Earnings Per Click: What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing

Earnings Per Click: What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing

30 June 2022 13 June 2023 ~ 11 min read 2562 views
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Claspo Blog Earnings Per Click: What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing

Do you know what EPC in affiliate marketing is? It states for earnings per click, and it can help you increase your profits. If you want to know the truth about products or services you sell, you can use EPC to find out whether you should continue creating them or reselling them. This metric also can show you whether you should invest in specific campaigns or upgrade them to get better results.

Here we will cover the ways you can use EPC marketing to get more money and clients, as well as bring your business to a new level of excellence.

Table of Contents

  1. What Does EPC Mean in Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Why EPC Marketing Important?
  3. How Is EPC Calculated?
  4. 7 Ways to Increase EPC in Affiliate Marketing
  5. Conclusion

What Does EPC Mean in Affiliate Marketing?

EPC in affiliate marketing is a marketing term that describes the amount of money you get when a person clicks on one of the affiliate links. EPC marketing is done via pay-per-click (PPC) ads. It is the most important metric you should consider if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. Basically, the EPC metric illustrates the earning potential in any case, whether you run an affiliate program or share other affiliate links.

Many marketers think that working with cost-per-click (CPC) is enough to understand the state of the campaign and the popularity of the product/service. And when using this approach, marketers start running pricey pay-per-click (PPC) ads to cover the promotion costs. But in reality, it doesn't mean that this will help with the purchase rate or bring money to the business. You can end up with a small profit but with a nice advertising rate, which is good, but it's not what you're aiming for.

When calculating EPC, you can expect better results and be more sure about the outcome. However, it is important to note that marketing is never about 100% chance that something will work and make you rich. Marketing is about studying your audience and niche to create a campaign that will intrigue them to buy from you. It can only reduce uncertainty but does not guarantee you the result.

Nevertheless, it is still crucial to understand the significance of EPC to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategies. 

Why Is EPC Marketing Important?

What is EPC in marketing for? With the help of simple calculation, you can assess the overall value of multiple clicks rather than focusing solely on the value of a single click. By analyzing a significant number of clicks, you can determine how much you have earned per 100 clicks, providing a precise measure of your campaign's success and enabling you to evaluate your business effectively.

EPC is an extremely important metric that can make a big change to your business and affiliate marketing. Remember, as we said earlier, lots of clicks don't mean lots of profit. And you are interested in the profit. Yes, clicks can give you extra awareness among new audiences and remind old customers about your brand, but in the end, all you want is money. So, clicks don't make money, but purchases do. 

How Is EPC Calculated?

The formula for calculating EPC is quite simple and looks like this:

Revenue / Number of clicks.

For example

If you received $250 for every 100 affiliate link clicks, then the EPC would be $2.5. 250/100 = $2.5 EPC

As you can see, this is not rocket science, so you don't have to know a lot about math to calculate your profit.

EPC is the perfect way to determine which offer performs best with different payouts. Suppose an affiliate has two offers, one with a payout of $36 and the other with a payout of $40. It's easy to assume that the $40 payout offer is the best deal. However, let's see how the EPC helps determine which proposal is still better.

Offer A with a payout of $36 for 100 leads with 700 clicks. The affiliate earns $3600, and EPC is $5.14.

Offer B with a $40 payout for 70 leads with 700 clicks. Thus, the affiliate earns $2800, and the EPC per offer is $4.00.

So, in the example above, offer A has an EPC of $5.14, while offer B has an EPC of $4. This shows that an offer with a higher payout is not always the best solution.

In this example, Affiliate A earns $1.14 more per click compared to Affiliate B's offer, for an additional $800 in revenue.

EPC helps the affiliate find a high-yield offer that converts better.

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7 Ways to Increase EPC in Affiliate Marketing

As one of the key metrics in measuring the success of your affiliate campaigns, EPC holds the power to significantly impact your revenue generation. By implementing these powerful techniques and leveraging data-driven insights, you will unlock the potential to maximize your earnings, attract higher-quality traffic, and establish a sustainable and thriving affiliate marketing business.

So, let's dive in and discover the seven game-changing ways to enhance your EPC and take your affiliate marketing ventures to new heights of success.

Use Floating Bar

Even if you feel that you want to place pop-up windows all over your page, you still have to remember about the UX. In most cases, marketing specialists use big pop-up. that jump out in the middle of the page, covering the main information and the website. In many cases, people don't even have a little cross to exit such a pop-up window, which is quite bad and not user-friendly.

To omit that, you can use floating bars with the most necessary information. This is one of the most user-friendly approaches as it doesn't cover the main content and contains the necessary information. 

You can create a floating bar that is a bit bigger with an option to close it or a thinner sticky one that will follow the users when they are on your website or a specific page. 

Use Exit-Intent Pop-up.

Re-engagement plays a huge role in digital marketing, and every specialist should use this tool to promote business among old customers. There are plenty of ways you can do that. One of those ways is to use exit-intent pop-up windows with an irresistible offer. 

How can these exit-intent pop-up. work with affiliate EPC? We want to remind you that an exit-intent pop-up appears when users want to leave the page, and you need to get their attention back. With a pop-up, you can display an offer and direct people to your affiliate products. This is a moment where you get an opportunity to catch the attention of your clients and make them purchase from you. 

This approach helps you to earn with the help of organic traffic as you don't need to pay for an EPC affiliate campaign which will influence your EPC metric. If you have more questions about creating a pop-up window that will help you to re-engage your visitors, you can contact Claspo for additional help or services.

Work With Famous People in the Niche

The competition is what drives the business and EPC marketing, meaning that the more there is competition in the niche, the more profit you'll get per click. So it's highly important to collaborate with the highest paying merchants who will allow them to get the biggest payouts for their links. 

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

You can also use emails for your EPC affiliate programs. It doesn't mean that you need to send your subscribers just links offering them to visit the website and get the product/service. This will look like a simple spam letter, and no one will actually visit the link or buy something. 

What you can do instead is create specific content for email marketing where you can incorporate affiliate links in your letter or text. This is how you omit the backlash and ban from mailing people at all. 

Stop Losing Your Customers!

More than that, if you haven't done email marketing, you can't just start it from nowhere, offering people to follow the affiliate links. You should create a strategy so your letter won't look spammy. Create email series where you gently incorporate the campaign with the EPC affiliate link. One of the topics you can cover is welcoming email, sharing content, building connections with followers, telling about the product that is in the link, sharing other content that might be interesting, nurturing, sharing the link again.

You can hire a content specialist to create the content plan, but if you have a rather small business, you can do it yourself as well. 

Blog Posts and Affiliate Links

In case you have a successful blog, you can incorporate affiliate links into your content like texts, video descriptions, photo descriptions, etc. 

The content is extremely important to any marketer who wants to bring organic traffic to the business. So make sure you create interesting and helpful content on a regular basis. You can also incorporate the information about affiliate products into your content or create special content dedicated just to a specific product or service that you promote. Write product reviews, resource pages, comparison texts, lists, etc.

If you don't run a blog, it is time to start one. And don't forget about following the best SEO practices, as they will bring more traffic to your website. But if you don't feel like doing it all yourself, you can ask experts to help you with that.

It is also important to state that you are sharing an affiliate link and don't keep it a secret. Tell people that you use this product or service yourself, which is why you're partnering with this brand for a commercial. But don't hide that this is an ad campaign since that can damage your reputation.

Focus on Fast Hosting

Everything you show to people should be displayed fast. Each delay kills off the chances that users will visit your affiliate links, click on ads, or interact with any links you provide. If the links and those pages don't load or load at a low speed, you won't get the profit. 

Most people are used to the fast Internet and don't wait to check on something because everybody knows that there are many more of the same products and services that have the same or better quality. The level of customer satisfaction is extremely dependent on this factor, so don't neglect to work on it.

Check Your Metrics

Without knowing your metrics, you can't build EPC affiliate programs. Knowledge is everything here, and you need to understand what you're doing and how to achieve the best possible results. Track metrics like EPC, CPC, and results you get from the A/B testing to see if your affiliate link promotion works the way you want. 


Now that you know what EPC is in affiliate marketing and why you need to check this metric, you can see that marketing is not hard, but it requires constant learning, testing, and observation.

EPC affiliates will show you how you should spend your resources like budget and time. It is an effective metric that you should constantly use among other metrics, check it, and correct your campaign if you are not satisfied with the results. 

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