How to Increase Retail Sales in 2022: 10 Ways in 2022

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Claspo Blog How to Increase Retail Sales in 2022: 10 Ways in 2022

Figuring out how to increase retail sales, when your business is going through a plateau or a downfall, can turn into a challenging quest. Sometimes the fault is in our stars, e.g., when you struggle to mitigate the detrimental consequences of economic recession, and sometimes you just fail to detect the inherent flaws of your action plan. Anyway, in case you withhold no effort, but your profits persistently exhibit no intention of going up, here are 10 evident, yet groundbreaking ways to increase sales in retail. 

  1. Don’t Wander, Draw a Road Map
  2. Take a Walk in Customers’ Shoes
  3. Reinvent Your Communication
  4. Turn Consumers Into Your Allies
  5. Know Your Worth
  6. Combine Conventional Advertising and Modern Technologies
  7. Temp Shoppers to Buy More
  8. Go Virtual
  9. Turn Your Display Into an Eye Candy
  10. Join Team “Creativity”

How to Drive Sales in Retail to the Destination “Success”

Of course, this journey is not easy, it requires dedication, strategic thinking, a capable team, creativity, and resources. Yet, this route is suitable for everyone whose mind is preoccupied with discovering new ways to increase retail sales. So, let’s take the first step.

Way #1. Don’t Wander, Draw a Road Map

You might let many pitfalls, obstacles, and predicaments unravel as you go, but it is better to prepare in advance. Hence, if you prefer to avoid unnecessary entanglement or protraction, you have to:

  • Set up viable goals.
  • Brainstorm ideas, tactics, and tools.
  • Implement your plan gradually. 

Do not rush into immediate action, be thorough with your research. Otherwise, you risk falling victim to your unattainable expectations. Disappointment can be frustrating and discouraging, while success, even if it is a small improvement, can become a strong motive to move forward. 

Way #2. Take a Walk in Customers’ Shoes

You might try to recreate a plot of What Women Want and take a walk in the shoes from your store, but there are less drastic methods to see yourself from a buyers’ perspective. Studying and practicing consumer empathy should be your fundamental approach towards solving the mystery of how to increase retail sales because it will help you uncover what attracts and repulses your clientele. So, which paths can you take to get an insight into shoppers’ experiences:

  • Gather feedback and monitor reviews on your website, social media, forums, and other platforms.  
  • Leave a questionnaire or a feedback form in your store, so people could express their gratitude, complain, or share their thoughts.
  • Conduct A/B testing.

Way #3. Reinvent Your Communication

Now you know about consumer empathy and are equipped to successfully implement it in your business routine. You can anticipate not only what customers demand in terms of product enhancement, but also how they wish to be treated. Thus, it is time for you to train your staff to be capable of consulting, assisting, supporting, making suggestions, and consoling buyers with sincere compassion and being knowledgeable professionals in their area of expertise. 

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The techniques of handling empathetic vis-à-vis conversations might be hard to master, but at least they are well-known. Making online shoppers feel welcome, supported, and appreciated, on the other hand, might be perceived by many retailers as a mission impossible. However, contemporary technology evolved immensely in terms of providing practical means for social interactions. Hence, here are some original takes on how to facilitate your digital communication:

  • Aside from the FAQ section and chatbot, install a live chat feature.
  • Check that your customer service is easy to reach and swift to respond to.
  • Publish captivating and SEO-optimized content on your website and social networks.
  • React to the mentions of your product, feedback, or reviews by sharing and commenting on social media, your site, or other platforms.
  • Send emails to present your new items and services, offer a discount, and remind them about things they liked. Furthermore, you can use messengers to do all this stuff, alongside allowing people to contact you instantly. 
  • Pop-ups might not be of use when the users have already left, but when it comes to approaching them on-site they are a real treasure. Use Claspo to create pop-up messages that present shoppers with welcome discounts, limited-time offers, personal recommendations, upcoming sales announcements, and many other things.    

Way #4. Turn Consumers Into Your Allies

Devoted clients will be your staunchest supporters when the rainy days come and your sales start feeling under the weather. That is why it is pivotal to exert every effort to encourage customers' commitment to your brand by:

  • Creating a loyalty discount program that is easy to join and provides tangible benefits. 
  • Rewarding visitors for buying more and putting their hesitation aside. In-store, you have salespeople or assistants to render “1+1=3” deals or a discount for purchasing now, while on the website, you can use pop-ups to convey these offers. Claspo can help you craft them with a couple of clicks. 
  • Being relatable and upfront. Posting real-life photos, videos, and stories about your company, product, or staff on social media and website can make users respect you, sympathize with you, or prove that you are trustworthy. 
  • Supporting a social or environmental cause. You do not have to pursue an agenda, you can make donations, participate in charitable events, or incorporate sustainable practices that coincide with your stance to contribute to a noble cause and convert purpose-driven customers into advocates of your brand.    

Way #5. Know Your Worth

As the captain, you risk sinking the ship if you are not in control or lose sight of the unfolding events. Therefore, you need to be constantly aware of these key aspects of your business:

  • Inventory (e.g., so you won’t run out of Christmas sweaters in the middle of the holiday season);
  • Items that infatuate shoppers and the ones that are outdated or failed to appeal to the audience;
  • Budget (it is hard to spend money on a marketing campaign if you do not have any);
  • Prices (they need to be affordable, but not detrimental to your income); 
  • Strengths you can use for advertisement and shortcomings that call for mending. 
  • Features that make you stand out from your competitors (quality materials, speed delivery, wide product selection, etc.).  

Way #6. Combine Conventional Advertising and Modern Technologies

Sometimes even the representatives of a younger generation find themselves starting the conversation with a snobby “Call me old-fashioned, but…” and resisting innovative technologies. Indeed, nothing compares to the tangible experience of reading a printed book. Yet, if you reject Kindle, you’ll miss the opportunity to carry all of your favorite novels around. The same logic lies behind advertising. Thus, alongside business cards, brochures, flyers, billboards, and press releases, embrace the perks of:

  • Facebook Ads Manager & Google Ads;
  • Blogs and Social Media (you can combine producing SEO-optimized content with asking bloggers or influencers to promote your company);
  • Emails and retargeting.     

Way #7. Temp Shoppers to Buy More

Indulging customers’ impulse shopping and upselling them with complementary items can become a huge source of your revenue when you approach it wisely:

  • Do not try to sell additional items if you see that the person does not have time or has a limited budget.
  • Ensure that extra products or services do not increase the total cost significantly.
  • Place small things near the checkout area, so buyers could find matching earrings for the dress, remember that they wanted pocket pack tissues, or decide that they need an adapter for the tool.
  • Insert a special section with goods and services that supplement the items the client intends to purchase.    

Of course, financial incentives matter greatly too. So, do not hesitate to:

  • Offer discounts and coupons;
  • Give a heads-up about your major sales. 
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Way #8. Go Virtual

The majority of Internet users had experience with online shopping before the pandemic started. But since the lockdown forced us to stay home, e-commerce invaded our lives and became an inherent part of our daily routine. Essentially, you can offer an entirely virtual experience when visitors purchase things online and get packages delivered to their doorsteps. However, with more people getting accustomed to hybrid shopping, you can also incorporate practices that are fast, convenient, and allow consumers to forget about tormenting standing in line:

  • Enable buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS) options;
  • Install self-checkout (SCO) machines. 

Naturally, shoppers cannot benefit from buying things online if they are unable to access your website or application. Therefore, make sure that your policy is inclusive to all platforms and devices:

  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile versions are equally accessible, usable, and easy to navigate.
  • People can effortlessly download and use your App Store and Google Play applications.


Way #9. Turn Your Display Into an Eye Candy

Your store can be great, and the products might be of the highest quality, but the customers will not grow to appreciate it until you manage to charm them and lure them in like the Gingerbread House did with Hansel and Gretel (use it for inspiration, but do not be the evil witch to your visitors, of course). Thus, here are some helpful tips to enamor your potential clients or tickle their perception and aesthetic taste, and to increase sales in retail:

  • Start the display with your best-selling items, so people could see them before they even enter the premises.
  • Keep in mind that color palette and lightning matter. Create displays with similar color schemes, or highlight certain objects with bright colors. Put hit products and things that are on sale in the spotlight (literally and figuratively).
  • Decorate the place. Design a Harry Potter stand with action figures to feel your bookstore with magic, or add flowers and a wicker basket to one of the bicycles to relive the atmosphere of a carefree summer ride.  
  • Make sure that your website has an elegant, functional design, and does not look like a flashy country fair. Create separate sections for popular goods and sales.
  • Upload high-quality pictures and videos of the product surrounded by other objects or worn by models, so people could vividly imagine utilizing or trying it on.
  • The page elements should not steal attention from a call-to-action button.        

Way #10. Join Team “Creativity”

If you are out of ideas on how to increase retail sales, try being original:

  • Invent or search for occasions to celebrate. Surely, a sale on the account of cute and funny socks or a wine tasting dedicated to the Global Drink Wine Day will melt visitors’ hearts.
  • Think out of the box (or out of the walls, in that case) and design a display/sign outside. It does not have to be complicated, just place counterfeit glasses and a bottle of wine with a “Why not?” label or draw a sign that says: “There is no problem that cannot be solved by chocolate”. 
  • Draw inspiration from your surroundings. Capture product, clients, work environment and share it on your social media. 


Experiencing stagnation or a recession can be daunting. Sometimes it might seem that you together with all the marketing analysts have finally run out of suggestions on how to increase sales in retail. 

Still, do not get into a panic. Open this “first aid kit” guide and try adjusting sales/marketing strategy, exhibiting more consumer empathy, streamlining your communication, optimizing the online shopping experience, or reimagining the store’s display. Surely, you will find a remedy.    

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