Widgets for Website: 25+ Excellent Examples You Shouldn't Miss

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Claspo Blog Widgets for Website: 25+ Excellent Examples You Shouldn't Miss

You have to have website widgets if you want your website to bloom, get a bigger following, and have loyal customers. Well, it's not that it's a rule but rather very good addition to make your website more useful, interesting, and unique. 

If you look for ways you can be better than your competitors, you can add cool website widgets to create a more functional website and give more fun to your customers. Here you can find 25 web widget ideas for your website. They are not examples of the ones that other businesses have but rather the types you can add. 

Are you ready? Let's dive into the topic of website widgets. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Widget On a Website?
  2. Why Widget is A Useful Tool for Websites
  3. 25 Widgets for Your Website
  4. Conclusion

What is a Widget On a Website?

What is a widget on a website? A widget is a block that can be shown on any website or on your phone. There you can see important information of something more interactive to check the info. You've probably seen widgets like calendars on hotel booking websites or weather widgets on travel agencies websites. They come in handy, so people won't need to go somewhere else to check the date or the weather. 

There are also lots of other examples of best website widgets like media link widgets, price widgets, technical support widgets, exchange rate widgets, etc. 

In most cases, web widgets come in the form of a short HTML code that you need to integrate into the general code. This is how easily you can add new cool features to your website without doing much. 

Why Widget is A Useful Tool for Websites

Even if you think that you don't need any elements that might upgrade your work, think twice. You can add some extra engaging functionality fast which actually might help your clients while they scroll your website. 

But what for you in all that? Well, a widget can help you get users' statistics, check activities, and increase conversion. Seems like it is a win-win situation, and we highly advise you to use it. 

You can use widgets — the tiny parts of code to add to your website. Besides adding the aesthetically pleasing elements, you'll get additional functionality that might be helpful for your customers. 

The widgets can simplify your customers' experience and be a great tool to engage people. 

25 Widgets for Your Website

Note that each widget that you add to your website should be useful. Even though many widgets look perfect visually, they might not serve the purpose if placed wrong. For example, you don't want to have a weather widget on your dentistry services website — who cares if it rains when you need to fix a tooth? But a calendar widget is a nice choice so people can check available days. 

1. Text Widget

Text is an important part of the website. That's a fact. And it will be easier to add information if you have a text widget on your website. Besides actually adding blocks of information, you can adjust font, size, text style, color, etc. 


2. Image Widget

Images are also something the modern website can't live without. For now, it is impossible to find a website without images, and you know that. That's why you can make your work easier by adding an image widget. This will help you to create better stories that will engage more people just by depicting what you write about. 


3. Click and Call Widget

For many businessmen, it is crucial that customers and potential clients actually call them. And there is a widget if you need that feature. The client can simply click on one button that connects them and you via phone. It can't be easier. 

This surely drives leads and customers because of how easy and user-friendly this approach is. 

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4. Calendar Widget

Calendars are great if you run a service-based business that involves picking dates or planning something. With a simple calendar, people will easily check their plans and understand when they can use your service. Let's say you run an event agency with lots of small events, all of which are scheduled. Now you can place them on a calendar and let people see when they can actually attend your events. 

5. Map Widget

This widget is more than just a tool to use; it is also very pretty. It can be used for many businesses to help out with describing the locations — a map can help see the exact location so your customers won't need to think twice about what you've meant when giving directions. 

However, almost every business can benefit from adding a map widget to their website. At least, you can place the location of your offline office so people can visit you. 

6. Before and After Widget

The before and after the widget is a great tool when you need to clearly show the result of your service or your product. It might be a fun tool for your website and extremely visual and trustworthy. 

7. Image Slider Widget

Image sliders are extremely convenient and save up plenty of space on your pages. Just place a gallery of relevant images in one slider and let people check them. 

You can also add additional code lines to make it more interesting so people can change the filters or the picture size, but that's a toy rather than a useful tool. So stick to the original gallery for a fast and easy way to show the desired images.

8. Video Widget

It seems that videos are extremely important when it comes to displaying the product or services or giving advice on how to use your products. A simple widget can help you place a video on your website without extra work. More than that, it will look nice and clean, which adds to your website's friendliness and overall usability. 

Video widgets can work with many online video services such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

9. Lottie Animation Widget

These animations are made in vector, so they load fast, work flawlessly on different devices, and scale depending on the screen size. Perfect! 

A nice animation that describes the meaning of a text or your product brings more attention to your services. It is always a good addition to the design you have. Besides, you can change the colors of such animations in case you want to change the color of your website. 

If you are going to work with animations, we highly recommend checking the Lottie animation widget for a sleek result. 

10. Contact Form Widget

Contact forms are crucial to any business website. It should be simple for a user to fill in so you can use the help of the widget as the developers make sure to use best practices. You can easily add a contact form that is already beautiful and user-friendly. What else do you need from those? Simple, neat, and full of potential.

11. Share Widget

Make sure people can share the content you create with others. Especially if your business is based on creating content. 

A nice small button offering to share your content on popular platforms will only encourage people to actually share your piece or work rather than just simply copy the link and send it to a friend. 

12. Photo Gallery Widget

The Photo Gallery widget is a good option if you run an image-based business. Let's say you are a photographer or an artist — you can place your work in galleries and let people use the content easily. Such a widget is quite versatile, so you can find it across the web. 

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13. List Widget

These web widgets can help you to create beautiful lists that always bring more attention to your texts. It is easier to pick up information if it is structured, so make sure you create lists that describe the best of your work. Try to list your benefits or any other information that can be presented in the form of a simple list. 

14. Business Hours Widget

If you have specific opening hours, you can display them in the form of a cool website widget. Alongside placing a map, you can actually create a nice experience of presenting your business. This is a simple yet neat move as people will know for sure whether you are open and where they can find you. 

15. Table Widget

Table widgets are similar to list widgets in the way they structure the information. This is just another way you can make your ideas clear to your audience. And the better people understand you, the more reliable you get, and the more sales you can do.

16. Accordion Widget

The accordion widget on the website can also help you structure the information in another way. This one simply compresses information, so it doesn't take much space. It works perfectly for FAQs and that type of information that you can divide into specific but short topics so users can find the one they actually need and read about that. 

17. Weather Widget

If you depend on the weather, please add a weather widget. People will easily get information on the state of the weather, so they can purchase your services without fear. This is an extremely necessary widget if you run services that require actions in the fresh air, outside sports, or any kind of open-air event. 

18. Countdown Widget

A fun way to promote specific products or services! Add a nice countdown widget if you have something for your customers and want to build some suspension around it. You can also customize the design to make it more like your brand and stick to your visuals.

19. Waterwheel Slider Widget

A bit advanced widget to your regular image slider. But it looks cool when you want to show your employees, products, photos of your services, etc. This also clears the space on your website, and it can become more clean and neat so you can highlight the main parts of your job. 

20. Trip Planning Widget

This widget is not something you can see on every website; however, it would be nice to see one. The trip planning widget can help your customers plan the trip to your office or a store. It will help you boost the engagement on your website and bring customers to your offline place if you have one or willing people to visit it. 

21. Counter Widget

If you can count something, you can place a counter widget to make it real and precise. Communicate to your customers the numbers you want them to see: the number of products, sales, customers, etc. This can create a social proof vibe which will result in more purchases. 

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22. Price Slider Widget

Use this slider widget if you want to create a better experience for your customers. At the end of the day, every customer cares about the price and needs to find it out as soon as they can. So make sure to place it in a spot that can be easily seen. 

23. Staff Widget

With the help of the staff widget, you can place all your employees in one place and say something about each of them. This might help structure personal and public information in a nice and neat design. 

24. Testimonial Widget

A testimonial widget is one of the most important widgets for websites. Here you can place the feedbacks you get from your customers. And this tool is something that can bring you lots of engagement and loyalty. So be sure to use one if you have testimonials. 

25. Blackout Gallery Widget

The last but not the least of many web widgets is the blackout gallery widget. It is another type of gallery that you can place on your website to get more attention from your customers. Get extra attention to a specific block of information and highlight the most important parts of it.

5 Tips to Find Cool Website Widgets

We have 5 tips that can help you find the best website widgets for your business. As soon as you start searching, you'll get lots of cool collections, so it will be hard to pick one but take your time and don't rush in. The following tips will help you to get the best widget that fits your business the most: 

  1.  Understand what kind of functions you want to get from the widget. 
  2.  Check the reviews. 
  3. Check the competitors. 
  4. Compare the functions of several similar widgets and check their budget plans.
  5. Test the options that you like the most and see how they perform.

Make sure to test several widgets before sticking to one, as sometimes they can look weird when placed on your website. And you want to get the best one possible, right? 


Finding cool website widgets might be tiring but fun. It will surely help you engage with your customers and bring your relations to a deeper level. 

And remember to place the relevant widgets that can be different for different businesses. Here we've covered the most popular ones, but we are sure you'll find many more on your widget journey. Just ensure that your website's end result is still user-friendly and neat. 

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