Relative Timer: New Claspo Feature for Your Limited-Time Deals

Relative Timer: New Claspo Feature for Your Limited-Time Deals

27 November 2023 27 November 2023 ~ 7 min read 1369 views
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Claspo Blog Relative Timer: New Claspo Feature for Your Limited-Time Deals

Despite all the benefits, limited-time deals still present you with the dilemma of frequency and duration. If your deals are too short, many shoppers may miss the opportunity to use them. But if you do limited-time sales too often, shoppers will lose interest and trust in your business. In both cases, you lose profit. Claspo solves this dilemma with our mind-blowing feature - a relative countdown timer.

Regular and Relative Timer: What's the Difference?


A regular timer widget starts counting down as soon as you publish it on your website. This way, all visitors see the same time remaining until your offer ends. In contrast, a relative timer starts counting down for each visitor individually when your widget is shown to them. 

Simply put, the main difference is the starting point of the countdown. The first case involves launching a widget on the website, and the second involves displaying the widget to each specific visitor.

Let's look at a specific example:

You run a 48-hour sale and launch the widget on your website at 10 am. By choosing a regular timer, the countdown begins immediately, and all shoppers who visit your site at noon will see that there are 46 hours left until the end of the sale. 

But if you use a relative timer, shoppers still see 48 hours when the widget is first shown, regardless of whether they visit at noon, midnight, or the next day.

Run Smart Limited-Time Deals with Relative Timer

As we promised earlier, a relative timer solves the dilemma of frequency and duration of limited-time offers. Let's see how.

Shoppers Have Individual Deadlines

Since the countdown starts for each website visitor individually, more shoppers can take advantage of your offer, even with a very short deadline. As a result, your sales increase.

You Don't Worry About Deal Frequency

Your relative timer widget can run continuously on your site. But you can configure it so that it disappears for each visitor as soon as the countdown reaches 00:00:00. This way, your limited-time offer ends for that particular shopper but is still available to others. Profit without losing trust!

Resume Countdown if Needed

The default Claspo settings contain a countdown reset. In this case, the widget display will be resumed for site visitors during their next session or after a specified period. It works great if you want to give hesitant shoppers a second chance and reach a larger audience with your offer.

Take your limited-time offers to the next level. Create a widget with a relative timer right now!

How to Setup a Relative Timer in Claspo

Since Claspo stands for simplicity, setting up a relative timer in your widget will only take a few clicks.

Step 1

Go to the Claspo library and select any template with a countdown timer. If you create a widget from scratch, just drag and drop the timer into your layout.


Step 2

Click on the countdown timer in your layout and select "Setup time" in the General settings in the sidebar.


Step 3

Select "From the start of displaying," and your timer will automatically become relative. After that, specify the duration of your offer from 1 minute to 30 days to start the countdown.


Step 4

As we said, the default settings include resuming the timer after the countdown ends. If you're happy with this, specify when your relative timer widget will be shown to site visitors again.


Step 5

If you want your widget to disappear for each website visitor as soon as the countdown expires, turn off the reset timer with one click.


Step 6

That's all! Your relative timer is ready to be shown. All you have to do is customize the appearance of your widget, edit the display rules, and publish your widget.

Setting up the relative timer takes only a few minutes. Why put it off? Be the first to try it and stay ahead of your competitors.

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