What To Sell On Shopify: 5 Best Products + 5 Niches

What To Sell On Shopify: 5 Best Products + 5 Niches

12 June 2023 20 March ~ 8 min read 2910 views
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Claspo Blog What To Sell On Shopify: 5 Best Products + 5 Niches

The rise of e-commerce has provided great chances for entrepreneurs to establish their own online businesses. Thanks to platforms like Shopify, starting an online store has become easier. However, many new entrepreneurs face the challenge of deciding what to sell. Сhoose the right products that your target audience will connect with, as this largely contributes to the success of your online business.

Discover how to use Shopify, as well as five successful product ideas and niche markets on Shopify in this article. You'll gain insights into the best products to sell on Shopify and growing customer demands by exploring these ideas. Whether you're interested in technology, sustainability, personalization, health and wellness, or home improvement, we have a diverse range of product ideas to help you start your Shopify journey successfully.

Are you curious about the potential of certain product niches for your Shopify store? With effective strategies, you can position your store for growth and profitability. Let's explore the endless opportunities of e-commerce on Shopify together!

What to Sell on Shopify: 5 Product Ideas

What can you sell on Shopify? We have some ideas that you might use for your Shopify store if you’re wondering how to get sales on Shopify.

Product Idea 1: Trending Tech Gadgets

As technology rapidly advances, people are searching for the newest and most innovative gadgets. This includes devices for the home, as well as accessories like wireless earbuds and fitness trackers. As a Shopify store owner, it's crucial to keep up with these trends and offer products that meet this demand. By researching and finding popular tech items, you can tap into a market always looking for fresh and exciting products.

If you decide to launch a product on Shopify, keeping up with current trends and conducting market research to find popular gadgets is important. Choose trustworthy suppliers and optimize product descriptions and images to showcase the features and benefits. Try out digital and social media tools to promote your store and provide top-notch customer service. Continuously evaluate your performance, analyze data, and make decisions based on the information you gather. You can establish a thriving Shopify store in the tech gadget industry by staying informed, sourcing quality products, and leveraging data insights.

Product Idea 2: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

Many people have become more aware of environmental concerns and search for sustainable and eco-friendly options. You can find a variety of sustainable choices, from reusable kitchenware to organic clothing and natural skincare products. By choosing the eco-friendly best products to sell on Shopify, you can help create a greener future while appealing to a growing group of environmentally conscious consumers. Including sustainability in your branding and communication can make your store more attractive to customers.

To make your product idea successful on Shopify, you should carefully select sustainable products aligned with your target audience's values. Emphasize the eco-friendly features of your products in your descriptions, utilize social media and content marketing, and collaborate with influencers who share your commitment to sustainability. Also, make sure to offer educational resources, improve the design of your store, and use sustainable packaging and shipping options.

Building trust with your customers is important by being transparent and encouraging reviews. Keep up-to-date with the latest sustainable practices and adjust your inventory accordingly. By focusing on sustainability, optimizing your marketing strategies, providing a seamless shopping experience, and building trust, you can create a successful Shopify store in the eco-friendly niche.

Product Idea 3: Personalized and Customizable Items

Customers are drawn to personalized products because they have a special appeal. You can offer various custom items, from unique jewelry and engraved gifts to personalized home decor. Allowing customers to personalize and modify their purchases creates a memorable shopping experience. Customization options in your product line will appeal to customers who appreciate self-expression and individuality.

It's important to prioritize a user-friendly customization experience to succeed on Shopify with your product idea. This can be achieved by implementing an intuitive interface allowing customers to personalize their purchases easily. Make sure to clearly outline customization options in your product descriptions and use high-quality images to showcase the possibilities. 

To promote personalized items, consider targeted marketing strategies and collaborations with influencers. Additionally, offering exceptional customer service by promptly responding to customization inquiries and incorporating customer feedback can help improve the customization process. Expanding the range of customizable items based on trends and demand can also help your Shopify store thrive in the personalized and customizable items niche.

With many Claspo ready-made templates, it’s easy to create a widget that satisfies your aims and meets the needs of your business. 

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And that’s not all! We will soon add the ability to target the Shopify audience so you can tap into a pool of potential customers who are already familiar with online shopping and are actively seeking products or services.

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Product Idea 4: Health and Wellness Products

Many people are now prioritizing their health and overall well-being. The health and wellness market offers various options, such as fitness equipment, organic supplements, and meditation tools. Focusing on this niche can attract customers actively searching for products promoting their health. Establishing a loyal customer base within the health and wellness industry can lead to sustained success for your Shopify store.

To successfully bring your product idea to life on Shopify, it is important to select high-quality health and wellness products carefully. 

  • Enhance product descriptions and images to showcase their benefits and unique features. 
  • Employ targeted marketing techniques, collaborate with influencers, and deliver exceptional customer service. 
  • Keep up-to-date with industry developments and evaluate product performance.
  • Offer supplementary services and educational resources. 

You can establish a thriving Shopify store in the health and wellness industry by prioritizing quality products, effective marketing, outstanding service, and staying informed.

Product Idea 5: Home Improvement and DIY Tools

DIY culture and home improvement projects have become increasingly popular, leading to a higher demand for tools and products that cater to this niche. Power tools, home organization solutions, and DIY craft kits are just a few examples of the best products to sell on Shopify that can be useful for homeowners and hobbyists who enjoy improving their living spaces. By targeting this passionate market, you can tap into a growing trend of DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their homes.

To successfully implement the product idea on Shopify, offering a diverse range of top-notch home improvement and DIY tools is important. 

  • Optimize the product descriptions to emphasize the benefits and features.
  • Collaborate with DIY influencers and implement targeted marketing strategies.
  • Provide exceptional customer service, encourage customer feedback, and stay current with industry trends.
  • Offer DIY project guides and ensure a seamless shopping experience. 

You can create a thriving Shopify store in the home improvement and DIY niche by curating high-quality tools, implementing effective marketing strategies, providing unparalleled service, and staying informed on industry trends.

What to Sell on Shopify: 5 Niche Ideas

But if you need to get bigger and focus not only on particular products but on niches, we’ve got your back. Here are 5 ideas on how to make money on Shopify.  

Niche Idea 1: Pet Accessories and Supplies

The pet industry is growing fast, and pet owners are eager to spoil their beloved pets. There are various pet products to explore, including pet clothing, grooming tools, and specialty pet foods. Concentrating on pet accessories and supplies can help you reach a devoted customer base within the pet-loving community. Establishing yourself as a dependable and honest source for pet-related items can result in repeat customers and recommendations.

You should offer diverse, high-quality products to succeed in Shopify's pet accessories and supplies niche. 

  • Ensure that your product descriptions emphasize the benefits and features of each item. 
  • Collaborate with pet influencers and use targeted marketing strategies to promote your store. 
  • Provide top-notch customer service and encourage customer engagement. 
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and evaluate your product performance. 
  • Offer informative content and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. 

Follow these steps to create a successful Shopify store for pet accessories and supplies.

Niche Idea 2: Outdoor and Adventure Gear

In recent years, outdoor activities and adventure sports have become increasingly popular. Examples of these activities include camping, hiking, and water sports, which have captured the interest of many individuals. If you offer outdoor and adventure gear, such as camping gear, hiking equipment, and water sports accessories, you can attract outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers to your store. Providing high-quality Shopify products to sell that meet their needs can establish your store as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you want to make your niche idea successful on Shopify, consider offering a diverse range of top-notch outdoor and adventure gear. 

  • Ensure that your product descriptions emphasize features and suitability for the customers. 
  • Collaborate with outdoor influencers and use targeted marketing strategies to reach your target audience. 
  • Offer exceptional customer service and encourage customer engagement. 
  • Follow the latest industry trends and regularly evaluate your product performance.
  • Additionally, provide informative content and a seamless shopping experience for your customers. 

You can build a successful Shopify store in the outdoor and adventure gear niche by curating high-quality products, implementing effective marketing strategies, and staying informed.

Niche Idea 3: Baby and Maternity Products

The market for baby and maternity products is consistently high. This includes items like baby clothes, nursery essentials, and breastfeeding accessories. Focusing on expectant parents and new families can be very beneficial. By offering a diverse selection of baby and maternity products, you can meet the demands of this customer group and become a reliable source for all their baby-related needs.

If you want to succeed with your niche store on Shopify, it's important to offer a wide range of high-quality baby and maternity products. 

  • Make sure your product descriptions showcase the benefits and features of each item. 
  • Collaborate with parenting influencers and use targeted marketing strategies to reach your target audience. 
  • Focus on delivering exceptional customer service and encourage customer engagement. 
  • Create informative content and ensure a seamless shopping experience. 

By curating quality products, implementing effective marketing, providing excellent service, and staying informed, you can create a thriving Shopify store specializing in baby and maternity Shopify products to sell.

Niche Idea 4: Hobby and Craft Supplies


The pandemic has created an increase in the popularity of hobbies and crafts. People have either found new hobbies or rekindled their interest in old ones. It would be wise to offer hobby and craft supplies like knitting, art, and DIY craft kits to cater to this market of creative individuals and hobby enthusiasts. By providing a wide range of high-quality materials and tools, you can help fuel their passion and make your store a go-to destination for hobbyists.

To succeed with your niche idea on Shopify, you should provide a wide range of top-notch hobby and craft supplies. 

  • Ensure that your product descriptions effectively demonstrate the advantages and characteristics of every individual item.
  • Collaborate with craft influencers and utilize targeted marketing tactics. 
  • Always prioritize customer service and engagement. 
  • Offer creative inspiration and ensure a smooth shopping experience. 

By carefully selecting quality products, using effective marketing strategies, delivering exceptional service, and staying informed, you can establish a thriving Shopify store in the hobby and craft supplies niche.

Niche Idea 5: Home Décor and Interior Design


The home decoration and interior design market always has a steady demand. Various niche options are available in the market, ranging from minimalist decor and vintage furniture to handmade textiles. If you aim at homeowners and interior design enthusiasts, you can provide them with unique and stylish products to help them transform their living spaces. By consistently offering high-quality and aesthetically pleasing home décor items, you can build a reputation and gain customer loyalty through positive word-of-mouth.

To establish a successful Shopify store in the home decoration and interior design niche, select a range of top-notch products carefully. 

  • Make sure to optimize product descriptions by emphasizing their features and style.
  • Collaborate with design influencers and use targeted marketing strategies to boost sales. 
  • Provide exceptional customer service and encourage engagement. 
  • Stay on top of industry trends and evaluate product performance. 
  • Offer inspiration and a seamless shopping experience. 

You can create a thriving Shopify store in this niche by curating quality products, implementing effective marketing, providing excellent service, and staying informed.

How To Sell On Shopify?

No one could say better how to sell on Shopify than a specialist from Shopify. So we recommend you check out the official Shopify video tutorial on working on the best things to sell on Shopify:

Congratulations on taking the exciting step of setting up your Shopify store for your online business! After you find out how to start a Shopify store, it's important to consider several key aspects. Let's explore the details and steps of building a thriving Shopify store.

  • Choose a catchy and relevant domain name for your store: When choosing a domain name, it's important to pick something that represents your brand well and is easy to remember, spell, and pronounce. You may also include relevant keywords to make it easier for people to find your website through search engines.
  • Sign up for a Shopify account and follow the setup process: Head to the Shopify website and sign up for an account. You'll be guided through a simple setup process where you'll need to provide basic information about your business, such as your store name, address, and currency preferences.
  • Customize your store's appearance: You can choose from various themes and design options when setting up your online store on Shopify. Selecting a theme that matches your brand identity and appeals to your target audience is important. You can customize the colors, fonts, and layout to make your store visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Optimize product descriptions and images: To turn visitors into customers, it's crucial to have convincing and informative product descriptions. Ensure your descriptions are captivating and distinct, emphasizing each item's benefits, features, and unique selling points. Additionally, include high-quality product images that display your products from various angles, giving customers a clear idea of what they can expect.
  • Implement effective marketing strategies: A detailed marketing strategy is essential for attracting visitors and increasing sales. Utilize social media platforms to connect with your desired audience and advertise your Shopify products to sell. Produce interesting content, conduct contests or giveaways, and partner with influencers or bloggers to broaden your scope. Additionally, think about conducting targeted ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to reach a more extensive range of viewers.
  • Build customer trust and provide excellent customer service: To achieve long-term success, it's important to establish trust with your customers. This can be done by ensuring a secure and seamless checkout process, which reassures customers that their information is safe. Providing clear and transparent information about shipping, returns, and refunds can also help set expectations. Encouraging customers to leave reviews and testimonials and offering incentives to increase participation can also help build social proof.
  • Analyze data and make data-driven decisions: With Shopify, you can easily track important metrics and gain valuable insights into how your store is performing. You can monitor website traffic, conversion rates, and average order value, which will help you understand customer behavior and preferences. Analyzing this data lets you identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize your marketing strategies. It's important to regularly assess the performance of your products and adjust your inventory accordingly.
  • Scale your business and expand your product offerings: As your business expands, it's crucial to regularly assess your store's performance and spot chances for growth. Look into new product categories or variations that appeal to your target audience. Consider broadening your business by partnering with others, collaborating, or exploring wholesale opportunities. Use tactics like loyalty programs or customized offers to keep current customers while enticing new ones with targeted marketing campaigns.

You can build a successful Shopify store by following these steps and focusing on providing an exceptional shopping experience. Keep in mind, it takes time and dedication to build an online business.

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Choosing the best things to sell on Shopify is essential for a prosperous online business on Shopify. Your selection of products can significantly impact your ability to attract customers, make sales, and develop a reputable brand. To assist you in finding inspiration for your Shopify store, we have compiled a list of 5 top product ideas and 5 niche ideas that have been successful in the e-commerce industry.

When considering potential business ideas, it's important to consider market trends and customer preferences. Seek out products that are in high demand or have the potential to create a unique market. It's also vital to align your product choices with your own passions and expertise. Creating a business around something you genuinely care about can increase your motivation and add to the authenticity of your brand.

Developing a well-rounded business plan, employing effective marketing techniques, and prioritizing superior customer service are crucial. You can establish a flourishing online business and attain your entrepreneurial objectives by thoughtfully organizing your Shopify store, executing targeted marketing campaigns, and consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences.

If you're starting your journey on Shopify, these 5 top products and 5 niche ideas can help kickstart your vision. With dedication, hard work, and a strategic approach, you can create a successful online business that stands out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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