Top 20 Shopify Subscription Apps to Use in 2023

Top 20 Shopify Subscription Apps to Use in 2023

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Claspo Blog Top 20 Shopify Subscription Apps to Use in 2023


The online subscription business model has transformed the way companies offer their goods and services. It is one of the most desired business strategies for both new entrepreneurs and already established businesses.

Whatever kind of business you operate, if you like the Shopify e-commerce subscription concept, you should check out the best subscription apps for Shopify. These applications can help you create recurring revenue while also providing significant value to your customers by delivering the goods they want on time and regularly.

We picked the greatest Shopify subscription apps based on the user’s ratings, the number of reviews, the app's top features, and other subjective criteria. We hope this article and our guide on how to start a Shopify Store Guide will help you in choosing the best app for your shop.

Table of Contents

Concept of Shopify Subscription Apps

The Selection Process for the Best Shopify Subscription App

20 Best Subscription Apps for Shopify in 2023

Final Words


Concept of Shopify Subscription Apps

A Shopify monthly subscription app is a tool or software program that allows merchants to sell items or services through their Shopify shop with monthly recurring payments. It enables organizations to set up regular billing cycles and manage subscriptions in real time.

On Shopify, businesses may use a subscription app to enhance their product options, boost client loyalty, and earn recurring revenue. It streamlines subscription management and delivers a consistent experience for both merchants and customers.

Why use a Shopify subscription app

Some of the main benefits of having subscription apps for Shopify are listed below.

  • Subscription management
    This parameter entails the ability to establish and manage various subscription plans, and client subscriptions, change prices, and arrange billing cycles.
  • Automatic recurring billing
    The program automates the billing process, charging consumers on a predetermined schedule without the need for user intervention.
  • Customer account management
    The app gives users a separate account where they can access and manage their subscription data, update payment information, and make subscription adjustments.
  • Inventory management
    To ensure efficient order fulfillment and precise inventory monitoring for subscription items, the applications frequently interact with inventory management systems.
  • Marketing and customer retention tools
    Some subscription applications provide marketing capabilities such as email automation, targeted offers, and customer retention tactics to assist merchants in engaging with subscribers and lowering churn.

Despite Shopify pros and cons, online sellers may use a subscription app to set up several subscription plans, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly, and provide customers the choice to subscribe to items or services. Subscription bundles, digital-only subscriptions, software licenses, membership plans, and other services fall under this category.

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The Selection Process for the Best Shopify Subscription App

Finding the best app is difficult. There are several aspects to consider, ranging from features and user reviews to cost. To assist you in picking the best option for your company, we evaluated each app using the following criteria:

  • Functionality
    Find an app that has the set of functions you require to support your subscription strategy. Consider flexibility in subscription plans, automatic payment, customer account management, and useful marketing tools.
  • Integration with your online store
    Check if the app smoothly interacts with your Shopify store and if it works well with your theme and any other applications you may be using. This way, you will avoid technological concerns, compatibility and simplicity of integration are critical.
  • Simple interface
    Choose an app with a straightforward and user-friendly design that makes managing subscriptions easier. A well-designed interface can let you set up, manage, and alter subscription plans more easily.
  • Customer satisfaction
    Consider the elements of the app that improve the consumer experience. Look at alternatives such as customizable subscription boxes, simple client account administration, and smooth payment methods. A pleasant customer experience increases client happiness and retention.
  • Ratings and reviews
    Read the app's reviews and ratings from other sellers on Shopify who have used it. Take note of feedback on customer service, dependability, and general user experience. This will provide you with information on the app's performance and dependability.
  • Pricing
    Examine the app's pricing, including any transaction fees or other expenditures. Consider your budget as well as the value you will receive from the features offered.
  • Customer support
    Examine whether the program provides dependable customer support and resources such as tutorials, FAQs, or a knowledge base. If you run into any problems or have concerns when setting up and using the software, good assistance will come in handy.

It's also a good idea to take advantage of subscription applications' free trials or demonstrations. Before committing to a subscription plan, you may try the app's functionality and assess if it matches your company's needs. You may select the finest Shopify subscription app that corresponds with your business objectives and requirements by taking these criteria into account and properly investigating the available possibilities.

20 Best Subscription Apps for Shopify in 2023

The following are the top 20 subscription apps for Shopify to use in 2023. The applications mentioned below provide a variety of features to assist you in managing subscriptions, automating recurring invoicing, and improving the overall customer experience. It is essential that you investigate each app's features, ratings, and cost to determine which one best meets your company's needs and goals.

Shopify subscription app



Main Feature




From $99/month

Unlimited orders and subscriptions, 30-day free trial.


Bold Subscriptions



Seamless Shopify integration assists with full design & language control. It has a 60-day free trial.




From $9/month

Pay-per-delivery and prepaid subscriptions, flexible discount options, 14-day free trial are available.




From $9/month

Data exports and subscription analytics dashboard, 14-day free trial.


Subify Subscriptions 


From $9/month

Powerful and knowledgeable service support, free trial for 14 days.


SAPP Subscription 

From $25/month

Offers flexible subscription options, including a 14-day free trial, based on custom intervals and discounts.


Subscription App by Recurpay


From $9/month

Easy-to-use portal for subscription management also offers discounts for subscription orders. 


Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty


Free to install or from $4.95/month

Mobile-optimized subscription widgets, performance monitoring with detailed data. It has a 30-day free trial.


Ongoing Subscriptions


Free plan or from $99/month

All-in-one subscription creation & management tools.


Timo Subscriptions



Self-managed subscription for both merchants & customers.


Webrex Subscriptions Payments


Free plan or $14.99

Automatically bills your customers, according to the billing interval you choose. 14-day free trial available.


Skio Subscriptions



Dashboards are intuitive and smooth.


SubBox Subscriptions


Free plan or $5/month

Auto-create orders and process pre-paid & recurring payments for free. It has a 30-day free trial.


Appstle Subscriptions


Free plan or $10/month

Offers personalization features for customers' notifications. Plus 10-day free trial.


Ordergroove Subscription Platform



Offers a seamless checkout experience.


Native Subscriptions


Free plan or $25/month

All Features Included. 7-day free trial available.


Rekaching Subscriptions



Email notification & billing retry for failed payments.


Subscriptions Recurring Orders


Free plan or from $39/month

Customizable subscription widget to match your store's theme.


Loop Subscriptions


Free plan or from $99/month

To handle subscription orders, you may easily enter the client portal on mobile without a password or OTP. There is a 14-day free trial.


Yotpo Subscriptions


Free to install, additional charges may apply

Onboarding in less than 8 minutes.

1. ReCharge


Recharge lets you apply custom CSS to guarantee that everything fits your own identity.

Subscribers may quickly and simply adjust and manage their subscriptions using their mobile devices, including adding one-time purchases and missing delivery.

To assist merchants in starting a subscription company, the tool provides a free plan with minimal functionality.

In comparison to the other applications on our list, the Pro plan is quite pricey ($499 per month), making it ideal for bigger Shopify companies.

2. Bold Subscriptions


The Bold app gives precise information on shopping trends, customer preferences, and so on. The best aspect is that by giving a self-service area, users may change subscriptions to match their changing requirements rather than canceling entirely. You may also specify price, track, and carry out orders.

3. RecurringGO!


RecurrinGO! is another great app that makes it simple to create and manage subscriptions. To give a seamless shopping experience, the app is completely connected with Shopify Checkout. 

Increase subscription income by automatically billing consumers or sending them periodic invoices. Increase AOV by allowing clients to complete both one-time and recurring purchases.

4. PayWhirl 


PayWhirl is all about recurring payments and is an excellent place to start. As the customer's sole point of contact throughout the process, the app provides a bespoke design that fits your brand and white-label widgets that put your firm at the forefront.

5. Subify Subscriptions 


Make your own “subscribe” and “save” buttons, membership plans, or unique subscription boxes for your subscribers! 

Subify Subscription is a simple tool that allows you to sell recurring items and services to your consumers. It may boost your income by motivating clients to place repeat purchases on items they enjoy by offering adjustable percentages or set discounts and delivery frequency. You can select an appropriate subscription plan for your store. 

6. SAPP Subscription 


Maintain your service, go fishing, and enjoy a consistent money stream! 

SAPP Subscription software provides your consumers with an easy-to-use, one-stop solution for paying recurring invoices. Subscriptions can be customized and billed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

7. Subscription App by Recurpay


Recurpay offers a configurable and multilingual customer portal, this solution enables your clients to manage their subscriptions on their own and reduces support calls. 

With just a few clicks, you can simply set up recurring payments and subscriptions using that Shopify application.

8. Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty


Setting up a subscription has never been easier! Seal has a free version as well as a native Shopify checkout option with a subscription widget.

Overall, the Seal app provides an all-in-one platform. After installation, all you have to do is create subscription rules and start selling. Recurring orders will be charged automatically, and you can view them in your Shopify admin.

9. Ongoing Subscriptions


For Shopify Store owners, Ongoing provides premium recurring billing options. It enables Shopify businesses to provide savings incentives in a number of methods, such as a fixed price, a certain amount off, or a percentage off.

It's a simple method for tracking and managing subscription orders, with detailed reporting and analytics to help you make smarter business decisions. Customers may set up recurring payments or prepaid subscriptions using a widget that fits their theme after adding it to their store in just one click.

10. Timo Subscriptions


Subscriptions on your product pages may increase client lifetime value! Timo Subscriptions is another FREE service that you may use.

You can build as many subscription plans as you need and increase client lifetime value with subscriptions on your product pages with a native checkout experience and simple discount control!

Although the Timo solution is newer than the other tools we tested, it entered our list because of positive user feedback.

11. Webrex Subscriptions Payments


Webrex is an excellent free Shopify subscription app that has an option to upgrade the plan. It enables you to convert one-time clients into committed recurring customers. The product is rather good for free software, particularly if you're new to Shopify. The support crew is prompt, and it's really simple to ask for assistance, so you'll quickly get the hang of it.

12. Skio Subscriptions


If you're looking for a ReCharge app option, you should consider the Skio. It is a premium membership app that is rather pricey in comparison to the other apps on our list.

It takes ReCharge's greatest features and improves them to provide a better user and customer experience. You may use this application to automatically generate accounts for your clients with each subscription order, allowing them to log in without a password.

13. SubBox Subscriptions


A powerful subscription-free app that makes it easier to add subscriptions to current businesses.

If you want to perform replenishment, subscription box, or membership, this is a wonderful app to start with.

You may use this software to harness your customers' purchasing power, increase LTV, and promote loyalty in a sustainable manner.

14. Appstle Subscriptions


Appstle Subscriptions has a lot of features for a minimal price. It has a free plan with no transaction or monthly costs for generating and managing up to 50 memberships at once.

This subscription application for Shopify offers an in-depth performance monitoring feature, a personalized alert system, and automated strategies for reducing customer churn.

The best feature is that it incorporates inventory forecasting to assist shops in keeping popular goods in stock.

15. Ordergroove Subscription Platform


Ordergroove helps big and medium-sized companies to transform one-time purchases into continuing, extremely profitable connections with their customers. Launch subscriptions quickly with a smooth, guided onboarding process and a proactive support team to assist you along the way. Convert clients into devoted subscribers who can easily repurchase their favorite goods.

16. Native Subscriptions


This Shopify app provides limitless subscriptions in its free bundle to entice more clients. 

Native Subscriptions is an excellent choice for consumers wishing to transition from ReCharge or Bold since it allows for simple conversion.

Native also allows you to customize the sales flow, ensuring that every step is precisely how you want it.

Furthermore, Native excels at balancing value and reducing fat, which is something that several subscription services lack.

17. Rekaching Subscriptions


You can easily connect the customer portal to your customer's account, thank you page, and email, using this Shopify app. The assistance is multilingual and quite prompt, while the installation procedure literally takes a few minutes.

It also assists you in increasing LTV and strengthening ties with your valued clients.

18. Subscriptions Recurring Orders


Subscriptions Recurring Orders offer a number of sophisticated options for a streamlined subscription management solution. 

You may add a subscription widget to any product or service by installing this app on your Shopify store. You'll also make consistent recurring revenue by automatically processing consumer payments. Simply select the product, pick the billing interval, and we'll handle the rest! 

19. Loop Subscriptions


Loop Subscriptions can be customized based on direct feedback from the DTC community. Make your brand's subscription experience gamified. Include TikTok/IG videos in your exit surveys within the portal. Personalize and automate discounts, rewards, trials, and presents for your subscribers.

20. Yotpo Subscriptions


Yotpo is a user-friendly subscription service that helps organizations increase recurring revenue by providing customers with what they want.

Shopify's subscription management solution is simple and inexpensive. Subscriptions may be added to your business in as little as 8 minutes thanks to user-friendly onboarding.

Final Words

We understand how difficult it may be to select the best software. These are the top applications we discovered throughout our study, and we sincerely hope that one of them is an appropriate match for your shop.

With so many options available, it is hard to make the right decision. That's why we provide you with our comparison table. Here you can see all the tools mentioned above with their distinguished features. Take a look and make a wise decision according to your needs. Also, don’t forget to check our rating of the best Shopify Print On Demand Apps.


How can I integrate a subscription app into Shopify?

To add the tool to your Shopify store, go to the Shopify app store, choose the subscription app, and then click the "add app" option.

How can I manage my app subscriptions?

Simply go to your Shopify admin and choose Customers. Under the filter section, select More Filter > Subscriptions.

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