Overview of the 5 Best Shipping Apps

Overview of the 5 Best Shipping Apps

25 January 2023 05 June 2023 ~ 7 min read 3207 views
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Claspo Blog Overview of the 5 Best Shipping Apps

Have you known that 90% of consumers would shop online more often if they were given the option of free shipping? At the same time, 73% of people are more likely to buy an item if it includes free shipping.


Suppose you are a fan of shopping and are tired of tracking parcels by numbers in online stores. In that case, our article will help you find a universal shipping app where you can track everything at once or at least deliver from several major global online stores.



Parcelify: Shipping Rates


PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label


Minimal price

Free plan




Free plan

Main features

Sales automation. Free tariff.

Special prices from carriers UPS and USPS.

Flexible system for setting up and calculating delivery. Shipping cost calculator. Link to a postcode map.

Step-by-step instructions for the correct packaging of goods in boxes. Shipping calculator. Parcel tracking.

A huge toolkit for creating and tracking parcels. Large selection of carriers. Cost calculator and tracking.

Customization of the cargo delivery notification process. Flexible SMS and Mail messages. Fast communication with the buyer.

Who is it ideal for?

Suitable for users who are just starting in business and need more resources to manage all processes.

Suitable for businesses, with a large number of different product categories.

Suitable for companies that use boxes for parcels and also need accurate product tracking.

Suitable for large and medium business.

Shipping app for small business and companies that communicate directly with customers.


The best shipping app in its price range. Simple and convenient for novice users.

The best shipping app for creating a supply chain and correct payments for delivery.

The best shipping app for businesses that use boxes to deliver goods.

The best shipping app for large and medium businesses. It has all the necessary logistics functionality.

The best  shipping app for customizing your tasks and communication with the buyer.

78% of Amazon Prime members say they’ve signed up because of free shipping. So it is a great benefit for those people who order online.

Let’s dive into apps for shipping.

1. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is the best shipping app for those who are just starting their business. The application has support for IOS and Android, as well as a simple and intuitive interface. It integrates with all online marketplaces and allows you to set up shipping via UPS and USPS (the US only).

Main features

You can use almost the entire functional set of applications for free, there is only a limit to the number of orders. You can easily switch to a paid subscription with unlimited access. The shipping app automates all ordering processes and gives special rates for specified carriers. As tools, the user has all modules, such as chat, personal email, live calls, etc.


There are 4 tariff plans:


Free plan with limited orders per month (25).


Price - $19.99/month. Limit of 200 orders/month.


Price - $29.99/month. Limit of 500 orders/month.


Price - $49.99/month. Limit of 1500 orders/month and unlimited buyers.


The best app in its price range. Simple and convenient for novice users.

2. Parcelify

Parcelify is a shipping app for the flexible delivery of goods. It allows you to create unique tariff plans for each category of goods. The delivery system is based on information about postal codes, which greatly facilitates the process of generating a route.

Main features

The shipping app has all the necessary tools for the successful delivery of goods. The user can use a calculator that accurately calculates the shipping cost, taxes, and insurance for any package. Also, the shipping app displays all the necessary information about the cost of delivery immediately in the shopping cart. Therefore, the buyer will always know how much this or that service costs.


There is a trial period of 14 days, as well as one tariff plan:


Price – $19.99/month. Unlimited users and product categories.


The best shipping app for creating a supply chain and correct delivery calculations.

3. Boxify

Boxify is a shipping app that specializes in product packaging. It allows you to accurately calculate the required dimensions of the box for the goods. There is a step-by-step instruction on how to properly pack the goods so as not to damage them during delivery.

Main features

The shipping app is compatible with almost all major logistics carriers worldwide. It has built-in tools that help you better pack the product and calculate its cost based on dimensions and weight. Boxify coordinates the delivery, so the user can track where and how the goods are transported, whether by plane or truck.


There is a 14-day trial period, as well as 4 monthly plans:


Price - $19/month. Up to 250 shipping calculations per month.


Price - $39/month. Up to 750 shipping calculations per month.


Price - $69/month. Up to 1500 shipping calculations per month.


Price - $99/month. Up to 3000 shipping calculations per month.


Best shipping app for businesses that use boxes to deliver goods.

4. MultiCarrier Shipping Label

MultiCarrier Shipping Label is a shipping app that includes all the necessary tools to manage delivery in a large business. It provides the ability to fully customize the logistics process, select the largest carriers in the world, calculate tariffs and set up product tracking.

Main features

Over 30 certified carriers covering the whole world and extensive experience in the market, as well as cooperation with large companies. This is a platform for setting up all logistics needs for large and medium-sized businesses. There is a wide range of calculators for calculating the cost of goods, plugins for tracking packages, and automated systems.


There is a 14-day trial and 4 types of subscriptions:


$9/month – 100 orders per month, 24/7 support, and package tracking.


$29/month – 1000 orders per month, 24/7 support and package tracking, full choice of carriers.


$49/month – 3000 orders per month, 24/7 support and package tracking, full choice of carriers.


$99/month – unlimited orders, 24/7 support, package tracking, full choice of carriers.


The best shipping app for large and medium businesses. It has all the necessary logistics functionality.

5. Vamaship

Vamaship is a shipping app that allows you to customize your delivery. Make it more unique, as well as interact with customers. It is completely free and has a flexible management interface. With the help of Vamaship, you can set up SMS notifications for each customer, monitor the package's movement, and collect statistics.

Main features

The shipping app is entirely free. All functions have an unlimited number of uses. You can create SMS notifications, set up their automation, monitor logistics, and communicate with buyers in live chat. It's one of the best shipping apps for small businesses.


The application is completely free.


The best shipping app for customizing your tasks and connecting with the customer.

Provide Services Using Shipping Apps

An e-commerce store requires timely delivery of goods and services to customers, ensuring maximum satisfaction. Apps for shipping take care of all shipping-related tasks efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

Today, there is a large number of apps for shipping that simplify and automate business processes in a company. So, now even small businesses have the opportunity to provide services that were previously available only to large companies.
We know that choosing the right app can be a difficult task. You can use shopping search engines and the best shipping apps we found during our research. 


1. How can a shipping app help me?

These apps for shipping will simplify the process of monitoring the delivery of goods and automate orders.

2. What devices can I use these shipping apps on?

All apps for shipping allow you to work using a personal computer through the web browser and the mobile versions for Android and IOS systems.

3. If I don't want to pay because I don't know if I'll like the shipping app, how can I test its functionality?

At the moment, all shipping apps have free trials. Some are for 14 days, some for 30.

4. Do I need a powerful phone for the shipping application?

All apps for shipping are optimized for even the weakest devices and do not take up much space. On average, this is 50-100 MB.

5. Is it safe to download app data to my phone?

Yes, all apps for shipping on official sites are certified and have been tested for viruses.

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