How to Optimize the Shopify Thank You Page

How to Optimize the Shopify Thank You Page

15 June 2023 15 April ~ 10 min read 2305 views
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Claspo Blog How to Optimize the Shopify Thank You Page

You go to a store and spend hundreds of dollars on numerous items. Then, when you get to the checkout, cashiers don't even glance at you. And then you set off without even a simple "Thank you" or "Come back again". Customers want a touch of humanity in their transactions, and e-commerce can satisfy that request.

The idea is that if you use the regular Shopify thank you page, you aren't generating as much money as you should. Why? Your thank you page, for example, is one of the most critical pages in your sales funnel, yet it presently converts at 0%. However, you can improve client interactions and enhance retention rates with a few easy changes.

This article will teach you how to use Shopify thank you page and edit it to improve your customers’ experiences and increase sales.

Table of Contents

What is a Thank You Page and Why Use It?

Exploring the Benefits of the Shopify Confirmation Page

Customizing Your Shopify Thank You Page URL for Better Results

Optimizing the Shopify Order Confirmation Page for Customer Satisfaction

Creating an Effective Thank You Page on Shopify

Best Practices for an Effective Shopify Confirmation Page


What Is a Thank You Page, and Why Use It?


Customers reach the Shopify thank you page (sometimes called the order confirmation page) after they have finished their purchase. As the name suggests, this page contains a quick thank you note from the business owner, a remark that expresses genuine gratitude to the consumer for completing the final purchase step.

In addition, the default Shopify thank you page shows clients a recap of all the orders they've placed as well as comprehensive delivery information. The company just released an upgraded Shopify thank you page URL, which allows retailers to thank their consumers for behaviors other than sales.

A transactional thank you page is the most typical type of Shopify thank you page, in which a consumer receives credit for purchasing. However, one form of thank you page that is becoming increasingly common is one that thanks a user for becoming a lead, whether by signing up for email newsletters, downloading an e-book, or registering for a free service trial. 

While all of this is excellent, the Shopify order confirmation page is still one of the most underappreciated pages in eCommerce.

Exploring the Benefits of the Shopify Confirmation Page

Sellers and shop owners, for example, may thank their consumers for downloading study materials or e-books, registering for free trials, and signing up for commercial newsletters. Your consumers will feel appreciated if you offer them such gratitude. As a result, they are more likely to return to your business and make more purchases.

The following are key advantages of having a well-structured order confirmation page on Shopify.

1. Improved average order value (AOV)

AOV is the average amount spent by your consumers on each visit. An optimized Shopify thank you page can help you raise your AOV by assisting you in client retention. After all, because they have past knowledge of the company, returning consumers often spend more on their purchases than new customers. Your top 10% of consumers will spend three times more than the other 90%, and your top 1% will spend five times more than the other 99%.

2. High return rates

It is a known fact that returning customers create more sales and money than new ones. Retaining a client is usually five times less expensive than obtaining a new one. That’s why creating an appealing Shopify thank you page is the first step toward generating more visits.

As a result, while attracting new clients is still important, you should focus more on keeping your current clients. The Shopify thank you page improves consumers' purchasing experience by making them feel special, i.e., appreciated and valued. Clients, in turn, are more likely to come back, resulting in an exponentially bigger return rate for your online store.

3. Effective referral programs


Which one would you select if you had to choose between a completely new online store and a store recommended by a friend? How much more likely are you to visit a website because someone you know recommended it?

We are all looking for high-quality, long-lasting products. This is why we are more inclined to purchase from brands recommended by our friends, being certain that we will have a similar positive experience.

Thus, according to Zappos CEO, their online shoe company's number one growth engine has been encouraging customers to return alongside their friends and families.

A Shopify thank you page will provide your consumers with the greatest buying experience possible. After that, your clients will recommend your website to their relatives via social media channels.

Customizing Your Shopify Thank You Page URL for Better Results

The usual Shopify page merely includes a "Thank You!" message with the purchaser's details. And, while it is generally clean and well-organized, it is so straightforward that it does not inspire buyers to browse the other goods on the Shopify site.

Consequently, rather than settling for the conventional Shopify thank you page, you should design your page to create more sales for your company. A personalized thank you page on Shopify does more than just improve your clients' buying experience. It also helps you communicate with them after they've made their purchases.

Useful tips on customizing Shopify thank you page

  • Use pop-up. With many Claspo ready-made templates, it’s easy to choose a template that satisfies your aims and meets the needs of your business. 
  • Personalize your clients' purchases. The usual thank you page includes order details as well as buyer information. When customizing your URL, though, provide a genuine, emotional message to your consumers.
  • Provide rewards for every recommendation. The fact that your consumer purchased your product indicates that they liked it. Therefore, they are the ideal supporters for your online store. A referral program will encourage your consumers to bring additional referrals to your store.
  • Provide attractive deals. Cross-sell and upsell items, or use promo codes to give appealing discounts.
  • Let customers monitor their orders. Rather than giving your consumers a cumbersome tracking number, provide all tracking information on the Shopify thank you page.
  • Participate in social media platforms. Add share buttons that allow your customers to effortlessly share their purchases on social networking channels. Encourage them to follow you on social media to receive notifications on promotions and continuing discounts.

We understand that installing a script on Shopify is difficult: you need to understand the settings and add the script directly to the code. That's why we will add the Claspo app to the Shopify App Store soon. Then, if you have logged in, you can immediately install the app on your store, and the script will also be installed automatically. Next, you create your widget using the drag-and-drop editor in a few clicks.

And that’s not all! We will soon add the ability to target the Shopify audience so you can tap into a pool of potential customers who are already familiar with online shopping and are actively seeking products or services.

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Optimizing the Shopify Order Confirmation Page for Customer Satisfaction

Let's take a look at the few necessary elements you should include to make the most of your Shopify order confirmation page.

Order overview

Customers should receive a basic and clear explanation of what they've purchased, the product price, shipping fees, and any other extra expenditures. 

The order summary has to be correct and meet the customer's expectations. Customers should be able to identify and report any problems with their orders as soon as they occur. 

Product recommendations

Even if the consumer has completed the transaction, the experience does not have to end there. You can still convert them into loyal, returning clients and boost your average order value or lifetime value.

You can accomplish this by displaying product recommendations on the confirmation page about goods that complement the ones they have previously purchased. 

As an added incentive, you might provide discounts or free delivery to consumers who purchase the suggested goods.

Using the Claspo component Slider, you can create product cards with promotional products, group several products/promotions into one widget, and randomize the display order. It opens up the opportunity to provide everyone with offers to be displayed evenly.

Estimated delivery date

The estimated time of arrival (ETA) assists the consumer in preparing to receive the purchase. If the order is time-sensitive, they plan to be at the address when it arrives. 

Remember that the arrival date should be fair based on the available shipping options. If tracking information is made accessible, customers can check the status of their orders and receive updates on their progress.

Social sharing

Customers who share their purchases on social media can increase brand awareness and loyalty. Customers can make it easier for their network to promote their purchases by incorporating social sharing icons on the confirmation page. 

To enhance brand exposure and loyalty, encourage customers to post their purchases on social media. You can use incentives such as a discount on their next purchase or the possibility of winning a prize to encourage them to promote the items.

Contact details

Customers can resolve any issues that may arise with their order by contacting customer service or a help center using the contact information provided. 

This information should be visible and easily accessible on the confirmation page. Giving customers the option of using a live chat or chatbot can also help them obtain the service they need quickly and efficiently.

Thank you message

This is where you express your gratitude to the buyer for choosing to purchase from you. 

Including a promotional code or any other reward for the customer's next purchase can foster loyalty and encourage them to return.

It's a good idea to include a call-to-action (CTA), such as a button that reads "Shop now" or "Explore our new collection" to entice them to buy again.

Creating an Effective Thank You Page on Shopify


To start a Shopify store and make an effective and accessible confirmation page, follow these steps.

Include customer service

One of the best ways to keep consumers coming back is to provide exceptional customer service. So it only makes sense to care for customers once they've purchased from you. Have you ever purchased anything and, as the receipt begins to print, your brain throws back about 100 strange questions?

  • "What should I do if it does not fit?"
  • "How do I go about returning it?"
  • "How long does shipping normally take?"

These post-purchase queries are reasons why you should provide support options on your thank you page. Instead of making your clients hunt for methods to contact you, provide assistance and order tracking right on your thank you page.

Gather additional customer information

Post-purchase surveys can also help you improve your eCommerce marketing efforts. After-purchase data collection helps you segment your audience and offer more relevant messaging.

Segmentation has been demonstrated to enhance email open rates by 15% and customer retention rates by up to 5%. A survey on the thank you page, on the other hand, ensures that over 100% of customers see it, so you're far more likely to obtain a reasonable volume of replies.

Use surveys to discover more about your customers the instant they convert to fine-tune your post-purchase marketing.

Claspo has Geotargeting, UTM targeting, and JavaScript targeting options. Powerful targeting options based on user behavior and segmentation allow you to run any campaign you want.

Strengthen your brand's personality


First impressions, they say, are everything. Your thank-you page is your first opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with your consumers and turn them into repeat customers.

Furthermore, with so many merchants now utilizing Shopify, your thank you page is likely just one of several the client has seen this week.

So, try something different. Make your thank you page special by including content, graphics, and videos that appeal to your potential buyer.

Increase social engagement and referrals

Your store’s order confirmation page is a great spot to encourage people to follow you on social media and stay connected to your company.

You can add social sharing buttons to your purchase to increase your follower base. Consumers frequently want to show off their new purchase, and the easier you make it for them, the more potential consumers you'll contact.

Customer social shares are fantastic because they promote your business to potential consumers who would not have found you otherwise. Nearly 92% of customers prefer recommendations from friends and family to the usual advertisements. If you're not promoting social involvement, you should rethink that position.

Use post-purchase surveys


Requests for client feedback typically have quite a small response rate. Furthermore, those who reply typically do so hours or even days after purchasing from your business.

A brief poll on your thank-you page addresses both of these issues. Here is why. Customers are far more likely to provide feedback if it is easy for them to do so. This feedback is also more likely to be correct because the experience is still fresh in their minds.

Surveys help your consumers feel heard; precise data also allows you to optimize the shopping experience and increase conversions. Use post-purchase surveys on your thank you page to obtain a clear image of how your eCommerce business can be improved.

Get rid of buyer's remorse

Have you ever purchased anything and felt bad or regretful about it? That's buyer's remorse. You're not alone, as up to eight out of ten people admit to experiencing buyer's regret frequently.

Buyer's regret occurs when we unconsciously feel awful about overspending or wish we'd purchased something different instead. The good news is that your thank you page can help alleviate these unpleasant sentiments. 

There are two options:

  • Instead of merely saying "thank you", emphasize the benefits of your items and remind clients why they made the right choice.
  • Use client testimonials to demonstrate the worth of your items and dispel any lingering concerns.

Best Practices for an Effective Shopify Confirmation Page

An appealing order confirmation page can increase consumer satisfaction, reinforce brand identification, and even drive repeat purchases.

Let's look at how to develop an effective Shopify order confirmation page after we've listed the items required.

Simple design

A simple, clean design is required for a successful order confirmation page. This includes making the order information and confirmation message as straightforward and clean as possible. A simple, minimalist design can do the following:

  • Highlight the relevant facts that the customer should concentrate on without any distractions.
  • The information should be easily accessible, and the website should be simple to browse.
  • Check that the page is consistent with your brand identity and the previous parts of the purchasing process.

Consider the following while designing your page: 

  • Divide the page into distinct sections. 
  • The typeface should be basic, and the colors should match your brand palette.
  • The images in the order summary should properly portray the products purchased.


Personalization helps the buyer feel valued. This implies you should modify the order confirmation message you send to the consumer based on their information and the items they purchased.

When thanking them, include their name and identify what they purchased in the message. One option to personalize the order confirmation page is to display product recommendations based on their preferences and purchasing history.

Personalization can assist you in the following ways: 

  • Make your customers loyal by increasing their connection to your company.
  • Boost consumer satisfaction with your product or service.
  • Help distinguish your shop from the competition and enhance your brand reputation.

Brand continuity

We touched on this briefly in the last point, but let's go over why brand consistency is so crucial and what it entails.

Use the same colors, fonts, and pictures to ensure that your brand is consistent across all pages. This will help to distinguish your brand and provide a memorable experience. 

Don't forget to include your logo on each page and the order confirmation. By following these suggestions, you will obtain the following: 

  • Customer trust has increased, and customers are more inclined to return to your shop.
  • A consistent design throughout the consumer experience.
  • A store that stands out and is distinctively positioned amid competitors.

Claspo offers pre-built solutions for color settings. You can simply specify your brand color and get pre-built brand assets automatically.

Optimization for mobile devices

Your whole Shopify store, including the order confirmation page, should be mobile-friendly. Your order confirmation page should be simple to find and use on a mobile device. 

Visitors who have purchased through their mobile phones will have a more gratifying user experience due to this. Furthermore, it will improve your store's SEO rating because Google increasingly favors mobile-friendly websites. 

Consider the following when optimizing your order confirmation page for mobile: 

  • Adapting the website to numerous screen widths.
  • Limiting the use of huge picture and video assets to decrease loading time.
  • Selecting a legible font size for smaller screens.


You can now see the benefit of building a personalized thank you page for your Shopify business. Customer retention is a skill that every business person should learn. It not only ensures increased sales and recommendations for your company, but it is also considerably less expensive than gaining new clients.

While customization is necessary, it is equally critical not to overdo it. Remember that your Shopify thank-you page should clarify, above all else — your customer's payment success, purchase date, and delivery status. The last thing you want to do is overload your new consumer with excessive upsells and engagement demands. The goal is to balance pushing for more conversions with stepping on your customers' toes.

Creating an interesting Shopify thank you page URL is the first step in getting your clients to return. Implement the above-mentioned suggestions in your business to increase sales and build a loyal consumer base.


Where to find the Shopify thank you page?

With Shopify, there is no such thing as a single, unified thank you page. Each order has its own thank you page, which Shopify refers to as the "order status page", with its own URL and a unique ID. You can personalize this thank you page and include conversion tracking.

  • To go to the Shopify thank you page URL, browse your orders. To view the information, choose the appropriate sequence and click "More actions".
  • Select "View order status page" to access the order's thank you page.
  • Click "More actions" and then "View order status page" to get to the Shopify thank you page URL.

Can I change the URL of the thank you page? 

Many store owners have reported that Shopify does not route clients to their selected thank you pages. However, as far as we are aware, Shopify has not provided clear guidance or solutions in this regard. 

As a result, you cannot change the URL of the thank you page. Because each product has a separate serial number, each Thank you page has a unique URL. Every order will have its own Thank You page. Customers can undoubtedly return to this page, but you should deal with the details to make it simpler for them to do so without Shopify. 

How can I access a customer's thank you page?

In Shopify, each purchase produces a unique thank you page. The distinct link on each page indicates that the consumer, or you, can return to that page later. These pages can be accessed via the orders tab, which should display each order on a shop. You can then see what the page looks like for a certain client and obtain the unique thank you page URL from there.

How to change the language of my Shopify thank you page?

Navigate to the online store on your Shopify dashboard.

  • Then, go to Shopify Themes–> Actions –> Languages can be altered.
  • Select the “Checkout & system” heading.
  • Scroll down to the “Checkout thank you” area.
  • Change each line to your preference.
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