them to pop, get attention, and be visible to your customer.

The same color scheme is not optional. It is essential to any brand. People will recognize you by your colors: emails, outdoor campaigns, festival booths, etc. 

Email Color Scheme

If you already have a strong game with your promotional emails, you should consider building your color scheme based on the colors you've been using. You can build your logo based on the specific colors or use a palette that rhymes with email campaigns colors. 

We are sure there are plenty of colors to start with: headers, buttons, logos, etc. But be sure to be consistent with the colors you use as people get familiar with them and with your brand. You can change colors from email to email based on the seasons or the topic of your letter, but make sure that they are consistent and are of the same palette. 

Contrasting Colors

This tip has nothing to do with color psychology or good button colors. It is based on the simple logic that people notice the contrasting colors more and better than similar colors to the scheme. It's not rocket science to pick a color that differs from your homepage or the product page. And we are not talking about bright neon colors — yes, they will be noticeable, but you can also use dark blue on a light pink background which will work just as well. 

If you are not sure what color works best, you can always run an A/B test to pick the best option. There is also a color wheel that designers use a lot which helps to build a complementary palette. Such a tool will help you to pick the best colors for call-to-action buttons. 

Color Wheel.png

As you can see, after picking a primary color, you can pick a secondary and tertiary one. There are a lot of detailed color wheels out there, but this one works best to understand the basic rules. If you feel like there's too much work to pick colors, ask your designers or contact Claspo for a more detailed consultation. 

Clean Background

A clean background helps your action color pop up and be noticed by your potential customers. Most designers keep the background white or make sure the background color is very light. This helps the text and buttons to stand out as such an approach is the most comfortable for our eyes. 

If you decide to change the background color, make sure the CTA colors stand out, and each button is easily noticed. From now on, it doesn't matter whether the button color is the users' favorite. It just has to stand out. The background should be a background and not overshadow the call to action button. 

Secondary Opinion

Always look for a second opinion. But you should not ask your neighbor during a friendly dinner what he or she thinks about your CTA color buttons. Ask your users or experienced designers. It is always an issue that business owners ask their relatives and friends what they think about small parts of the bigger picture without describing the whole concept. Because of that, many businesses struggle with consistency and can't find the marketing agency that will satisfy them. We highly recommend you to find an agency whose portfolio you like and stick with them until receiving the results. In other cases, you might end up with nothing but a Frankenstein monster-like website that doesn't bring you leads, purchases, etc. 

Convert Your Website Visitors To Customers Right Now!

You can run a trial version of your website, offering users to rate what they see and write feedback on specific questions. As we are talking about the best button colors for websites, you can ask them about that topic. If you can, offer them a discount for a thorough review but be specific about what exactly you want to receive from people. 

The obtained information will help you to bring up these arguments during the talk with your marketing team and see what you can do to make your website better.

CTA Buttons Test

Let's imagine you've chosen colors for your best call-to-action buttons, but how do you know they will work? Can you be sure that everyone understands what they stand for and what you want from customers? This is where you can conduct tests and interviews. You can also use marketing tools such as heat maps to see how many people notice these buttons. You can read more on such tools, including the heat maps in our Conversion Rate Optimization Tools that You Can't Ignore text. 

We also don't suggest that you change the colors frequently as users get used to particular color codes of your website and might even use them to navigate around. For example, if the customer remembers that the Download button is yellow, he or she might scroll your landing page and just look for a splash of yellow color, and what if there is none of that? The person might think that you've deleted that option and simply leave. 

How to Create a Perfect CTA Button

There is some advice that will help you to pick the best colors for a call to action button. 

Place a Meaningful Message

Yes, the topic of this article is about CTA button colors, but we want to take a moment and remind you about the message you place on these buttons. Be clear with your copy and make sure that people don't read you wrong. The more simple and clear your message is, the more people will understand you. 

Also, make sure to describe why people need to follow your call to action button. This should not be written on a button itself, but make sure to write it somewhere near. Describe why people need your product or service, what they will get, and how they can use it. We also suggest adding testimonials obtained from other users. 

Even thou this information doesn't affect the topic of good button colors directly, it still makes an impact on your CTA game. 

Be Consistent

If you make a decision that all your Buy buttons are of purple color, make sure that you use this color only for Buy buttons all over your website. Don't use this color for anything else that might confuse people, like the Subscription button or even a Contact button. 

More than that, it is better to use colors that people use all over the world for specific actions. For example, every Internet user knows that Cancel or Deny buttons are red. That's why this color is heavily associated with denying and canceling. Thus we don't recommend using red for Buy or Contact buttons. 

Understand The Size and Placement

The call to action button is meant to be seen. It doesn't have to be small or put in a corner where people don't even look. Be bold and be proud of your CTA. Tell all your customers that if they are here to get your product or services, they should click on THIS button and nothing else. 

Maybe you should work with your marketing team together with designers or developers to optimize the website itself. If you run into an issue that questions the size and placement of your CTA button, you should definitely check the whole website. Optimization is nothing to be afraid of, but it should be done. 

CTA Button Placement

It is a crucial topic as each call to action button should fall into your general website storytelling. If you create a sense of urgency with the discount, then you should place an urgent CTA like the Call Us Now button somewhere near. Place a button each time you grab users' attention. 

As we've mentioned before, you can use heat maps to see where users spend the most time and place it there. 

Once again, the call to action button should be clear, bright, and visible. If there was a formula for that, it would be it. 


The call to action button is a crucial moment for every website. It gives users a chance to take the desired action and get a product, or service, contact the manager, search for help, etc. That's why you need to be very careful when picking the best CTA color. Make sure that it is visible to your customers and is easy to understand. 

In general, you can pick the best button color for conversion based on your brand identity, color wheel, generic rules, etc. The point here is that it should be clear to users what you want from them. 

There's also an easier option where you just use a clear background where any color will pop out so the user can see it. 

And once again, learn your audience. The more you know, the easier you'll find answers to all of your questions, including how to pick the best colors for the call to action buttons. 

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