Claspo's Year in Review: Top 24 Updates of 2023 and Bold Plans for 2024

Claspo's Year in Review: Top 24 Updates of 2023 and Bold Plans for 2024

22 December 2023 29 December 2023 ~ 9 min read 1434 views
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Claspo Blog Claspo's Year in Review: Top 24 Updates of 2023 and Bold Plans for 2024

As we approach 2024, it's a perfect time for us at Claspo to reflect on the achievements of 2023. We're thrilled to share some exciting milestones: 

  • We welcomed 7500+ new wonderful users, motivating us to keep growing.
  • We added 500 new templates to our library, solidifying Claspo as a leader in ready-made solutions.
  • And the heart of it all – we made over 100 updates crafted with your needs in mind.

In our special New Year's digest, we're eager to unveil the top 24 most significant updates of 2023, share our biggest accomplishments since the day Claspo was founded, and give you a sneak peek into our plans for the upcoming year. It's our way of saying thank you for being a crucial part of our journey.

Anti-Bounce Rate Solutions


In 2023, the average bounce rate across all industries reached a less-than-ideal range of 41% to 55%. According to stereotypes, using website widgets contributes to the growth of this metric. 

At Claspo, we aim to dispel this stereotype. That is why, in 2023, we developed specific solutions that empower our users to incorporate widgets on their websites without any disruption to the user experience or risk of an increased bounce rate.

1. Silent Interval

While your widgets undoubtedly offer fantastic deals and valuable information, displaying them all at once can annoy visitors, causing them to leave your website. To balance user experience and conversions, Claspo introduced the silence interval.

It allows you to set a time gap between widget displays, ensuring a pleasant browsing experience. Instead of bombarding users with a flurry of widgets, you can showcase each offer separately, allowing users to focus on one at a time. By default, we've set a considerate 3-minute silence interval, but with just one click, you can tailor it based on the average time users spend on your site or a specific page.

2. Overlapping Protection

As your widget strategy scales, it becomes harder to coordinate their display rules. The last thing you want is for your widgets to inadvertently overlap on your users' screens, causing frustration and skyrocketing bounce rates.

Claspo's automatic overlapping protection simplifies your task and, as the name implies, protects your widgets from overlapping, even if you've duplicated their triggers. What does this mean for you?

  • You can spend less time setting up display rules, as Claspo covers you in case of any slip-ups.
  • Visitors to your website enjoy a seamless experience free from widget chaos.
  • Your widgets become conversion heroes, not bounce-rate villains.

3. Slider 


Slider is a new feature in our builder that lets you showcase multiple images within a single widget, presented as a dynamic slideshow. But it's not just about the visuals; slider can also help trim down your bounce rate.

45.6% of users find it annoying when a barrage of widgets follows them around the site. With slider, you can streamline widget quantity without losing any impactful messages - just consolidate various offers, bestsellers, or discounts into a single widget. Display them in sequential or random order, or give users the reins to scroll through the slides themselves and pick the best deal tailored just for them.

Widget Targeting 


Personalizing the website customer experience is a top priority for 86% of businesses, as it's a direct route to boosting sales and profits. In 2023, Claspo took a step forward in supporting this priority by introducing new targeting options.

4. Geotargeting

Location-based advertising has become a game-changer for marketers, with nearly 90% reporting increased sales, fresh customer acquisitions, and heightened engagement. Keeping your success in mind, Claspo has introduced a geotargeting feature. Now, you can effortlessly tailor your widget to make a grand entrance exclusively for site visitors from chosen countries, regions, and, yes, even specific cities. It's all about reaching the right audience in the right place at the right time! 

5. New Visitor Targeting

In 2023, Claspo made it possible to showcase your widget exclusively to new site visitors. This group includes those visiting your site for the first time after installing a widget, those who preferred incognito mode during previous visits, or anyone who's given their cache, cookies, and local data a fresh start.

Setting up this targeted option is as simple as a click in the Claspo builder. This feature unlocks new possibilities for you. Extend a warm welcome with a special offer, entice new visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, or give them a sneak peek into your company or product through an introductory video. 

Widget Use Cases


At Claspo, we're here to support you in reaching your goals, whatever they may be. That's why, in 2023, we've expanded our library with new widget use cases. Whether you want to arm yourself with one powerful widget or craft an entire strategy, the results are just around the corner. 

6. Subscribe to Newsletter

Entrepreneurs saw an impressive 86% boost in their subscriber count by using a website widget. Now, with Claspo, you can replicate their success by crafting your very own unique widget for collecting email addresses.

Generate leads right on your website, effortlessly transfer their contact information to your preferred ESP, and turn them into loyal customers through regular mailings.

Choose your template

7. Engage with Ebook

A proven lead generation strategy is to entice your site visitors with a lead magnet – a sweet bonus they get in exchange for hitting that subscribe button. Widgets armed with lead magnets boast a 2x higher conversion rate. Since the e-book is the rockstar of lead magnets, Claspo has given it a dedicated use case in our library of templates.

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8. Invite to Webinar

Webinars work great to increase awareness of your brand, prove your expertise, and, as a result, build long-term relationships with your audience. By announcing the webinar on your website with Claspo widgets, you can expand your mailing list and turn more site visitors into participants. 

Choose your template

9. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is the top motivator for online shoppers, with a whopping 78% willing to buy more just to dodge those shipping costs. If free shipping is a part of your strategy, show it to your website visitors using a Claspo widget and motivate them to buy more from you.

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10. Conduct Exit-Intent Survey

An Exit-Intent widget is often used to display last-minute offers, persuading shoppers to stick around. But Claspo decided to take it up a notch and bring you an extra option – using it to conduct exit surveys. Why? 77% of customers are loyal to brands that value their feedback. 

By asking visitors what went wrong and how you can improve things, you can melt their hearts and make them loyal customers. Plus, you'll snag invaluable insights for future improvements. 

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11. Launch Welcome Pop-up

80% of shoppers are ready to try out a new brand if tempted with an offer or discount. Armed with these stats, Claspo has rolled out welcome widgets to help you entice fresh, new customers. Combine this with the above targeting for new site visitors and increase your chances of success.

12. Redirect to Other Pages

At Claspo, our mission is to enhance your customers' journeys on your website and streamline their path to conversion. That's why we've introduced redirecting widgets. They can seamlessly guide shoppers to related, discounted, or best-selling products, all with the goal of making their shopping experience smoother.

With these widgets, you can keep visitors on your site longer and fast-track them to the checkout page.

Choose your template

13. Offer Product Demos

Product demos are a chance to introduce potential customers to your company, showcase the full capabilities of your product(s), and, ultimately, boost sales. 69% of customers credit a product demo as the driving force behind their purchasing decision.

With Claspo widgets, you can effortlessly invite site visitors to explore and get acquainted with your product. 

Choose your template

Editor Components 


Claspo's intuitive drag-and-drop editor is our pride and joy, and we're continually enhancing it. This year, we added new components that can be added to your widget layout, elevating its power and functionality. 

14. Video

In 2023, 91% of businesses harnessed the power of video for their marketing strategies, and 90% chose YouTube as their go-to platform!

Take advantage of this trend with Claspo. We've added a video component that lets you seamlessly embed videos from your YouTube channel directly into your website widget. Create a video pop-up in just a few minutes and boost your website's engagement rates and average session duration.

15. Relative Timer

Unlike our regular timer, the relative timer kicks off its countdown individually for each visitor the moment your widget graces their screen. This 2023 Claspo innovation opens up a world of possibilities:

  • It lets more customers take advantage of your discounts
  • It increases your sales and profits
  • It allows you to run flash sales around the clock.

16. Date Picker

A whopping 48% of customers are willing to share their birthdates if it means scoring some awesome discounts and coupons! Adding a date picker component to your widget, in turn, allows you to gather this information easily. It's not just about expanding customers' profiles but creating meaningful connections. 

You can surprise and delight your customers on their special day by offering birthday discounts, boosting engagement and support.

17. Calendar

Enhance the functionality of your widget by incorporating a calendar component! This feature enables your website visitors to effortlessly schedule appointments, sign up for services, or pick a date that suits them best for consultations or product demos. 

Since Claspo seamlessly integrates with various ESPs and CRMs, all the dates chosen by interested users will be instantly organized in your preferred data repository. This not only streamlines future communication but also makes managing your schedule a breeze.

18. Checkbox List

A checkbox list enables users to select multiple options from a given list. This component is valuable when you're designing a widget for a survey and want to provide respondents with the flexibility to choose more than one answer or option.

Consider another scenario: incorporate a checkbox list into your sign-up widget and invite prospects to specify their content preferences. This way, you could make your newsletter more personalized and engaging.

19. Radio Group

A radio group component is your go-to choice when you want site visitors to pick just one option from the list on your widget. 

Imagine this: You offer a welcome gift for subscribers. The radio group makes it a breeze for visitors to choose that one special gift that speaks to them. Or, picture a survey widget with yes/no questions — a radio group helps you get straightforward answers.

20. Floating Image for Launcher

Widgets with images boast a 25% higher click-through rate. Recognizing the impact of visuals, Claspo has taken it a step further – you can now add images to the launcher (the mini-version of your main widget). Your launcher turns into a powerful attention magnet when reinforced with an image and encourages a higher number of visitors to click and explore your full-size offer.

Builder Convenience


At Claspo, simplicity, convenience, and flexibility are at the core of our mission. This year, we've introduced several updates to our builder, making your work even more seamless and straightforward. 

21. Creating Widgets from Scratch

Embracing your individuality and sparking your creativity, Claspo now lets you start from scratch when creating widgets. But fear not! We're still right by your side! Once you pick your use case and desired widget layout, we'll present you with several design drafts. These drafts act as a starting point, outlining the key components that align with your widget's purpose and suggesting how to arrange them on the layout.

After you've found a draft that sparks your interest, we’ll whisk you away to the Claspo drag-and-drop editor, where you have the power to transform the draft into your ideal widget. The only limit here is your imagination.

22. Changing Widget Type on the Fly

It's only natural to revise and tweak your original ideas during the creative journey. If, during the widget editing, you find that the chosen layout doesn't suit you, there's no need to restart the entire process. With Claspo, you can seamlessly switch between widget types – whether it's a pop-up, floating box, or content locker – with just one click, all within the editor.

And here's the best part: don't stress about your widget content. It automatically adjusts to the new layout, so you can pick up right where you left off in your creative process without missing a beat. 

23. New Languages in a Personal Account

At Claspo, we believe that language shouldn't be a hurdle when crafting high-converting widgets. That's why we enable you to seamlessly switch to Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and French. Creating widgets just got a whole lot easier and faster for users from different corners of the globe! 

24. Integration with Mailwizz

Claspo's list of integrations is growing at lightning speed, and one shining star in 2023 was our integration with Mailwizz, the self-hosted email marketing software.

When your prospects share their email addresses through the widget, Claspo effortlessly channels that data straight to Mailwizz. Build effective communication, nurture your leads, and guide them through your sales funnel.

Claspo's Two-Year Journey: Small Team, Big Achievements

Our list of results would not be complete without summarizing the accomplishments of our small Claspo team over the past 2 years. As we gaze at these numbers, our confidence in ourselves and optimism for the future only grows stronger, and we hope that it boosts your confidence in us, too.


Claspo's Team Shares Thrilling Plans for 2024

Since the day we were founded, our team has worked hard to elevate Claspo, and we're not done yet. Every member of our team is bursting with enthusiasm for what 2024 holds, and they're all geared up to bring those aspirations to life. Let's dive into their exciting goals firsthand!

Nikita Korchevskyi, CEO

“Aligning with our mission, we're all about dismantling any barriers between Claspo users and website conversions. This translates into a few exciting plans: we're ramping up integrations to seamlessly incorporate widgets into your omnichannel strategy, introducing gamified templates for an interactive and engaging site experience, and streamlining the builder to make our solutions accessible to everyone.”

Valeriia Kozarezova, Head of Content:

“As we strive to make Claspo the ultimate platform for business owners, marketers, and everyone looking to elevate their websites, our focus is turning to the blog. We're excited to bring you more than just content – we want to build a resource hub that helps you transform widgets into a powerhouse tool for your digital strategy. Get ready for in-depth research, exclusive insights from industry experts, user interviews, and more.”

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024 and hope you'll stick around to witness the exciting implementation of all our plans and ideas.

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