How to Get Sales on Shopify and Grow Your Business

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Claspo Blog How to Get Sales on Shopify and Grow Your Business

The Shopify sales store is one of your E-commerce businesses. To build a strong online presence, you should check the Shopify platform, among others. As of 2021, Shopify is mostly used among American citizens, according to Statista

To win at any e-commerce platform, including Shopify, you need to have strong goals and strategies and use top-notch tools to work with superb professionals. 

If you analyze successful Shopify stores, you'll notice that they all have great designs and are very dedicated to pleasing their customers: each step is well thought-through. It leads to higher conversion rates and helps increase Shopify sales. 

In this article, you'll find out how to get sales on Shopify but let's start with answering the questions about why to sell on Shopify. 

Table of Contents

1. Why Is selling on Shopify a Good Idea?

2. How Long Does It Take to Make Sales on Shopify?

3. How to Get More Sales on Shopify? 10 Steps

4. Conclusion

Why Is Selling on Shopify a Good Idea?

Sometimes all you have to do to start something is to start doing it. Many business owners are afraid to go with what they have and try to make everything as smooth as possible. Perfection might not be a very good idea as you don't have an opinion from your customers about your shop. The best option is to start with the data you have on your hands and then ask for feedback. 

Shopify sales will help you understand the true value of your products. The sales will help you understand what you need to upgrade and what you need to do to make bigger profits and get better results. Your customers will notice all inconveniences, including the smallest ones, which will be very handy. 

Now that you know why you need to start your Shopify sales as soon as possible let's talk about how much time it will take you to make sales. 

How Long Does It Take to Make Sales on Shopify?

As on any other platform, the first Shopify sales won't happen in a blink of an eye. There can be many factors that influence the first sales, among which:

  • It will happen faster if you already have an email list of your customers or any other data that can bring your loyal customers to your Shopify store.
  • It will happen faster if your domain name and authority have been on the market for a long time.
  • It will happen faster depending on the way you present your products. 
  • It will happen faster if you run thorough market research and learn about your target audience.
  • It will happen faster if you stimulate users to buy from you.

Basically saying, it will take almost forever to sell anything if you don't have loyal customers, if you don't know your audience, or if your prices are inadequate. So how to make sales on Shopify? Learn your niche and market, study your customers, and make the right choices to run a successful Shopify store. 

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Even the first sales take an immersive amount of work as you need to work day and night on your marketing to reach new people, show your values, describe your RTB (reason to believe), and make sure people experience your customer care and superb service. 

How to Get More Sales on Shopify? 10 Easy Steps for Newbies

The number zero step is you can't just create a store and wait for your customers. This won't work. At all. Never. Even if you wish it on a shooting star, no one will come to a store that no one knows about. 

How to increase Shopify sales? Running a powerful and successful store is a hard day-to-day job requiring lots of time, investment, and people. You can start out small, but you need more than just a simple wish to grow big. Go step by step and see your Shopify sales grow to bring you more and more profit. 

1. Nurture Future Sales

If you have any traffic now, try to get as much value as possible. The traffic itself won't turn into sales on its own. You have to work on it. 

Your task here is to get the information from those who check out your website. Make some kind of a Claspo pop-up window offering a freebie in exchange for user data. And as soon as you get their information, you can start your marketing game based on your strategy. Depending on the information your future customers provide you with, you can write emails and short phone messages. This will remind them of you, building your awareness and nurturing future sales. 

Discounts or any freebies are easy to provide in many ways. Pop-ups are not the only way to tell people that they can get a profit by leaving their email. You can also use chat windows, flyouts, on-page messages, etc. 

Remember that you need to know how to work with each of these tools to use them successfully. For example, you don't use a campaign with the intention to bring your customer later when the customer tries to check out the products. 

2. Create Efficient Email Campaigns

Email marketing plays a huge role in the life of any business owner and marketing team. As of June 2020, Statista states that $1 invested in email marketing brought $45 ROI. Sounds way too good not to try it. So make sure you use this channel in your marketing strategy. 

An efficient campaign is more than just a simple message saying that the customer should buy more. It is an art that requires plenty of preparation and top-notch execution. Even thou spending one dollar and receiving forty-five sounds very easy, you shouldn't take these numbers for granted. 

Before starting to send away your emails, you should work on your email marketing strategy. The three main points of which are: 

  • Learning the audience — the existing and potential audience, cart abandonment rate, window-shoppers rate, etc. 
  • Learn email workflows 
  • Learn segmentation 

Email campaigns might include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Cart abandonment reminders
  • Post-purchase emails
  • Feedback collection 
  • Notifications
  • Discounts/freebies
  • New products launches

We recommend you not to spend way too many emails as they can quickly become spam emails. People tend to unsubscribe from those that they have all over their inboxes. Don't bug people and send them emails when necessary. 

3. SMS and Push Notifications

How to get more sales on Shopify? Use your phone! 

SMS marketing shows insane results and is one of the best channels you can use. Check these statistics to see why you need to include SMS marketing in your strategy. 

Did you know that SMS has an average open rate of 82% while email has only a 20%? So when you decide on using SMS marketing in your game, remember that Americans check their phones 96 times per day which is about once per 10 minutes. Isn't this enough to go and start working on your SMS strategy? 

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You can also check web push notifications as they are a bit similar to SMS marketing and don't require personal users' data as SMS marketing does. 

4. Work on Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing definitely increases Shopify sales if done right. There's nothing hard or magical about it, but you have to make it seem like it. Day-to-day work raises awareness about your brand, builds strong relations between you and your client, and helps to convert people into loyal customers. 

Instagram is one of the most popular marketing channels to promote e-commerce and goods as it is all about the picture. Besides, Instagram offers a built-in shop so users can buy things without leaving the app.

With that said, we must highlight that each social media platform has its own rules and tricks. For example, you can't use the same strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as each of these platforms has its own possibilities, values, and goals. But for every platform, constant posting is crucial as it helps to get followers and gain respect. And don't be annoying with your content as you have to give your target audience what they need and how much they need. Not less, not more. 

After a while, you'll notice the increase in Shopify sales as people will be more loyal to your business with the help of social media marketing. 

5. Organic SEO Traffic to Increase Sales on Shopify

An SEO-friendly store is a step toward free traffic that everyone strives for. However, this is now only a dream. It can be a reality if done right. The path is not simple, not short, but you'll surely get your profit in the end. 

Shopify is very SEO-friendly. It has plenty of advice on that and has built-in opportunities that are hard to miss. This helps to make sure that all your pages are indexed and easy to find via the most popular search engines. 

After optimizing your page, you can do even more to be more visible on the internet. To boost your SEO game, you can also work on your marketing strategy, create a blog, and post articles with the most relevant and popular keywords in your niche. Blog posts that are interesting and answer popular Google questions are most likely to appear on Google, where users can see them. 

6. Target Your Potential Audience With Relevant Campaigns

It's great if you use free marketing tools and techniques, but you have to remember about paid campaigns as they are always more visible, which surely brings you more results. 

Do you know what comes before the first Google link? The link that brands pay Google to place higher — sponsored content. These are the shopping ads or website ads that paid Google money, so you see them. 

You can also get more views, higher rates, awareness, and engagement if you run paid targeted campaigns on the social media of your choice. They, too, have their own rules that help ads to perform successfully, so don't skip diving into that topic. 

7. Personalize the Experience

Personalization is highly important to consumers as they expect to get the most out of the shopping experience. When you ask people for their personal data, they expect you to use it to make their shopping experience more pleasant and personalized. It even can get very annoying when you ask people for information and then don't use it to upgrade their experience. 

You can use it in the form of recommendations among all possible ways to use personal information. For example, you can show items related to customers' previous views or new items based on the information you've obtained from them. For example, if your customer is a woman who said in her survey that she has three kids, you can offer her a bundle of kids' wear or other kids' goods as she will most likely buy it. Also, based on income information or previously checked items, you can offer goods that most likely fit the person's budget.

If you have information on people who abandoned their carts, have large wishlists, etc., you should try retargeting. Follow your visitors with the pictures of goods they've noticed and show them on other websites.

8. Don’t Forget A/B Testing

How to make sales on Shopify? It's not that easy when you neglect the A/B testing of your website. You can run A/B tests on your ad campaigns, Shopify, landing page, social media page, etc. Your goal here is to find the text, picture, CTA, offer, and anything else that works best. 

A free Google Optimize tool will help perform A/B testing on your Shopify store to find mistakes and get more sales on Shopify. It creates a new website with the version you want to test over your old one.

9. Use Images, Text, Video, and Other Multimedia to Get More Sales

Your products are what drive your Shopify sales. So it is what has to be perfect from head to toe. Make sure to create the best pictures and texts about your products picturing every aspect. The professional pictures and well-written text can provide your customers with an in-shop experience. You can describe every detail of the item and picture it. 

More than that, you can add videos showing different angles of the product and the smallest details. 

Such media helps understand the size and the purpose of each item. You can also show how to use it and create a short manual if needed. And if there are some secret uses to the item, make sure to state that as well. 

You need to create a feeling of urge with such content. Then, show and describe what exactly the user gets and how it helps to deal with his or her goal after getting your item.

10. Sell With Social Proof

How to get sales on Shopify? You can ask your customers who have bought items from you to share their reviews so others can see them. You know that people who want to buy something go and read reviews from others as they trust their fellow shoppers more than your pictures. It is not bad nor good — just it is what it is. 

Social proof can encourage people to buy more specific goods. It can also vouch for your services and specific things that you work on the most. So if you are user-friendly and client-oriented, people will notice it and make sure to state it in their reviews. 

Use quotes from your customers or even partners if you run a B2B business, and place them somewhere where people can read them to boost your Shopify sales. 


As you can see, the answer to your How to get sales on Shopify question doesn't differ that much from a simple question about how to sell. Yes, it has its own peculiarities, but overall you have to work on the same things as on any other platform:

  • Understand your target audience
  • Don't neglect the SEO optimization
  • Use paid Google campaigns
  • Don't forget to test your hypothesis
  • Work on the content
  • Work all the time to achieve the result

If you need help or additional consultation, contact Claspo for further talk. 

E-commerce is a big world and a big field for marketing games. So it would be best if you remembered to be brave and know your niche and audience to achieve big results. These are the most important things that drive your business!

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