How to Increase Conversion Rate for Shopify eCommerce

How to Increase Conversion Rate for Shopify eCommerce

09 November 2023 19 April ~ 8 min read 2105 views
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Claspo Blog How to Increase Conversion Rate for Shopify eCommerce

Conversion rate optimization on Shopify is one of the top priorities in online store promotion. Today, this platform supports almost one million commercial websites that form a dynamic, highly competitive environment. 

Let's take a closer look at tools you can use to improve business performance on Shopify. 

7 ways to increase your online store conversion rate on Shopify

You can work with many techniques on your own without involving a team of experts. Let's look at 7 simple but very effective ways to increase conversions. Each of them can work independently, increasing sales and improving financial results. But if you want to reveal their potential by 100%, you should combine them, developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Let’s explore which elements of the strategy will be the most effective.

1. Pop-ups

Pop-ups are a convenient way to quickly increase conversions. To use them, you don't need to change the structure of your site, conduct a complex redesign, change the order of functional elements on the page, or write pages of code. It's enough to find a service that allows you to add pop-up in a few clicks. 

A good example is Claspo. The service offers a visual pop-up builder that works on the drag-and-drop principle. Simply drag the elements you need onto the screen and fill in the text fields to build your perfect widget.

Pop-ups are perfect for conversion optimization for a Shopify store. There are several reasons for this:

  • When display rules are set up correctly, pop-up appear at the right moment, prompting a hesitant user to take a targeted action.
  • Pop-ups do not necessarily cover the screen — they can be neatly placed in different sections of the window and promote your offer without hindering page exploration.
  • Pop-ups can perform various functions — collect data, redirect users to high-conversion pages, promote certain products, and inform users about promotions and discounts.

A personalized offer in a pop-up window is even more effective. According to Qminder statistics, simply mentioning a customer's name has a positive impact on conversion rates 70% of the time. 

Claspo will soon have a dynamic content feature. It will allow you to make individual product selections, provide personalized discounts, or issue personalized coupons — a proven way to quickly increase conversion rates.


Claspo allows you to create extraordinary personalized offers. The Claspo library has many ready-made widgets with interesting operating principles, including countdown timers and a final offer when a user is trying to leave the site. And it will soon be supplemented with gamification elements that significantly increase conversion rates.

2. Cross-selling and presales

Offer your customers to buy more and get more value — many of them will agree. You will increase the average purchase amount without spending time and effort to attract additional traffic.

Increasing conversion rates on Shopify this way is relatively easy — the platform allows you to customize pricing rules. A simple script will help you create a rule to activate a discount when adding certain items to your cart.

To make a favorable offer, use pop-up windows. Did a customer add a laptop to the cart? Offer him a mouse and a portable speaker system at a discount. A user orders two T-shirts from the same collection? Let him know that buying five units will be even more favorable.


It is important to realize that not every user will react positively to an offer to buy more goods. Imagine yourself in the position of a buyer and think about when exactly you would agree to such a favorable deal. You can also invite outside experts, conduct a survey, or create a focus group. Use these insights to customize your campaigns and allocate your marketing budget more effectively.

3. Home page based on CTA

When launching your website, make sure visitors understand what you offer them. The home page should demonstrate the unique selling advantage of the store — a product from a new collection, your wide selection or favorable prices, the possibility of personalizing the product, express delivery, payment with Bitcoin, etc. 

You can show the advantage in the form of a banner (static or dynamic) with a call to action.

Place a button in a prominent place that directs the visitor to the commercial page. Choose a short, clear, and attractive caption for it, such as:

  • "To Catalog";
  • "To shopping";
  • "To store";
  • "Buy now."
  • "Check out the new collection".


It's important not to overdo it with creativity. Buttons with captions like "Your personalized discount here" or "To great prices" give an idea of a unique shopping offer but do not have a clear call to action. They can confuse a user and increase the probability that a user will quickly close the page. 

Another rule is to use a minimalistic design for the top of the main page. The main elements at the top of the page should be: 

  • a unique selling proposition;
  • STA;
  • navigation button.

The rest of the information should be placed at the bottom of the screen, which is only visible when scrolling down the page.

4. High level of confidence

Shopify closely monitors compliance with e-commerce regulations. But there are scammers among the hundreds of thousands of online stores created on this platform. After being scammed, shoppers are distrustful of any website. Customers will place an order and pay for the goods only after they are convinced of the integrity of the seller.

To boost your online store's credibility and conversion optimization on Shopify, be sure to use these tips:

  • Add an "About Us" page and tell your company's story. Present your brand as a reliable friend and partner who understands its customers' needs, problems, and desires.
  • Place testimonial and rating blocks on your landing pages. Motivate customers to share positive experiences in exchange for privileges — small discounts, loyalty program bonuses, prizes, or exclusive subscriptions.
  • Connect social proof modules. Show that other users are interested in your products and make regular purchases. To increase efficiency, emphasize limited offers — set a countdown timer or a low stock warning.


Another way to significantly increase credibility is to showcase your products in real-life scenarios. Hold a photo shoot, shoot a video, or arrange a collaboration with influencers. Show that your product is really in demand and has a loyal audience.

5. Dealing with abandoned baskets

Truelist data shows that 75.6% of online shopping carts remain unpaid. Even if we take into account that some users did not originally intend to buy the selected goods, on a global scale, this represents trillions of dollars in lost revenue.

Dealing with abandoned carts is much easier than finding new customers. You can increase your conversion rate on Shopify with these simple tools:

  • Optimize the user interface. Make sure that the cart icon is always visible. Add a fill indicator, such as a red dot, which will remind a customer about previously selected items.
  • Email newsletters. Some users leave purchases "for later" and forget about them. Send them emails with reminders. If a client opens them but does not return to the site, make a final offer with a discount or bonus.
  • Pop-ups. Develop several display scenarios — for example, when there is a long period of inactivity or when they try to leave the site. The latter option has proven to be effective: according to Medium, it increases conversion rates by 5-10%.


Experts also advise simplifying the purchase process as much as possible. Provide an option to automatically fill in fields based on information from a customer profile or previous order. Add an instant purchase button and offer various communication options with the seller. If a user wants to buy a product without calling, allow them to do so — send a confirmation via SMS, email, or messenger.

6. Complex Optimization of the Site

Take care of a reliable technical basis for your website. Conduct an SEO audit using specialized tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, Sitechecker, or SE Ranking. Most of them don't just identify problems but generate checklists, sorting the issues by the importance and urgency of fixing them.

Take care of fast loading of the site as well. Unbounce research shows that long waits cause 70% of users to close the browser tab without reading the commercial offer. And Portent statistics show a direct correlation between load speed and conversions — reducing the former by 1 second increases the latter by 4.42% on average.

Another important detail is optimization for mobile devices. This segment is considered the most promising in e-commerce — according to Statista, its value reached 2.2 trillion dollars in 2023. However, mobile gadget owners are more likely to complain about poor user experience and leave their shopping carts full 85.65% of the time. Offer your customers a user-friendly mobile app and a minimalistic web interface. Run regular tests and use Google's free tools to evaluate your website.


7. Precise Advertising Customization

Sometimes, the reason for a low conversion rate is the very wide audience of the commercial offer. Try to narrow it down, leaving only those users who are really ready to make a purchase. Pay more attention to setting up targeted advertising. 

Start by compiling portraits of your target audience. Visualize typical consumers as real people with needs, problems, hobbies, and aspirations. Write a short biography of them and attach a photo for clarity. By the way, generative AI models like ChatGPT and Midjourney can help you with this — they make a marketer's job much easier.


Use these portraits to segment your target audience. Customize promotion offers for each segment, develop calls to action, and test different hypotheses. Analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and narrow down the user base as long as it improves your return on investment (ROI).

Increase the conversion rate of your online store on Shopify with Claspo

When creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, start with the simplest things, like adding pop-ups. Claspo easily connects to the Shopify platform thanks to its perfectly designed integration. All you need to do is add the extension in a few clicks and start creating your first widget. You can build it yourself, choose a ready-made template in the library, or order a turnkey pop-up development. 

Claspo is suitable for optimizing conversion rates on Shopify, no matter what niche market you operate in or what region you offer your products. The service provides many turnkey solutions to boost eCommerce sales. Its library includes tools for recovering abandoned carts, collecting personal data, generating personalized offers, and subscribing to exclusive newsletters. 

Try Claspo today — you can test all the service features in the free version. Evaluate the increase in conversion rates — up to 3.9 times in real cases!

Experience the Ultimate Shopify Upgrade with Claspo Widgets!

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