11 Proven Black Friday Marketing Strategies for 2023

11 Proven Black Friday Marketing Strategies for 2023

24 October 2022 4 days ago ~ 9 min read 4139 views
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Claspo Blog 11 Proven Black Friday Marketing Strategies for 2023

Black Friday is now the most important event of the year in e-commerce. This day of massive promotions allows consumers to start their Christmas shopping.
As an e-merchant, it is essential to prepare your online store well to succeed on Black Friday.

If your website or e-commerce site is ready, it's time to consider your marketing Black Friday strategy. Because to boost your sales, consumers must be aware that you are participating in this commercial event.

To avoid missing the e-commerce highlight of the year, it is essential to prepare your marketing campaigns well. 

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Black Friday and When is It?
  2. Black Friday Marketing Strategies & Ideas
  3. Wrapping Up

What Is Black Friday and When is It? 

Black Friday is a gigantic commercial operation, born in the 1950s in the United States. As its name suggests, this commercial event takes place on a Friday. But not just any Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving (which takes place on the 4th Thursday of November), one month before Christmas.

It marks the beginning of Christmas gift shopping. Initially organized on a single day of promotions, Black Friday now extends to the weekend or even to the week. It is followed by Cyber ​​Monday, which marks the end of Black Friday, the Monday following the event.

Black Friday is a big day of promotions during which retailers and major brands offer significant discounts on various products. These discounts can go up to 80% off.

This commercial holiday (coupled with Cyber ​​Monday) increases merchant activity by 86% in Europe.

Black Friday marketing allows merchants to build brand awareness and maximize revenue thanks to significant sales in anticipation of Christmas shopping. This will enable consumers to save money and find good deals for their Christmas gifts or treat themselves at a lower cost.

This year, Black Friday will occur on Friday, November 24, 2023.

Black Friday Marketing Strategies & Ideas

1. Advertise your Black Friday 2023 promotions via email marketing

To hope to generate traffic on your website or in-store, you must let consumers know that you are participating in Black Friday. Use email marketing to promote your offers and encourage consumers to buy from you.

Ahead of Black Friday, you can send the first email announcing your upcoming promotions. In the form of a teaser, give a taste of your offers to arouse the curiosity of your customers so that they stay on the lookout for the kickoff of this event.

The day before the event, send a second email with a countdown to reinforce this feeling of expectation. And this makes consumers want to visit your site or go to your store early to take advantage of your exceptional offers.

On Black Friday, kick things off with a third marketing email showcasing your bestsellers, your best deals. You have to make consumers want to buy to take advantage of your discounts. It is not necessary to list all of your promotional products. Just indicating that many products in your store are on sale will encourage consumers to visit your site or go to the store.

Send a final reminder email before the Black Friday promotions end to create a sense of urgency and get people to take advantage of your offers before it's too late.

Create Your Own Offers With Claspo Pop-up Builder

To effectively implement Black Friday marketing strategies, be sure to properly segment your emails according to the characteristics of the buyers to offer them personalized products adapted to their expectations and preferences. You can also distinguish your best customers by offering them an exclusive offer or an additional discount to reward them for their loyalty. Or by allowing them to access certain offers in the preview. They will feel privileged.

You can also offer your new customers a special welcome offer. It can also be a way to revive your inactive customers with discounts they can't miss. We advise you to use free emailing software adapted to your needs to send your marketing emails.

2. Share your Black Friday deals on social media

Consumers are 71% more likely to buy a product after seeing a positive review on social media. Content creators are thus great trend prescribers and powerful allies in influencing the purchasing decisions of their subscribers.
Inform your customers (and future customers) that you are participating in Black Friday 2023 on your social networks. Indicate your offers, promote your products, and make your prospects and customers want to know more by arousing their curiosity.

Personalize your social networks in the colors of the e-commerce event. Update your profile and cover photos with a logo and a special Black Friday banner. You can also include a Christmas atmosphere in your visuals. To easily and quickly create pretty visuals, you can use Canva, a free and intuitive graphic design software.

Tease your promotions by announcing your participation in the commercial event. Give a taste of what awaits your customers and prospects to pique their interest with a preview of upcoming promotions. The idea is to create excitement, to generate engagement on your social networks. And thus, redirect your fans to your site to generate traffic, or encourage them to come to the point of sale.

You can also create an online store on Facebook. Like an e-commerce site, you create product sheets. This allows your prospects and customers to reserve or buy your products and be redirected to your online store or an online payment page (via Paypal, for example). You can also add your products to your Instagram posts by tagging them directly on your photos.

Throughout Black Friday, share pretty photos of your products, with enticing discounts, to make people want to buy. Among good Black Friday marketing strategies can also be a contest on your social networks to win additional discount coupons or gifts.

3. Reach your customers with social media advertising

To expand your audience for Black Friday, create advertising campaigns on your social networks. You will improve your visibility and your notoriety compared to your competitors and attract new prospects.

This e-commerce event is the perfect opportunity to reach new customers. With social media ads, you can reach people who might be interested in your products.

Thanks to fine segmentation, advertising on Facebook will allow you to promote your promotions, precisely reaching your target, to develop your sales. Thanks to personalized audiences, you can decide to reach an audience similar to yours. Just import your customer base, and Facebook will find prospects similar to your customers. You will be able to target people with the same interests and the same behavior as your customers.

You can also advertise on Instagram. This will allow you to reach a younger target and introduce your products to potential buyers. And gain notoriety.

4. Improve your visibility with Google Ads

Take advantage of the power of Google Ads to appear among the top search results on Google for Black Friday. To outperform your competitors and be more visible, Google Ads advertising campaigns are a great way to attract more customers.

Google Ads advertising campaigns are an excellent lever to increase your visibility. This allows it to appear above search results on the Google search engine. And thus attract your prospects to your site to generate more traffic and boost your sales. With a Google Ads campaign, you will attract qualified traffic. Indeed, Internet users will see your advertisement when searching for a similar product.

It is also possible to create advertisements aimed at encouraging Internet users to go to the store for Black Friday. You can choose your objective, depending on your marketing Black Friday strategy. 

5. Integrate your products on Google Shopping

Google Shopping lets you promote your products directly in the search engine, highlighting your discounts. To make Internet users want to click on your product sheets to be redirected to your e-commerce site.
Thanks to Google Shopping, you will benefit from a better positioning in the search results and will reach a maximum of people corresponding to your target.

6. Communicate your Black Friday promotions with SMS campaigns

Don't forget the SMS campaigns that allow you to reach your customers directly and redirect them to your site or to the store. Take advantage of the efficiency of SMS to send your promotional campaigns: 43% of surveyed business owners and digital marketers who use SMS marketing report click-through rates between 20% and 35%.
Create a sense of urgency and play on the scarcity of promotions to generate consumer interest. And encourage them to visit your e-commerce site or go to your store to take advantage of your exceptional offers.

You can also use SMS to notify your loyal customers in advance and offer them an additional discount.

7. Win back your customers with remarketing

Reach past visitors to your website with remarketing. You will be able to relaunch your potential customers by reminding them to take advantage of your Black Friday marketing campaigns, thanks to the effectiveness of retargeting.

Consumers will visit several websites to find the best bargain. Don't let your site visitors buy from your competitors. Set up retargeting campaigns to reach people who visited your website but did not order.

Thanks to the Facebook pixel or Google Ads remarketing campaigns, you can reach former visitors to your site through social networks. This allows you to track users who have visited your site. And broadcast advertisements to Internet users who have left your site to encourage them to buy your products. Internet users visiting your online store will be revived while browsing the web and may be tempted to return to order.

Retargeting is a great way to bring back former visitors to your site by reminding them of your brand and re-engaging potential buyers.

8. Catch up with your customers with the basket reminder

Thanks to the cart reminder, don't let your customers who have abandoned their cart slip away. Send follow-up emails to get your customers back on their buying journey, and encourage them to complete their orders.
What could be more frustrating for an e-merchant than abandoned carts? The customer often fills up their cart and abandons them along the way for various reasons. Fortunately, thanks to the basket reminder, you can remind your customers who have not finalized their orders.

You must follow up by email with consumers who have abandoned their baskets to encourage them to finalize their orders. The idea is to personalize this email by integrating the articles of the abandoned basket and by sending the Internet user back to his basket so that he only has a few clicks left to finalize his order. Create a sense of urgency, indicating that it will be too late in a few days, and they will no longer be able to benefit from your Black Friday marketing campaigns.

You can also add a promo code to make your offer even more attractive. And thus, put the odds on your side to try to persuade these customers to buy.

See How Quick And Easy It Is To Make Your Own Black Friday Pop-ups!

9. Use converting Black Friday pop-up.

Without a Black Friday pop-up design, your marketing campaign for this shopping holiday is never complete. Having one will assist you, among other things, in promoting your deals, growing a mailing list, and boosting sales. Customize and edit it as you wish by using Claspo Pop-up Templates.

With Claspo pop-up builder, generating forms and notification widgets for your website will be fast. Handy features allow you to build eye-grabbing pop-ups.

Your personal account will find many templates for your industry and target audience to effectively solve your business tasks.

10. Share unique discount codes

Another particularly effective Black Friday marketing strategy to boost your conversion rate is to share unique discount codes. This commercial festival is indeed known and appreciated by consumers for the opportunities it offers them to save money.

By collaborating with an influencer and offering them to share a promo code with their community, you encourage their subscribers to buy your products. This lever makes it possible to create a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) and facilitates the transition from the reflection phase to the act of purchase.

Discount codes are also an interesting tool for tracking the results of your influence campaign. You will be able to measure the impact of the content creator on your sales and continue to collaborate with him afterward if his ROI is important.

11. Unboxing

With the rise of TikTok and the vertical format (reels on Instagram and shorts on YouTube), brands are looking for relevant content to broadcast on these platforms. A trend lends itself particularly well to this, especially on the occasion of Black Friday. This is unboxing, which consists of unpacking packages and presenting their contents to your community.

Unboxing is a good lever for Black Friday marketing since it allows you to present your product range in a more exhaustive way while remaining fun for your target audience. Remember to make the experience even more impactful and desirable by taking care of your packaging or by hiding surprises in the packages.

Why Is Influence Marketing So Important Nowadays?

Black Friday is a hectic time for businesses and consumers bombarded with offers, each more enticing than the next. Difficult to stand out in this shopping frenzy, but also to create a relationship of trust strong enough for someone who does not know your brand to buy from them for the first time.

This is where influence marketing for Black Friday comes in particularly handy. By collaborating with content creators, who will share detailed reviews of your products, you create crucial trust at this stage of reflection.

As experts in their niche field and privileged interlocutors of their community, influencers are the ideal partners to reassure people who don't know you or are looking for more objective information about your products.

Wrapping Up

To multiply the opportunities offered by influence marketing and Black Friday, you will nevertheless have to create campaigns that stand out. Therefore, it is crucial to anticipate your efforts well and define your objectives and Black Friday marketing strategy upstream.

Once all the Black Friday marketing strategies are implemented, there is no time to sit back and relax. Analyze the results of your marketing campaigns to find out what worked and what didn't so you can do better next year. Measure the performance of your website or online store to determine the effectiveness of your Black Friday marketing strategy.

Capitalize on the customers acquired during this commercial event for the holiday season, and keep in touch to encourage your customers and new customers to order on your site for their Christmas gifts. And continue to distribute your promotional offers throughout the year.

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