How to Create a Video Pop Up

30 December 2021 ~ 9 min read 2170 views
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Claspo Blog How to Create a Video Pop Up

Have you ever wondered how you can insert video pop ups into your pop-up? It is possible with the help of a website plugin. Basically, you see a big window on your screen that starts playing the video.     

Such popup adds to your website, creating more visible and engaging content. This helps to communicate with your visitors better and faster. 

You can also show different products from your website that will attract customers and show them more unexpected items that can be useful. They will catch the information and purchase the items faster.  

Sometimes users want to finish watching the video, so they stay on the website longer than usual. This reduces the bounce rate, and you have an option to engage users more and show more products and services. Such videos might be not just videos of random goods, but commercials of particular goods that you need to promote: you can show software demos, happy customers, etc. This will help to build sales funnel. 

Everyone knows that videos are way more engaging than text. That’s why video pop ups are much better. Use this effective tool to achieve better results. Your task is to make a video that users won’t skip or close.

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What Is a Video Pop-Up?

A video pop ups is a plugin that you place on your website to communicate with your customers. It pops up when the user does a particular action or stays on the website for a particular amount of time. 

Basically, you show the user a video player that behaves like any other pop-up window. It can overlay the main content, stick to any corner, float as the user scrolls, or appear at the given action or time. 

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How to Create a Video Pop Up?

You can produce as much video content as you want, but be careful, this is only a bit of the job. The main task of the video is to engage people and make them watch it until the end, preferably purchasing items from your website. 

This is not a surprise. We all watch YouTube, and you know that a small group of creators generates most of the content. We see the same faces again and again, and there are myriads of videos that no one will ever see.

See How Quick And Easy It Is To Make Your Own Popups!

Pop ups can help with that issue. You can show your videos whenever you want. So once they are ready, you can target them and place them on websites as pop up videos.

Let’s see how you can create pop up videos that engage users and bring more customers.

Step 1. Find the Platform to Upload the Video

You need to place your video somewhere before creating a pop up. Learn platforms’ possibilities and then create content for them. But which one should you pick? The most popular ones are YouTube and Vimeo. 

YouTube is free, and you can load pop up videos as soon as you create them. However, there is plenty of suggested content in the end as creators usually ask viewers to visit their links. There are plenty of ads that users have to watch before checking the actual video. So this can be a miss for your option. 

Vimeo is a bit better for video pop up tasks. There are no suggested videos or ads in the beginning. Also, it is praised by top-notch creators that upload high-quality videos there as the quality stays perfect. It is quite a minimalistic and elegant solution. 

Step 2. Set Up Your Video

Before embedding a video, make sure to check all the settings so the video you have for your pop up is all set and ready to be displayed. 

Make sure to check the size and quality of the video. People surf the websites both via desktop and mobile phone. Don’t do your video of fewer than 640 pixels. It’s the ideal option for both devices. You can also create an HD version for desktops. 

Don’t forget about the Autoplay option. Remember that it works when the users check the website via desktop, but it doesn’t when they check it via phone or tablet. So, your decision on Autoplay only regards the desktop versions. You can use it, but still, most websites mute autoplay pop up videos. Keep that in mind as well. 

So, you have to create an engaging, interesting video from the first second that has no words. A hard task, we know, but that’s where creativity enters the room! Make the content as interesting as possible to solve this task. There are plenty of teams who create such ideas for a living. 

If you use YouTube, you can turn off the recommendations at the end of the video as they take the attention away. 

Step 3. Pick the Right Time

Timing is quite an easy task that is hard to miss on. Other steps are more difficult than this one, so don’t be afraid. Have you ever noticed how users, including you, open several tabs at once and go from one to another? And as soon as they reach your website, the video might be over. 

Check how much time people usually spend on your website and set a video pop up trigger before that time. If it’s 15 minutes — play the video when the user has been on a page for 10 minutes, etc. 

And if you know that your video will surely motivate all users to buy from you, place it on the first page, let the users scroll to it, and then autoplay it. 

Step 4. Check the Design

It is also important to spend some time designing your video pop ups so the visitors can notice them as soon as it appears. Here are the most popular ways to design a pop up window. 


You have seen the solutions where a video pop up window pops up over the whole viewport so you can’t interact with any content. There is a solution that is quite similar but not as annoying as an “on top” solution. 

Use an overlay with a dimmed background. In this case, the users can still see the information and your video pop ups. 

Make Sure Users Can Close the Pop Up Anytime

It scares and drives users crazy when there is no closing option on a pop up window. 

You should always have a visible X, so the user can simply close the window if he or she is not interested in the suggested content. 

Keep Up With the Branding

Websites are the channel for many ads. You’ve seen the ones that differ from the website itself, and it screams that this service has nothing to do with the service. 

If you create an ad for your website, make sure to use the branding you have: fonts, shapes, and colors. This will signify to the user that this ad is run by the website owner. You can create a lightbox that matches your style. 

Step 5. Don’t Forget About the Mobile Version

You can’t display your pop up videos on a mobile device as you can on the desktop. You can:

— display it on the second page;

— make it small;

— offer the user to click on a link that leads to a video. 

That’s why you don’t see many pop up videos when you surf the internet using your mobile phone!

Useful Tips to Make Video Popups that Work

The internet is rather a visual story. People look more than read. And this is what can work in favor of your pop up videos. Create a picture that is worth clicking on. You can place it on different resources where your target audience stays. And when they are redirected to your website, you can play your video. 


Video pop ups are the tool that can help you bring new visitors and customers from all over the internet. It is one of the most engaging instruments to achieve your business goals. 

In any case, you have to adapt and be creative to sell products and services to customers worldwide! So, be active and have fun with your marketing team!

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