11 Email Opt-in Examples to Boost Your Email Campaign

01 September 2022 ~ 7 min read 628 views
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Claspo Blog 11 Email Opt-in Examples to Boost Your Email Campaign

Are you planning the email opt-in campaign and need some inspiration? We've got your back. Here you'll see great opt-in email examples that will put you on track. Even though there are many options for how you can get the personal information for your email list, you can get inspired with opt-in form examples to upgrade your email marketing.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Opt-in Email Marketing?
  2. Email Opt-in Examples: 11 Ideas For Your Business
  3. Conclusion

What is Opt-in Email Marketing?

Before sharing examples of opt-in emails, we would like to cover what opt-in marketing is. Of course, if you are here, you know about email marketing, but how do you get to that 'email' part in email marketing? Sometimes you just get emails during the users' registration process, and sometimes you get an email with the help of pop-up windows, offering to subscribe, or ad banners. And this is what opt-in is. 

And luckily for humankind, email marketing is a popular tool that grows with each year. We love receiving interesting and handy emails, don't you? 

Listen up, and don't get us wrong with that. Emails are fabulous, and people are ready to read them and build relations with your brand but only when you write good stuff. No weird unsolicited emails that might be unethical or even illegal. Deal? Always ask people if you can send them an email! If done right, your readers will get to your brand, purchase stuff, and be happy with your services. Friendship always does good. 

Email Opt-in Examples: 11 Ideas For Your Business

Ok, off with theory, and let's check some examples of opt-in emails. Here we've gathered some of our favorite ones. If you remember other top-notch opt-in email examples, you can write them down in the comment section at the end of this article. We would be happy to check out some other great marketing works!

Opt-in email example #1: WordPress

Here's how WordPress asks its visitors to subscribe to their email list. 

WordPress Email Opt-in Example

What we like about this opt-in example is that it is straight as a pencil in your bag. You instantly get the idea of why you need to subscribe to their newsletter: WP videos, tutorials, resources, bonuses, and toolkit. And, as you can see, they also state that they will send letters once a week, so there is no pressure with subscribing to a 10-letters-per-day business. 

The CTA is quite good as well. You're not simply signing up. You're getting freebies that will help you save money and boost your business with WordPress. Sounds cool to us. Definitely would sign-up. 

Opt-in email example #2: Neil Patel

Who would do better than the marketing rock-star Neil Patel? Had to include his email opt-in form approach in this list. 

Neil Patel Email Opt-in Example

Of course, more people that are interested in marketing will subscribe to his newsletter as he is a well-known specialist. But he has to prove that he is a top-notch specialist with his actions, right? This opt-in example is not an exception. The use of the right words can easily help users see what they'll get in the newsletter. Besides, Neil writes about the biggest issue his target audience faces — competitors. And he has tips on how to deal with them! 

Opt-in email example #3: New Yorker

A well-known online and offline magazine has something to offer! Notice how there's something you can offer that is worth sharing via email. 

New Yorker Email Opt-in Example

This is a clean and minimalistic opt-in example. You might have seen New Yorker cartoons prior to that. You might have been subscribed to New Yorker mag, etc. But the cartoons are lit, and the editors know that. Marketing specialists simply have to put several words to it to do something iconic work — New Yorker, humor. 

This approach won't work with every business. The smaller ones should write down the topics they will cover in the newsletter in a bit more detail. But for some giants like New Yorker, Apple, Nike, etc., there's nothing better than just noting the niche they want to share. 

Opt-in email example #4: Substack

Substack is an emerging email subscription platform where you can build your blog, share writings, thoughts, experiences, etc. And each creator has its own page, which resembles a small online media that you can subscribe to. As soon as you subscribe, you get emails with specific writing of the selected blogs to your inbox.

Substack Email Opt-in Example

This is not just like any other opt-in example. We've put this one here as it contains thousands of little websites (blogs), and each of them has to get your attention, so you subscribe and start reading. And even though each of those blogs has the same email opt-in form, they have different words that describe their blogs. And this is what makes it interesting for us and for smaller businesses. It's not like the above-mentioned New Yorker, which can place out a couple of words to the opt-in form, and it will work. This is the only chance people can actually subscribe to your blog and get letters from you. 

Here, we want to call you to write good text for your email opt-in form, where you put all the people who will receive it. Think about it twice before releasing it to the world. 

Opt-in email example #5: Robinhood

A bit different approach to asking you to subscribe from the financial news website Robinhood.  

Robinhood Email Opt-in Example

This opt-in example is very interesting as this is the first thing you see when entering the Robinhood news page. The banner shows how your news will look, writes down what you'll get, and notes that it will take only 3 minutes to read the news to catch up with the financial world! This is a cool move to tell your visitors that it won't take them long to read your letter. Try to use this technique yourself. 

Opt-in email example #6: Morning Brew

A newsletter about business news — not only financial ones but also general- helps you understand the zeitgeist while talking with your co-workers near the cooler.  

Morning Brew Email Opt-in Example

Again, the Morning Brew states that it will take you only 5 minutes to get through the newsletter. It's nice and doable for anyone who wants to be on trend but does not dive deep into specific topics. As the world moves faster, it is necessary to keep on track with current issues in different niches, right? So maybe you also have something to share that people could later discuss with their friends? 

A cool thing here is that Morning Brew writes the name of the latest newsletter so you can get the vibe off the email you'll receive after your subscription.

Opt-in email example #7: Vox

A place with many topics that you might want to receive from news giant Vox.

Vox Email Opt-in Example

Don't get scared with this opt-in example. Even though it looks a bit too much, it has plenty of information that you might want to include in your subscription offer. The page is well-structured, and the whole information block that could be written in one letter is divided into different topics to which you can subscribe. It's a cool option if you have to write much different information and want people to get only letters they would actually read and not simply delete or unsubscribe from your letters. 

Opt-in email example #8: NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour

Keep on track with everything happening around you.  

NPR Email Opt-in Example

Note how NPR says that they send a guide weekly. They describe the range of information you'll get. Nothing more or less. 

The fun part here is that they place all the links to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service right before the Sign Me Up button. They make sure you know what they'll do with your data. And that's a nice move to make sure everyone is notified on personal data.

Opt-in email example #9: NotShy

A French apparel store has something to say to the subscribers via email. 

NotShy Email Opt-in Example

It is a popular move to offer a discount for a subscription which is popular among retail stores. And they work perfectly. People love discounts and are ready to give you their emails. But make sure you create the best content you can create later so they don't unsubscribe as soon as you make a purchase. Spend some time with the stylist creating the best looks that might be interesting for a specific group of readers, be their friends and not random sellers. 

Opt-in email example #10: Chefdrop

A bright kitchen with a vivid website design is one of the best examples of opt-in emails.  

Chefdrop Email Opt-in Example

This is an interesting approach as the website offers you to subscribe to the newsletter twice. The first time when you enter, you get a pop up window. And the second proposition awaits you in the footer of the page. The buttons are bright, and you instantly see what the CTA wants from you, and that's a big yes from us. It also matches the website team, so it doesn't scream much but still is very noticeable. Even though this is a designer's part of work, you still need to look at that. Visitors not only read newsletters but also enjoy the designs, and yours should look great from the first encounter on the internet. 

Opt-in email example #11: Mounser

A fashion retailer knows how to get your attention with an elegant solution.

Mounser Email Opt-in Example

Notice the black sticky bar on the top of the page. Surely it gets more noticeable as you scroll the website. And is perfect as it is minimalistic and still communicates its message clearly. It's always there, as you have time to get through the website, see what items they offer, understand whether you vibe with them, and then decide whether you want to subscribe or not. 


Don't rush in creating an email opt-in form without looking at and analyzing every one of those examples of opt-in emails we've covered earlier. All of them are fresh, and bright, and cover different niches of business from finance to culture, from cuisine to clothing. You just have to get inspired by the best practices of those business owners who've nailed the opt-in game. 

Be real with your customers. Don't go on hiding something or writing unclearly. The writing says it all. If you get all too suspicious, you might end up not getting subscribers at all!

Anyways, we hope you can now go and create the best email opt-in form that will bring you lots of newsletter subscribers. And if you are not ready, you can check out other stories we have on our blog. 

Good luck!

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