21 Newsletter Signup Examples & How to Add Them

21 Newsletter Signup Examples & How to Add Them

14 December 2021 11 September ~ 9 min read
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Claspo Blog 21 Newsletter Signup Examples & How to Add Them

The newsletter signup form serves as the gateway to building a thriving subscriber base and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. However, designing an effective and visually appealing signup form can be challenging. To help you in this endeavor, we have curated a collection of 21 newsletter signup examples that will inspire and provide valuable insights.

In this article, we showcase a range of innovative and creative newsletter signup forms that have proven successful in capturing the attention and interest of website visitors. Whether starting from scratch or looking to revamp your current form, these newsletter signup examples will offer ideas on optimizing your design, messaging, and user experience.

Table of Contents

Effective Newsletter Signup Examples that Convert

Techniques that Make an Effective Newsletter Signup Form

How to Create a Pop-up Newsletter Signup Form Without Coding

Start Growing Your Newsletter Subscribers with Claspo

newsletter-signup-examples1.pngUse This Template

Effective Newsletter Signup Examples that Convert

The first impression you make is when the user sees the popup. This is the moment when important decisions are made. If the words are boring and don’t represent the whole picture, only a few people will subscribe to your newsletter and leave their personal information. But if you dive deep into the newsletter signup possibilities, you might find some ways to engage more people. 

1. Rippedbody with persuasive incentive


Write about specific things that are important to your customer. Your content should solve some user issues. If you provide services, write down some free advice that might change someone’s life.

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newsletter-signup-examples3.pngUse This Template

2. Later greets the visitors with a popup asking them to subscribe


You can always greet your user with warming hi and a simple subscription offer. This is more than a welcome note; you can offer a free guide, book, or tips regarding your service. Or even share a little secret that only your subscribers know. 

3. Convince & Convert with newsletter options


As in the example, you can offer clients to choose different mailing options. For example, an extended version or only special offers that interest them. 

4. Backlinko attracts with expertise


You can even share a little secret that only your subscribers know after newsletter signup. 

5. Hummel offers a discount for subscription

You can constantly offer a discount for every newsletter signup. This working tool has been around for a long time and always works. Of course, you need to provide your customers with valuable information and create excellent content. However, they will quickly agree on a subscription.


6. Startet Story shows social proof


The company shows the number of successful cases in the upper right corner. Remember to show the social proof for the newcomers, as it always helps show that your newsletter is interesting and helpful. 

7. Nike with a powerful CTA


An offer to share your email in exchange for a selection of exclusive materials on a blog will work better than a simple invitation to the mailing list.

8. Averie Cooks makes an exclusive offer to your customers


People like gifts, and we doubt someone can ditch such a generous present for a simple subscription. You can not just offer a subscription the second the user enters the website but wait until they reach the particular place or try to leave the service altogether.

9. Mashable with playful language


What sets Mashable's newsletter popup apart is its clever and humorous copywriting. Instead of the usual "Subscribe to our newsletter" message, they use playful language like "The biggest stories of the day delivered to your inbox." This lighthearted approach adds personality to the signup process and entices visitors to take action.

Additionally, Mashable provides clear value propositions to convince users to subscribe. They mention exclusive content, breaking news, and the ability to stay informed on trending topics.

10. TechCrunch offers multiple topics


A key element of TechCrunch's form is the option for users to select their preferences. They provide checkboxes for different newsletter topics such as Daily, Event Updates, Startups Weekly, and others. This customization allows subscribers to receive content tailored to their interests, increasing the relevance and value of the newsletter. These options allow users to express their interest in more specialized content, enabling brands to segment their audience and provide targeted information. The CTA button text, "Subscribe", is concise and action-oriented, clearly indicating the desired action. The button color contrasts with the rest of the form, making it stand out and attracting users' attention.

11. Lifehacker sets the frequency of their emails


Services usually send around 1-2 letters per week. Let your customers know how often they should expect emails from you.

12. Food52


Instead of a generic "Subscribe to our newsletter," Food52 uses enticing language. This specific and appealing promise aligns with the website's focus on food-related content and encourages visitors to subscribe.

13. Smashing Magazine's straightforward messaging


Smashing Magazine's newsletter form is prominently positioned in the website's header, ensuring it's immediately visible to visitors. The form's design is minimalistic, with a clean layout, which aligns with the website's overall aesthetic.

14. Copyblogger with anti-spam protection


Copyblogger ensures transparency by including a brief statement on data protection below the form. This helps build trust and addresses any concerns users may have about using their personal information.

15. BuzzFeed with a manageable subscription


BuzzFeed's newsletter form is strategically placed within their website's sidebar, ensuring it's easily visible and accessible to users as they engage with the content. The form design is clean and visually appealing, featuring a main header. Additionally, BuzzFeed provides a brief statement on privacy and data protection below the form, assuring users that their information will be handled responsibly and securely.

16. Gizmodo with specific areas of interest for users


Gizmodo's form also incorporates an interactive element by providing checkboxes for users to select their specific areas of interest, such as gadgets, science, or gaming. This customization allows subscribers to receive content tailored to their preferences, ensuring a more personalized experience.

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17. Fashionista with a well-placed "Close" button


Instead of a small, inconspicuous button, Fashionista uses a larger, prominent "X" symbol, making it easy for users to close the popup if they're not interested. This user-friendly design approach ensures a positive experience even for those who choose not to subscribe.

18. Stradivarius with early access


They mention that subscribers will receive early access to sales and new collections. This value-added incentive encourages users to provide their email addresses and join the Stradivarius community.

19. Percona displaying the number of subscribers


Percona incorporates social proof elements in its form. They display the number of subscribers they have, which adds credibility and fosters a sense of community. By showcasing the popularity and trustworthiness of their newsletter, Percona encourages visitors to join the growing subscriber base.

20. Icon-sleep with its simplicity


The form consists of just one input field for users to enter their email addresses. This streamlined design reduces friction and makes the signup process quick and straightforward.

21. Healthline with its visually appealing design


By highlighting the benefits of newsletter signup, Healthline effectively communicates the value visitors can expect from their newsletter. 

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newsletter-signup-examples24.pngUse This Template

Techniques that Make an Effective Newsletter Signup Form

An effective newsletter signup form can help you build a strong subscriber base and grow your email marketing efforts. Here are some techniques to make your newsletter signup form more effective:

Clear and Concise Messaging

Use clear and concise language to communicate the value and benefits of newsletter signup. Explain what subscribers can expect to receive and why they should sign up.

Simple and User-Friendly Design

Keep the design of your newsletter signup form clean and uncluttered. Use a simple layout with clear headings, minimal fields, and easy-to-read fonts. Avoid overwhelming visitors with excessive information or too many required fields.

Placement and Visibility

Position your newsletter signup form in a prominent location on your website, such as the sidebar, header, or footer. Ensure it's visible without requiring visitors to scroll extensively. Consider using pop-ups or slide-ins to catch users' attention.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Optimize your newsletter signup form for mobile devices. Make sure it displays and functions properly on smartphones and tablets as more and more users access the web through mobile devices.

Minimal Required Fields

Keep the number of required fields to a minimum. Asking for just an email address is often sufficient to start building your subscriber list. Additional information can be gathered later through follow-up emails or preference settings.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Use a compelling and action-oriented CTA button to encourage visitors to sign up. Use phrases like "Subscribe Now" or "Get Updates" to convey a sense of urgency and value.

Privacy and Data Protection

Assure visitors that their personal information will be kept secure and not shared with third parties. Mention your privacy policy or link to it near the signup form to build trust.

Incentives and Benefits

Offer incentives to encourage newsletter signup, such as exclusive content, discounts, or free resources. Clearly communicate these benefits near the signup form to entice visitors to subscribe.

Social Proof and Testimonials

Display social proof or testimonials from existing subscribers to build trust and credibility. Highlight positive feedback or showcase the number of subscribers you already have.

A/B Testing and Optimization

Continuously test different variations of your newsletter signup form, such as different colors, wording, or placements, to identify what works best for your audience. Use analytics to track conversions and make data-driven improvements.

By implementing some of these strategies, you can create a compelling signup form that attracts and retains subscribers, boosting your email marketing efforts and fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

newsletter-signup-examples25.pngUse This Template

If you like this popup example, you can add it to your website in a few clicks. Just follow the instructions below. 

How to Create a Pop-up Newsletter Signup Form Without Coding

You can add a popup to your website using the Claspo editor. Let’s consider how to do it step by step.

Step 1. Get started

To get started, auto-login on the site using mail. Then click on the New Widget button.


We turn to the choice of templates. Use the filters to make the right choice.

The first filter is the use case, there are only some of them: 

  • Collect Users Data;
  • Promote Special Offers;
  • Collect Email Addresses;
  • Inform Users.

When you select one of the items, the system automatically selects templates that meet these requirements.


Step 2. Choose the layout

The second filter is the layout. Currently, there are 6 types available.


Step 3. Choose the industry

The following filter is the industry. Here you can select the area of your project. It can be Business, Charity, Electronics, Entertainment, and many others.


Step 4. Choose the theme

The next filter is the theme: Father’s Day, World Environment Day, Spring, and Summer.


Step 5. Explore the widget

To proceed to edit the widget, select one. You can see how the widget is displayed for the mobile and desktop versions and select the launcher that opens this form.


Step 6. Select a template and turn to the editor

Several containers are available in the editor:

  • a text block that can be dragged and placed in the desired location, as well as deleted; 
  • a container inside which you can place several elements at once and align them vertically and horizontally; 
  • a picture that can be loaded from the built-in library or a computer; 
  • a floating image;
  • a button that can be customized.


Change the width and height of the widget.


You can also select the location of other elements, set the content style, and propagate it to all variants in desktop and mobile versions. You can place align inner elements horizontally or vertically and choose the spacing between the elements.


Step 7. Choose the widget triggering

You can turn to the preview to see how the widget will be displayed on the site. Choose widget statuses, language, display on different devices, and Window size. It can be a fixed size or a device size.

Then, save the widget and move on to Widget triggering. Choose Display frequency and When to display the widget. Next, you can connect the placement of the widget using API. To select a different rule, contact Claspo support. You can also select Integrations.


Step 8. Check the result

After saving, you see your widget in the library. To display it, you need to display a widget on your site. You don’t have to put code on the site with a script because it increases its loading speed. All codes will be located on the Claspo servers.


Get more subscribers and customers now using Claspo responsive templates that meet any needs of your business!

newsletter-signup-examples37.pngUse This Template

Start Growing Your Newsletter Subscribers with Claspo

You can always get newsletter signup with excellent copy and minimalistic design. It is essential to care about your users and be ecological about your marketing tools. Learn your audience and product before making any campaign.

A newsletter signup might bring new users and followers who can be your loyal customers. Take care of each of them. Consider what data is important for your company to segment the audience and personalize offers. And also what data the visitors want and can share. Thanks to this, you can make your newsletter signup email more personalized and effective.

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