7 Cart Abandonment Pop-up Examples to Save Sales

7 Cart Abandonment Pop-up Examples to Save Sales

08 December 2021 yesterday ~ 10 min read 36022 views
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Claspo Blog 7 Cart Abandonment Pop-up Examples to Save Sales

According to e-commerce studies, 70% of users abandoned carts without paying in 2020. It can be a bit depressing for business owners who’ve invested in development, marketing, advertising, as this issue stands between you and your profit. 

Why do the customers do this, and how to convince them to purchase an item?

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What Is an Abandoned Cart?

Basically, an abandoned cart is an unfinished purchase. The user found the necessary products on the site, added them to the cart, and then left the website without actually paying for the goods. 

When visiting an online store for the first time, 92% of visitors are not going to buy products right away, even if they’ve added something to the cart. On average, it takes about five impressions before a user decides to make a purchase.

There are plenty of top-notch online stores that deal with this kind of issue. People, usually, highlight the next matters for an abandoned cart: 

  • “Just looking around”;
  • necessary registration;
  • additional cost for shipping and taxes;
  • price shipping;
  • the website looked weird.

However, it is impossible to make everyone buy your products once they are in the cart, but you can use different marketing tools to get closer to 100% purchases. That’s why you should know the ways to reduce cart abandonment, and pop-ups are one of them.

How to Use Pop-up to Reduce Cart Abandonment? Examples

A timely pop-up can help you convince users to stay at your website for a longer time. It’s like a game, when each time it gets a little boring, you see a new item or location. Other than that, you don’t need to hand out discounts, free shipping, or coupons right away. Retain your customers with pop-ups that they will like. 

Let’s check some examples and find out how they work.

Offer Free Shipping

Have you ever wondered why people exit their cart without finishing the order? We don’t talk about window shoppers now, it’s hard to deal with those. But, there are plenty of reasons that we can fix with a simple offer. So why don’t people purchase when they have everything set in their basket? 

  • the checkout process is not friendly;
  • the person got distracted with anything else;
  • the total price differs from the expected one;
  • the shipping price seems too expensive;
  • anything else you can imagine.

The unexpected shipping cost is one of the most popular issues. So, you can offer free shipping for those who don’t want to pay extra money for it. It is also a fact that people tend to order more if there is free shipping. Why so? If they know that there is no delivery price, they spend the “delivery” budget on products.

If you provide free shipping, write about it on your website on a daily basis. And don’t forget to remind users about it when the person checks out the goods with the pop-up window.

Add an engaging text to draw attention to your pop-up, such as “Congratulations!”, “Here’s your freebie!”, “Hey, lucky one!”, etc.

All Time Free Shipping Offer Pop-Up Example.png

If you don’t have free shipping, consider implementing free shipping for spending a specific sum of money on your website. For example, offer free shipping with orders over $50.

This is also an option if you have lots of goods for a small price and you won’t get profits with free shipping. Here’s an example of how you can notify users who have enough goods in their cart to get free shipping.

Spend Money for Free Shipping Offer Pop-Up Example.png


People rarely buy from the website they see for the first time. That’s a fact that we can’t deny. You can’t really do a thing about that. But you can start by offering simple things that people might use in the future when ordering something from you. 

That’s where you can use giveaways. Other than that, you’ll get contact information that will help you communicate with people later and remind them about yourself. 

You don’t have to spend loads of money on gifts, just find something small yet pleasant to share, like free shipping, 10% discount, extra tiny products, etc. 

It also helps when people abandon a cart. Offering them a chance to get a present always sparks joy and hope for a big win. People, after all, are very venturous creatures.

Giveaway (1).png

You can also work out the fact that most people have a fear of missing out. Add some timing to your giveaway. For example, today only, you can win one of our products when ordering something.

Giveaway FOMO Pop-Up Example.png

Besides, you can add a timer to your Giveaway event. This will create a sense of urgency and make the person decide faster. “Tik-Tok, users, get your presents asap.”  

Giveaway Timer Urgency Pop-Up Example.png

Special Offers Promotion

When your visitor is not quite ready to buy from you, it is important to understand that not all hope is lost. This is only the first communication between you and your client so feel free to tell them about your special offers, future sales, etc. Basically, this website is your home and you should share your hospitality. 

It may not be the perfect timing for the purchase, but the most important thing is that the user knows you and may visit your place next time. For this scenario, you should create an urge to visit your website in a while. For example, you can create a pop-up cart with a special offer for future purchases. Or tell about the upcoming sale so the visitor can pick the products beforehand and purchase them as soon as the sale starts. 

Special Offers Promotion Pop-Up Example.png

But what if everyone starts to wait for a big sale rather than buying right now? That’s an issue to make. You can try offering an extra 15% off if the user buys the products now. And you can stimulate with different small coupons that the user can use right now. For example, offer the users 15% off if they buy everything now.

Pop-Up Personalization

Some things are not unique selling propositions, but rather a must-have. This includes the top-notch products quality, customer-oriented approach, and personalization. 

Users are quite spoiled with attention and great offers so they expect everyone to be on the same level. And that’s a fact you can’t deny. 

Some websites say hi to their regular customers and have some sort of friendship or a bond. They know what the user likes and what doesn’t. So you can welcome those, who you’ve “seen” before on your website. 

Remind those who want to abandon the cart that you will miss them and highlight what they will miss out on.

Pop-Up Personalization Pop-Up Example.png

You can show the product that is in the user’s cart describing how popular it is on your website. This is a little bit of a push towards FOMO syndrome and an urge to buy the beloved item before the store runs out of stock.

Try to Offer a Similar Product

It is possible that there are simply no goods, products, or services that fit your client. There is nothing crazy about it. We are all people and want to get the best things possible for a reasonable price. 

But, it is great if you know your customers, their needs and desires, their issues, and the solutions to those issues. If you run a niche store, you might know what product is more suitable or has similar functions to the one that is in the abandoned cart. Offer that one! 

This is another answer to the question “why some people abandon their cart”. Offer another product if you know that it might be too expensive for most of the users or not suitable in particular cases. 

Try to Offer a Similar Product Pop-Up Example.png

This one is perfect to promote bundles or particular products. Or maybe your services differ in price and range. 

From One Time Visitor to a Loyal Customer in One Click

Ask your customer not to buy products or services right now, but ask to leave an email address to save the cart. This is how you get the lead and the communication opportunity. The next thing will be an email marketing strategy where you work with such customers. 

Even if the user abandons the cart right now, there is a big chance that he or she will remember about these goods after a few reminders.

From One Time Visitor to a Loyal Customer in One Click Pop-Up Example.png

It is ok that the user doesn’t buy things right away. We all need time to think about our choices and check the budget. But this issue can lead you to collect personal information and communicate with possible users via email subscription and reminders. 

Get the Feedback

The best you can do if people abandon their carts is to simply ask them. You won’t find out all the issues yourself and don’t even try to create those issues yourself. Just ask for the truth!

Such answers are always better than the five-star ratings many business owners hope for since you get an honest opinion from your actual customer. It isn't necessary to implement everything people say, but look at the most popular issues, and think how you can solve them.

To tell you the truth, there are not so many business owners who care about their clients and ask them about the product. However, it is the simplest thing you can do, that costs you little money yet brings a whole bunch of profit and fresh ideas. 

Get the Feedback Pop-Up Example.png

Make such pop-up cart forms as simple as possible: don’t ask for much personal information, don’t get into details, and don’t ask to write too much. Just set several simple questions and a field for those who want to share their opinion and suggestions.

Create Pop-up and Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rate!

It is not crucial to hand out promo codes here and there to retain users. This strategy leads to nowhere, as people will only buy something from you if there is a discount. We recommend you get together with your marketing team and write down a strategy and ways to retain such users who exit the cart. This is how you know “how to reduce cart abandonment”.

Check all these examples and see which fit you the most and won’t damage your business and profit. Be creative with your text and solutions to hand out as few discounts as possible. 

Don’t forget to study your client down to the smallest detail. It is always the best strategy to help your business grow while reducing cart abandonment.

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