15 Ways How To Get Subscribers On Youtube Fast in 2022

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Claspo Blog 15 Ways How To Get Subscribers On Youtube Fast in 2022

You can easily get more subscribers on YouTube if you think that everyday people around the world collectively spend 1 billion hours on the platform. There should be a place for your content!

No one in 2022 should ignore video marketing and should learn how to get subscribers on YouTube. With such popularity of a video medium, anyone can grow their channel and use it for many other goals like promoting your own brand, promoting your business, or offering an ad for others. This is a perfect idea not only to grow your audience but also to grow the audience of your business.

However, there is plenty of competition who might already know what to do or even those who also search how to get subscribers on YouTube.

In any case, to grow on YouTube, you need to be a marketing specialist and follow your personal strategy that will allow you to reach your goal.

Table of Contents

1. Why Buy Youtube Subscribers a Bad Idea?

2. How to Get Subscribers on Youtube? 15 Ways

3. Conclusion

Why Buy Youtube Subscribers a Bad Idea?

When asking yourself How do I get more subscribers on YouTube, you might run into simpler answers like buying subscribers that won't do good. Please, don't do that. We understand that getting the beautiful number as soon as possible is tempting, but think twice about that and don't buy subscribers! It simply won't work, and all the effort you've put into your channel so far won't mean a thing.

Any shady scheme that you run into is a highway into nowhere. We know that now you think about that option where you can subscribe to 20 channels, so 10 channels will subscribe back. Guess what. This won't work as well!

The issues you might run into when using such schemes:

— Bots, inactive audience, or forbidden profiles.

— You won't understand the real metrics, and you won't understand your actual audience.

— You can get banned for trying to fool the platform.

— Brand that would like to work with you in the future might cancel your partnership as they don't need bots to watch their ads.

Simply saying — don't do that, it doesn't worth it.

So if you run into videos that promise you thousands or even millions of subscribers for free, you just have to understand that it doesn't work like that, and you need to create superb content and do it regularly to engage your audience.

Yes, it takes work, time, and patience, but at the end of the day, when you learn all the 15 ways to get subscribers on YouTube, you will have the best audience supporting you. Let's check clothes in those 15 ways, answering your question. How can I get more subscribers on YouTube?

How to Get Subscribers on Youtube? 15 Ways

Do you have your personal or business channel yet? If not, you should create one as you need to have the base before starting to work on it. The following tips are designed for those who already have a channel and even maybe, a video or two. But don't worry if you don't have one yet. This information is precious in any case.

So, let's dive into how to get subscribers on YouTube.

1. Ask to Subscribe

This is the easiest yet most popular technique of how you can get new subscribers. Next time you create a video, don't forget to ask people to subscribe to your channel. This is not that you beg people to follow you, but rather offer them to keep in touch and never miss your top-notch (hopefully) content. So make sure you share something that is valuable for people, and they don't want to miss your point of view and your stories.

Not only ask to subscribe but tell how you help people with your content and describe the value of the information you share.

2. Cliffhangers

Be a TV show that your viewers would like to continue watching. Create a narrative throughout the videos so you can end the video with more things you can say in the next video. This is how users would most likely subscribe as they wouldn't want to miss anything if interested.

If you can' come up with a general idea, you can hype up your next work and encourage people to stay in touch so they don't miss that big and very interesting topic that you've been filming.

This is one of the best practices, but it requires creating content on a regular basis and posting content regularly.

3. Verify Account

It is best if you verify your Google account as you can post longer videos. YouTube allows you to upload everyone up to 15-minute videos but if you want to create longer ones, be sure to verify your account.

It is a must for a professional channel since you get more opportunities to build better content where you can talk about your topic for longer and deeper. The viewers will appreciate your work if done thoroughly. And appreciation in the world of YouTube means getting likes and subscriptions.

4. Build Community

The stronger relations you'll build with your audience, the more free subscribers for YouTube you'll get. People get used to others, trust their opinions if they share the same views, and are ready to support whenever needed. This is where you should start building the community. Think about questions that you would like to ask people — but don't ask questions for the sake of asking, be sincere. People feel your vibe, so it's better to be true and authentic.

For example, you can ask people about content they would like to see from you. This is not only the way to tell people that you care whether they watch you, but it also makes your life easier as you have some bits for your content plan.

5. Work on Branding

Branding is important when it comes to your question. How can I get more Subscribers on YouTube? People should know right away that they are on your page. And later, they should see your branding somewhere else and know that it's you

The first thing people see is the banner. As soon as anyone enters the page, the banner is something that is just there, covering a lot of the page. So you should use that as much as you can. Overall, the banner should be well-designed: clean, interesting, translating the idea of your channel, and on-brand. Show people why they should subscribe to your channel and watch your videos one after another.

Some bloggers use pictures, while others use words or illustrations to describe what's going on here. It's up to you what you want to translate, but be sure to make it good.

The channel logo is an essential part of your channel. It goes everywhere together with your name. It is your face and the way people recognize you, among other channels. It should represent your brand and work with your other designs to create one picture that people will fall in love with.

The description is also part of the branding. Even thou it is text, it is extremely important to describe clearly who you are, what are your values and goals, and stand out among others. Text is also a design, in some way, so be sure to work on it hard.

Your URL should be customized. No questions here. Have you seen the ones YouTube offers as default ones? No one will remember it, and no one will be able to put it in the URL form. It looks like some kind of elvish that no one knows. So be sure to change that according to your channel name so people can find you easily. The only hardship that comes with this is that you need to have 100 subscribers to change your link, so keep an eye on the number of your subscribers.

6. Create Channel Trailer

You can tell everyone about your channel with a video trailer that YouTube places on the main tab of your page. So use that opportunity to quickly tell everyone what you are doing here.

Every person that visits your page for the first time will be able to understand what it is all about and why you are doing what you are doing. Make it engaging, driving, and full of questions that you are going to answer on your channel.

7. Create Thumbnails

Brand the thumbnails that you add as a cover for your video. The first thing they do is that they offer people the content you create. It's not just a random still from your video but a custom picture that describes the topic.

Thumbnails are part of your branding as they make your video more visible, can make it stand out among others, and build awareness and your brand. Be consistent with your branding so people can remember how your channel looks and build your brand.

8. Clickable Subscription Button

You've seen those! The red buttons offer you to subscribe as you finish watching someone's video. You should do the same as a part of getting more subscribers on YouTube.

Use your end screen as another chance to offer people to subscribe. And if you already have uploaded videos, you can easily add end screens there too. So it's not that you can ask people to subscribe to your next video, but go and add it to the old ones as well.

9. Create Playlists

If you can group your videos by topic, you should do that. This is how you create not just one video but rather binge-worthy content, so people just go straight to the next video after finishing the first one.

Turn your content into something like ongoing series, as we've said earlier. This will help to hook people and make them subscribe so they won't miss a thing from you.

10. Do Strategic Planning

With the help of YouTube Studio, you can add up to 12 sections on your homepage. This is how you can place the most popular and viewed content in the first section, so people can see it immediately. You can also place not just one video but the whole playlist that brings you the most of your audience.

This helps engage new viewers as you offer them your best content right away. At this point, they should get interested if they are your true target audience and subscribe to your channel to see more of your content.

11. Run a Contest

An easy way to get YouTube subscribers legally is to run a contest. This is probably, not the step you should start your channel with, but you can perform one once you have enough followers.

Think about the prize your audience will actually love to receive and think through the process of the contest: is it just a random pick among subscribers or a more complicated one where people actually need to do something?

12. Upload on a Schedule

Ok, so you have to post regularly to get more subscribers on YouTube. You've probably noticed how your fellow YouTubers even say out loud that they post on a specific day of the week. Or even name their content category based on the posting day of the week.

But this doesn't mean that the quantity should go over quality. You should balance that out and bring your best each time.

3. Use Social Media Channels

Many people are on different media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And you should use the opportunity to invite them to your channel. Find influencers or groups where plenty of your target audience. Make sure to create engaging content so your future subscribers understand what's your channel about and how they can subscribe.

And that's pretty much it. Just communicate with your target audience everywhere you can, and you'll see your channel grow.

14. Use SEO Tools

YouTube is SEO-based, which means you can find information according to your request. This means that you should describe and name your videos in a way your target audience looks for such content. Be sincere about what topic you are covering, and don't write down puzzles as no one searches for them.

To make it easier, you cause a tool like Google Keyword Planner, which helps find the right words and phrases people use to find similar information. And just incorporate the most popular ones into your heading, description, and hashtags. Congrats! Now people can find you on YouTube.

15. Collaborate with Others

As there are plenty of popular YouTubers as well as aspiring ones, you can talk to some of them and collaborate on a video. Your audiences should be similar, but you should not be competitors. This is rather a jest of highlighting each other's unique content.

By the way, if you don't know where to start with collaborations, you can ask your subscribers who they think would be a nice one for you.


So now you know how to get subscribers on YouTube. And you don't even need to pay others who would bring you bots and other non-active audiences. Basically, to say everything we've mentioned before in one sentence is «Do the best content you can, post regularly, and name it right.»

We hope this article was interesting and useful. Good luck with getting more subscribers on YouTube!

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