How to Create an SMS Pop-up that Really Works

How to Create an SMS Pop-up that Really Works

20 December 2021 12 April ~ 13 min read 6120 views
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Claspo Blog How to Create an SMS Pop-up that Really Works

Have you ever noticed how e-commerce websites ask you for your phone number to send the hottest deals for maximum connection? This is another tool you can use to get more customers and create a loyal list. 

SMS marketing isn't new, but we see new approaches each year and learn that people use their phones to connect with brands. Even if you think that only small stores create SMS pop-ups that ask for a phone number, that's not true. Big brands like Kim Kardashian's Skims and Anthropologie use this marketing tool to connect with their customers. 


Benefits and Implementation of SMS Pop-up

Sponsored SMS messages, when used correctly, have a high open rate and conversion rate. The exact figures depend on the audience and brand awareness, but in most cases, the percentage of SMS openings exceeds the views of bulk emails several times.

There are many reasons to integrate SMS messaging into a company's marketing strategy. For example, SMS is the fastest way to communicate something to your client. But do not limit your methods to SMS because only a combination of various channels for communication and promotion will help you to achieve high and visible results. The SMS campaign will help to promote and support existing projects and allow you to personally inform the client about the current offers. You can use SMS messaging as the main channel for advertising, but, in this case, you risk making the client annoyed with numerous messages.

Enhancing Your Marketing Efforts with SMS Pop-ups

Here are a few ways SMS pop-ups can be used to engage with your audience and boost your marketing results:

1. Capturing Contact Information

By collecting phone numbers with SMS pop-ups, you can build a list of subscribers who are interested in your products or services and can be targeted with future marketing campaigns.

2. Promoting Sales and Special Offers

By offering exclusive deals to your SMS subscribers, you can incentivize them to make a purchase and build brand loyalty.

3. Providing Customer Support

If your customers have a quick and convenient way to reach out to you, you can improve their experience and build a positive reputation for your brand.

4. Delivering Personalized Content

By delivering personalized content, you can increase engagement and build stronger relationships with your audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Effective SMS Pop-ups

Step 1: Determine Your Goal

Identify the specific goal you want to achieve with your SMS pop-ups. It could be to expand your SMS subscriber list, promote a sale or offer, or increase engagement on your website.

Step 2: Choose Your SMS Marketing Platform

Choose a reliable SMS marketing platform that allows you to create and send SMS pop-ups to your subscribers. 

Step 3: Design Your Pop-up

Create a visually appealing and attention-grabbing design for your SMS pop-up. Ensure the design is consistent with your brand identity and includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) that explains what subscribers will receive by opting into your SMS list.

Step 4: Write Your Copy

Craft a persuasive and concise copy encouraging subscribers to opt into your SMS list. Use powerful words, create a sense of urgency, and highlight the benefits of subscribing to your SMS list.

Step 5: Set the Timing and Triggers

Choose the timing and triggers for your SMS pop-up. Decide when and where it will appear on your website, and set triggers that activate the pop-up, such as when a user scrolls to a certain point or spends a certain amount of time on your site.

Step 6: Test and Optimize

Test your SMS pop-up with a small sample of your audience to see how it performs. Monitor key metrics like conversion rate and adjust the design, copy, timing, or triggers as needed to optimize the pop-up performance.

Step 7: Launch and Monitor

Once you've optimized your SMS pop-up, launch it to your audience and monitor its performance regularly. Track metrics like opt-in, unsubscribe, and engagement rates to determine if the pop-up is achieving your desired goal. Make adjustments as needed to improve performance over time.

Examples of Successful Pop-up SMS Campaigns

1. Soylent

This pop-up appears as a small window on the website at all times. So, if a client wants to get the discount after browsing around, they can click on the tab to see the pop-up again.

2. Nine West

When customers visit their website, they are prompted with a black-and-white SMS pop-up that encourages them to leave a phone number and email to receive a discount.

3. Ally Fashion

J.Crew used SMS pop-ups to promote their flash sales. The campaign was successful in increasing sales and driving repeat purchases.

Key Takeaways on SMS Pop-ups

  1. SMS pop-ups are brief messages that appear on a user's screen, typically as a notification or alert.
  2. SMS pop-ups can be an effective way to engage with your audience and communicate important messages.
  3. To create effective SMS pop-ups, keep them short and simple, use a clear call-to-action, make them visually appealing, time them right, personalize the message, test and optimize, and provide value.
  4. SMS pop-ups should be used strategically to avoid making users overwhelmed with too many notifications.

SMS pop-ups should always provide value to the user, whether it's a discount code, exclusive offer, or important information.

Understanding SMS Pop-ups and Their Value in Marketing

Why do you need SMS marketing? This is the first question you have to find an answer to. If you don't know why, it won't bring you the desired results. 


Your communication with customers has an impact on the company's promotion. Leaving your contacts (phone number, address) in SMS, you remind the clients that the company is always happy to communicate with them and advise on any issue. Remember that the communication style influences the loyalty of your customers. 


An SMS channel for advertising messages has excellent potential. Since most recipients open SMS messages, this indicates a broad audience reach.


Managing a company's reputation and creating a positive image for customers is also possible with a well-thought-out SMS marketing strategy. Notification of important events, exciting offers, congratulations, and reminders contribute to forming the image of a company that cares about its customers.

Defining SMS Pop-ups and Their Importance in Marketing

SMS marketing is a way to promote goods and services using SMS messages. It is designed to communicate with customers using a popular, widely available, and relatively inexpensive channel.

Templates for Creating Effective SMS Pop-ups

1. Claspo’s easy-to-use templates allow you to integrate an eye-catching pop-up on your website quickly.

2. Using the ready-made template to collect phone numbers, you can easily engage the audience interested in the fashion industry.

3. You can effortlessly create a customized pop-up for any industry to collect phone numbers and boost your business.

Best Practices for Creating SMS Pop-ups

You can increase your subscribers and client list quickly and organically by using pop-up SMS to ask for a phone number. Check out these practices for creating SMS pop-ups that help to expand the customer list that you can use for further engagement. 

What Makes a Good SMS Pop-up? Tips and Examples

1. Create an Urgency

You can provide your customers with unique information they will get first. This works excellently with sales as it raises the awareness of your brand. People also enjoy arriving early at the sales as they have a chance to find more iconic and unique items for the best prices. 

Create not only a sense of urgency but also a feeling of a private club where people that have their SMS notification get to find out the news first. Many business owners use this strategy as it is easy to maintain, and you don't have to change much except notifying people who've left their phone numbers first. 

2. Offer Free Shipping

Sometimes you have to give something to receive your customer's phone number. If people see the profit, they will leave their contact information more quickly and happily. You just need to create the friendliest pop-up SMS where you state your proposal clearly. 

We recommend starting with simple free shipping for new users who can leave their phone numbers. This is how you get the new lead and offer your present to a customer. Later, you can use the customer's phone number to notify them about discounts, news, sales, new drops, etc. Just make it as sustainable as possible.

3. Offer a Freebie

You can offer an extra service if you run a service platform or a freebie for the next purchase. Make sure this offer will be valuable for the client as the phone number is sensitive information that not every person strives to share. 

Try to put yourself in your client's shoes: what would be enough for you to leave your actual phone number: a free hot dog, window cleaning, a t-shirt, or a tiny keychain? 

4. Offer Valuable Updates

Your customer's attention is a valuable thing that you should care about. If you promise to send only useful information, ensure you transmit such information. Don't go head over heels for every possible update. Notify your customer once or twice per week about upcoming events if there are such.

You can also ask your user what they want to receive: some people only want information regarding new drops. Some prefer to be notified about sales and discounts. And some want everything. 

5. Offer a Specific Discount

Make people purchase items or services from you that they want the most. Offer a discount that you feel might be worth your customer's phone number. 

The independent brands offer around 5-7% off, and more popular and bigger stores offer up to 50% off for personal contacts when it comes to clothing items. In any case, you should place a discount that feels reasonable for you. If you don't feel like giving away discounts at all, then use some other options from this list.

6. Offer an Exact Discount

You can constantly offer a simple $10 off any purchase. This is a simple yet effective offer that has been proven throughout the years of pop-up SMS marketing. 

You can place any amount of discount you feel okay with. 

7. Start a Lottery

Create a gaming experience for your customers. When they leave their phone number, they can participate in the lottery with one (or several) valuable prizes.

There's nothing better than a feeling of upcoming luck. People will check your e-commerce website from time to time before the lottery takes place. This helps to show people your products and offer your services. Lotteries have always been one of those activities that people can't take their hands off. It's easy to get involved in, doesn't take much from the client, and gives a chance to win a huge prize without even trying. 

8. Wheel of Fortune and Discounts

No one ever gets mad at the Wheel of Fortune. And people feel that they run their own destinies. Allow them to get a chance to win a prize with their own hands for leaving a mobile phone. That's easy!

Make sure to set the desirable and valuable presents for the phone number. You can place free shipping, free items, or different discounts: either a percentage or a set amount of dollars.

9. Trigger People With Full Price

It is hard to let go of a good discount. You can offer your client two options: getting a deal after subscribing to an SMS message or forgetting about the deal.

You can even go further. If your client has something in a cart, show the price with the discount when asking for the mobile number. This will create a sense of owning the product, and a button like "No, I don't want a discount" will play wonders.

10. Offer a Discount When The User's Purchase Costs More Than a Specific Number

As it is your store, feel free to set the rules you feel comfortable with. If you feel okay with providing the discount only if a person has items in the cart that cost more than $100 — that's fine. You're the boss.

But make sure that the discount is enough to make people leave their personal information, including their phone number.

The Importance of Using SMS Pop-ups in Your Marketing Strategy

Widen Your Contacts List

There are many options for attracting your users' attention. You can place a pop-up SMS at the bottom of the page, create a lightbox, or pick an option that works for any pop-up. This will help you to build a contact list of people who will read your letters and engage with them. 

Transform Visitors Into Subscribers

Get closer to your visitors as they leave their phone numbers in your pop-up window. Even if they don't visit your website often, you can offer them deals, coupons, or news. It is better when the client knows about you and remembers your name as soon as something available on your website is needed. Just keep it in mind and remind your customers about special deals and promotions. 

Boost Your Statistics

Have you ever noticed how fast you open your messages? Well, we are sure that it doesn't take you long. Most users open messages as soon as they've received one. So this can be your weapon to create more loyal customers. SMS marketing opens new horizons for most businesses as it is a cheap and efficient tool.

Final Thoughts on Implementing SMS Pop-ups

Plenty of apps allow you to send SMS messages to several phones with your news and discounts. You just have to generate content and ensure there is enough product for everyone. 

Don't forget about other marketing activities. SMS subscription might be a tiny part of the overall goal. If you aim to get as many leads as possible, use extra tools. And if you want to sell your old products, make sure to provide your customer with specific offers via relative communication channels.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on SMS Pop-ups

1. What is an SMS pop-up?

An SMS pop-up is a window that appears on a user's device when they receive a text message. It typically displays the sender's name or phone number, along with the message content.

2. How many characters can an SMS pop-up contain?

SMS messages typically have a limit of 160 characters per message, but longer messages can be split into several parts.

3. How do I enable SMS pop-ups on my phone?

The steps to enable SMS pop-ups vary depending on the device and operating system you use. However, you can typically enable pop-up SMS in the settings of your messaging app or device.

4. Can I customize the appearance of my SMS pop-up?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of your SMS pop-up by changing the font, color, size, and other design elements. You can use a messaging app that allows for customization or a third-party SMS pop-up app.

5. How do I disable an SMS pop-up on my phone?

The steps to disable an SMS pop-up vary depending on the device and operating system you are using. However, you can typically disable an SMS pop-up in the settings of your messaging app or device.

6. Are SMS pop-ups secure?

SMS pop-ups can be secure as long as the messaging app or service you are using has proper security measures in place. However, SMS messages can be intercepted or read by third parties, so it is important to use a secure messaging service and avoid sending sensitive information via SMS. 

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