6 Memorable Spring Campaigns + 5 Relevant Templates from Claspo

6 Memorable Spring Campaigns + 5 Relevant Templates from Claspo

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Claspo Blog 6 Memorable Spring Campaigns + 5 Relevant Templates from Claspo

Spring is a time of renewal and vibrancy, which is also reflected in the marketing campaigns of many businesses. Let’s explore how other companies welcome spring and what you can learn from them. We will also look at a few ways you can incorporate Claspo’s top-tier widgets into your spring marketing campaign to ensure its success.

6 Memorable Spring Campaigns

The best way to learn something is to look at what succeeds for others, analyze it, and implement various elements into your own strategy. So, let’s look at 6 successful spring campaigns.

1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a marketing master, so it’s only fitting to start with one of its campaigns. While it’s had many campaigns over the years, its “Open Happiness” spring ad is one of its biggest successes.

Part of a 6-year-long campaign, this specific ad plays on the traditional imagery of spring. A man leisurely relaxes during a picnic and gets his Coke bottle stolen by an incredibly organized group of bugs. The ad speaks of pure creativity. 

While the concept of smart insects is not novel, as evidenced by “A Bug’s Life” and “Bee Movie,” it’s still a clever application of the motif to advertising. The ad also emphasizes spring elements, with colorful flowers, lush green grass, and a small water stream carrying the bottle of Coke to the crafty insects. Coca-Cola's creativity and boldness, combined with spring elements, create an unforgettable ad campaign.

2. Rochester Beauty Bar


Implementing floral decors into your ads is a no-brainer for spring campaigns. Take, for example, Rochester Beauty Bar, which effortlessly incorporates floral decor in its ad.

If your business is connected with the change of seasons or related phenomena, consider posting it in your messaging. For example, facial procedures are safer for this specific business in autumn and winter, when the sun is less harmful to your skin. So promoting “before the weather warms up” is an effective way to encourage customers.

If you like this idea, you can use our builder to copy and even improve this campaign. You can place a regular timer that will count down the time until the sale is gone. Alternatively, you can use a relative timer. It will start ticking for each visitor individually when they see your widget. A healthy dose of FOMO might be the final push the user needs to complete the purchase.

3. Google


Google is another titan that knows how to do marketing right, even if in subtler ways. We’ve all heard of Google Doodles. These funny doodles celebrate something the company finds significant by incorporating its elements into the company’s logo.

Google usually doesn’t celebrate spring or other seasons in general but rather events that coincide with them. For example, Nowruz and St. David’s Day are fairly consistent doodle themes for Google that feature floral designs.

Learn from Google and incorporate similar spring themes into your logo. It’s a relatively small investment that helps set the mood for the store.

4. Gucci

Gucci is a master at creating aesthetically pleasing ads, and “Bloom” is no exception. This sensual video ad shows both the spring mood and, as the author puts it, the similar beauty that both women and gardens possess.

The takeaway here is to be bold and show your artistic side. This is especially true for high-fashion and luxury goods brands.

5. Appleton International Airport


For many people, spring break is a way to rest and recuperate while celebrating wholesome holidays with their family and friends. Appleton International Airport was giving away trips to “sunny destinations” every week, allowing you to take those you care about to relax at sunny beaches in or out of the country.

Giveaways are a fairly common marketing strategy. And for a good reason: They have an almost 34% conversion rate—the highest of all forms of content. If you plan a giveaway for your online business, use Claspo’s pop-ups to inform people about the offer and engage more people with the giveaway. If you want to copy this campaign and give away any bonuses every week, it’s easy to do with Claspo’s scheduling feature. Set them up once and forget until the campaign is over!

6. Steam


One popular spring narrative is spring cleaning. Most companies prefer to do “spring cleaning sales” under the pretense of “cleaning their warehouses,” which is a clever (though very common) solution.

Steam, a leading video game distributor and storefront, went a slightly different route, creating a little mini-game to help you “clean” your game library. A little helper named Dewey will guide you through your “house” and show you games to replay or new games to purchase while also giving you achievements.

Gamification is an engaging way to interact with your customers and attract their attention to your products.

Although each campaign is unique, they all have one thing in common: they were all prepared well beforehand. To help you stay in touch with every important holiday, Claspo has prepared a marketing calendar that not only tells you which holidays to prepare for but also how and when to start preparing.

5 Spring Templates from Claspo

Online businesses can greatly benefit from using pop-ups and similar widgets to promote their spring campaigns. That’s why we at Claspo have prepared a small collection of 5 templates to help you engage with your customers.

1. Girl Power

Use this template

This floral floating box has a pre-configured timer and promo code field to help you promote your spring sale. This combination creates a sense of urgency while giving your customers an easy way to engage with your offer without needing to provide any additional information on their part.

Claspo also allows you to target specific groups of people based on their location or previous interaction with your brand. For example, if someone comes to your website through an email you sent, you can configure a Claspo widget that will only be shown to people who engaged with the email.

2. Spring Vibe

Use this template

This floating bar template also comes with a timer, but it requires your users to share their email addresses with you. 85% of online shoppers are willing to share their emails for discounts. With this info, you can continue to engage your customers later via various email campaigns.

You can integrate Claspo with any ESP or CRM to automatically synchronize customer info databases. You can send all the info you gather with our widgets directly to your other systems without lifting a finger.

3. Glamorous Look

Use this template

Spring hosts many beautiful celebrations, such as International Women’s Day. This floating box template is pre-configured to gather pre-orders. This strategy guarantees a win-win situation for both the buyers and the sellers: buyers guarantee they will receive their items, and sellers get early sales and valuable contact information.

4. Easter Sunday

Use this template

Easter is a wholesome holiday for the family, and many people buy gifts for their relatives. This pop-up template will inform your users about an ongoing sale and quickly redirect them to the relevant page, which improves the user experience and makes their customer journey much simpler.

5. Crescent Moon Ramadan

Use this template

Ramadan is another great spring holiday that encourages giving gifts. While the general aesthetic of Ramadan promos differs slightly from generic spring campaigns, it’s still a holiday you shouldn’t ignore. This floating box template is pre-configured to show a timer, indicating the time left until the sale ends. Moreover, you can select the widget to be shown only to people in countries where Ramadan is celebrated and held in high regard.


In conclusion, as businesses gear up for the vibrant spring season, drawing inspiration from successful campaigns and innovative strategies showcased by industry leaders is essential. Incorporating elements like floral decor, gamification, and timely giveaways can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates. 

Additionally, leveraging tools like Claspo's customizable templates offers a seamless way to enhance your promotional efforts and foster meaningful interactions with customers.

By embracing creativity and tailoring marketing initiatives to resonate with the spirit and celebration of spring, businesses can effectively capture audience attention and drive success in their campaigns. With these insights and resources, companies can confidently navigate the spring season and unlock new opportunities for growth and connection with their target audience.

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