One Slider Instead of Multiple Pop-Ups: Claspo's Anti-Annoyance Solution

One Slider Instead of Multiple Pop-Ups: Claspo's Anti-Annoyance Solution

15 August 2023 29 August 2023 ~ 7 min read 1916 views
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Claspo Blog One Slider Instead of Multiple Pop-Ups: Claspo's Anti-Annoyance Solution

How to use multiple pop-ups to convert and not lose website visitors? Marketers and website owners puzzle over this question when they have a variety of new products, bestsellers, or great deals to show customers.

On one hand, pop-ups do work. According to Entrepreneur Media, the average conversion rate for sites with pop-ups is 16%, compared to 3.7% for sites without them. But on the other hand, if there are too many they annoy visitors and cause them to leave the site.


With this contradiction in mind, Claspo came up with a win-win solution: a pop-up slider with unlimited visual content.

Claspo Slider: Definition & Key Benefits for Your Website

Slider is a new component in the Claspo builder that allows you to show multiple products, special offers, and promotions as an animated slideshow in just one pop-up. This way, you reduce the number of pop-ups, but visitors can still view all your offers on the site. When choosing a slider for your website, you get three profitable benefits at once.

1. Balance between Conversions and UX

Thanks to the Claspo slider, you no longer have to choose between conversions and user experience. You can collect all your unique offers in one place instead of displaying a bunch of pop-ups in different parts of the screen. As a result, the website visitor still sees multiple offers, but now they are not distracting or annoying. No need to compromise!

2. Grab and Hold the Customer's Attention

Today, visitors spend only 54 seconds on a website on average. During this time, you need to engage them and hopefully encourage them to buy. If your offer or product pop-ups are scattered across all the pages of your site, there is a risk that visitors simply won't find the one that works best for them. Yes, you can still place a pop-up with one offer or product on the homepage; but then the offer is only relevant for a limited number of visitors!  In both cases, you lose conversions.

If you add multiple offers or products to one slider from Claspo, you can:

  • use the allotted 54 seconds wisely, 
  • allow visitors to choose the best offer for themselves, 
  • increase the chances that at least one of all slides will convert.

3. Make Your Content Interactive

An animated slideshow is a type of interactive content. A survey of marketers about its benefits found that:

  • 81% believe that interactive content is more attention-grabbing,
  • 79% say that such content improves message retention (i.e., customers remember your brand better),
  • 66% agree that interactive content increases engagement.


Struggling to show all the great deals on your site without too many pop-ups? Create a slider and increase conversions!

Claspo Slider: 100% Customizable to Your Needs

Claspo understands that your strategy may change on the fly. Therefore, our goal was not just to provide you with a slider as a new feature but also to make it flexible and easily adaptable to your website, current marketing goals, and customer needs.

Add as Many Images as You Want

Claspo does not limit the number of images you can add to a slider. Images improve the click-through rate of your pop-up by 25%, and each slide with an image can serve a different purpose. For example, the first slide shows a product, the second includes a customer review, and the third offers a discount. Add any number of images in PNG, GIF, or SVG extension and let them all work toward your conversions.

Select the Desired Display Order

Claspo offers three ways to display slides:

  1. Classic or sequential. Slides are displayed in the order they are created. This order allows you to prioritize your messages or products in the slider. It also works well if you want to tell a coherent story to a customer.
  2. Random. Visitors see your slides rotating randomly when it doesn't matter which product the customer sees first.
  3. One random slide per view. Customers see one new image every time your slider is displayed. However, your pop-up will still include navigation buttons, so if the customer is not interested in that slide, they can always rotate further and find an offer that appeals to them more.

Set the Slide Rotation Condition

If the slides rotate too slowly, the visitor may leave the site before noticing all of your offers. But if they change too quickly, the visitor will not have time to understand and remember your messages.

With the Claspo slider, you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can check the average session duration on your website and set an appropriate slide interval based on it.

How to make your slider even more user-friendly? Allow customers to manage slides themselves. With Claspo's settings, you can let them stop the slideshow on mouseover and rotate the slides with navigation buttons.

The results? If one of your offers is of particular interest to the customers, they can learn more about it. And if customers want to see more options, they can easily move on to the next slide. Improved user experience and higher conversion rates are guaranteed.

Customize All Design Elements

You can also customize all the elements on your slides, right down to the back and forward buttons. This allows you to:

  • Adapt the look of the slider to your website design,
  • Adjust width and height to fit page layout,
  • Create a unique design for each slide,
  • Customize the slider for your site's desktop and mobile versions.

As a bonus, if you want all your slides to have the same design but different messages, you don't have to create each one from scratch. Instead, just design the first slide and duplicate it as many times as you need, changing only the text where necessary. Want to design your slider even faster? Select one of our ready-made templates and tweak it for your site.

Create a slider in minutes and see results in days

When a Slider Works Best: Most Common Use Cases

Display Multiple Great Deals

Issue: You offer good discounts on various products in your online store and want to show the visitor all these great deals. At the same time, you do not want to annoy the visitor with pop-ups and disperse their attention with too much information at once.


Solution: Add all discount products to one slider and set it to display one random slide per view.

Result: Each time the slider appears, the customer sees a new offer, learns more about it, and makes a decision without unnecessary distractions. If the first offer shown doesn't convert, the chance goes to another one the next time the slider appears.

Show Bestsellers from Different Categories


Issue: You know which products sell best in different categories and want to show them to website visitors and increase the chance of a purchase. But you don’t know which product will be relevant to customers the next time they visit the site. You also understand that they will not review each category.

Solution: Collect all your bestsellers in one slider, set them to display in random order, and add a pop-up to the homepage.

Result: Customers see all your bestsellers in one place. If one of these products is relevant, they can easily purchase it without having to scroll through all the product categories. Moreover, as your slider rotates, customers may like products they were not initially looking for. It can increase their spending per visit.

Describe the Benefits of Your Product or Company


Issue: You want to highlight your competitive advantages. But analytics tell you that customers do not scroll to the benefits section or do not visit the corresponding page.

Solution: Create a slider where each slide focuses on a specific benefit and display them in random or sequential order. 

Result: With this slider, the customers will not lose the list of your benefits among all the information on your site. And since pop-ups get more attention than plain text, customers are more likely to read your message.

Show How to Use a Product


Issue: You provide an innovative solution to the customer's problem, but they do not understand how to use your product to achieve their goals, preventing them from buying. You post educational content in the FAQ and blog, but customers rarely visit these pages.

Solution: Create a slider with step-by-step instructions. Add images or videos that reflect the customer's journey to their goals and display them in sequential order.

Result: You show potential customers how to use your product right on your site. Since they don't have to search for additional information on other pages or sources, they make a purchase decision faster.

Add a free slider to your site and improve conversions and user experience

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