10 Ways How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022

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Claspo Blog 10 Ways How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022

If you are looking for how to grow your YouTube channel, you must start asking yourself why you need that. As of April 2022, according to Statista, there are 247 million active YouTube users in the USA only! India has the most users — 467 million active users. So can you predict how many there will be next year and in years to come? Plenty enough for you to start growing YouTube channel for different purposes. It helps grow business, raise awareness of your brand, build your personal brand, etc.

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YouTube's mission is to give a voice to different creators all around the world. Besides giving the spotlight, YouTube offers revenue to its most active users and vloggers. So YouTube itself will help you grow your YouTube channel since the platform itself wants to attract more creators as well as users. You just have to follow the guidelines, know some hacks, and learn general marketing rules.

Table of Contents

1. Why Do Consumers Subscribe to YouTube Channels

2. 10 Ways How to Make Your YouTube Channel Grow Fast

3. Conclusion

Why Do Consumers Subscribe to YouTube Channels

The starting point of answering your question about how to grow on YouTube is understanding why people subscribe at all. Many looks for educational content as it is free to watch videos on YouTube, and many specialists or newbies are in constant search of things that might be useful for them. And besides looking for career-related videos, people look for different to-do videos that help them upgrade their hobbies results. Don't forget about funny videos as well. This type of content is extremely popular too! 

We also recommend checking the trending videos in your location. You can do that on YouTube here.

10 Ways How to Make Your YouTube Channel Grow Fast

Video marketing as a part of content marketing has been very popular in the last years. Seems like everyone wants to create videos to raise awareness or to connect with loyal customers on a deeper level with the help of video content. It is a good move if your audience needs such a medium, but it should meet all the requirements and standards both of YouTube and common sense. 

When you look for how to grow on YouTube, you need to remember that people run into different videos all around the internet, so your content needs to be relevant to your target audience and be useful for your audience. To make a good video that is easy to find, you need to check some tips. Luckily, we've put together some of them! 

1. Pick a Single Topic for a Single Video

As you might know, each sentence and each advertisement should have only one idea so people can understand it right. The same works for YouTube videos. So this is not the only answer to how to make your YouTube channel grow but is extremely important. Besides, this is how you can pick the right SEO data to market your video organically and bring new viewers who might be interested in your content. You can use tools to pick the best and most popular keywords for your video to reach more people. 

We advise you to check the keywords before creating a video. It is better to incorporate them into your content to grow your YouTube channel. As YouTube creates captions, these words automatically get into the search engine, which helps people to find your video. Also, don't forget to add keywords to your title and description. 

2. Learn From Popular Content

Many creators will answer your How to grow your YouTube channel question easily — create superb content. Check the most popular topics, audit the most that speak to you, and learn from them. What are they showing, how long the video goes, and how are they engaging with the audience? Just take topics and make your own video on that one. Most people prefer videos that last from one to five minutes, according to Statista. So try to create something that you can fully describe in less than five minutes. Well, maybe a part of the bigger topic. However, we recommend you talk to your potential audience because if you plan on growing YouTube channel with educational videos, five minutes might not be enough to talk about the topic. 

You can also create reactions to popular videos of your topic so you can use parts of other videos in your work. But again, know your audience and learn what they want. 

3. Engage with Target Audience

It might not be a surprise to you, but YouTube encourages pages that have lively conversations in the comments. So be sure to ask people to comment on your work if you want to grow your YouTube channel. Also, don't forget to answer as many comments as you can, trying to engage people in communication. But don't overprovoke them with a topic that might be against the YouTube guidelines. 

Learn other ways to invite new people to your channel. There are plenty of them, and you just have to be creative with them. Comment on similar videos, share your YouTube channel on other social media, etc. 

4. Build Your Branding

Your content might be interesting and extremely helpful. But if it doesn't look appealing, people won't watch it even if your video can turn them into billionaires in five minutes. The right images and visuals help visitors to take you more seriously, understand your niche better, and identify you among other vloggers. The ability to recognize your content in seconds is one of the keys how to get big on YouTube.  

If you are a blogger already, then you might have your own visual style that can be easily transmitted to your YouTube channel. But if you are just starting and YouTube is your first platform, then consider asking a professional designer to help you with the visual code that you'll implement into your brand. 

Besides visuals, you have to work on your copy to grow your YouTube channel. Write the best possible description by stating your ideas and writing about yourself. You can also add links to your other social media channels if you want to bring more subscribers there. 

5. Share Your Channel on Other Platforms

Cross-promotion is one of the ways how to grow a YouTube channel fast. You can ask friends, influencers, and others to share your content if they find it worth sharing. If your following is pretty strong on any other platform, it won't be hard for you to grow your YouTube channel. Your main task here is to raise awareness and continuously remind people that you create interesting content on YouTube. 

You can share your videos or links on any possible platform as YouTube is extremely popular, and many platforms embed videos easily. Try Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, and regular text blogs, if you own one. And don't neglect trying new social media platforms as you never know whether they will be the new TikTok. 

6. Find a Face

It is a well-known fact that people connect more with content that has a repetitive face. So if you run a personal vlog, then you are good — show yourself and build your brand. And if you run a business vlog, then find someone who is ready to be the face of your YouTube. Run tests or ask your audience who they would like to see on your channel. If you have lots of content that touches different topics, then think about placing different people for different topics. It is easier for people to connect with individuals, trust them, and follow them. 

7. Work on Your Thumbnails

This is not small a thing as many think. Thumbnails are extremely important for many reasons. At first, they help people understand what topic you're about to cover, then you can place a face that speaks for the brand. It also builds visual recognition for your brand. 

The thumbnail should be catchy and informative, so people have a reason to click on it. You see thumbnails all the time on YouTube, on the side, while watching the video, when you enter the platform when you finish the video. So make sure that your thumbnail stands out from others as it helps grow your YouTube channel. 

8. Ask to Subscribe

It is the best way for people to know that you've released the video is to be subscribed to your channel. Most vloggers their viewers to subscribe to each video as it is not only the bigger number you get but also a way to be more visible and grow your YouTube channel. Many use this line because it works. Besides, you can add the Subscription button right into your video. 

We want to warn you that you shouldn't pay for subscribers as it will hurt the authenticity of your channel and bring bots or an irrelevant audience that won't vibe with your content. This is not how to grow your YouTube channel in 2022. With the right audience, you'll get higher watch time, andа YouTube algorithms will recommend your videos more to a relevant audience. 

9. Upload Frequently

You've probably noticed that many creators upload their videos weekly. It is the optimal frequency as, during this time, you can create the idea and work on the quality that will help grow your YouTube channel. Usually, it is best to create a schedule to post your videos so people can count on you. 

As with many other types of content, consistency and quality are the keys here. The more nice and well-made content you post, the more views and followers you'll get. 

Most people have all the necessary tools on their sleeve: phones have great filming quality, the simplest microphone is enough to start filming, and you can find nice software for free or for cheap. All you need is time, persistence, and scrupulosity. 

10. Become an Expert

The most popular content is educational content. So you can become an expert in any niche and teach people about your passion. It can be anything from "how to get big on YouTube" to "how to make the best bread." 

There are plenty of courses about anything on the internet, so it will take some time to become an expert, but it is definitely worth it. 


Growing YouTube channel is more than a simple desire to be popular. Many people want to upgrade their brand or their business with the help of video content. It is a great tool to raise awareness, be more likable, and be useful to your target audience. The more people are familiar with your face and personality, the more they trust you and buy your services or products.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can be sure that more people see your content, so be ready to answer all the fan letters! 

Build your community, create superb content, and be consistent and persistent. These are the main tips for anything you do in marketing, and growing YouTube channel is not an exception here. 

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