11 Best Shopping Search Engines in 2023

11 Best Shopping Search Engines in 2023

16 November 2022 06 January ~ 9 min read 4076 views
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Claspo Blog 11 Best Shopping Search Engines in 2023

Different shoppers have different approaches to finding the best deals on the products they want to buy. Some compare prices at multiple retailers, while others use comparison shopping engines to analyze offers and find the best deal.

But what exactly are comparison shopping engines? These tools gather product and pricing information from many eCommerce websites. This way, consumers can search for a specific product category and see what different stores offer.

This can be a helpful way to save time and money when shopping for big and small items.

As anyone who has done any online shopping knows, there are a lot of choices out there. Consumers can find pretty much anything they want with just a few clicks. Because of this, many people compare prices before actually buying the product.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using shopping search engines. These sites make it easy to find products for everything under the sun. Whether it's clothing, furniture, gadgets, or anything in between, it's all available on shopping search engines.

Many different e-commerce platforms are available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. It can be challenging to decide which platform to sell your products on. And knowing all the aspects of different platforms can help increase e-commerce sales. To help make a decision, here is a list of the top e-commerce platforms. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Shopping Search Engine?
  2. Advantages of Shopping Search Engines
  3. 11 Best Shopping Search Engines for 2023
  4. How to Choose Search Engines for Shopping?
  5. Conclusion

What is a Shopping Search Engine?

E-commerce shoppers know the drill: find what you need, compare prices and shipping options from different retailers, and choose the merchant that offers the best overall deal. But there can be quite a lot of back-and-forth involved in this process. Wouldn't it be awesome to have all of this information in one place?

That's where shopping search engines come in. These tools allow you to see pricing and shipping options from multiple retailers side-by-side, so you can quickly identify the best deal.

Advantages of Shopping Search Engines

There are several advantages to using a shopping search engine search software, such as reaching new customers outside your website. With a wider reach, you can find new clients to whom you may not have access. Additionally, these search engines provide an easy way for customers to find your products and compare prices between different retailers.

When potential customers see an image of a product, its price, and other information on a shopping engine search engine, they are more likely to visit the associated website and purchase. This is because they have the needed data to make an informed decision. As a result, businesses that provide this type of information are more likely to see increased conversions.

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There are many reasons a shopper might choose to use a search engine over a marketplace. One key advantage is that when customers buy an item from a marketplace, they become customers of that marketplace. This can make it difficult for the seller to interact with them in the future. Alternatively, sellers can convert shoppers into repeat customers by using a search engine, which allows the seller to keep track of the customer's information.

With many new companies appearing every day, it can be challenging to track who is quickly ascending the ranks within your industry. Shopping search engines can help you find new competition. By searching for key terms related to your product or service, these engines can reveal which companies are selling similar items and how well they are performing.

11 Best Shopping Search Engines for 2023

Check these 11 best shopping search engines with our descriptions and nuances. 

1. Google Shopping

There's a reason why shoppers love using the search engine Google Shopping. Not only does it make it easy to find what you're shopping for from different retailers, but you can also filter results by price, new/used products, and shipping cost. And when you click on a product that interests you, it takes you directly to that product's page. So whether people are doing their holiday shopping or just browsing for the perfect present, Google Shopping is the best place to start.

Customers can also discover your products through Google Shopping, even when browsing standard Google search results. So whenever someone searches for products in your niche, there could be a link to Google's price comparison engine. Keep in mind that searches like these can generate a lot of traffic.

When you search for products on Google, you may notice some shopping ads appear along with the regular results. These ads are part of Google Shopping, a platform where merchants can pay to display their products prominently.

The average cost-per-click for a Google Shopping ad is $0.44.

Google Shopping Search Engine

2. Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo may not be as popular as Google or Bing, but it still has many users. People over 54 use Yahoo's services more than any other group. This helps the platform retain millions of mobile users each month.

That means getting onto Yahoo Shopping can be an excellent idea for businesses whose target market is older. Yahoo Shopping's platform has several features beyond its competitors. For example, the price comparison tool is more comprehensive and user-friendly. So businesses that want to reach this demographic should consider using Yahoo Shopping.

3. Bing Shopping

Bing product ads are designed to appear at the top of relevant search results. Each listing highlights key product information, including pricing and customer reviews.

Their shopping comparison engine makes it easy for customers to browse and compare products across various categories, like electronics and fashion. And within this site section, plenty of filters help people find what they're interested in. You can sort by standard attributes like price ranges and retailers and by more specific criteria like color.

Bing Shopping is a great way to get additional traffic to your website. It runs on a cost-per-click model, so your only payment is when someone clicks on the ad. The average CPC is $0.46, which is very affordable.

Bing Shopping Search Engine

4. Pinterest Shopping

Product search engines are becoming extremely popular as people want to save time and money when shopping. Pinterest is an example where users can compare prices and find product details quickly and easily. For instance, searching for summer hats brings up various results with all the necessary information conveniently available.

As a popular social network and shopping search engine, it's easy to see why marketers would overlook the potential of using Pinterest for brand recognition, clicks, and sales. By allowing users to buy and compare products quickly, Pinterest allows businesses to reach a larger audience and promote their wares more effectively.

Pinterest can be a powerful shopping engine search tool to help increase sales for your business. By using Pinterest Ads, you can reach potential customers quickly and efficiently. According to Pinterest, conversions (sales) increased 300% in the past year, with an uptick in 'add-to-cart' and 'checkout' attributed conversions. So, utilizing this shopping search engine could be highly beneficial for your e-commerce business.

It's easy to find what people are interested in on Pinterest. The site has a cool feature where users can scroll through similar items.

People can get product price information when using filters to speed up the search. When they click on an item, it shows the information needed. Pinterest Analytics is packed with incredible insights, such as which Pins have gotten the most engagement. 

Pinterest is a great way to get targeted traffic to a website or blog. The key is to have high-quality images that are Pinterest-compatible. You can use tools and software to automatically scale your visuals to meet the requirements, which may alter the image's viewpoint. Spend some time designing Pinterest-specific visuals to increase your profile and get the most out of this platform.

And one of the best parts is that you can use Pinterest for free!

Pinterest Shopping Search Engine

5. Shopzilla Shopping

As a leading online shopping site, Shopzilla is committed to providing shoppers with the best possible experience. We feature similar products from various retailers so that shoppers can easily find what they're searching for, and our easy-to-use bidding tool makes it simple for merchants to list their products. As a Bizrate partner, we also feature Bizrate reviews on our site and Google, giving our shoppers even more peace of mind. With a high conversion rate of almost 4%, Shopzilla is a great choice for anyone interested in online shopping.

Shopzilla Shopping Search Engine

6. PriceGrabber Shopping

Welcome to PriceGrabber, the leading comparison product search engine for deals, coupons, and weekly specials. The no-minimum CPC bidding model lets retailers penny-bid or bid as low as $0.01 on products, making PriceGrabber second only to Google for the low Cost of Sale (15.52 percent). Click traffic is also a major advantage for merchants using PriceGrabber. In addition, the merchants have the advantage of being able to send their product lists to Yahoo Shopping.

Shopping just got a whole lot easier with PriceGrabber. This search engine and distributed content commerce business offer users a convenient way to find and purchase items all in one place. Plus, with Connexity owning the platform, you can receive quality service and assistance with campaign setup and management. Moreover, long-term commitments are optional, so you can discontinue a product at any moment should it not meet your needs. Shopping has never been so simple!

There are many reasons to love PriceGrabber. For one, there are no minimum bids required. This is a great option for those just starting. Additionally, you have three binding source possibilities: feed import, bidding tool, and CPC rate card value. This gives you plenty of options to choose from. Furthermore, PriceGrabber has a range of media alternatives to increase exposure, such as banner placements, featured merchants, featured products, and category showcases.

PriceGrabber Shopping Search Engine

7. eBay Shopping

eBay Commerce Network is a powerful paid comparison shopping site that provides retailers with greater flexibility and category-level bids. For two quarters in a row, eBay Commerce has generated the second highest traffic of all shopping engines – in part because merchant listings on eBay Commerce Network also receive exposure on Google Shopping. With its CPC bidding model, eBay Commerce Network is a great choice for online retailers.

eBay Shopping Search Engine

8. Wanelo Shopping

Wanelo is a fashion and shopping app that helps people find great deals on over 20 million products. With 550,000 stores featured on the app, there are plenty of options. The app is mostly used by females, with 90% of users female and only 10% male.

Wanelo is a great place for brands to reach shoppers. With an average of 50 minutes spent on the site daily, Wanelo provides brands with high levels of engagement. This is higher than Facebook, where users spend an average of 41 minutes daily. Wanelo also has a smooth, seamless interface that makes it easy for shoppers to search for products or check out individual stores.

Wanelo Shopping Search Engine

9. Shopping Shopping

Shopping.com is the perfect place to find great deals on millions of products from hundreds of online retailers. Use the simple search engine product bar to find what you're looking for, or browse through common product keywords to get inspired. The Top Products and Top Deals sections are a great way to find the best prices without sorting through dozens of options.

Shopping.com is a great search engine for shopping tools for finding the best prices on the desired items. With several clicks, customers can compare prices from multiple vendors and ensure they're getting the best deal possible.

Shopping Shopping Search Engine

10. ShopMania Shopping

ShopMania is a one-stop shop for all e-commerce needs. With a massive inventory of products ranging from perfume to clothing to rugs and home appliances, ShopMania is a valuable resource for many brands.

Appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of the ShopMania interface. The drop-down menus at the top enable shoppers to sort through the available products quickly or enter a specific search phrase. This makes finding what people are looking for a breeze.

ShopMania Shopping Search Engine

11. Pronto Shopping

Pronto is one of the shopping search engines that helps find the best prices on the wanted items. With millions of product listings organized into numerous retail verticals, Pronto makes it easy to find what people are shopping for. And with social shopping features on its site, one can make informed buying decisions.

Pronto is a great shopping site for those who want to be educated and informed buyers. With its community feature, you can evaluate items, establish a profile, and share your expertise with others. You may also post product reviews and engage with others with similar interests. This helps you become a better, more informed shopper. Furthermore, Pronto provides items with Featured Placement and Sponsored Listings to increase their visibility and attract more consumers.

There are a few potential downsides to using Pronto as your product search engine of choice. First, Pronto automatically classifies products into many categories, so you may have less control over bids at the product level than you would with other engines. Additionally, there is no daily budget option with Pronto — meaning you could potentially spend more money than you'd like in a single day.

Pronto Shopping Search Engine

How to Choose Search Engines for Shopping?

E-commerce has been growing rapidly in recent years, giving customers more choices. However, with many available options, it can be difficult for buyers to know where to find great deals. This is where shopping search engines come in.

These search engines help customers compare prices and find bargains on desired items, saving them considerable time and effort. As a result, usage of shopping search engines has seen a significant uptick in recent years.

There is no single explanation when it comes to increasing conversions. The best approach depends on the products you sell and the channels you use to reach potential customers.

Keep going even if a particular search engine for shopping only produces a few conversions. Many other options are available, including social proof tools and subscription management software. Keep experimenting until you find the right mix for your business.


Comparison-shopping engines can be beneficial for finding the best deals during the holiday shopping season. With so many sales and special retail holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it cannot be easy to keep track of everything without a little help. These engines make it easy to compare prices and find the best deals on whatever you may be searching for.

A big-ticket purchase is a significant investment, so it's important to research and compare prices before deciding. Price changes of just a few percentages can make a big difference on items like computers, which is why using comparison shopping search engines can be so helpful.

Different types of e-stores will work better with different price comparison websites. It's essential to consider which will work best with your products. Google Shopping is a good option for all types of e-stores, as it gets a lot of traffic. You should consider using some of your marketing budgets for product ads on this platform.

There are many shopping engines available online that can help increase traffic to your website or store. Why not give one a try? With so many available options, everyone will find one ideal for your products.

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