Pop Up Timing: Choosing the Best Time to Display

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Claspo Blog Pop Up Timing: Choosing the Best Time to Display

You can’t expect visitors to buy something the first time they enter your online store. You have to encourage them. And sometimes, the most straightforward way to do so is to use pop-ups and the right pop ups timing. This technique can encourage them to get a specific item, use a discount code, get a bundle, etc., with a nice design and a strong CTA. More than that, if you want users to do any other action, you can use pop ups for building your contacts list, get newsletter subscriptions, etc. The right words and the right pop up timing can do wonders to your business and your desired rates. Aim for minimalistic yet informative designs that can simply describe to your users what you want from them at this given moment. Be clear and straightforward with your words and design. 

There is plenty of pop up types that you can use for different goals. Each of such pop ups should have its own pop up timing to achieve your goals. When exploring each time, you’ll see which one fits you the most. If you feel like you could use a hand with this task, you can always contact Claspo and ask for help. We can solve your issues and help create the perfect pop up.

Pop ups have nothing to be afraid of. It is a simple tool when used right. There are plenty of types and perfect timing for different goals and niches. We will help you to pick the best option that can suit your website and brand. 

You can read about pop up types in our other article, 49 Types of Website Pop-ups for Your Business where we break down the most common and most used pop up windows, showing the ways you can use them in your business. 

Table of Contents

1. The Right Pop Up Timing Is Very Important

2. Best Pop Up Timing

3. Conclusion

The Right Pop Up Timing Is Very Important

Pop ups are extremely effective as they don’t irritate customers yet do their job by collecting contacts, offering better price options, offering bundles, free shipping, discounts, and anything else that can help the business owner and the marketing team achieve their goal. As the pop up is such a strong tool, it should be timed right and speak in a particular tone of voice to encourage visitors to perform the desired action. 

When you decide that your pop up timing should be sooner, you risk irritating customers, which can result in losing them at any stage of the purchasing process. If you feel like you can use them earlier based on your previous experience or prior research, you can try and test the earlier pop up timing. Some specialists say it even works better, but we want to say that it insanely depends on your niche, type of the pop up, and the message you want your users to receive. 

If you show the pop up window too late, you can lose the opportunity to share valuable information with your customers. This results in cart abandonments, unsatisfactory rates, and anything else, actually. The users might even think about buying from you but decide to wait for better times — and a simple pop up window can push them towards the purchase. 

It is also necessary that you shouldn’t use pop ups too often as they can get extremely annoying, and that has never encouraged anyone to finish the purchase. Don’t upset your customers and visitors with flashy windows that get on the screen every 5 minutes. Just learn about your customers and pick the best possible pop up timing. 

Best Pop Up Timing

The correct pop up timing depends on the type of offer or content you want to share with your users. If you want to run an exit intent pop up, then it is obvious that you should display it when the user reaches for the red button with a white cross, per se. 

It also might be a good option to wait for a person to place goods into the cart so you can offer specific discounts or offers. You can also pay attention to how much the particular person wants to spend. It is always a good idea to remind people that they are several dollars away from free shipping. It is always nicer to spend money on products and services rather than on shipping. 

You can work with the pop up timing with the help of a professional timer. Even though it is hard to pick the exact and perfect pop up timing, there are still the best time windows that you can use to achieve the best result. 

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The best way to work with the pop up timer is to use it when working with opt-in forms. 

Page Views

You can analyze how many pages a common customer checks before dropping out or proceeding to checkout. This information will help you identify the best pop up timing to share the necessary information with your visitors and customers. 

If people check about 3-5 pages before leaving or purchasing, place a pop up window when they’ve checked 2-3 pages. If you are noticing that some items are extremely popular among your viewers, you can try and place the necessary pop up window when people spend some time on that page. 


If you have information that helps you understand where people stop scrolling, you can pick a pop up timing based on that information. This higher the chances that after checking the item or a service, people will more likely follow your pop up window and see what you have to offer. 

For example, if you run a service website and people read a lot about your working process and results, they might get to the bottom of the page. And, if they are there, it means that they are more likely to get your service, right? The more they express their desire to know your business, the more chances they would like to use it, so why don’t you help them decide on the right pop up timing?  

Time Spent in the store

If you notice that some pages are more interesting to people based on the time period they spend there, use this knowledge for the perfect pop up timing. Such information means that if people have stayed on a particular page for a longer amount of time, then it means that they are interested in your product or service. 

For sure, you have pages where you offer discounted products or services; this might have the best interest of people as they will try to find the best deal possible. And as you work out your pop up timing and strategy plan, be sure to include this type of timing. You can inform people about what’s going on on a particular page, offer best sellers, remind them about free shipping, notify them when hot deals end, etc.  


Pop up timing is extremely important as it can improve your conversation rates and engage people so they don’t leave your website without purchasing your products or services. The main goal here is to understand your audience, learn everything possible about it, and optimize your marketing strategy. 

Remember that marketing is not something that can guarantee you a 100% result but rather help you with understanding how to spend your budget more wisely.

If you feel that you need additional help with pop up timing or pop ups windows overall, you can contact Claspo for additional consulting and help. 

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