Unique Selling Proposition Examples You Should Pay Attention To

Unique Selling Proposition Examples You Should Pay Attention To

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Claspo Blog Unique Selling Proposition Examples You Should Pay Attention To

In today's world of commerce, supply exceeds demand. There are many companies in every niche: auto services, construction, beauty, food industry, etc. In many of them, the services or goods and their costs are identical or slightly different. Even if you have an innovative idea, the emergence of competitors after a while is inevitable. A unique sales offer will help you stand out from the "crowd" of similar brands, present your business favorably, and attract CAs.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
  2. 20 Effective Examples of Unique Selling Propositions and Their Benefits
  3. How to Create Your USP?
  4. How Long Should a Unique Selling Proposition Be?
  5. Conclusion

What Is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Surely you understand that your products or services are common. Even if you create hand-made products and sell them in your online store, someone in the next city or even on the next street is running a similar business. That’s why you need to attract the attention of the potential client. USP helps with this.

A unique selling proposition is a distinguishing mark, an outstanding factor that simultaneously characterizes a business and selectively but greatly affects the consumer, solving their problem and offering value or benefit to them. If you look at USP from the consumer's point of view, it demonstrates the reason why the consumer should turn to you.

A well-written unique selling point example has the following benefits:

  •      Helps to sell more easily;
  •      There is no need to compete on price;
  •      Repeat sales are made easier.

With an intriguing USP, you can increase the effectiveness of advertising and expand your customer base. And all this is thanks to one phrase. It is worth remembering that even an excellent USP is not a magic button that will make customers flock to the store. This is one of the marketing moves that, in skillful hands, will attract additional customers.

20 Effective Examples of Unique Selling Propositions and Their Benefits

A unique selling proposition is a kind of the core of your marketing, around which the entire strategy is built. Therefore, if it turns out to be boring, gray, and every day, you should go through the entire process of its development again, and for inspiration, look at the work of brands with world popularity. Then you will see your "most" feature, on which you can play perfectly. There are many great USP marketing examples.

Here you can see effective USP examples:

1. We rent employees

For its B2B partners, a recruiting agency created a fantastic offer. Thinking about how to stand out from its competitors, the agency developed a service for leasing employees of its company. "Do you need a courier for a month? Light! Need a designer for the week? Let's do it!". Great move, which has such benefits for a business:

  • Flexibility and scalability: It enables businesses to optimize their operations, streamline resource allocation, and respond promptly to changing market demands.
  • Cost-effectiveness: This eliminates the need for upfront costs and long-term financial commitments associated with permanent employment.

2. “Tontine”

Manufacturers put an expiration date as a stamp on each pillow. And they launched into society the idea that pillows are not eternal. Then, a competent advertising company was organized. Before bedtime, advertisements were shown on television about what happens inside old pillows at the micro level (mites, parasites). And in the morning, the following came from the TV: "Good morning! Did you sleep well? Haven't you woken up the ecosystem in your pillow?".

  • Problem-solution approach: It created a sense of reliability and trust in Tontine's products, leading to a boost in sales by 345%.
  • Awareness and education: This information not only shocked the audience but also provided them with valuable knowledge.

3. Apple

Apple Inc. is a famous brand known for its innovative products and unique marketing strategies. One of their key unique selling propositions (USPs) is their focus on a seamless user experience through a well-integrated hardware, software, and service ecosystem.

Apple's USP can be summarized as follows: "Experience the Apple ecosystem, where simplicity, elegance, and seamless integration of hardware, software, and services deliver a superior user experience".

  • Brand loyalty: It leads to repeat purchases, and a reduced likelihood of switching to competitors.
  • Competitive advantage: This USP attracts consumers who value Apple qualities, differentiating itself from competitors.

4. Shoe Shop

It sells quality shoes at average prices and is no different from competitors. However, an electronic flat-foot detector was placed in the store. And with the help of advertising, they invited people to check whether they have flat feet for free. If they did, the store recommended specific footwear.

  • Increased traffic: The flow of customers increased four times.
  • Customer loyalty: The number of loyal customers (secondary purchases) has increased threefold, creating a sense of trust.

5. UMPQUA Bank

Umpqua Bank has created a new kind of space for its customers — a third place between work and home where you can spend time. Customers buy bank products like ordinary store goods, where various items are scattered on the table, from T-shirts to cups. Music is playing on the premises of Umpqua Bank, visitors are drinking coffee at the tables. All these perks bring the following benefits to a bank:

  • Enhanced customer experience: It reduces the pressure on the client to zero, excluding the officialdom characteristic of the banking sector.
  • Positive brand image and differentiation: By incorporating elements like music, coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere, Umpqua Bank distinguishes itself from traditional banks.

6. Truck Transportation 

One example of USP is truck transportation. They sell the transportation of goods from one point to another. The company launched the slogan: "We always have sober loaders"! Thus, they increased trust in the company due to the guarantee of sobriety, which was associated with accuracy.

  • Trust and reliability: This USP led to an increase in the number of customers. 
  • Competitive advantage: The emphasis on sobriety highlights their commitment to safety, professionalism, and quality service, making them stand out from competitors.

7. Smintair German Airline

The company has legalized smoking on planes. They specialize in the transportation of premium clients. The smoking airline successfully transports affluent customers who prefer service providers who consider their habits.

  • Targeting niche market: It allows the company to effectively target and attract this specific segment of customers, establishing itself as a unique and sought-after option.
  • Increased customer demand: Long-haul flights became especially popular and the demand for tickets exceeded supply by 50%.

8. Construction company

Renovation of city apartments for sale. The company launched a USP in free advertising sources: "Doing repairs in the apartment? We will remove your wallpaper for free!" People get free wallpapers! Agree, nice? And the decision to entrust all repairs in the apartment to this company remains with them. 

  • Increased conversion rate: 80% of those who ordered the free service "Removal of Wallpaper" entrusted the entire repair to the company that provided it. 
  • Profit growth: The positive experience and satisfaction from the renovation services provided encourage repeat business and referrals, leading to sustained growth in profits for the company.

9. Network of food supermarkets

They sell food and necessities. The company provides electric scooters (with a maximum speed of 4 km/hour) for moving disabled and elderly people around the supermarket. This is a very interesting and profitable unique selling points example. Disabled and elderly people have limited mobility, and many of them have almost forgotten what it is like to go to a supermarket and choose from a huge number of products.

  • Enhanced customer experience: This supermarket allowed these people to feel full-fledged again.
  • Positive brand image and reputation: It positions the supermarket as a socially conscious and caring brand, attracting not only disabled and elderly customers but also garnering support from the wider community who value such initiatives.

10. Printing shop

They sell business cards. The printing company created a Famous People Card Museum in the office. After the introduction of the phrase "Come to our office, see what business cards "Famous people" walk with and maybe pick up something for yourself", the flow of customers increased five times!

  • Word-of-Mouth marketing: Due to media interest, the company stopped spending money on advertising.
  • Increased sales and revenue: With a larger customer base and heightened brand awareness, the company can convert these visits into sales, leading to a boost in revenue and overall business growth.

11. Restaurant

They sell public food. Prices are higher than average. Waiters serve customers, moving around the kilometer-long perimeter of the restaurant on roller skates. No one has such a thing! In addition, it increases the speed of customer service in the huge area of the restaurant.

  • Brand awareness: This way, the restaurant gained world fame due to its uniqueness.
  • Prestigiousness: Working as a waiter in this restaurant is considered very prestigious and profitable, since, for a shift, you can get tips that are an order of magnitude more than in ordinary restaurants.

12. Toyota

Toyota is one of the great selling proposition examples. Here you can buy a car. The special feature of their USP is the opportunity to come to the factory and order the production of any Toyota model that has ever been produced, even if they have already been discontinued. You can order a 2010 model from the factory, and it is brand new, manufactured in 2023, and arrives at your yard.

  • Personalization: This level of customization satisfies individual preferences and creates a unique ownership experience, catering to customers who have specific model preferences.
  • Competitive advantage: It positions Toyota as a brand that listens to its customers and goes the extra mile to fulfill their automotive desires, setting them apart in the market.

13. Morshynska

Morshynska ranks first in terms of sales among still waters in Ukraine. The company conveys to the population the benefits of consuming clean water. But how do you inculcate the habit of drinking water in a child? "Morshynska" marketers found an effective approach and, in 2021, presented a new line of water for girls and boys, "Drink and Play" — bright bottles with illustrations of favorite children's characters.

  • Targeted marketing: The brand took care of the convenience of the bottles — their size fits perfectly in the palm of a child's hand.
  • Increased market share: It helps capture a larger share of the children's beverage market, expanding Morshynska overall market presence in Ukraine.

14. ATB

The chain of well-known Ukrainian supermarkets emphasizes accessibility: retail outlets are located mainly in residential areas of cities "close to home" for the convenience of consumers, and prices in ATB are among the most budget-friendly. Their USP: Find it cheaper — we'll refund your money.

  • Customer attraction: By emphasizing their commitment to affordability, customers are more likely to choose ATB as their preferred shopping destination.
  • Competitive advantage: This USP appeals to budget-conscious consumers who actively seek the best deals.

15. Noodle Doodle

The chain of Asian cuisine restaurants did not follow an innovative but an "effective" path. The establishment offers its visitors unlimited drinks at a fixed price. The customer pays once and receives his bottomless glass. The offer includes Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up, iced tea, water, and more than ten types of coffee drinks. Therefore, their USP is "Drink as much as you want".

  • Customer satisfaction: This leads to a positive dining experience, as customers can freely enjoy their favorite beverages without worrying about additional costs.
  • Increased revenue: The unlimited drink offering may incentivize customers to stay longer, leading to additional food orders and potential upselling opportunities.

16. Starbucks

The world's most famous chain of coffee shops, whose outlets are located in 60 countries, does not try to flirt with the customer at all. Their USPs for customers are transparency and clarity. They are not discussing a cheap price here, trying to merge with competitors. On the contrary, the company emphasizes its status.

Compare for yourself how their USPs sound:

  • Beware of a cheaper cup of coffee. It comes at a price.
  • We have always been crazy about coffee. We are currently certified.
  • Coffee that inspires.
  • Starbucks or nothing.

17. HoReCa

The HoReCa sector is one of the most competitive niches. Customers will not be surprised by the designer interior of the cafe, nor by the extensive menu of delicious dishes. Therefore, the cafe offered customers not only a tasty snack but also to chat with the most popular animals on social networks — cats.

  • Increased profit: Entrance to the cafe with cats is 3$, but the crowd of visitors does not stop appearing at their doors.
  • Niche audience: By targeting this specific segment, the cafe can effectively reach and engage with individuals who have a strong affinity for cats.

18. Huggies

When Huggies entered the market, Pampers already had a significant market share. But, unlike the popular brand, "cowboy" diapers were equipped with elastic straps and rubber bands, which ensured not only dryness but also comfort of movement for the baby. Parents who want the best for their children doubted the quality of the previously used brand and happily started buying Huggies. 

  • Increased revenue: It gave the company a 350% growth in the first year after entering the market.
  • Improved customer experience: Parents who want the best for their children perceive Huggies as a trustworthy brand that understands their needs.

19. Tesco

In the European food and household goods chain Tesco, customers are offered electric scooters capable of developing up to four km/h to move around the store. This is an extremely comfortable solution for young mothers with children, the elderly, and the disabled.

  • Increased sales: The volume of sales in the network with the innovation increased by 47%.
  • Inclusive shopping environment: This inclusivity fosters a positive brand image and strengthens customer relationships.

20. Zarina

The Zarina online jewelry store has developed a USP that provides additional services to customers. Buyers can buy jewelry and have it engraved. Such customization of jewelry usually takes place in individual jewelry workshops, which may be inconvenient for some.

  • Competitive advantage: Buyers can immediately receive a product with a commemorative mark, which is something you will not find in other jewelry stores.
  • Convenience and time-saving: Rather than having to visit a separate jewelry workshop to get their jewelry engraved, customers can have it done directly.

How to Create Your USP?

The main task of USP is to increase sales and attract CA. But you have to understand that USP is not advertising in the usual sense. Advertising is, rather, a demonstration of the best sides of the product, and USPs are strong arguments in favor of the offer. Accurate, clear, and real for potential customers.

To make an excellent unique commercial offer, you should follow three rules:

  • Specificity. The ad must contain an unequivocal offer to use the product or service.
  • Uniqueness. The proposed benefit is unique (competitors either did not use it, or you offer something innovative).
  • Efficiency. Emphasis on the most important benefit/advantage for the potential client.

The proposed offer will act not only on the mind and logic of the buyer but also on his emotions. The fact is that, in theory, your unique offer arouses not only interest, but also surprise, and only then the buyer evaluates the advantages of the offered product or offer.

  • Analyze your target audience. Before you start developing a USP, you have to  carefully analyze your target audience and understand the offer's aim. Suppose you plan to open an online store selling men's, women's, and children's clothing. Don't try to cover all CA groups, select a competitive one (for example, maternity clothes) and create a USP for it.
  • Solve the problems of your CA. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer and understand what their problem might be and how they can solve it with the help of your company. Here are some examples of problems:

- It is necessary to send a transfer to parents abroad, which is an urgent problem. The solution is using special services for money transfers.

- A broken computer mouse is a problem. The solution is to buy a new one.

- Need an interesting gift for a loved one, which is a problem. The solution is to buy a gift.

  • You need to understand for what purpose the visitor comes to your site and know what solution to offer him:

- What you can offer your buyer.

- What profit he will receive from cooperation with you.

- What makes your company different from competitors.

- What you can offer that others can't.

Do not think abstractly, do not use clichéd phrases. Understand that the phrase "High-quality tooth filling" will not become a USP, because a potential client, when contacting dentistry, has in mind that they will receive a quality service. So, you have to offer them something more. If you have never written a sales text, here are some guidelines on how to write one:

  • Make a promise to the client. It is not always possible to develop an effective unique selling proposition example based on any distinctive features of your company. In this case, you can go the other way, promising your client something. For example, the promise that the chocolate melts in the mouth, not in the hands, as the creator of the infamous M&M candy slogan did. Agree, it sounds impressive and still works, although this USP is more than 50 years old.
  • Gather all the information. Having passed the previous stages, you probably already received information. Now it is necessary to structure it. Create a short paragraph from your notes, structured from the strongest value to the weakest. Analyze what you can do and cross out what sounds implausible or is not true at all.
  • Compile your USP. Try to summarize information in one sentence. It should not be long (up to 10 words). Yes, the task is not simple, you need to allocate time and brainstorm.

When you can't develop an effective unique selling proposition based on certain product qualities, promise something of value to the customer, such as a gift box, free shipping, a trial period, a discount on the next purchase, etc. But keeping the promise is mandatory.

How Long Should a Unique Selling Proposition Be?

A USP is a phrase with a maximum length of 10 words that tells the consumer about the product and encourages them to buy it. A properly prepared USP can increase the effectiveness of advertising and contribute to the identification and memorability of the product and brand in the market.

If we consider the operation and capabilities of USP from the point of view of business processes, it helps:

  • Stop competing on price and, accordingly, earn more. A consumer who sees a benefit in your sentence is willing to pay more.
  • Increase the effectiveness of advertising. By using a cool USP on your website, social media, and even billboard ads, the consumer will remember it and return to you repeatedly.

Unless you introduce an original product or service to the market that no one else is offering, it is very challenging to develop a unique selling proposition. Competitors who have been using various advertising strategies for years occupy the main niches in any segment. However, it is possible. A product that has a USP wins compared to a product without one.


The development of USP is a responsible, creative, and difficult process. A properly designed USP will be a reliable foundation for forming a brand image and developing your business. When creating a proposal, consider the following:

  • USP makes your product unique and helps you stand out among competitors.
  • A unique selling proposition differs from an offer, as it has a fundamental essence and remains relevant for a long time of the brand's existence.
  • To develop an effective USP, it is important to analyze the target audience and competitors, to find (or create) a unique advantage of the product or service, and to be sure to keep your promises.

The USP advantageously distinguishes your product against the background of competitors' products, and the created phrase will advertise your product or offer for a long time. To make a good USP for an online store, carefully consider the product and its characteristics, find a highlight, and then sell it and the product!

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