Countdown Timer Popup: 5 Excellent Examples

15 January 2022 ~ 9 min read 2483 views
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Claspo Blog Countdown Timer Popup: 5 Excellent Examples

You’ve seen those products that you are able to get with a discount for a limited time only. There are plenty of business owners and marketing specialists that use this tool to create a sense of urgency. 

The feeling of urgency has almost the biggest impact on visitors, and you should not be afraid to use it. 

Among all benefits that you can achieve with this approach, here are some of the most notorious ones:

  • Drive clients with a sense of urgency. Countdown timer pop ups create a sense of urgency and encourage users to shop faster.
  • Show product popularity and increase sales. The sales and availability counter increases the value of the product in the users’ eyes and convinces them to make a purchase.
  • Grab more attention with themed design. Create a holiday-themed timer or counter to showcase your offer during the high season.
Convert Your Website Visitors To Customers Right Now!

Add a sense of urgency to your discounts. Show that your value proposition is limited in time, so the visitors rush to take advantage of it as soon as possible. A countdown timer shows the time until the end of the promotion and encourages the buyer to make a purchase faster. Set the start, end date, time, and choose the end action — your timer is ready. In addition, you can add a call to action and a short description, so the users understand what is happening.

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Countdown Timer Pop-up Examples

So that your users purchase the goods as soon as possible, you can set a personal online timer that will count down the time until the end of the promotion. You can adjust it as you want, and this strategy will help you achieve your goals. 

Get E-mails Countdown Timer Popup

We are sure you use e-mail pop-ups on your website to get information about your customers and to create more personalized discount options. 

And today, we suggest you add a timer to create a sense of urgency, so the user enters the e-mail faster than ever. You can offer a discount or a promo code that works only for a limited amount of time. The deadline works like magic in many cases, and this is the one. It brings motivation to write down personal information in order to get a freebie.  

Get E-mails Example.png

Get E-mails Countdown Timer Pop up Example

Anticipation Creates Magic

You can create the desire for your product with the help of anticipation. Do you remember how the kids count the days until the holiday to get the present? Or how do people get Advent Calendars to count the days before Christmas? 

You can create the same atmosphere with your pop-ups. Show people how many days new products will be available. Or, if you are waiting to release something bigger, you can tell visitors about that long before the actual release. 

Such type of pop-up will help you build excitement for the launch of the upcoming product.

Anticipation Creates Magic Example.png

Anticipation Creates Magic Timer Pop up Example

You can also offer a sneak-peak of the upcoming drop via e-mail or phone number sign up. Such timer pop up includes two models that help you both to create the excitement and get personal information for a small piece of information.

Promote the Upcoming Sales

Holiday sales are the most important event for any shopping lover. Many people save up money before Black Friday, get extra tasks at work, and create shopping lists to get everything they want. 

It is more convenient today to shop online rather than go to the physical store. Besides, every online store behaves exactly like the actual store: they have sales, discounts, and Black Friday. So now people can simply shop at several stores at the same time without jamming with other shoppers. 

Create a countdown that reminds people about the upcoming event that they won’t miss. This is how they won’t forget to put you on the shopping list. Remind yourself, and you will be noticed. 

Promote the Upcoming Sales Example.png

Promote the Upcoming Sales Timer Pop up Example

Remind About Limited-Time Offers

You don’t have to have only big sales to promote them. Any sale is a great option to create a countdown timer: hourly deals, weekend offers, limited sales, etc. 

The countdown pop-up should be captivating. Work on both visuals, text, and call to action to achieve the best results and bring new customers to your upcoming sale. 

Make sure that your offer is clear and easy to understand from the first look. Ask your users whether they want to get the notification when the sale starts. This is how you can additionally get e-mail or a phone number. 

Remind About Limited-Time Offers Example.png

Remind About Limited-Time Offers Timer Pop Up Example

Encourage People to Finish Their Purchase

Many business owners and marketing specialists dream about reducing cart abandonment as it is one of the most common reasons for losing clients. 

Timer pop ups can help with that. You can offer a limited-time freebie like free shipping or a specific discount. This approach creates a sense of urgency while retaining users and building new relations with customers. 

Encourage People to Finish Their Purchase Example.png

Encourage People Timer Pop Up Example


Timer pop ups are one of the most versatile tools that the marketing department can offer. Besides, it is one of the most creative tools. It brings profit that you can check anytime. Everything depends on the visual, text, and call to action. 

Sit Back And Let Us Do Your Job For You

Creating a sense of urgency is an art that you can upgrade with the help of countdown timers. Make your users understand that they need to hurry up to get their last chance if they want to get the desired product with a discount. 

You can also combine timer pop ups with other approaches like exit-intent, timing, etc. pop ups to achieve the best results. 

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