5 Pop-up Tips to Make Them More Pleasant

5 Pop-up Tips to Make Them More Pleasant

11 January 2022 15 April ~ 8 min read 6825 views
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Claspo Blog 5 Pop-up Tips to Make Them More Pleasant

It seems that pop-up windows were on the Internet as soon as the Internet appeared. We all remember the weird and annoying pop-up that wanted to get everything from us, except souls. But that time is over, and every business owner should consider using pop-up tips to get customer information.

Even now, you can see that lots of manipulations are gone, and the pop-up windows have become more friendly, informative, and less annoying.

Sit Back And Let Us Do Your Job For You

Let’s check how you can make an offer that won’t be too annoying for most people. Here are some of the pop up tips.

We have included a table of content to help you navigate:

5 Pop-up Tips

1. Timing Is Very Important
2. Follow Your Branding
3. Make Your CTA Clear and Compelling
4. Don’t Overuse the Fields Number
5. Show the Clients That They Are Subscribed


1. Timing Is Very Important

Don’t rush to offer your customers all your goods as soon as they enter the website. Do you remember how annoying it gets when the staff of the offline store offers you help as soon as you walk in? This works the same. But if the staff asked you a bit later, when you actually went through the store, you would use their offer and accept the help.

So if you run a website, there is a high chance that the user will simply close the window and never return, just like in the case of an offline store. And if you offer to leave their personal data, they will wonder whether your emails or SMS are as annoying as this pop-up.

Use this pop-up tip. Take your time to run a pop up window.

Using Claspo, you can implement any business case and flexibly configure display rules for various parameters and settings over time and scrolling.

How to

The timed pop up is one of the best and most used tools. You can show your campaign after a certain period of time the user has spent on your website. This is important as users can see the part of your items and services and learn what you offer. Thus, the offer will be more in demand if you offer some kind of a discount.

You should analyze when exactly to show your pop up. And when you have some information, make sure to test it so you make the most of it. The right timing is the key to pop up marketing success.

You can also set cookie-based triggers so the users that have seen the particular campaign won’t see it again. Notice that you can show the same pop up window to the same people if you want to.

Another time-based strategy is to focus on exit pop ups — as soon as the user scrolls through your website and is ready to leave, you can offer a discount, free shipping, or something else to retain the user.

Timing Is Very Important Example.png

2. Follow Your Branding

Try not to use standard pop up windows. You should always consider using your own path with the brand identity that will help users to identify your business.

The bad design is capable of bringing down the whole business. Besides being aesthetically unpleasing, it can also be not user-friendly, which is not the result you want to get.

Claspo offers pre-built solutions for color settings. You can simply specify your brand color and get pre-built brand assets automatically.

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How To

Make sure to adjust your pop up campaign to your website look. It might take extra time, but we want to assure you that it is totally worth it. Take a look at all the colors and fonts you use to achieve the desired result. Make sure to use the visuals that highlight your brand and your priorities.

Follow Your Branding Example.png

3. Make Your CTA Clear and Compelling

Another crucial pop-up tip is a CTA. CTA plays the main role in your pop up campaign as it invites users to click on the buttons. And the more engaging and clear it is, the more people will click on it. 

Make sure that your Call To Action is visible and doesn’t get lost in all the surrounding words that are in your campaign.

Using Claspo built-in A/B testing, you can quickly understand how website visitors perceive certain phrases, shapes, images, and CTAs and use the ones with the best performance.

How To

Pay extra attention to your CTA. It should be in clear view as soon as the user sees your campaign, so give them a reason to click on the button. Make sure to inform them what you need from them: is it just an email address for business use only, is it a phone number, or something else? Be transparent and let people know what you want from them and stick to it.

Make Your CTA Clear and Compelling Example.png

4. Don’t Overuse the Fields Number

Every user understands why you show the pop up window. So it’s not a secret that you want to collect the data. We hope that you know this fact and don’t try to hide it from your users that already know it.

So if you ask for way too much information, the user won’t feel comfortable and most likely just leave your website, thus you won’t get conversions. There should be as many fields as you need for real and right now.

Don’t use them for no reason. 

Claspo templates contain 1-2 input fields, which is the optimal for conversion rate. But you can always change, remove or add fields as you wish.

Claspo also strives to make it easy to create a multi-step form that works and looks the way you want. So, this feature will appear in the builder soon.

How To

Never get way too personal! Ask only for the standard and required information such as name, email, and maybe the phone number if you want to send phone messages. You can finish gathering information later, but don’t ask for too much personal stuff right after you meet.

make Your CTA Clear and Compelling Example.png

5. Show the Clients That They Are Subscribed

Don’t leave your clients clueless about what just happened. Make sure to show them that you received the information and are ready to process it. If you offer to enter an email to get newsletters, tell them that the first newsletter is on the way.

It is enough to simply tell the clients that you are grateful for their trust and will send only the most important news without spamming.

How To

Make sure to have a noticeable exit button so the clients can easily close the Thank You window. As soon as the users close the window, they can go back to what they’ve been doing — picking your items or services for purchase.

If you select any template that requests an email in your personal account, Claspo automatically offers 2 more templates: one for a successful subscription, and the second if something went wrong.

Stop Losing Your Customers With Claspo!

In this pop-up tip, we recommend you always put yourself in your client’s shoes to see every little piece that you might miss. We understand that dealing with pop up campaigns for an extensive period of time makes you insensitive to them, but most users see your ad for the first time, so make sure their experience is pleasant.

Make Your CTA Clear and Compelling Examp.png

Use Pop-up to Increase Purchases

Pop ups shouldn’t be annoying or even considered as one. This is one of the many pop-up tips. They were created to help both business owners and customers. So each time the user gets a promo code, free shipping, discount, or any other knick-knack, the chances of the client purchasing an item or a service go up, which is great for both sides.

Pop ups are quite popular and are one of the most common marketing tools on the market. And it’s up to you to make it nice, clear, and useful!

Make Pop-up More Pleasant with Claspo

Using Claspo's advanced capabilities, you can:

  • create product cards with promotional products, group several products/promotions into one widget, and randomize the display order using the “Slider” component to reduce the number of pop-ups on the website and improve the user experience;
  • launch video pop-up. 81% of marketers report that they see the positive impact of videos on sales, so Claspo offers to add YouTube videos to your widget layout and increase the conversion rate;
  • reduce annoyance levels by establishing silent intervals between displaying widgets using the Annoyance Safeguard feature;
  • prevent widgets from overlapping automatically if you want to place many offers on your website;
  • track widget KPIs directly in Claspo or transfer data to Google Analytics, CRM, and ESP systems with 5000+ Claspo integrations. 

Sign up for free and generate more leads on your website using Claspo widgets!

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