8 Best Integration Software 2023: Full Guide

8 Best Integration Software 2023: Full Guide

18 July 2023 25 July 2023 ~ 8 min read 2066 views
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Claspo Blog 8 Best Integration Software 2023: Full Guide

If you aim to lower the cost of time and material resources in your business and automate workflows, you'll need information synchronization and storage software. In this guide we will tell you about the 8 best integration software that can help you succeed in optimizing your business resources.

What Is Integration Software

Integration software is an application that synchronizes multiple information flows with a single database. It allows you to automate most of your company's business processes, increasing the speed of decision-making and reducing the number of errors. Using this application you can perform tasks in seconds instead of hours or even days in the manual control mode. 

For example, a company runs its core business in an online store on the Shopify platform, takes suppliers` prices from price lists in Google Spreadsheets, accepts online payments in PayPal and uses Slack to assign responsibilities between employees. Getting a holistic view of all these workflows and their efficiency is difficult. The software solves this problem by automatically synchronizing data from all sources.

Why You Should Use Integration Software

Integration software eliminates the need for manual management. Automation increases the efficiency of all business processes, increasing company income and reducing costs. Even if the existing business model is maintained, the financial results will be much better. 

Integration software also has the following benefits:

  • Provides free access to accurate, reliable and complete information to all responsible company employees;
  • improves communication between teams performing different tasks — they can upload data and generate reports at the touch of a button;
  • reduces the time spent on routine work, saving more time for creativity, which is very important for the success of the business;
  • increases the depth of analytics, allowing to create non-standard marketing strategies to be ahead of competitors;
  • makes the company resistant to force majeure, allowing it to make adequate decisions in a short time and prevent collapse.

8 Best Integration Software 2023

Among Integration software systems there are both relatively simple services as well as complex software systems, startups with affordable rates and well-known platforms with a wide range of functions. Which option is the best depends on the requirements and specifics of your business. 



One of the market leaders, offering a balanced solution for any business of any scale. Its centralized database supports more than 5,000 applications, and this number is increasing steadily. Among them there are 1,000 ready-made solutions that connect in one click. 

The application automates many processes and allows you to create customized synchronization scripts. For example, you can create a macro to send a report to all conference participants in one click. Zapier is available as a free version that allows you to process up to 100 tasks per month — this will be enough for a startup with a small team. Paid subscriptions start from $19.99 per month and depend on the amount of work. 


  • Simple interface.
  • Customized scenarios flexibility.
  • Possibility to use the software with zero programming knowledge.
  • High-quality technical support.
  • Constantly increasing functionality. 


  • Personalized scenarios are not available in basic tariff plans.
  • Triggers setting tools are quite complex.
  • integration software that is not included in the list of ready-made solutions will require considerable effort.

Commercient SYNC


The platform offers a link between CRM and ERP. It can be used to synchronize the client database with the centralized enterprise management system. Three methods of integration are available: data transfer from CRM to ERP only, from ERP to CRM, or both ways. This allows you to optimize costs if you already have a ready set of business processes and do not plan to expand it in the near future. 

Commercient SYNC works with well known CRMs such as Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Shopify and Magento. There are over 130 supported ERPs! Among them are popular solutions from Microsoft, SAP, Sage, Deltek and Infor. Fees are set individually for each pair of applications. The minimum cost is from $5 per month per user!


  • The company provides integration software — a team of professionals is engaged in the software connection.
  • Technical support is available to all subscribers.
  • The platform is suitable for synchronization of unique business processes. 


  • In some pairs of applications, the cost of integration is quite high.
  • You may need to reconnect to the database when updating data in accounts.



This application allows you not just to collect information, but to use it for specific actions. By connecting different apps, you can use their data flows to run personalized scenarios. For example, the app will activate a discount if a user drops an incoming call and closes a browser tab. 

One of the key advantages of SureTriggers is the availability of its own plugin for WordPress, making it easy to integrate the platform. Also while the program is in an open beta test, you can use it for free! But even after this period, the developers promise to keep an affordable pricing policy — from $99 to $199 per year, depending on the functions set and scope of tasks. 


  • Very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with the most popular CRMs.
  •  Real-time database update without delay. 


  • The number of applications that can be connected is still less than those of competitors.
  • Bugs in the beta version.



The main purpose of the platform is to synchronize CRM with sales department databases, various web platforms and advertising services. The list of available applications is limited, but it includes such giants as Hubspot, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Wix, Facebook, etc. 

Outfunnel is not only suitable for data synchronization. The platform can track visitors' behavior on the site and build complex profiles of their contacts in order to find an individual approach to each client. It also tracks the impact of certain events on leads, helping to optimize business processes and increase conversion rates. Pricing is from $59 per month.


  • A 14-day trial period is available without signing a contract or entering bank card data.
  • Support is provided in any convenient communication channel, and in the top tariff plan you get individual support of business processes.
  • Connection is easy compared to other services, and training takes less time. 


  • The number of compatible applications is limited and developers are in no hurry to expand the list.
  • The automation of email messages is not very convenient and is highly time-consuming.



A platform that became popular due to its simplicity. Its user-friendly interface resembles a modern mobile application based on "material design". All functional elements are in their place, the menu structure is intuitive, and there are no complicated terms in the descriptions. Reviews show that it takes only 1-2 days to train employees after integrating the software. 

SnapLogic developers offer a number of ready-made solutions for use in sales, marketing, accounting, internal IT-service of a company and HR department. This platform is perfect for ambitious startups and new divisions of companies that can get complex business processes without additional consulting costs. Subscription price is individual for each client.


  • The platform offers its own artificial intelligence for creating chatbots and generating content.
  • Developers are continuously expanding the list of available applications.
  • The app's data protection system is one of the best on the market. 


  • The pricing policy of the platform is focused exclusively on large businesses.
  • Errors occur in some scenarios that require re-debugging processes.



This is a specialized application for automating web commerce. Ideal for companies operating on marketplaces, including Amazon, Target and Walmart. Allows you to get real-time information, when developing complex business processes — from opening a product card on the website to its delivery to the end user. 

ConnectPointz portfolio includes more than 800 applications. The company's specialists provide integration software; therefore the subscription price consists of two parts — a one-time payment and a regular subscription fee. Minimum amounts start from $150 and $29, respectively. The platform allows data uploading in any convenient format as well as the automatic generation of reports for internal use, for presenting to investors and for making presentations.


  • Fast integration, simplified migration to ConnectPointz from other platforms.
  • Affordable pricing policy for businesses of all levels.
  • 24x7 technical support, built-in training features, and quick problem solution. 


  • Rather complicated and confusing interface, which you will have to get used to.
  • Some problems can only be solved with a phone call.



A platform for data synchronization with an emphasis on the visual component. Here you can connect different flows according to the constructor principle by clicking on the corresponding elements in the web interface. This approach will appeal to newcomers who want to focus on business development and creativity rather than on boring technical processes behind them. 

Make.com is more loyal to its subscribers than most competitors. First, all possible apps are available in a free version. Second, paid subscriptions with a serious number of transactions start from $9 per month. Third, you don't have to make extra payments to develop complex, multi-track scenarios.


  • Intuitive scheme of actions, which does not require long training.
  • Real-time data exchange.
  • Ability to create unique custom connections. 


  • Weak technical support, long wait for a response.
  • JavaScript is not available when creating scripts.

Jitterbit Harmony


Like its predecessor, this platform offers a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to connect data flows with a few mouse clicks. But its functionality is much wider — you can use popular programming languages to create your own scripts and scenarios. 

Suitable for medium and large businesses with their own IT-service. 

Harmony has over 1000 ready integrations, which can be implemented in a few days. You can also find more custom solutions on Jitterbit's internal marketplace or order turnkey integrations. The company generates personalized quotes for each client on demand — a standard monthly package starts from $1,000.


  • Scalability — starting with a couple of applications, you can create a complex centralized database without stopping business processes.
  • User-friendly API that's easy for qualified IT professionals to work with.
  • Free demo is available with a real-life example. 


  • Though the interface seems simple, the application has a complicated and confusing structure.
  • There is no full Javascript support for scripting.
  • The company's pricing policy is extremely opaque.

Integration software: conclusion 

If you plan to automate and expand your business, then the applications mentioned above will help you focus on important tasks, abandon manual management and tedious control over the smallest processes. Moreover, you can find an ideal platform for any requirements and any budget, both for small startups and large corporations.

A great example of an affordable tool for data integration at a basic level is Claspo.io. It allows you to create pop-ups using a visual builder, without programming. You can use it to collect data in various forms and generate personalized offers based on it. And it's all automatic, with simple user-friendly controls. 

Claspo easily connects to any CMS. Using it, you can choose from template pop-up forms or order the development of a custom widget. 

Looking for an inexpensive application that will increase conversions and help automate business processes? Try Claspo for free! Create an account now to get access to all the features of the pop-up builder.

Make Your Own Email Pop-Up For Free

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