How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

18 August 2022 16 August 2023 ~ 13 min read 2526 views
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Claspo Blog How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

A LinkedIn business page is not another social media account, it is a bridge between you and more than 750 million potential employees, clients, and partners. Of course, it requires a certain amount of work to make your self-presentation truly mesmerizing. But if you do it the right way, the reward will be worth the effort.

Table of Contents

LinkedIn Business Pages: Unheralded Tool to Invigorate Performance

LinkedIn Company Page Creation: a Step-by-Step Instruction

Evident & Not-So-Obvious Ways to Benefit from Your LinkedIn Business Page

Unlock LinkedIn Potential for Success

LinkedIn Business Pages: Unheralded Tool to Invigorate Performance

With Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest rising to fame (naturally, as pioneers of social media Facebook & Twitter are already there), LinkedIn has often been neglected as part of the company's social media presence. Meanwhile, this professional network is not just a version of Tinder to match HR specialists with suitable candidates and vice versa. With the recently expanded set of functions, it can turn into CRM, learning hub, marketing campaign manager, and other helpful tools.

Since its foundation by Reid Hoffman in 2003, LinkedIn went through both unprecedented success and rough patches. But after the infamous acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, the platform displays nothing but steady growth and might reportedly reach 1,034.56 million users by 2025. Let’s try to figure out why you should become a part of this fast-amassing army of business professionals.  


Find Your Perfect Match

Despite multiple innovations, the platform’s primary purpose remains the same. They still focus on pairing those who wish to hire with those who seek new job opportunities, and they are incomparably effective at it. As numbers suggest, it is the most productive lead source for recruiters. Now, an elaborate LinkedIn profile almost doubles your chances of getting a callback from the desired workplace, and even high school seniors are advised to craft one as a part of their college admission application.

At least 32% of B2B companies name the ability to acquire and retain talent as one of the major obstacles on the way to providing a flawless customer experience. Indeed, looking for the person who is right for the job can be tiresome. With LinkedIn’s advanced hiring tools, you can make their path to you (or vice versa) significantly shorter. Plus, your business page is the ultimate way to instill in potential employees the thought of how awesome it would be to work here.   


Build a Better Team

Among all social networks, LinkedIn is unmatchable when it comes to team building. Stepping up your game to enhance your performance is not solely about attracting gifted recruits, it also implies retaining the valuable human resources you already have. 

Lack of communication between teams and ineffective leadership top the list of things that prevent your staff from providing a seamless customer experience. Plus, 94% of employees would be more loyal to their companies, if their executives presented them with means for professional growth. Luckily, LinkedIn equips you with a variety of instruments to treat your subordinates like the assets they are.

Show the World How Great You Are

Marketing teams are constantly in pursuit of new customers, and this network helps them enormously with this tough quest. Naturally, LinkedIn is a social media leader when it comes to B2B marketing (81% use it and 40% consider it their favorite), but more than half of the specialists apply it for B2C purposes as well. Overall, 61% of marketers use it and 54% plan to utilize it even more. 


The network assists you in enlarging your potential & existing client base organically by familiarizing people with your firm’s history, product range, values, staff, and other important aspects. In addition, it allows you to gather and use public information to enrich customer profiles. If you do not find this sufficient, you can turn to advertise and launch a full marketing campaign.

Join the Community of Like-Minded Professionals

Establishing various connections is the key to career development. That is why 84% of the US LinkedIn members use it to strengthen their professional network. You can freely join groups, research what is new in the industry, monitor trending topics, publish articles, share opinions, and even sign up for a multitude of educational courses or classes together with your team members.   

popular topics

LinkedIn Company Page Creation: a Step-by-Step Instruction

Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook are great for user engagement. However, when people (especially business executives) make decisions about purchasing from you, they prefer to study your LinkedIn page. Plus, appealing self-presentation will tempt more specialists to long to be a part of your team. Therefore, your task is to complete your profile to the extent that it will be easy for visitors to determine what sort of company you are and whether you comply with their demands.

Thus, it is better to take care of such essential aspects as explicitly describing a vision or designing a logo in advance (if you need tools for that, you can use free solutions like Canva or Visme). When you feel ready, go on and create a LinkedIn business page:

  • If you do not have an account, you need to register as a new user. Now, you have to wait at least a day before attempting to add a company page. Furthermore, you have to form at least one connection with another LinkedIn member. Hence, do not forget to befriend people you know before setting up your company’s page.

 LinkedIn 1

  • Once everything is settled, log into your account and look up in the right corner of your page. There will be a Work icon you should click on.
  • If you scroll down, you will see a ‘Create a Company Page’ button. Tap it. 
  • Choose ‘Company’ as your Page type.
  • Fill in ‘Page identity’, ‘Company or Institution details’, and ‘Profile details’ with the required information.
  • Confirm that you are authorized to act on behalf of your company by checking the verification box. 
  • Finish the process by clicking the ‘Create page’ button.

Now, you can proceed with completing your organization’s profile because it will bring you 30% more weekly views

1. Click ‘Start building your page!’ right after you complete the creation process. If you want to postpone this process, you can do it later. Just enter your account, open the page, and tap the ‘Edit’ icon (looks like a pencil).

LinkedIn 2

LinkedIn 3

2. Add your company’s logo to boost recognition and draw attention.

LinkedIn 4

3. Concisely describe the essence of your business with 1-2 sentences in a ‘Tagline’ field to help people grasp what your company is all about right away.

LinkedIn 5

4. Go to the ‘Overview’ section and fill in the description, website URL, industry, company size & type. Because this data will make it easier for potential clients to find you with keywords search. Since the largest part of contemporary consumers (40%) are now purpose-driven and prefer brands with policies that align with their agenda, try to include not only your products or services but also your vision, mission, and values in the Description field.

LinkedIn 6

LinkedIn 7

LinkedIn 8

5. Upload a banner/cover image for your page to make it more personalized and vibrant.

LinkedIn 9

6. Customize your Call-to-action (CTA) button to motivate visitors to further explore your company (e.g., ‘View Website’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Start Shopping’, etc.).             

To uncover the full potential of LinkedIn services, you can also generate Product or Showcase pages. They will help viewers learn more about your brand, products, business units, and long-term initiatives. Plus, you can create a ‘My Company’ Tab to provide a space for your employees to interact. It will be a closed community designed just for them. 

Do not forget to check that visitors see your page on their desktops or mobile displays exactly as you envisaged it. Now, there is nothing left for you to do but to start posting informative, educating, and entertaining content for your audience.

LinkedIn 10

LinkedIn 11

Evident & Not-So-Obvious Ways to Benefit from Your LinkedIn Business Page

It has already been established that this platform can stimulate your company's progress undoubtedly. It has the same level of customer satisfaction as Instagram, and even surpasses Facebook & Twitter in that parameter. Yet, what resources can you actually harness? Let’s see what you can do after you have set up a LinkedIn business page.

Conquer the Hearts of Potential Employees

Of course, in most cases, people turn to this platform when they have an opening, and they need to fill it in with the right person. In this respect, the network hands you over a multitude of practical Talent Solutions to cover all your needs. You can choose Jobs or Recruiter based on your objectives.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs + Recruiter

  • Fill in the Job Description template and share this post.
  • Wait ‘til the platform algorithm shows you the most suitable candidates based not only on CV & responsibilities but also on the information about your company.  
  • Review, rate, and prioritize candidates to arrange interviews.
  • Search for the perfect candidates by applying a variety of advanced filters.
  • Review matches recommended by the algorithm.
  • Get in touch with the ones you approve of the most via InMail even if you do not have access to their contact info. 
  • Share their profiles with your colleagues to get a professional opinion or pass their data on to let your hiring team continue the conversation.
It is the best option for a small business that does strive to fill in new positions frequently (you will have to pay only for the targeted clicks on promoted posts). This solution fits those who hire in bulk (e.g., large companies or firms in need of seasonal hiring).

post a job-contact sales

One of the most advantageous features of the Recruiter is its enhanced marketing functions that can double your response rates. They are all packed in the recruitment marketing block that contains:

  • Career Pages. They enable you to demonstrate to visitors what it is like to be a part of your company with your brand’s story, photos & videos, personalized job recommendations, and employee testimonials.
  • Dynamic Ads. Those advertisements allow you to specify the criteria (e.g., qualification, skills, etc.) based on which they will be displayed to potential candidates.
  • Work With Us Ads. This ad is an invitation to work in your company that you can post in the profiles that your potential matches are likely to visit.
  • Sponsored Updates. Narrow down your search by adding advanced targeting references. For instance, you can scan the connections of your staff, retarget your website visitors, approach fitting people from your CRM, or browse job seekers that have similar qualifications as your current employees.
  • Pipeline Builder. Your ads will lead to a landing page particularly designed to provide the potential addition to your company with all the data they need to know, including information on your business, positions that you open, and perks of joining your team.

Be Approachable to Your Audience

The vast majority of consumers (71%) would stay committed to the brands that strive to form a bond with them. Like every human relationship, establishing a long-term connection and trust would not be possible without learning about each other's backgrounds. Now, this is your chance to infuse people with enthusiasm to work with you or buy from you. Your company’s page is an excellent stepping stone for that:

  • Tell your story in a breathtaking PowerPoint presentation or simply share instructions, articles, and guides in PDF and Word Docs.
  • Use images (even custom collages), videos, or other visual aids to fuel people’s imagination and make your posts more attractive.
  • Grant people insider access to your company’s events by streaming them with LinkedIn Live (if viewers manage to see the backstage, they will be even more thrilled).
  • Make announcements and notify customers about important updates, changes, upcoming innovations, or new products.
  • Respond to inquiries, questions, or comments.
  • Add a Lead Gen Form to enable viewers to leave their contact info and stay in touch. 
  • Reshare mentions of your brand to gain more social proof.
  • Show the human part of your business by telling your employees’ stories, celebrating their milestones, or recognizing their successes.
  • Demonstrate to people that you know your area of expertise by publishing articles on relevant topics.
  • Segment customers that are interested in particular products & areas by creating Product or Showcase pages. They will make each interaction with your visitors more relevant, meaningful, and informative. 

costumers brand topic of interest to young LinkedIn

Spread the Word about Your Brand

Almost 100% of US marketers use social media for marketing purposes. During the past few years, these platforms have turned into a powerful tool, and more than half of the specialists strongly agree with that. Plus, customer experience leaders forecast that the digital channels will prevail as preferable ways to contact consumers even after the pandemic comes to an end. Therefore, it is in your best interests not to overlook the multitude of LinkedIn tools to instigate sales.

Spread the Word about Your Brand

First, you can utilize the inherent page features:

  • Use hashtags and target posts depending on language, location, industry, etc.
  • Find out what content is trending among your audience and share it.
  • Boost your publications for immediate promotion.
  • Invite your profile connections to follow your company’s page.
  • Notify your staff about the most essential posts (they might share them).

✎ Pro-Tip


If you want to generate organic traffic to your LinkedIn page from your website, you can effortlessly do that by using Claspo to build a social group invitation. This pop-up is a friendly and unobtrusive way to excite your visitors with the possibility to learn more about you on different social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

If these efforts are not fruitless enough to saturate your appetite, you can apply solutions with enhanced functions.  

Campaign Manager

Sales Insights Sales Navigator

Allows you to launch campaigns, and manage or track ads (sponsored content, sponsored messaging, dynamic ads, and text ads) in one interface. 

Gathers data & gets insights across the network, and then transfers it into your CRM.

Finds and recommends leads for you, notifies when their data changes, and saves everything into CRM. 

supercharge your sales organisation  

Embrace the Concept of Life-long Learning

With the brightest minds so closely connected, this is a perfect place to keep updated on the relevant news, find inspiration for further development, and initiate the discourse that might start revolutionary changes in the industry.

Furthermore, personal and professional growth is the key to feeling fulfilled and content with your career path. That is why signing up for the most relevant of the Learning Hub’s wide selection of courses and classes (time management, data analysis, marketing strategy, etc.) can give you and your team a second wind.   

Concept of Life-long Learning

Show Some Love for Your Team

Besides granting your team unique opportunities for career development, you can create a space for them to communicate safely and freely. ‘My Company’ Tab is the ultimate way to:

  • strengthen connections between members;
  • build trust within coworkers;
  • help people find common grounds;
  • give a shoutout to each other victories;
  • publish motivational and inspiring content to increase employees’ loyalty. 

Observe Benchmarks & Adjust Strategies

Of course, it will be difficult to achieve any progress if you try to adjust strategies, optimize processes, or revise communication blindly. Thus, the insights and benchmarks you can get with LinkedIn analytical instruments will be irreplaceable when you decide that your action plan calls for changes.




My Company & Glint

  • Visitors/Followers
  • Updates
  • Content Suggestions
  • Competitors
  • Productivity of your messages
  • Pipeline movements
  • Expected campaign results
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Employee advocacy & engagement
  • Overall healthiness of the atmosphere
  • Team progress
  • Demographic data on diversity & inclusion

homuork 1

homuork 2

Discover Collaboration Opportunities

First, this is a great place to find other industry professionals who can become your partners or source of inspiration. There are hundreds of groups, pages, and publications to explore for you.

In addition, sometimes you just do not want to hire someone permanently, you just long to get the job done. So, here you can find specialists that are eager to work on-demand. They are called Service Providers, and they are specialists who are apt to complete almost any task.

Do you need to redesign your logo, write an article, or outsource your accounting? The platform will ensure that you connect with the most suitable professionals immediately.   

how it works

Unlock LinkedIn Potential for Success

Overall, a LinkedIn page for business has all potential to become a real performance booster if treated with the gravity and attention it deserves. It equips its owners with a multitude of tools to attract both gifted professionals and potential clients, energize the work environment for your employees, multiply your brand recognition, or stumble upon inspiring ideas.   

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