10 Strong Newsletter Signup Examples and Useful Tips

14 December 2021 ~ 9 min read 2406 views
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Claspo Blog 10 Strong Newsletter Signup Examples and Useful Tips

Email marketing is an old tool, but it still does the job. It helps business owners worldwide get closer with customers and see what they need and want. Basically, you can build a legit relation with the help of email marketing. 

We advise you to create a newsletter signup message to connect with your audience, but you need to work on the content and make sure your information is valuable to people. 

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And the first impression you make is when the user sees the newsletter subscription popup. This is the moment when important decisions are made. If the words are boring and don’t represent the whole picture, only a tiny amount of people will subscribe to our letter and leave their personal information. But if you dive deep into the depth of the newsletter subscription popup possibilities, you might find some ways to engage more people. 

Let’s check the most interesting subscribe to our newsletter popup examples, so you see the best practice and get inspired to create something even better. 

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10 Newsletter Signup Examples for Your Inspiration

1. Keep It Before the Users’ Eyes

Make sure the user sees your offer all the time. Place the newsletter signup popup anywhere on the page and make it sticky. The most common place is the bottom of the webpage the user sees. There’s no need to hide it. 

You can ask how many letters the user wants to receive and what topic needs to be covered. There’s nothing worse than receiving the information you don’t want to read. There is way too much info chaos around us.

Use simple designs for your newsletter signup form, so the user sees it and understands your intention in a second. Yes, it is harder to notice the signup messages as it is not an actual pop-up, but placing it at the bottom of the viewport is a wise decision since it doesn’t bug the reader but still is noticeable. 

Keep It Before the Users Eyes Example

Keep It Before the Users Eyes Popup Example

2. Create a Two-Step Subscription

At first, the user sees the sticky bottom line that offers the subscription. And after the client presses the button, he or she sees another newsletter signup pop-up that offers to insert the data. 

This option divides one process into smaller steps, and it is easier to follow as it looks like you need to make less to achieve the result. 

You can also add social proof in the form of reviews from current subscribers or place several already subscribed users. Also, show what exact benefit the user gets from your content. Will there be exclusive content or some uncommon tips and tricks?  

Create a Two-Step Subscription Example

Create a Two-Step Subscription Popup Example

3. Offer a Discount For Subscription

You can constantly offer a discount for every subscription. This is a working tool that has been around for a long time, and it always works. Of course, you need to provide your customers with valuable information and create fantastic content. However, they will quickly agree on a subscription.

Create a powerful CTA — not just a regular Subscribe, but the one that states the discount percentage. For example, place “Yes, I want my 10% off”. And for the hostile button, place something like “No, I don’t want my 10% off”. People like discounts, and we doubt that someone can ditch such a generous present for a simple subscription. 

You can also not just offer a subscription the second the user enters the website but wait until he or she reaches the particular place or tries to leave the service altogether. 

Offer a Discount For Subscription Example

Offer a Discount For Subscription Popup Example

4. Create Subscribers While Instagramming

If you have a massive following, you can always place a Link Tree link where you can keep all the necessary services and information about your business. It means that you can offer a subscription for the newsletter just there as well. 

Don’t miss out on your followers that might be interested in your information. This approach doesn’t involve coding or anything like that, so, basically, you can do everything yourself. You just have to copy and paste the link.

Social Media platforms are essential as they get more engagement, and the followers might be more loyal as they can see the connection with your content. We recommend you use this and convert your followers into subscribers. 

Create Subscribers While Instagramming Example

Create Subscribers While Instagramming Popup Example

5. Greet Your Visitors With a Pop-up Asking to Subscribe

You can always greet your user with warming hi and a simple subscription offer. This is more than a welcome note; you can offer a free guide, book, or tips regarding your service. Or even share a little secret that only your subscribers know. 

Remember to show the social proof for the newcomers as it always helps show that your newsletter is interesting and helpful. 

Make sure to highlight your freebies as people love them and are ready to leave their data for that. 

Greet Your Visitors With a Pop-up Asking to Subscribe Example

Greet Your Visitors With a Pop-up Asking to Subscribe Popup Example

6. Share the Most Important Information

Be honest with your readers. Don’t guess what they’ll enjoy and just say right away what exactly you will send them. Make sure to write down the frequency of your letters: will it be twice a week or twice a month? 

This is a great strategy to keep your intentions transparent, as no one likes being fooled with useless content that clutters the inbox.

Share the Most Important Information Example

Share the Most Important Information Popup Example

7. Give Them a Reason to Subscribe

Write about specific things that are important to your customer. Your content should solve some kind of user issues. If you provide services, make sure to write down some free advice that might change someone’s life. 

Also, set the frequency of your emails. Services usually send around 1-2 letters per week. Let’s say you send emails every Monday and Friday — tell your customer who is about to subscribe to our newsletter. 

You can also place an example of your previous letter to know what exactly happens when reading the news. 

Give Them a Reason to Subscribe Example

Give Them a Reason to Subscribe Popup Example

8. Offer to Become an Insider

People love to be a part of the closed community. Invite them to be a part of yours. Tell them that you’ll share exclusive content only available for a circle of subscribed friends. And make every letter count. 

Offer to Become an Insider Example

Offer to Become an Insider Popup Example

9. Ask Questions

The main text should attract the user with its topic. Ask a rhetorical question that you don’t need users to answer. Their answer should be an email they leave in the subscription form.

Make your newsletter signup easy to understand, minimalistic, and straightforward. No additional steps, pictures, or texts should distract users from your main goal. 

Ask Questions Example

Ask Questions Popup Example

10. Say Hi!

Never neglect a chance to say hi to your user! And make it as loud as possible. This will surely get the desired attention and help you get a new subscriber. 

Don’t forget to add some value as a simple hi is not enough for a person to leave personal data.

Say Hi Example

Say Hi Popup Example

Useful Tips

If you want to create a powerful newsletter signup popup, you need to follow powerful tips that you can find here below. Make sure to check all these steps as you create a pop-up. This will help you create the most engaging newsletter signup and get the most out of this campaign. 

  • Provide users with immediate value — give them a free e-book, a discount, a promo code, free shipping, etc. 

  • State the exact number of emails that people will receive and how often. Tell them what kind of letter they’ll get so they won’t freak out about something new. 

  • Create personalized newsletter signup forms if possible. 

  • Keep everything simple. The shorter your text — the better. 

  • Don’t forget about the social proof. People trust more when they see someone’s prior experience. You have to have positive reviews to invite more users. 

  • Work on your CTA. It should be like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Show the subscriber the benefits and be nice.

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You can always get newsletter signups with an excellent copy and minimalistic design. It is essential to care about your users and be ecological about your marketing tools. Don’t create weird things that no one will understand. Learn your audience and product before making any campaign. 

A subscription might bring you new users and followers that can be your loyal customers in the future. Take care of each of them as you don’t know what will happen to them.

If you feel inspired, you can always ask Claspo for help and create your best newsletter signup popup.