How to Make Money on Twitter for Your Business or Just For Yourself

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Claspo Blog How to Make Money on Twitter for Your Business or Just For Yourself

Thinking about how to make money on Twitter? And is it even possible? Yes, it is possible, and you can actually earn a coin. You can promote yourself or your business on a Twitter account easily. Each brand should have as many tools to help reach new customers or build loyalty. 

Twitter is one of the most popular and biggest social media platforms on the internet. A daily count of active users goes up to 126 million users, so be sure to find your audience there. Tweet constantly, sharing your thoughts, ideas, visions, and memes to reach more potential customers who will bring you money. 

And answering your question Can you make money on Twitter — yes, you can. Follow the advice you'll find in this article, and you'll be making money on Twitter in one blink of an eye. 

Table of Contents

1. Before Making Money on Twitter

2. How to Make Money on Twitter: 5 Ways

3. Conclusion

Before Making Money on Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account at all? If not, create one and make sure to design it properly. This is not just the desire to create a perfect picture of your internet appearance, but rather creating a reliable source to place information for your customers. Among other issues that might appear to happen with your page is that you don't have an audience at all yet, or followers don't trust you. So the first step is to fix these issues as they won't let you grow further. 

1. Work on Designing Your Profile Properly

The presentation is everything. You should create your picture so people can trust you and feel your professionalism due to the amount of attention and work you've put into your profile design. 

Here are some tips that will help you create the perfect Twitter account design:

— The high-quality profile picture is a must

— Specify your website (if available)

— Work on BIO copy

— Set an easy-to-remember Twitter name 

— Pick a high-quality background picture 

And here is a little trick that you can use to promote yourself or your business: 

— Use your background as an advertisement box. You can add your achievements, name notorious customers, share your awards, etc. 

It's not a secret to anyone that aesthetically pleasing profiles get more attention. The appearance of your account is advertising itself. You can ask the designer to help with all the images that you have to add, or you can use Canva to do it yourself, thanks to its user-friendly UX. 

The name of your account should be easy to remember and remind you or your business. The bio should be direct and professional. You can stuff the bio with the following information: 

— Your name

— Your career data

— Your credibility

— The profit customers can get from you

Besides placing a link to your website, you can also use this line to place an affiliate link or anything else that you want your followers to focus on. 

And don't forget to add your location if it is necessary for your business. It can be unnecessary in case you work all around the world and can't be associated with only one spot on the planet Earth. 

2. Create Valuable Content Consistently

This is where people usually snap, as they have to constantly create content if they want to know how to monetize Twitter. Basically, the content is the thing that makes you money. And it is not only about Twitter but about any other social media platform or blogging platform as well. 

Learn this tip and follow it religiously: If you want to be successful on a Twitter — post anywhere between 1 to 5 posts per day. And most of them should be valuable and useful to your customers. Yes, it might look like a full-time job, but doesn't it worth it? 

More than that, as you run your Twitter account now, you have to think about the content 24/7 and not just 9 to 5. Search for the ideas elsewhere — friends, news, city, etc. 

3. Engage Your Audience

You also need to talk with your audience as they are there for your content, and there's nothing as good as if they feel connected to your topic. Learn to communicate with them and learn how you can be useful to them. 

What can you do to attract more people, make friends, and connect with your audience? This is how you make money off Twitter. Among many options, the most popular are:

— Sending direct messages

— Replying in the comment sections in your posts and others

— Asking your audience about things that really matter to you

And it is better if you do it as genuine as possible since people can sense lie and won't engage with you if so. Build trust. Even thou it is not the easiest thing to do, and it takes time, you surely can do that. 

How to Make Money on Twitter: 5 Ways

Can you get paid from Twitter? Of course, you can! By promoting your services or products, you can engage your future customers and show them all the benefits of your business. However, the presence on Twitter is rather a hard one. It requires to be present all the time and post quality content on a daily basis. 

Here are some ideas that can help you understand how to make money from Twitter:

1. Become a Creator

To find out how to make money on Twitter, you can start working for someone else. Writing tweets for different accounts will help you understand the platform and see which content works best and which approaches are more successful. 

Basically, you can be someone's ghostwriter while getting used to Twitter. Or in case you don't want to promote your services or business and just want to earn a coin. But the coins here are good: there are stories that people can earn up to $1,000 per tweet. That's some of a catch!

To get your tweets rolling, you can use some money you've earned to pay influencers, so they repost your tweet. This helps get extra coverage and engage new people to your page. And the more people interact with your content, the more money you can earn in the future. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Another way how to make money from Twitter is to use affiliate links and earn each time people buy something from your recommendation. It is one of the ways that can help you earn money fast if you have a big following. In another case, you still get money and grow your audience but don't expect huge numbers on the paycheck yet. 

Even though you want to earn good money, we don't recommend you place affiliate links all day long on your page. People won't like it and will unfollow you as it is very annoying and straightforward. Just be sincere with items you promote and make sure you like them and just want to share them with your audience. The last thing you want to do is share bad products. People won't believe you next time and unfollow you, which means you'll get less profit in the future. 

3. Sell Your Products

Can you make money on Twitter off your business? Well, yes, you can. You can start selling your own products or offer services to a wide range of people who read you. And since you promote the goods yourself, you don't have to pay anyone to write text for you — that's the way you can save up some budget. More than just selling products or services, you can sell pre-orders, manufactured products, memberships, conduct sales, etc. 

A tip that is not that obvious is that you can run pre-orders if you don't have items on your hands and don't know whether people will actually see them. 

4. Invite People to Your Website

Another way how to monetize Twitter is to traffic your followers to your website, blog, business, e-commerce store, whatever. You can use Twitter specifically to promote your business to get more customers. 

To attract a more target audience, you can use hashtags, but don't overdo them as they have this spammy vibe. You can also search different tweets that have something like "Looking for…" and write down your product or service and see who is in search of your service. And then, you can simply promote yourself in the comments. That's easy. It does take a lot of time to get the client, but it is surely worth it, and it's better than sitting around and waiting for something that might never happen. 

5. Build Your Email List

There are obvious reasons why building an email list can help you make money from Twitter. You can get closer to your customers, get more personal, build relationships, reach more people, and be the voice that people want to hear. 

Promoting yourself and your business is as important as everything else when it comes to business. This is part of the greater marketing goal that you have for your business. 

One of many ways you can build an email list is to attract people to follow your page, where you can offer them to subscribe to your newsletter. For example, you can write bigger threads that attract people and connect with things you say, so try to write down engaging and interesting topics, so people see that you have something to say and start following you, 

And don't forget about the call to action. Sometimes people need that little push, so you tell them what you want from them: subscription to the newsletter, following, purchasing from your website, etc. 

Start small but do things constantly and consistently. You don't have to run ahead and post 10 posts per day and then become silent for a week. The slower you go, the longer you'll stay on this track. Basically, any marketing strategy is about running a marathon, not a sprint, and Twitter is definitely the place to run a marathon.


We see plenty of opportunities how to make money on Twitter. You can either promote yourself or your business or simply write tweets for money for others or share affiliate links. 

Twitter is another platform that has plenty of ways to get what you want, so just go and work for it!

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