How to Create a Video Pop Up

15 Video Pop-up Examples: How to Create An Effective Video Pop-up

30 December 2021 today ~ 9 min read
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Claspo Blog 15 Video Pop-up Examples: How to Create An Effective Video Pop-up

If you're looking for simple but effective ways to engage your audience and strengthen your digital strategy, video pop-ups are a perfect choice. By interacting with them, visitors can view your branded video imbued with your messages without leaving your website and easily complete targeted actions by clicking the CTA button. 

In this article, we will share some cool video pop-up examples, discuss their advantages, and show you how to create one with minimal time and effort.

Video Pop-ups: 15 Examples

To better understand "What is a pop-up video," refer to the FAQ at the end of this article. For now, we will focus on their practical application. 

91% of users expect more videos from brands in 2024. Meanwhile, some brands may not know what videos to insert in website pop-ups to engage the audience and maximize the benefit. If you fall into this category, check out our 15 video pop-up examples for different goals. Get inspired and choose the ones that best suit your marketing strategy.

1. Product Demo

Video pop-ups with product demos provide shoppers with a detailed overview of the products in your online store. They can describe the advantages of a particular product, compare it with alternatives, clearly show the ease of use in everyday life, and so on. 

Today, 69% of customers say this type of video helps them make purchasing decisions faster. With Claspo, you can easily create video pop-ups with demos and place them on the appropriate product pages next to the product description and photos.

2. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials in any format are sales drivers, as 88% of shoppers trust them as much as personal recommendations from their close circle. But video testimonials allow prospective purchasers to see your existing customers and their live emotions from interactions with your brand. 

It creates a strong emotional connection and increases trust significantly since the review's author is not an actor but a real person. Therefore, 77% of customers say video testimonials convinced them to buy from brands.

3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC goes beyond customer testimonials and can include detailed reviews of your product or showcase its usage in everyday life by ordinary people. If you're building a community, encourage your customers to create videos and display them on your website using video pop-ups. 80% of shoppers say UGC increases their purchase intent.

4. Onboarding Tutorials

Pop-ups with onboarding videos are a great way to educate customers and prospects and show them how to use your physical or digital product and its innovative features. According to a survey, video is an effective onboarding tool for 97% of people because it takes the guesswork out and clearly demonstrates to them how to achieve the promised results with a specific product as quickly as possible.

5. Educational or "How-to" Tips

Educational videos are not about your product but rather about problems or issues directly or indirectly related to your business. For example, if you sell blenders, your video pop-up could show how to make a delicious smoothie at home.

Unlike the onboarding videos above, "how-to" videos work great in the awareness stage when buyers are gathering information. Providing them with this information increases the likelihood of a purchase by 131%.

6. Event Invitation

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, instead of describing how incredible your event is, display a short video from previous years. It conveys the event's atmosphere, shows the participants (a kind of social proof), and demonstrates the experience that potential attendees can gain.

Alternatively, your video invitation pop-up could include a message from you as the organizer. This way, potential participants get to know you virtually, which increases your credibility.

Use this template

7. Teaser

A teaser video is a mini-preview of your product, service, or offer. It includes the superficial and compelling information needed to generate interest and build anticipation. At the same time, the pop-up video teaser does not reveal all the details. Therefore, using it is a great way to collect contact details from customers who want to learn more or even motivate them to purchase.

Use this template

8. New Product Announcement

Video pop-ups with announcements of new products benefit both shoppers and retailers. The former can look at the new product from different angles and mentally try it on themselves. The latter, in turn, generates buzz and stirs up customers' interest. 

When creating your video pop-up in the Claspo builder, you can add an email or phone number input field for pre-ordering. It will help you study the demand for a new product and avoid overproduction.

9. Special Offers Promotion

Great deals or discounts are the main incentive to buy for 81% of shoppers. Unlike a regular widget, a video pop-up can also show customers what they can buy at a bargain price. And, if your special offer includes a gift with the purchase, your video is an excellent opportunity to showcase this gift and increase the value of your offer.

With Claspo, you can add a discount promo code directly to your pop-up and set up a CTA button to redirect customers to the checkout page after watching the video.

10. Gamification

Gamifying the user experience has many benefits for e-commerce stores, including improved customer relationships and sales growth. 

Video pop-ups can help you implement gamification on your website. For example, include a promo code directly in your video and add a pop-up CTA inviting website visitors to watch the video and find the promo code. Increased engagement is guaranteed!

Use this template

11. Behind-the-Scenes Video

Behind-the-scene videos allow customers to see what lies behind the products or services they consume. By showing your team members, production processes, or simply a package of Christmas orders, you create a solid emotional connection with your brand and humanize it. Additionally, these videos can build trust by showing an authentic side of your company.

12. FAQs

If customers have questions about your company or product, answering them as quickly as possible is in your best interest. Video pop-ups with FAQs may appear if a visitor spent a certain amount of time on the site but did not proceed to place an order. In another scenario, it may be displayed if shoppers intend to leave the website. Video FAQs can help you reduce abandoned carts and support calls.

13. Getting to Know Your Brand

The brand is of utmost importance to Gen Z and millennials, who comprise the lion's share of consumers today. They care about your ethical manufacturing practices, social responsibility, eco-friendly initiatives, etc. Therefore, showcasing your culture, values, and mission is an excellent idea for video pop-ups.

14. Company's News

Building on the previous point, showing your company’s updates, achievements, and news is also a good solution. You can keep these videos on a separate website page or your YouTube channel, but video pop-ups can promote them to a broad audience while the particular news is fresh and relevant.

15. YouTube Channel Promotion

YouTube is the number one video site in the world, and 90% of marketers today use it in their digital strategies. If you post additional information about your products or brand on YouTube, video pop-ups can promote your channel on the website. For example, pop-ups can announce the release of a new video, play it right on your website, or invite website visitors to subscribe to your channel in exchange for exclusive content or discounts.

Use this template

How to Make a Video Pop-up with Claspo

With Claspo, you can create pop-ups and other widgets without coding or design skills. Watch our tutorial and read the step-by-step guide on how to make a video pop-up on a website in just minutes.

Step 1

Log in to your Claspo account and click the "New widget" button. You can either create a video pop-up from scratch or take one of our ready-made templates and customize it to save time. Let's look at the second option.


Step 2

Go to the Claspo library and select the "Display video" use case. After this, you will see several options for video pop-up templates. Just choose the one you like the most.


Step 3

Once you have chosen a template, Claspo sends you to our drag-and-drop editor. First, click on the video in your layout and replace the default link with your unique YouTube link. The video cover will change automatically.


Step 4

If you want to change your YouTube video cover, click the "Custom Cover" button in the sidebar to upload, add a link, or select a suitable image from our built-in photo & icon stock. 


Step 5

Edit the design and text of your video pop-up. In this example, we removed the email input field, added a button redirecting to the product, and changed the message, CTA, headline, and background. As a result, the template is completely tailored to the current goal, and the only limitation is your imagination.


Step 6

Preview how your pop-up looks on desktop and mobile screens. Make the necessary changes or save your pop-up if you are satisfied with it.


Step 7

Set up the display rules for your video pop-up, such as frequency, time of appearance, pages to add the pop-up to, and so on. The optimal rules are already preset for you, but you can always change them in no time.


Step 8

You can integrate Claspo with Google Analytics, ESPs, and CRMs to ensure uninterrupted data transfer and a coordinated digital strategy.


Step 9

Ready! All you have to do now is embed the pop-up on your website. For this purpose, you just need to copy its script and follow our step-by-step guide to paste it.


Video Pop-up Benefits

Video pop-ups are an integral part of video marketing, which, according to the Wyzowl survey, contributes to increased brand awareness, sales growth, prolonged time spent on a website, and excellent return on investment.

Compared to embedded website videos, Claspo pop-ups with videos have several advantages:

  • They appear in the center of the screen, so they do not get lost among other content and are guaranteed to grab attention.
  • They can appear at the right time and place thanks to Claspo's flexible display rules, increasing your message's effectiveness.
  • You can target your pop-up to new visitors or users who navigated your website from a specific ad campaign or communication channel.
  • You can create, embed, edit, and manage pop-ups without involving developers.


Video pop-ups are a proven way to engage your audience and make your message memorable and appealing. By carefully considering their content, timing, and design, you can provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience that captures attention and converts website visitors into active customers. 

Create your video pop-ups with Claspo and A/B test them to identify the best solutions for your business.

Video Pop-ups FAQ

1. What is a pop-up video?

Video pop-ups, also known as video overlays or video modals, are small video players that appear on a webpage to engage visitors and deliver specific messages. In this pop-up, the video takes up the bulk of the layout and can be supported by a headline, short description, and CTA button.

2. Is the sound turned on when a pop-up video autoplays?

As a rule, they are displayed auto-muted to maintain a positive user experience. That way, it does not frighten or annoy website visitors, allowing them the option to turn on the sound themselves.

3. What components can I add to my video pop-up?

With Claspo's flexible editor, you can add custom input fields to collect users' information, a promo code to provide a discount, a countdown timer to promote time-limited deals, a calendar to enable customers to book dates for your service, and much more.

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Jimmy Cordero 2 months ago

Started working with some websites and it was always a big mystery for me how to make good pop up videos. This article is a treasure trove of creative examples that showcase the diverse roles video overlays play. Coming back to work being ready to implement these strategies and elevate user experiences! 🎬🚀

Nancy Fair 3 months ago

Beautiful article! It brilliantly explores the multifaceted uses of video overlays, from captivating demos to brand storytelling. Super insightful examples across different industries—love how they can be a game-changer for engagement. Great possibility to learn!

Bradley Jenkins 4 months ago

Hey there! I stumbled upon your article while looking for ways to enhance my website, and I'm really interested in creating a video pop-up. It seems like a great way to engage my visitors and share valuable content.

Olivia Nguyen 6 months ago

Utilizing video pop-ups can effectively attract new visitors and customers, making them a valuable tool in achieving business goals. However, achieving success in this endeavor requires adaptability, creativity, and active collaboration with the marketing team.

Muhammad Ali 7 months ago

An awesome tool I found for adding video pop-ups to the website. Super easy to use, even for non-techies like me. And don't forget about the mobile version! I'll try it out 👍

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